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Red Jasper: Meaning, Properties and Powers

Red Jasper: Meaning, Properties and Powers

The Meaning Of Red Jasper

Red Jasper is an ancient and sacred stone that has held meaning throughout dozens of cultures since the beginning of human existence.

This is due to the combination of its relative popularity (meaning that it exists in various locations and was readily available to the people in them) and its attractive appearance. 

The colors that Jasper appears in include blue, red, green, yellow, black, or even the distinctive green-and-red speckled variety known as Bloodstone.

Red Jasper is a form of Chalcedony, which in turn is a form of quartz.

This means that it is present all over the world, as quartz is one of the most commonly occurring minerals in the Earth’s crust.

There is virtually nowhere on Earth in which you could not find at least some Jasper.

The best-visited deposits in the modern-day include those in India, Russia, Egypt, and the southwestern United States.

Quartz is known for its purifying and energy-enhancing properties, but Red Jasper has a powerful, fiery energy all its own.

There have been thousands of purported uses of Red Jasper throughout history and across the globe.

It has been said to stimulate energy, protect from misfortune (especially misfortune of a supernatural sort), and represent vigorous faith in a cause or religion.

Its popularity spread from Ancient Greece and Rome to Christian Europe over the Middle Ages, where it became a popular religious stone.

When paired with Bloodstone, it represents the blood of Christ. It is also said to be sacred to the apostle Peter, “the rock,” for the strength and solid foundation he lent to the Church.

Today, Red Jasper is as popular as ever and is widely available and relatively inexpensive.

If you seek a protective and energizing amulet, Jasper is one of your best options and will serve you well for many years to come, as it has served people throughout history.

The Properties Of Red Jasper

Physical Properties 

Red Jasper is a form of Chalcedony and a member of the Quartz group.  

It has the chemical composition Si02 and is a tectosilicate. 

It measures 6.5 – 7 on the Mohs scale for hardness.

It has the crystalline system of hexagonal-R. 

Metaphysical Properties

Jasper is the supreme nurturer. It sustains and supports you during times of crisis. It brings wholeness and reminds people to help and care for each other.

Jasper also aligns all of the chakras and can be used in chakra balancing and layouts. Red Jasper is aligned with the Base or Root chakra, grounding you into the stability and strength of the Earth’s vibrations. 

The other colors of varieties of Jasper can be used on the other chakras, amplifying and supporting the energies of each stone. 

Jasper encourages dream recall and can be used for shamanic journeys to ensure that you return safely to your body when your journey is done. It also absorbs negative energy and cleanses your entire aura. It balances Yin and Yang forces within the etheric body, ensuring no feminine or masculine energy dominance. 

It clears the atmosphere of pollutants, including the negative effects of unwanted electromagnetic frequencies. 

Psychologically, Jasper brings courage and assertiveness and allows you to deal with problems from a place of personal empowerment. It encourages self-honesty and gives support during times of necessary conflict. 

Mentally, Jasper aids quick thinking and promotes organizational abilities. It stimulates the imagination and increases drive and motivation.

Red Jasper

Varieties Of Jasper

Jasper occurs in many colors, and each one has its own specific set of attributes and qualities, in addition to the generic properties of all Jaspers. 

Red Jasper is a stone for good health. It strengthens and detoxifies the liver and the blood. It dissolves blockages in the liver bile ducts. Red Jasper makes an excellent “worry stone,” calming the mind and bringing tranquility to turbulent emotions. It is a good stone for setting and strengthening your emotional boundaries and cleanses the aura of negative vibrations. Placed under the pillow, it aids dream recall. 

Blue Jasper carries a highly spiritual energy and helps you to connect to your spiritual side. It stimulates the Throat chakra and is excellent for anyone who has difficulty expressing themselves verbally. 

Brown Jasper is closely aligned with Earth energies and brings stability and balance, both physically and emotionally. It is a cleansing stone that boosts the immune system, supports the cleansing organs and elimination systems, clearing toxins from the body. 

Green Jasper helps to release obsessions. It balances out the different parts of your life and allows you to see where you may have prioritized certain areas at the expense of others. It is also good for treating skin disorders and dispels bloating. 

Yellow Jasper protects during travel and spiritual work. It energizes the endocrine system making you feel physically better with its positive energies. It stimulates the Solar Plexus chakra and helps bring clarity and balance to your interactions with the outside world. 

Basanite (Black Jasper) takes you deep into altered states of consciousness. It is a useful scrying stone. 

Purple Jasper stimulates the Crown Chakra and eliminates contradictions. 

Mookaite (Australian Jasper) is a stone of flexibility. It helps to provide a balance between your inner and outer worlds. It promotes the desire to experience new things and the clam with which to face them. 

Picture Jasper contains messages from the past within its pictures for those who wish to read them. It has a powerful affinity with the Earth and with Gaia, or Mother, in particular. It brings to the surface negative emotions and feelings such as guilt, hatred, envy, and bitterness. It also brings love and compassion into the light.

Red Jasper In Hand

Using Red Jasper

The Benefits Of Using Red Jasper 

Red Jasper can have thousands of different meanings, depending on which source you consult.

Suppose you are planning on integrating red Jasper into your life. In that case, I highly recommend researching it thoroughly to have a fuller understanding of its history than I could possibly provide in this brief article! However, there are certain points that have been associated with Red Jasper throughout most of its history.

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First and foremost, it is a protective stone. The color red is associated with luck in the east and vitality in the west. It is an excellent stone to have nearby if you are contemplating doing anything risky. 

Amulets of various sorts made out of Red Jasper have been used for a wide variety of protective purposes, including preventing drowning, drunkenness, deception, and even demonic possession.

Red Jasper is known to be sacred to the Welsh goddess Cerridwen, the goddess of inspiration and knowledge. If you are an artistic or intellectual soul, then using Red Jasper in your life will honor her, especially if you have an interest in or connection to Welsh culture. Red Jasper has been associated with the Divine feminine and with Goddess energy for centuries. 

Red Jasper is a wonderful stone for empowerment and self-confidence, something that many people struggle within today’s culture. It is so easy to see yourself as weak when the media all around you is telling you that is how you should feel.

By invoking the power of Red Jasper, you can gain confidence in yourself that will give you the strength to go after your goals and desires.

Red Jasper helps you to understand that you have your principles, your beliefs, and your convictions for a reason – and that the only person with any real control over you and your self-image is, well, you!

Despite this raw red energy, you do not need to worry about suddenly becoming egotistic or aggressive in your mannerisms. Red Jasper remains a balanced stone, albeit one that connects you and tethers you to the physical world in such a way as to make living in it all the more pleasant.

However, you will find that you are far less inclined to let either the media or the unkind words and actions of others shape your beliefs, and you will be far more willing to follow your gut and your intuition besides.

Red Jasper can be beneficial in many different fields of your life. As discussed above, it is a wonderful stone for both protection and empowerment, which is a great one-two punch of good fortune!

When you feel empowered, you will be more likely to take risks that could pay big dividends. This is the secret to success in our world – big risks have big payoffs. However, we are often reluctant to take those risks for obvious reasons – they are risky!

Red Jasper will provide a shield against some of the consequences of your risk-taking while allowing the payoff to come back to you just as powerfully.

Note – this is not an excuse to act recklessly! Red Jasper can only do so much. Please never put yourself in life-threatening or otherwise dangerous situations relying on this or any stone to keep you safe. You need to use your common sense first.

Its red color also aligns Red Jasper with the Base chakra, the chakra located at the bottom of the spine that connects us with the world of physical reality.

This is a chakra that many people find is overactive, leading to feelings of spiritual stagnation and excessive aggression.

Jasper can have a healing, calming effect on the energy of this chakra and help you develop a more balanced attitude towards the physical world, while its religious connotations help you develop your spiritual side.

Developing your spiritual side goes hand in hand with developing your creativity, which is something else that Red Jasper can help you to do.

While it would not be accurate to say that all creative people are deeply spiritual, it is true that spirituality can be a huge source of inspiration for both the creation of art and also creative problem-solving – a skill that is highly valuable in today’s economy.

Creative problem-solving is one task that will never be automated and will always be valuable.

This stone has remarkably calming and pragmatic energy, albeit one flavored with a fair amount of compassion.

You will find that you rarely find yourself being bowled over by negative opinions from other people.

Likewise, with the help of this stone’s energies, you will not just want to give up on something if it does not go to plan the first time around.

By bringing the power of Red Jasper into your life, you will find your career, your relationships, and your happiness with yourself improving.

The confidence that red Jasper brings will serve you well in all these fields.

How Best To Use Red Jasper 

Red Jasper makes an excellent stone for jewelry. Firstly. since it is so readily available, you can choose from a wide variety of pieces to suit every mood. Secondly, its bold red color will bolster your confidence even without the metaphysical vibrations of the stone.

No place on your body will not benefit from the powers of Red Jasper – whether you wear it as a brooch, a necklace, earrings, or even a navel piercing (to get it as close as possible to your root chakra), you will feel its benefits in bolstering your confidence and poise.

You may want to wear red Jasper in a place where it will be visible. You may want to wear Red Jasper in a place where it will be visible. This way, other people will also feel the happy, confident mood that it gives off, improving all your interpersonal interactions.

As discussed above, red Jasper has a long history as an amulet. Most amulets are best worn as pendants around the neck or carried in small bags on your person.

They can also be placed in rooms in your house if their powers are suitable. An amulet for personal protection will not do much good if it is not on your person, but one for creativity might do well right above your work desk.

If you are interested in stone carving, making your own set of Red Jasper amulets would be a fantastic way to imbue them with your own power and ensure that they do precisely what you want. Be mindful of their power while you are carving them, and they will have more potent magic than any other type of amulet.

Here is an interesting fact: Medieval texts claimed that carving a man, seated on a fish, with a peacock above his head, on a piece of red Jasper, and then hanging it over your head at dinner would prevent everyone on your right-hand side from becoming drunk.

I cannot say that this seems like the most practical application, but in case you ever need to keep everyone on your right from becoming drunk and you happen to have a piece of Red Jasper and some carving tools, now you know!

Crystals S
Red Jasper Stone

The Powers Of Red Jasper 

Emotional Healing Powers

Red Jasper is a stone for personal empowerment. Many emotional disturbances are caused by feeling at the mercy of others and their demands and feelings.

This stone brings the strength to resist emotional and psychic vampirism by others and to set healthy boundaries. It is said to help those recovering from violent sexual experiences and get the courage to oppose domestic violence. 

Red Jasper is the perfect stone to give to a child who is being bullied or teased. It has a bright, positive color and vibration that serves to remind them that they do not have to suffer this. It is a great confidence builder. 

Red Jasper is also of great benefit to anyone who feels disconnected from others, unemotional or lethargic, and low in spirits. It is often used to spark creative and sexual energies and to stimulate a love for life. When the outcome of a situation is uncertain, and this is causing emotional distress, use Red Jasper to maintain emotional balance and stability.

Physical Healing Powers 

Red Jasper is a stone of both mental and physical strength. It is said to increase stamina and muscle performance during physical exercise and to generate muscle tissue. It is suitable for anyone recovering from a prolonged illness, helping to regulate the metabolic energies of the body and to bring them back to their optimum state more quickly. 

It detoxifies the circulatory system and the blood, removing blockages from bile ducts, supporting and cleansing the liver of toxins. It is also helpful for treating anemia, exhaustion, and heart conditions. 

Red Jasper is good for sexual health in both sexes. It is thought to increase both libido and fertility. It is often used to stabilize pregnancies and promote healthy fetal growth.  

It is said to be effective for staunching blood flow and facilitating childbirth by speeding up contractions and imparting the strength needed to give birth more quickly. 

Red Jasper has traditionally been used for nosebleeds and soothing gout. 

Red Jasper And Wealth

As a money stone, Red Jasper is most helpful in generating the drive and motivation you need to get your financial life in order.

It imparts the ability to get organized and solve problems, which is often needed to turn a situation around. You can lift your financial burdens of debt into a state of abundance with some clever use of Jasper and your creativity!

Red Jasper For Love And Relationships 

Red Jasper is a stone of passion and can be used in sexual relationships to spice things up! It is said to have a powerful effect on the libido of both sexes and can also be used to increase fertility and potency. 

It is also, as are all Jaspers, a supreme nurturer, which means that you can call upon its powers to help to heal any discord within relationships. The vibrations of Red Jasper are healing and soothing, promoting harmony between people and smoothing the way to deeper understanding in intimate relationships.

Red Jasper Tumbled and Uncut

Chakras And Red Jasper 

All Jaspers connect us to the Earth and allow the healing energies of the planet to enter our chakra systems and energetic bodies. Red Jasper is perfect for activating and balancing the Base chakra and for grounding the body’s spiritual and emotional energies down into the Earth.   

The Base chakra is located at the very bottom of the spine, in the perineum area, and is responsible for keeping us safe and secure in our material needs. It also keeps us grounded and controls our levels of physical energy for movement and feeling. 

When the Base chakra is out of balance or in need of activation, you may feel physically sluggish and require constant stimulation. You may overeat or indulge in drugs, drink, or other substances in an attempt to “feel” something other than apathy. 

When your spiritual energies are out of balance, you may feel disconnected from reality and other people. You may also feel cynical about spiritual matters and impatient with others’ opinions or beliefs.

A healthy Base chakra means that the body regains its strength and stamina. It also brings a sense of security in one’s power in spiritual and emotional matters, along with the patience and tolerance needed to accept the different views of others.

The Best Crystals To Combine And Use With Red Jasper 

Chakra Crystal Combinations 

Jasper can be used to align, activate, balance, and cleanse all of the chakras.

Red Jasper should be used on the lower chakras of the Base and the Sacral to draw up the energies of the Earth into the physical body and ground the higher energies of the Brow and Crown down into physical reality and action. 

Yellow Jasper can be used to open and cleanse the Solar Plexus chakra, our seat of personal power. 

Green Jasper is good for healing the Heart chakra and for encouraging new love to enter your life.

Blue Jasper will benefit the Throat and the Third Eye chakras, encouraging honest communication and spiritual insights. 

The Crown chakra can be supported and activated by placing a piece of Purple Jasper at the top of the head. 

Other Crystal Combinations 

Red Jasper is best combined with stones that promote energy and innovation from an intellectual perspective. Amethyst is excellent in combination with red Jasper because it will give you insight and wisdom. At the same time, Red Jasper will provide you with the bravery to take action and challenge the status quo when it needs challenging.

Quartz and Chalcedony of all kinds combine well with Red Jasper, amplifying its energy and activating its healing powers. 

Because it is strongly tied to the Root chakra, Red Jasper can also be used as a chakra stone, and therefore combined with other stones representing the power of your other chakras.

Developing your own set of chakra stones is an excellent thing to do if you are interested in crystology, and Jasper will not steer you wrong if you include it!

When paired with other chakra stones, Jasper can effectively address a wide range of problems that are affected by the power of your Root chakra.

If you are dealing with possessiveness and jealousy of a partner, combining Red Jasper with a stone related to the heart chakra, such as Rose Quartz (and possibly one for the throat chakra, such as Lapis Lazuli, which represents communication) will help you work through the problem and find satisfaction.

While pairing Red Jasper with a highly emotional stone can have positive effects, it is not advisable to regularly mix the action-taking and occasionally reckless energy of Jasper with highly emotional stones.

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This may lead to an over-excess of “thinking with your heart.” While listening to your emotions is good, doing it too much is a great way to get yourself into trouble and hurt yourself and those around you.

Finally, it should be noted that if you are using a Shiva lingam stone – a piece of Red Jasper polished into the shape of an egg and highly sacred to Hindu culture – you should seek out a stone with intense feminine energy as a counterpoint. Blue Lace Agate would be a good choice. 

While Red Jasper has feminine energy of its own, the particular carving of the Shiva lingam is intensely masculine. It can lead to an imbalance if it is not carefully tempered with feminine energies.

Red Jasper Block

Cleansing And Charging Red Jasper

Red Jasper is effective in absorbing negative energies and vibrations and transmuting them into positive ones.

It is important to keep it cleared and cleansed of these negative vibrations, and this can be done quite easily by passing your crystal through the cleansing smoke from sweet sage or palo santo.

You can also cleanse and reenergize your Red Jasper by holding it under running water for a few minutes, drying it on a soft cloth, and placing it for a few hours in the sunlight. 

Red Jasper As A Birthstone 

Red Jasper is not a traditional birthstone, but Jasper is a historical birthstone of March. 

Jasper is not specific to any zodiac sign but is thought to bring Cancer (June 21 – July 22) and Capricorn (Dec 22 – Jan 21) compassion and patience.

Can You Get Red Jasper as a Necklace?

Yes, you can get Red Jasper as a necklace, and Red Jasper necklaces are some of the most beautiful pieces that you can add to your jewelry collection!

Red Jasper is a wide favorite when it comes to gemstone jewelry.

A high-quality Red Jasper stone can have a translucence like a crystal. It’s often incorporated in fine jewelry pieces, like necklaces, brooches, and rings.

There’s a sufficient supply of Red Jasper stones in the world, which is why it’s almost always made into gorgeous pieces of fashion jewelry.

This stone has been a favorite since ancient times and is now considered a semi-precious stone.

You can find so many Red Jasper necklaces in jewelry stores, but you must choose the one with the most creative and beautiful design.

A Red Jasper necklace can be very valuable if it has a skillful design which can show off the stone’s beauty and elegance. This should be easy enough to achieve because of Red Jasper’s color and quality.

A lot of people love this stone because of its powerful metaphysical properties as well. Some are willing to pay a high price just to get a piece of exquisite Red Jasper jewelry.

Like other red-colored gemstones, Red Jasper is a great choice to have in your jewelry collection. It’s also affordable enough so that you can purchase several pieces at one go.

Aside from its beauty, availability, and affordability, Red Jasper is known for its healing properties. Since the ancient times, Red Jasper has been used for its grounding and healing power.

This beautiful stone deepens and strengthens your connection to the earth, helping you to remove the stress in your body, ground your energy, and calm your mind.

Red Jasper is connected to the sacral and root chakras. It helps in enhancing your vitality, stamina, and endurance.

When you regularly use or wear this stone, it’s believed to increase the amount of life energy coursing through your body.

Wearing a Red Jasper necklace strengthens your motivation and stimulates your physical energy. It’s also beneficial to wear Red Jasper if you often feel unfocused, scattered, lost, or confused.

Red Jasper a good stone for healing both in a physical and metaphysical sense. It helps in removing the energy blockages in the chakra to bring an overall balance and improved health.

Wearing a Red Jasper necklace focuses your mind and eases your worries because it resonates with all the energy centers in the body.

Red Jasper is also believed to remedy chronic health problems in both the body and the mind. This stone radiates positive vibrations that ground you to the earth and stimulate positivity and joy.

Wearing a Red Jasper necklace will help the life force energies move freely through the body and increase your self-confidence.

It’s a beneficial stone to have when you are easily overwhelmed or often out of your comfort zone. It will help reduce feelings of fear and uncertainty and replace them with feelings of joy and serenity.

Red Jasper In Legends And History

Jasper has been revered and celebrated as a protective force against phantasms, witchcraft, and evil spirits throughout human history.

Worn as a talisman on the breast, it was believed to prevent epilepsy, colic, and stomach pains. 

The ancient civilizations of Mesopotamia believed that an amulet of Jasper would keep poisonous spiders and scorpions at bay. For Native Americans, Jasper forms a powerful amulet of protection in shamanic rituals, warding off unseen hazards and entities of the night. 

Red Jasper is a Seeker Transformer crystal. This means that it aligns the natural energy of the crystal with the power of the human mind to find the way to new horizons and possibilities. It is a pointer, a director, and a compass for scientists, adventurers, hunters, and wanderers. Seeker transformer crystals are also stones for the student and researcher.

Final Thoughts On The Power Of Red Jasper 

Red Jasper has a long and rich history, and if you bring it into your life, you will never cease to find new uses for it or new ways that benefit you in your life.

Whether you are using it for protection against misfortune, healing your root chakra, or improving your confidence, you will quickly find that it can bring incredible good luck into your life.

This is an excellent stone for any situation where you need to bring about change. Red Jasper is the enemy of stagnation!

Since it appears as a sacred stone in so many cultures, I have only begun to scratch the surface in this article.

There is also always room to learn new things about stones – your energy might mix with your Red Jasper in a unique way. The best way to find out is to bring this stone into your life.

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