Opal: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Opal Properties

The name Opal is from the Sanskrit upala, which means jewel. There are hundreds of color varieties of this stone, and there are two types of Opal; the Common Opal and the Precious Opal.

The Common Opal is characterized by its translucence and its palette of colors that include red, green, blue, and orange. It’s also known for its dendritic inclusions.

The Precious Opal displays different flashing colors called opalescence against white, dark brown, or black backgrounds.

White OpalThe opalescence appears as vivid colors that seem to float on the background, and it often has a blue or purple overall tone.

Australia is the leading source of Opal stones, but they can also be found in countries like the USA, Peru, Mexico, and Brazil.

Why Would You Use Opal?

Opal is a delicate stone with fine but vibrant energies. It’s a stone that will enhance your cosmic consciousness and strengthen your mystical and psychical visions.

It will inspire originality and boost creativity. It will get the creative juices flowing, and it will give you energy every time you need that extra boost.


The energies of this stone will also encourage you to express your true self. You will feel confident and comfortable in your own skin, and this will radiate in your words, thoughts, and actions.

Opal is a highly absorbent and reflective stone. It will pick up on your thoughts and emotions, magnify them, and send them back to you.

This stone will also remind you that it’s no good focusing on the things that are not good for you.

The more you think about them, the more you feed them with your energies, and the more they drain you of your strength and vitality!

Opal is a karmic stone that will show you that everything you put out there in the universe has a way of coming back to you.

When you give negativity, only negativity will come back to you. When you shower the world with love, love will also come back and find you!

Opal is also a highly protective stone. When you program this stone accurately, you will be able to ward off negative energies and unwanted attention.

You will become invisible or unnoticeable to others whenever you want to.

This stone will bring your traits and characteristics that need to be overhauled up to the surface.

It will help you work on your flaws so that you can turn them into strengths.

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Opal will make you see your full potential. It will strengthen your motivation to succeed. This stone will encourage inner growth.

It will bring about meaningful transitions that can give your life more meaning. Most importantly, it will strengthen your will to live.

How Will Opal Help You?

Opal, Healing and Health

Opal’s healing energies can help in the treatment of various infections and fevers. It can also purify your blood and kidneys.

This stone has the ability to regulate the insulin levels in your body. It can also work on detoxifying and regenerating the liver.

Opal’s healing energies can assist in relieving the constriction that you may experience in your heart or your chest.

This stone can also help in childbirth and ease the symptoms of PMS.

Opal is also known to be beneficial to the eyes.

It can strengthen your immunity and protect you from the common cold or flu. It can also act as a stimulator for your bladder, kidneys, and lymph.

Opal has a regenerative effect, so it’s an excellent stone to have with you after an illness or after undergoing a major procedure.

Opal and Wealth

Opal will help you manifest your desires through positive affirmations, hard work, and dedication.

This stone will also strengthen your survival instincts and let you know when to remove yourself from a business or financial situation.

Reiki / Seichim Stones

Opal will help you be at the right place at the right time. It will show you how you can recognize opportunities that no one else can.

It will bring energies of change and progress. This stone also will act as an energy amplifier and protector by removing negative energies that can affect your momentum.

It will bring prosperity, luck, and abundance into your life!

Opal, Love and Relationships

Opal has always been connected to love and passion, as well as desire, lust, sexuality, and eroticism. If you want to have these things in your life, you should start wearing Opal stones or carrying them around with you wherever you go!

Common OpalIt’s a highly seductive stone that will intensify your emotional state and encourage you to let go of your inhibitions. It will invite you to try new things that will please both you and your partner.

Opal will unleash the adventurous and wild side in you. It will encourage you to live a little and take more risks, especially if they can spice things up in your relationship!

Opal will also work as an emotional stabilizer. It will show you how you are doing emotionally, and it will teach you how you can be emotionally responsible and mature.

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It will teach you how you can better handle your reactions. It will show you how you can respond without looking defensive.

Opal will remind you to take responsibility for your emotional state.

It will remind you to do what must be done to repair the damage that your emotions may have caused on your partner or your relationship.

Opal will encourage you to give out positivity. It will promote kindness, love, compassion, and generosity.

You will only focus on the things that make you a better person, and you will only surround yourself with people who bring out the best in you!

It’s a cleansing and revitalizing stone that will help you in your emotional recovery after a major heartbreak. It will also work on ailing relationships by bringing the fire and passion back.

It will help ease the pain and sadness. It will give you emotional support, as well as physical, mental, and spiritual encouragement.

Opal will work on your relationship by bringing energies of spontaneity. It will remind you to let loose, kick back, and relax with the person you love.

A relationship that’s too serious will feel old sooner or later, so learn to have fun. Be silly and ridiculous, and do things with your partner just because you feel like doing it!

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The energies of Opal will show you that relationships need not be too rigid or somber. When there’s fun and playfulness in your relationship, you will be able to let off steam and get rid of the stress.

Opal will infuse your relationship with vibrations of loyalty and faithfulness. It will help strengthen your promise to each other that you will always have each other’s backs.

This stone will also promote unconditional love. It will encourage emotional awareness.

It will emphasize that every relationship is unique, and every person is different. What works for one couple may not work with you, and vice versa.

Opal will also work with you in letting go of past emotional traumas.

It will ease your grief and your sense of loss, and it will help you achieve healing in heart and mind.

It will give you a new perspective on life and love, and it will help you not become disoriented when you find yourself in a complicated situation.

Opal will remind you that love is a wonderful thing, and that being with the right person will allow you to experience it the way it’s meant to be experienced!

How to Use Opal for the Best Results

Wear Opal jewelry, such as a necklace or a pendant, and place it near your heart.


The energies of this stone will make you feel light and free so that you can release your pent-up emotions.

You can carry it around with you wherever you go for increased protection, mental clarity, energy, or luck!

When cleaning your Opal stone, do it only with a soft brush and warm soapy water. Avoid exposing it to harsh environments as well so that you can improve your Opal jewelry’s durability.

My Final Thoughts on the Power of Opalopal meaning

Opal will fill you with the desire to live a joyful, peaceful, and loving life. It will help you achieve a positive disposition by reducing or removing your stress and anxieties.

The energies of this stone will help you accept your life’s challenges and overcome your difficult circumstances.

It’s an emotional and mental soother that will realign you to your life’s purpose.

Whatever desire has been suppressed because of your lack of confidence, it will come shining through with the help of your Opal stone!

Opal will enhance your moods and liberate your emotions. It will help you discover and manifest your life purpose. Its energies will awaken your spirit and find your own life path.

It’s a stone of compassion and sympathy, of confidence and pure thoughts. Opal is an everchanging stone with powerful energies that you can benefit from in so many ways!

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