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Chiastolite: Meaning, Properties and Powers

Chiastolite: Meaning, Properties and Powers

Chiastolite Properties and Meanings

Chiastolite is of the Andalusite variety that’s medium to dark brown in color and often with black or green cross-shaped inclusions.

The name is derived from the Greek word ‘chiastos’, which means cruciform, cross marked, or crosswise.

Chiastolite is also known as the Cross Stone.

Chiastolite is mined in the Hunan Province in China, but there are also Chiastolite deposits found in the USA, Canada, Chile, Russia, Sri Lanka, Brazil, Spain, France, and Australia.

Why Would You Use Chiastolite?

Chiastolite is a highly protective stone. It’s a very good stone because of its psychic resistance. It will protect you from negative energies, and it will help prevent your energies from getting drained.

It will act like a protective shield around you, making you feel safe and secure.

It’s a great stone to have with you when you work in a highly toxic environment, or when you always deal with challenging situations.

Everyone around you can be feeling overwhelmed with the demands of the job, but you will feel light and energetic.

You will have reserves of strength even on the busiest days, and you will still have plenty of energy left to spend on yourself or with your loved ones.

Chiastolite will help you channel your abilities when communicating with the spirit world.

It’s also an excellent stone to use during meditation because it will help you focus on the energies surrounding you. It will also allow you to see memories of your past lives.

Chiastolite will bestow strength, perseverance, and power to whoever wears it. It will also make you feel calm and collected amidst the turmoil that you are facing.

The cross-shaped black graphite insertion also signifies its connectivity with God.

It has a powerful connection to the natural cycle of life and death, and the acceptance that there is life beyond the one in this world.

Chiastolite is a stone of balance. It will give your life stability and security even when everything around you is getting loud and chaotic.

It will help with your problem solving, allowing you to see all sides of the problem.

It will present all possible solutions to you, and it will help you see the pros and cons of each.

Chiastolite will give you the strength to adapt to change.

Change can be scary, exciting, and uncertain, but this stone’s energies will calm your fears and ease your worries.

You will always stay on top of things, and you will always know what to do when you are fueled by the vibrations of this stone.

If you like to travel, this is a good stone to have because Chiastolite is also a traveler’s stone. It will protect you when you’re traveling, and it will protect you from the negative energies that you attract when you are in a foreign land.

This stone will also help you understand and accept your mortality, which also makes it a powerful stone for anyone who is suffering a serious illness. It’s a stone that’s known to help remove fears of death or dying.

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Keeping this stone with you will make you less fearful, stressed, depressed, and anxious. When you connect to the energies of this stone, good healing energies will flow throughout your body, mind, and spirit!

How Will Chiastolite Help You?

Chiastolite, Healing and Health

Chiastolite is an excellent stone that can help with blood conditions, especially with blood circulation and blood pressure.

It’s also known to help in repairing structural damage to the bones and the connective tissues. It can strengthen your teeth and bones as well.

It can also help with rheumatism, muscle weakness, gout, and nerve damage.

It will bring balance to your body, and it will help those who are debilitated by stroke or paralysis.

For nursing mothers, the energy of this stone can help increase lactation.

Chiastolite, Luck and Wealth

Chiastolite will bring energies of calm, creativity, and productivity into the workplace.

It’s also a stone of prosperity, affluence, and wealth. It will enhance the energies of other high vibration stones, particularly prosperity stones.

Chiastolite will guard you against negative energies and encourage creative thinking and problem solving. You will also be able to get rid of old thought patterns that have been keeping you from moving ahead.

Chiastolite, Love and Relationships

Chiastolite will help you weigh the pros and cons of the situation so that you will make the best decisions.

It will make you see all angles, all perspectives, and all possible outcomes. It will lessen your confusion and give you the mental clarity to see the best solution.

Chiastolite will bring energies of peace, serenity, and harmony into your home and your relationship. It’s a stone with a very calming nature, and it will ward off negative energy instead of absorbing it.

When there’s tension brewing between your kids, Chiastolite can help diffuse the situation and surround them with energies of peace and love.

When you and your partner get into an ugly fight, Chiastolite will help you control the emotions that will well in your heart and the words that will come out of your mouth.

It will keep things respectful even if you’re fighting. Because at the end of the day, issues can be resolved but the words that you let out will never be unsaid!

Chiastolite will help you overcome feelings of abandonment or isolation.

It will bring you closer to your partner, and it will help you find ways so that you can spend more time with each other, no matter how busy your lives are.

Chiastolite will promote intuitive abilities and sharpen your senses.

You will be fully connected to your environment, to your loved ones, and to what is happening in your world.

This stone will also lift you out of your depression and make you look forward to better days.

Everybody feels depressed at one point in their lives, but the important thing is that you help yourself get out of your depressive state.

Chiastolite will help you do just that.

It will make you emotionally strong so that you can fight any sadness that will arise or troubles that may come in your life.

It will reassure you that there are so many things to be happy about, and that you should not focus on the ones that bring you down.

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Chiastolite will also help you speak your mind and hold on to what is true.

When you are in love or in a relationship, it’s so easy to believe the lies.

You will refuse to see the truth because you are afraid of what it can do to your relationship.

This stone will give you the strength to accept the truth and to fight for the truth. It will also protect your heart while you do so.

Chiastolite is a stone of balance and harmony. It will help you keep the peace in your relationship even when you and your partner don’t see eye to eye.

It will ground you and stabilize you even when you feel like your relationship is about to fall apart.

This stone will transform negative attitudes to positive ones.

When you feel like there’s no more hope left for you and your loved one, Chiastolite will make you realize that it’s never too late.

It’s an excellent stone to have when you feel like you’re aging so fast and you’re no longer able to do all the things that you want to do.

It will give you that feeling of youthfulness and inspire you to do anything that will make you happy!

How to Use Chiastolite for the Best Results

In Ancient China, Chiastolite was a symbol of the four cardinal points.

When you place this stone in the center of your home, its energies will radiate outwards and attract all kinds of positive energies.

It will attract peace and harmony, as well as good health and good fortune.

When you wear this stone as jewelry, its energies will help you stay grounded.

It’s also an excellent protection stone that will keep you away from danger.

The Best Combination to Use with Chiastolite

Chiastolite is best paired with Sugilite, Jet, and Lemurian Seed Crystal. These are all high vibration stones that can ground and protect you.

You can also combine it with Black Tourmaline and Black Obsidian.

If you wish to increase your mental agility and problem-solving abilities, you can also pair it with Variscite, Muscovite, Fuchsite, Datolite, Thulite, Cassiterite, Hackmanite, and Afghanite.

Chiastolite will also go well with Blue Apatite, Tektite, Libyan Desert Glass, Black Andradite Garnet, Covellite, Euclase, Petrified Wood, Merlinite, White Heulandite, Creedite, Goethite, Axinite, Calligraphy Stone, Cavansite, and Shaman Stones.

Meditation with Chiastolite

The energies of Chiastolite signify psychic resistance, which makes it a very protective stone.

Meditation with Chiastolite can largely help you protect your body, mind, and soul from negative energies.

It also sustains your energies and ensures that you do not get drained of all your spiritual energy in the face of a hardship.

The purpose of mediating with Chiastolite is to use the stone as a shield to promote feelings of security and stability.

When you find yourself in a toxic environment, the energies of Chiastolite will keep you from getting overwhelmed by the challenges that life throws at you and maintain your composure in trying times.

While others around you get burdened by job stress and other responsibilities, you will be able to stay on top of your duties and keep your energies intact.

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Meditating with Chiastolite replenishes your energy reserves so much that you won’t feel like you’re low on strength on even the busiest days.

When responsibilities of work keep you busy and exhaust your energies, you will find that you are still left with enough energy to focus on your loved ones.

Meditation with Chiastolite will help you connect more efficiently with the divine realm and channel your energies to the universe.

It makes you communicate with your guardian angels better and be more open to their messages.

The stone emanates energies of strength, willpower, and perseverance, which ensure that you remain well-grounded in the face of tumultuous times.

When everything around you is chaotic, you will be calm and stress-free because you understand that you need to maintain your composure to successfully deal with the troubles that come your way.

Chiastolite also signifies a divine connection with God.

It holds powerful energies of the cycle of life and enlightens one about the life that awaits you beyond this world.

It is a stone that helps restore your balance by providing the necessary security and sense of safety in your life.

When you meditate with Chiastolite, you will be able to recognize the steps that need to be taken to solve all your problems.

It helps you understand the good and the bad side of all your experiences and enables you to attain a great deal of knowledge from them so that you are better equipped to deal with the future.

Your problem solving and analytical skills will greatly be improved with Chiastolite and you will be able to look at the whole picture through a more clear lens.

The stone also enables you to adapt to the transitions that take place in life and gives you the strength that is needed to get out of your comfort zone and accept new surroundings.

The energies that emanate during meditation with Chiastolite help put your mind at ease and replace fears and uncertainties with positive and reassuring thoughts.

When you welcome the vibrations of Chiastolite, you will be able to rise above your struggles and always be aware of how you need to go about a certain issue in life.

My Final Thoughts on the Power of Chiastolite
chiastolite meaning

Chiastolite is a stone that will bring energies of power, protection, love, and prosperity. It’s a complete stone that can help you turn your life around and improve the quality of your relationships.

It will strengthen your chakras, and it will ground you when you are feeling lost, confused, or emotionally exhausted.

Chiastolite has strong metaphysical properties that will help certain physical conditions, ease the pains of emotional traumas, give wisdom about your financial affairs, and keep the peace and harmony in your life.

Truly the Chiastolite is something that you should not be without!

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