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Crystals and Astrology: The Complete Guide

Crystals and Astrology: The Complete Guide

Crystals and Astrology

Beautiful and powerful, crystals can be very important tools that can help you strengthen your intuition, attune you to your soul, and harness the vibration of your intentions.

Different crystals possess different properties, and some crystals are attuned to specific astrological signs.

It’s hard to talk about crystals without talking about astrology. Crystals, after all, provide many benefits to people born under different astrological signs.

You only need to pick one or two that resonates with you the most. Find the right crystals for your zodiac sign right below.

Crystals For Aries

People born under the zodiac sign Aries are known to be very competitive.

Crystals that can help control your impatience and anger when things don’t go your way are:

These crystals will also work to dispel negativity and realign energies. They will also enhance your inner voice and give you the confidence to get rid of your self-doubts.

They are very useful crystals when it comes to manifesting your dreams and desires and amplifying your intentions.

These crystals will also boost your energy and direct high vibrations all throughout your body.

They will increase your endurance so that you can reach your fullest potential.

Crystals For Taurus

Taurus people are known to have a hard time dealing with change.

They resist it or avoid it, and they will stubbornly stick to what they have grown accustomed to.

Crystals that can be used to encourage you to try something new instead of what’s safe are:

Citrine and Astrology

They will instill strength and power, making you more courageous and confident to trust in your instincts.

They will also energize you in moving forward when you’re stuck in a sticky situation.

The energies of these crystals will give an abundance of gifts that will reward your perseverance and hard work.

Crystals For Gemini

Gemini people usually have a hard time being alone or committing to something or someone.

Indicolite: Meanings, Properties and Powers

The healing energies of these crystals will inspire you to be firm and decisive and to expend your energies in a more productive way:

These crystals will dispel negativity and replace them with peace and calm. They will bring balance to your physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual body.

They can also connect you to your highest spiritual state.

These crystals will work to enrich your life with knowledge and wisdom as well.

Crystals For Cancer

Cancer people are known for being moody or temperamental.

They also usually don’t feel quite at home in their bodies or in the world.

They can also suffer from a lot of family problems or dysfunction.

These crystals can encourage compassion for yourself and forgiveness for all:

Dravite and Astrology

These crystals can be very beneficial when it comes to building your stamina and overcoming adversity.

They will also make you more aware and perceptive to what others are thinking or feeling.

Crystals For Leo

People born under the zodiac sign Leo have a constant need for recognition, attention, and approval.

They are also quite drawn to drama. They are under the impression that they should be performing for others all the time.

These crystals can help you regain your emotional and physical stamina which you have lost because of your anxieties:

These crystals can help you balance your energies during times of stress or emotional confusion as well.

Crystals For Virgo

Virgos possess a crippling tendency to be a perfectionist.

They are also prone to suffering health problems brought on by their worry about what people think of them.

These crystals will encourage you to be open to receive abundance and release repeating negative patterns:

Crystals For Libra

Libra people are known to have difficulty making a decision. They also suffer from codependency.

Agate Eyes: Meanings, Properties and Powers

They can be very uncomfortable when being confronted because they depend on their outward peace to achieve inner peace as well.

Using these crystals will invite peace by allowing you to release extreme ways of thinking:

This will help you remain calm no matter what your external circumstances are. These crystals will support you in thinking more independently.

Crystals For Scorpio

Scorpios have the reputation for being the most sexual people.

They have a tendency to turn off their sexual urges in harmful ways.

They can be jealous, obsessive, and overly secretive.

These crystals will help strengthen your personal worth and your willpower:

Crystals For Sagittarius

Sagittarius people are known to be fearful of commitment, and they manifest this fear by running away or living a simpler or more nomadic lifestyle.

They easily get bored and rush to the next exciting thing that will catch their fancy.

These crystals can increase your passion in your relationships:

They also have protective properties that will allow you to blaze your own trail safely.

Galaxite and Astrology

Crystals For Capricorn

Capricorns are known to be very career-obsessed.

They often use their ambitions as reasons to avoid being intimate or having interpersonal relationships.

They may also have dysfunctional families and the desire to get their father’s approval.

These crystals can dispel your fears and anxieties and will allow you to decide on your own without being influenced by your emotions:

Crystals For Aquarius

Aquarius people are known to be rebellious.

They have the need stand out from the crowd because they are afraid to know the truth that they are also just as deluded as everyone else.

Enhydro Crystal: Meanings, Properties and Powers

These crystals will boost your self-esteem by allowing you to see yourself more clearly:

They will get rid of all your negative perceptions that cloud your ability to see yourself for who you are.

Crystals For Pisces

Pisces people are known to be great escapists who are afraid to assert their boundaries.

They often suffer from emotional disorders and addictions because of their over-sensitivity.

These crystals will ease your tumultuous emotions:

They will inspire you to accept the truth and dispel the delusions that cloud your reality.

My Final Thoughts on Crystals and Astrology

Studying your astrological sign is an enjoyable and spiritual way to know just where you connect with the sky.

While the stars are related to your destiny, crystals are infused with the earth’s magical minerals to guide you through life.

Using crystals and astrology can help you gain a new point of view regarding different situations that may be preventing you from unlocking your highest potential.

It’s no secret that most crystals are connected to the sun. However, you can charge your crystals under the moon anytime you need answers or a little spiritual boost or pick me up.

Your astrology crystals will work double time to give you strength, surround you with calm, and keep you balanced in this crazy and unpredictable world.

Whether you wear them as jewelry, keep them beside your bed, or have a few in your purse, these crystals will help your soul sparkle!

Crystals and Astrology

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