Red Jasper

Alternate Names & Spellings for Red Jasper:Stone of Fairness and Justice

Hardness (Mohs): 7
Color(s):  Red, Red-orange
Transparency:  Opaque
Lustre: Earthy
Habit: Massive
Common / Notable Locations:  Worldwide

Rock Lore & Tidbits:  Red jasper is usually pigmented red by hematite / iron inclusions.

Crystal Meanings, Metaphysical & Healing Properties  Lore of Red Jasper

Keywords: Fairness, Justice

Red jasper is called the stone of fairness and justice because its energy is used to decrease injustice and help in unfair situations.  According to Melody, meditating with red jasper is especially helpful for gaining insight on how to ameliorate unfair situations.

Red jasper energy is said to have a stabilizing effect, and  help you take all of your energy and use it in a balanced manner.

Spiritual and Psychic Properties

Used in dream work, red jasper can enhance dream recall and the ability to glean information pertinent to waking life from those dreams.

Red Jasper is used for help in protection, especially rescue from danger. It is is used to protect from EMF and other radiation as well. It is said to be outstanding for promoting survival and overcoming survival issues. It has very nurturing energy and can help with ancestral/inherited issues.


Mental and Emotional Properties

In addition to being called a stone of justice, red jasper is called a stone of controlled passion and  used to help control one’s own passions.  It is also said to enhance responsibility, choice, and compassion.

Physical Conditions Properties

In crystal healing, red jasper is used to assist in healing by maintaining positive movement with all types of disorders and disease. It is used  particularly for diabetes and the heart.   Note that healing crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing and are not prescriptions or healthcare information.

Related Chakras

Red jasper is associated primarily with the root (first) chakra but also with the sacral (second) .

Other Information

Also see Jasper  for energies common to all jaspers.

Hattip to Brandi, and Ellen for metaphysical information on Red Jasper.

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