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Mookaite Jasper: Meaning, Properties and Powers

Mookaite Jasper: Meaning, Properties and Powers

Mookaite Jasper Properties and Meanings

Mookaite, also known as Mookaite Jasper, is found in Western Australia in the Kennedy Ranges near Mooka Creek for which the stone is named after.

In the traditional aboriginal language, the word mooka means ‘running waters’, and it also pertains to the many springs that run into the Mooka area.

Mookaite boasts of a bold and earthy elegance that can catch your eye and leave you captivated. It’s a popular gemstone all over the world because of its many healing properties. And of course, it’s stellar and unique beauty!

Mookaite is a variety of chalcedony and is very popular because of its gorgeous purple color. But you can also find mookaite jasper in cream, brown, grey, yellow, white, mauve, purple red, and orange red color.

Whichever color you choose you to get, you are bringing something beautiful and powerful into your life!

Why Would You Use Mookaite Jasper?

Mookaite Jasper will be greatly beneficial to you because its energies will provide you with the stability that you need.

Things right now may be confusing and scary, and you don’t know where you will end up in the next few months.

You don’t have to be afraid when you have the mookaite jasper’s energies working on you. They will calm your worries and assuage your fears. They will show you that there’s nothing in this world that you cannot handle.

They will remind you that you are stronger than you think you are, and that you have everything at your disposal to be successful. All you need to do is shake it off and move forward!

Mookaite Jasper meanings and properties

Mookaite Jasper is the stone of the ‘here and now’, making you appreciate the past, enjoy the present, and look forward to the future.

There’s no use living in the past because that’s over and done with.

What matters now is the present, because the present will affect the future.

Everything that you want to happen in the future is something that you should work hard for today.

If you’re prone to feelings of loneliness or sadness, this is a good companion stone to have.

It will fill you with feelings of hope, joy, and excitement. It will remove any feeling that will not help you achieve emotional balance.

It will boost your self-esteem and change the way you regard yourself in the most uplifting way possible.  It will also change your perspective and help build a deeper connection with your spirit.

Mookaite will sustain you when you’re going through difficult times. It will bring you feelings of peace and comfort. It will make you feel whole so that things will not look so bad anymore.

It will enhance your creativity and encourage the flow of brand new ideas. Mookaite is a powerful healing stone that can also give you stability and help you in your decision making.

Mookaite Jasper is a nurturing stone that can give you what you need. It’s a grounding stone that can keep you strong and stable. It’s a shielding stone that will protect you from negative energies

It will act like a protective shield against dangerous or negative situations. It can get rid of unwanted influences and distractions.

It can uncover secrets and help you make sense of things. Most importantly, mookaite energy will bring about kindness to yourself and other people!

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How Will Mookaite Jasper Help You?

Mookaite Jasper, Healing and Health

Mookaite jasper can boost the immune system and lower high blood pressure. It’s a highly restorative stone that can help in restoring tissues and prevent the deterioration of the internal organs.

It can aid in problems related to the bladder or the kidney, and it can soothe problems related to the digestive system.

Mookaite can also assist in blood purification and help heal wounds and cuts much faster.

It can help cure cystitis and is often used to treat stomach disorders or glandular disorders. It will also work effectively with hernias, water retention, and ruptures.

It’s a calming stone that can reduce your stress levels. Mookaite is also a good aid in reproduction and can help with fertility issues. It can give support to the woman’s body during her pregnancy.

It’s also an excellent stone to have for pregnant women because it can facilitate perceptive communication between mother and baby!

Mookaite Jasper will also work like a fountain of youth because it can decrease the effects of the aging process. It will slow down aging by cleansing your body and spirit of toxins.

Mookaite Jasper and Wealth

Mookaite is an excellent stone to fight laziness or procrastination. It will inspire you to accomplish your tasks with enthusiasm and excitement in the quickest and most efficient fashion.

It will reduce your distractions and make you focus on the opportunities. This will ultimately lead to more success and favorable results in the future.

Because mookaite jasper does such a superb job of focusing the mind, it can really help you to take that dream career you thought was just a pipe dream and present you with concrete, pragmatic steps you can make to actually make it happen.

What’s more, this stone can uplift your confidence in that regard too, meaning that you always have the inner resources, and the external networking connections, you need to make things happen.

Whether you wear your mookaite, keep it tucked in your purse or pocket, or just display it on your desk or in your home office, be sure to stay close enough to your crystal that its energies can motivate you!

Mookaite Jasper, Love and Relationships

Mookaite is a supportive stone that can put your heart and mind at ease during times of difficulty.

It will act like your very best confidante that will absorb all your pains, fears, and worries and release them from inside you.

It can release negative thoughts and feelings that leave you feeling pained, disappointed, or upset.

Sometimes, you just need a little help to let all these feelings go, which is why mookaite jasper can be your most important gemstone.

The stone’s strong vibrations will inspire you to be braver, more confident, and more optimistic about new experiences.

It will remind you that changes are not something that you should avoid, because changes will help you become a better person!

Mookaite Jasper will help you be perceptive about the many possibilities in a tough situation.

It will show you different perspectives so that you will be able to react or respond accordingly. Knowing all the sides to a story will help you make the right decision.

It will give you an intuitive understanding of people, events, and situations. It will help you accept the changes that happen in your life or in your relationship by being fearless and confident.

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Mookaite Jasper is a good stone for healing a broken heart. It will make you appreciate the experience of loving and having been loved by someone.

It will show you how to release old patterns that inhibit your personal growth. It will also make you calmer and more relaxed, but with strong sense of reality.

Mookaite Jasper will awaken a sense of adventure in you. You will no longer be content standing on the sidelines because you will want to be right in the center of the action, too.

It will teach you to be alert when there’s a threat in the horizon.

It will develop your intuition so that you will become more aware of what really is happening around you and what people are really trying to tell you!

How to Use Mookaite Jasper for the Best Results?

Mookaite Jasper is a good stone to have in your possession when you are moving into a new home, a new company, or a new school.

It will work like a lucky charm when your home is undergoing restoration or repairs.

Wearing or carrying mookaite with you will keep you safe from harm because it is a highly protective stone.

It will also act as a protective stone against people who like to play mind games!

Wearing Mookaite jasper as necklaces, pendants, earrings, bracelets, or bangles can help you absorb the stone’s vibrations.

When you keep it close to your skin, it will help you absorb the stone’s energies directly.

MookaiteJasperr is associated with the second chakra, so placing it on this area will bring about deeper healing.

Put it under your pillow while you sleep to improve your health or speed up your recovery. This will also give you a very good sleep that will make you feel well rested and recharged the next day.

The Best Combination to Use with Mookaite Jasper

Mookaite jasper is stone that’s best paired with sunstone, prasiolite or green quartz, spotted jasper, moss agate, rhodonite, lapis lazuli, peach moonstone, blue calcite, or lepidolite.

Depending on your pairing, it can empower you, give you peace, support you in transition, embrace your lessons, or experience the joy that exists around you.

Mookaite is a crystal that can work well with any kind of crystal collection, of any size. The energies of the stone can complement those of other crystals you already have – and not just those listed here.

If you have been finding that you’re on the edge of a breakthrough in your spiritual work or your meditation, you might find that this stone gives you just the edge you need to make a leap in your healing and emotional growth!

There are many wonderful things that can happen in your life once you allow the energies of Mookaite to flow in!

An Unusual Fact About the Mookaite Jasper Birthstone

Mookaite Jasper birthstone is known to be a great healing stone that imparts strength and courage.

Its energies protect you from challenging situations and even connect you to your loved ones who have passed on.

Mookaite Jasper is also referred to as the rainmaker stone because its vibrations bring water to dry climates, which is beneficial for farmers and gardeners.

This stone encourages a desire for brand new experiences and helps you achieve a deep calm.

When you meditate with the Mookaite Jasper birthstone, you can increase your flexibility and strengthen your ability to find solutions to your problems.

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Yoga practitioners also use this stone to unlock, activate, and balance the chakras, particularly the first three chakras.

On a physical level, Mookaite Jasper birthstones are known to promote good health by boosting the immune system.

Crystal healers also use this stone to treat stomach disorders, hernias, glandular disorders, and water retention. Mookaite Jasper physically stabilizes the body and reduces the effects of aging.

It can also be used in the treatment of high blood sugar, cystitis, bladder and kidney disorders, as well as damaged tissue.

Mookaite Jasper is an incredible gem elixir. Simply wash it well and keep it in your drinking water overnight.

This can help in balancing the minerals in your body and in purifying your blood. It’s also known to be beneficial in all reproductive issues. Pregnant women can drink this elixir as well.

Mookaite Jasper birthstone is also used in shamanic animal speaking.

It is believed that simply holding this stone allows shamans to hear and comprehend what an animal wants to say.

This stone can also be used to communicate with your spirit guides or spirit guardians.

The energies of Mookaite Jasper birthstone allow your mind and spirit to perform your rituals without making you feel weighed down.

If you have a tendency to procrastinate, try carrying a piece of Mookaite Jasper with you.

When you start feeling lazy about doing something that needs to be done now, the energies of this stone will encourage you to complete your tasks and perform your duties by boosting your motivation.

This stone will also work when you’re facing indecision.

It’s also believed that Mookaite Jasper birthstone can protect anyone who wears or carries it from drowning. It warns travelers of dangers in the horizon.

It’s known to keep scorpions and spiders at bay, too! Mookaite Jasper birthstone is a very effective cleansing stone. It lifts your worries and encourages you to move on right ahead.

It strengthens your intuitive abilities and supports you when you need to go beneath the surface of your emotions to discover what’s causing your emotional upsets.

It helps you achieve a relaxed and stable frame of mind no matter how chaotic your life gets. It’s also stone that helps you turn your negative experiences into positive learning experiences.

Mookaite Jasper supports you in accepting change and in taking chances without being afraid or without expecting for the worst.

My Final Thoughts on the Power of Mookaite Jasper
mookaite jasper meaning

Mookaite jasper is an earthy stone that possesses healing energies.

This is a stone that can stimulate your intuition and help you with your wayward thoughts and emotions.

It can help you release toxic and negative energies and unleash your inner confidence.

It can stabilize your moods and envelope you with calming energy.

When you find that you don’t know what to do, or you’re simply having a difficult time making a decision, the presence of a mookaite jasper can help you move to the right direction.

It will increase your self-confidence and make you realize your full potential.

There’s no stopping you when you are bolstered by the powerful energies of the mookaite jasper!

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