Moki Marbles: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Moki Marbles Properties

Moki Marbles are also known as Moqui Marbles or Mochi Marbles. They are also referred to as Indian Marbles, Shaman Stones, or Navajo Cherries.

These stony spheres are actually sandstone balls which were cemented by a tough shell of iron oxides.

Moki Marbles are in abundance in the USA, particularly in Utah and Arizona.

If you cut a Moki Marble in half, you will discover a solid sandstone center with a Hematite shell.

The sandstone center may be stained yellow or red from the iron oxides that have leached into the sand.

Why Would You Use Moki Marbles?

Moki Balls are most effective when used as a pair, one male stone and one female stone.

These high-vibration stones help you balance your masculine and feminine energies.

It is believed that bigger Moki Balls possess a slow and deep energy, while smaller ones have a faster and more vibrant energy.

Moki Balls have a beautiful energy that makes you want to hold them in your hands for a long time.

This energy allows you to balance their male and female energies by simply holding them and keeping them close to your personal energies.

Moki MarblesThe best way to do this is to put the female stone on your crown chakra and the male stone on your root chakra or under your feet.

Place them on your third eye chakra if you want to improve your psychic abilities.

Keep them close to your body if you want to be protected, centered, or grounded.

They also feel great when you hold them in your hands while meditating.

They will help align your chakras and attune you to your astral and etheric bodies.

Moki Balls are excellent stones to use in healing because they support healing in all levels.

Because they are highly protective stones, you can also use them to protect yourself from any kind of negative entity that wants to attach itself to you.

How Will Moki Marbles Help You?

Moki Marbles, Healing and Health

Moki Balls can be placed on your solar plexus chakra and sacral chakra to help you with your digestive problems.

Doing so can also benefit your adrenal glands. They can be programmed to help in the healing of your thyroid or throat chakra.

Moki Marbles can help you deal with any kind of physical pain or discomfort.

These stones can help revitalize or reboot your energy flow after a long day at work. They will help stabilize your energy field so that you can relax when really need to.

If you want to use these stones to align your body energy, you can place a rounded stone in your left hand and a disk-like stone in your right to correct the energy flow.

For some people, it can work the other way around, so don’t hesitate to try them the opposite way, too.

You can also just hold your Moki Marbles in your hands and just allow your body to heal itself.

Moki Marbles and Wealth

Moki Marbles can be used to improve your business relationships and help you prevent losing money.

The energies of these stones will also encourage you to stay on course and complete your tasks.

They will enhance your creativity and increase your level of self-confidence.

They will also bring you good luck in lots of unexpected ways.

Moki Marbles can improve your success in your chosen business. They can also remove the negative energies in your life that will lead to your growth.

These stones will enhance your mental clarity and release your fears that you are unworthy of being wealthy and successful.

Moki Marbles will also get rid of your self-destructive tendencies, leading you to more success and stability in everything that you do.

Moki Marbles, Love and Relationships

Moki Marbles will help you overcome the blockages that are preventing you from being happy, secure, stable, or content in your relationship.

These stones will remove the obstacles that are keeping you from finding love or keeping love in your life.

They will dissolve your limiting boundaries so that you will grow more courageous and adventurous in love.

Moki Marbles will clear all your emotional pains and help you heal from all the hurtful memories.

They will support you in bringing all the lessons to light so that you can truly learn from them. Moki Marbles will remove all traces of self-doubt and highlight your true spiritual power.

They have an extraordinary connection to the earth that will also help you release all traces of darkness in your heart.

Moki Marbles will also protect you from people who have bad intentions for you. They will keep you safe from false friends who secretly want to see you unhappy with your life.

The energies of these stones will inject more life and happiness into your relationships. With the help of these stones, you will find more reasons to enjoy life and love.

They will help you become more trusting and open with the people in your life. They will remove the feelings that you have that you are bound to something or someone.

Moki Marbles will also give you a strong feeling of belongingness so that you will not stray or feel isolated.

How to Use Moki Marbles for the Best Results?

To take advantage of the energies of Moki Marbles, lie down and make yourself relax.

Hold a Moki Marble in each hand. If you’re receptive to their energies, you will start to feel a warmth traveling up your arms.

Depending on what your intentions or desires are, your mood will start to lift, and then interesting things will begin to happen!

The Best Combination to use with Moki Marbles

You can pair Moki Marbles with Iolite to help you access information from the higher realms.

This combination will also support you in your shamanic journeying.

If you use Moki Marbles with Fulgurite in your shamanic journeying, they will help you retrieve the lost parts of your soul.

You can also use them with Baryte to have that extra layer of protection so that you can safely return.

Moki Marbles can also be paired with Nuummite, Covellite, and Merlinite if you want to release past life trauma.

You can also use them with Astrophyllite, Sacred Light Stone, Prophecy Stones, and Cryolite if you want to attract more spiritual light into your body.

Moki Marbles work well with Boji Stones and Ascension Stones because they are also stones that are used in pairs.

Combine them with Shamanite because this combination will help you with your spiritual journey.

If you need help in accessing Akashic records, you can use Moki Marbles with Creedite, Blue Apatite, Elephant Skin Jasper, Libyan Desert Glass, Chiastolite, or Cavansite.

If you plan on using Moki Marbles in your spiritual journey so that you can be taken to the higher realms, use them with other high vibration stones like Scolecite, Phenacite, and White Heulandite.

You can also combine them with Turquoise to help you access the memories of your past lives.

If you want to harmonize your male and female energies, you may combine Moki Marbles with stones like Marcasite, Amesite, Magnetite, Sphalerite, Iolite, and Aventurine.

You can also use them with Amazonite, Nephrite Jade, Hematite, Lapis Lazuli, and Golden Yellow Labradorite.

My Final Thoughts on the Power of Moki Marbles

Unlike most crystals, Moki Marbles don’t require special treatments or care like cleansing or charging under sunlight or moonlight.

They are able to realign energy centers and release energy blockages on their own.

These stones can also stimulate your energies. They can ground and center you, as long as you wear or carry them on your body.

Moki Marbles are perfect to use when it comes to accessing knowledge regarding ancient and future ways.

They will also act as preventive shields against many different kinds of negative energies that are present in your environment.

They will protect you from physical harm, as well as emotional distress and mental exhaustion.

These stones will make sure that with whatever is happening in your life, you will remain strong and firmly rooted to reality.

They will make sure that you are stable in your core so that nothing can shake you or break you.

The energies of these stones will also give you a better understanding of life and the cycles of life.

Use Moki Marbles if you want to release your physical or emotional rigidity.

They will also encourage you to get rid of anything in your life that’s causing you to feel unstable or restricted.

Moki Marbles will remind you that the bonds and restrictions that you place upon yourself can be discarded very easily.

They are great stones to use for vibrational healing as well.

They can help you overcome your fear of death and pain which is keeping you from pursuing your life path without limitation.

Moki Marbles will also help you overcome physical discomforts when you are in search of spiritual enlightenment.