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Purple Crystals: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Purple Crystals: Meanings, Properties and Powers

The Color Purple

The color purple is associated with Pantone 1795C, also known as Ultra Violet. This color has been found to mirror the deep purples of the universe, colors found in nature, and have even been scanned for use on other planets.

The color purple has been represented in many ways throughout the centuries. In ancient times, purple dye was extremely valuable due to a process that took hundreds of thousands of sea snails to produce.

It’s no wonder that this color is growing in popularity as it totally represents our connection with each other, to ourselves, and ultimately to Mother Earth.

This color reflects highly spiritual people who are very connected with their spirit guides. It also symbolizes our connection to the universe.

This color has actually been used as a scientific method of healing as it stimulates our pineal gland, which is responsible for producing melatonin and serotonin. In turn, these chemicals help improve the quality of sleep, elevate moods and promote feelings of happiness.

It can stimulate imagination and creativity. Since this color helps improve the quality of sleep, it helps those who are very dream-oriented and brings up emotional issues to be resolved.

There is a lot of power in this color as it stimulates our pineal gland and is very effective with manifestation. It allows us to connect with extraterrestrials and bring about changes that will benefit Mother Earth. It stimulates the mind to bring about change in our outer world.

Purple Crystals Meaning And Properties

Each color of crystals and gemstones has its own meaning, abilities, and vibrations.

Purple stones have a wide spectrum of meanings that can be interpreted in many ways.

In this regard, you can use any purple stone for any situation. How we connect with the stone and use it is what’s important.

The spectrum of hues in Purple Crystals look passionate and exotic, and they symbolize so many things in any given situation.

Purple Crystals signify magic, mystery, royalty, and good judgment. They define a feeling of calm or a feeling of energy.

The energies of Purple Crystals have the ability to get rid of obstacles and restore balance into your life. The list just goes on and on!

Why Would You Use Purple Crystals?

Purple Crystals are popular with collectors not only because of their beauty and elegance but also because of their metaphysical properties.

The energies of Purple Crystals have the ability to lift your spirits and your moods. They can turn your mood around with just one touch of your Purple Crystal.

They will calm your nerves and ease your mind when you’re going through uncertain times. And they will stop you from overthinking or from thinking negative thoughts.

Purple Crystals will relax your mind and soothe your nerves so that you can focus on the tasks at hand.

These crystals will not allow anything to distract you or to make you start thinking about the worst things that can happen!

Purple Crystals will also give you a certain sense of spirituality.

You need not be a highly religious person to know this, but the energies of these crystals will make you feel aware that there’s a mightier and more powerful force at work in your life.

Purple Crystals will encourage imagination and creativity. They will help you unleash them so that you will continue to come up with wonderful new ideas.

These crystals are beneficial for those who deal with a lot of stress. These people include workaholics or those who have an excessive work ethic.

Purple Crystals will help them slow down and take a break. They will remind them to take care of their well-being and enjoy even a brief but quality break.

These crystals will help those who are suffering from insomnia or those who are prone to depression.

Purple Crystals will help remove the melancholy feeling and the sense of isolation.

These crystals are also very cleansing. They will get rid of negative energies and unhealthy emotions and help you regain your balance.

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Purple Crystals will bring peace and harmony into your life, and they will raise your spirits so that you will feel strong and confident again.

They will brighten your outlook on life and encourage you to share your gift of humor.

Purple Crystals will sharpen your conscious mind and enhance your mental capabilities. They will also help you improve your memory and keep your thoughts aligned with your life goals.

These crystals will also sharpen the conscious mind and enhance mental powers. They will improve your memory and keep your thoughts in line with your life goals.

Purple Crystals will enhance your spirituality. They are the perfect crystal for those who are searching for spiritual fulfillment.

These crystals also symbolize transformation, spiritual awareness, and creativity.

How Will Purple Crystals Help You?

Purple Crystals, Healing and Health

Purple Crystals can be very useful in transcending chemical dependence.

These crystals can also work to provide mental strength and inner fortitude when it comes to battling dependency.

Purple Crystals target the pituitary gland and the pineal gland. They can give relief to depression, concussions, anxiety, headache, and even mental illness.

They can help the body heal on a cellular level. These crystals can also reduce stress and treat certain blood disorders.

Purple Crystals can regulate hormone secretion.

They can cleanse the blood and normalize blood pressure.

They can also protect the heart and calm the nerves. And they can soothe swelling and bruising, and they can even help with certain hearing disorders.

Purple Crystals can be helpful for the digestive system. They can also deep cleanse the pores and the skin and encourage hair growth.

Purple Crystals and Wealth

Purple Crystals can be very helpful when it comes to lawsuits or anything that involves a lawyer. They will protect and free you from mental stress.

Many Purple Crystals have energies that are attuned to the mind and overall mental acuity. If you’re one of the millions of people who suffers something of an afternoon slump during the workday, for instance, one of these colored crystals can really help.

How you introduce purple stones to your ambitions overall is up to you though. You can either opt to put one under your pillow to set you up for the coming workday through sound sleep and inspiring dreams, or you can wear a lucky piece of jewelry to keep you fired up and in the zone.

Some people prefer keeping things more discreet, carrying their purpose stone in a pocket or in their purse and letting the energies keep their minds sharp.

Remember, these are stones that can really help you to turn those brilliant money-making ideas into a reality.

They are also great crystals that will bring success to your business.

When you work with the energies of Purple Crystals, you will also notice an improvement in your decision-making. Saying yes or no will be so much easier.

With the guidance of Purple Crystals, you will be making financially sound decisions, making you a very proud and satisfied person in the long run!

Purple Crystals, Love and Relationships

Purple Crystals are very spiritual crystals. There are no negative side effects because there’s no trace of anger or violence in these crystals.

They are crystals of peace. They will calm your fears and raise your hopes. And they will lift your spirits and get rid of the guilt.

Purple Crystals will remind you that nothing good will ever come out of your self-deception.

If you want to experience how it is to be truly loved, there should be no need for pretensions or deceptions.

These crystals will curb your overindulgence and bestow you good judgment. They will also calm your emotional storms.

Purple Crystals are also crystals of true, pure, and emotional love.

These crystals resonate with truth and sincerity. They will surround you with happy energy and a heightened sense of compassion for others.

Purple Crystals will remind you to stop worrying too much to the point that you are distracted. They will reduce your obsessive tendencies and strike a healthy emotional balance.

With the help of Purple Crystals, you will feel more centered.

These crystals will also encourage you to think and communicate honestly. You should have no problems speaking your mind, but always with love, respect, and compassion.

Whenever you feel overwhelmed by the negative energies in your relationship, the healing energies of Purple Crystals will come to your aid.

Yin Crystals

Purple Crystals will strengthen your sense of self-worth and bolster your self-confidence. They will remind you to appreciate the things and the people in your life.

They have a positive effect whenever tough times are looming. You will be able to focus on the good instead of the bad.

Purple Crystals will bring you love, joy, and healing.

You will also enjoy wholesome love and unconditional trust that can only come from knowing you have a balanced and stable relationship.

How to Use Purple Crystals for the Best Results?

If placed under your pillow or worn to bed, Purple Crystals can ease insomnia and drive away nightmares.

They will also give you a peaceful sleep with pleasant, meaningful, and sometimes prophetic dreams.

In situations where you find yourself in potential danger, Purple Crystals will come to your rescue.

They will also give courage to travelers when visiting for the first time. When worn, they can protect you from danger, sickness, injuries, or bad people.

Make sure that you have a piece of Purple Crystal with you so that you will not become rigid in your thinking.

Keeping Purple Crystals with you will ward off depression, confusion, alienation, or the inability to learn something new.

They will help you maintain healthy relationships. When you have these crystals with you, there’s no need to go through self-denial. There’s no need to be popular or indispensable.


Amethyst is a purple quartz crystal that ranges from pale to dark purple. This stone is the most popular of the purple crystals as it has been valued for thousands of years by cultures all over the world.

People work with Amethyst to understand and resolve fears and phobias, as well as promote spiritual growth and personal insight. It also has been used throughout time to protect people from evil.

Amethyst is widely known as the “crown chakra stone” that balances all of our energy centers. It can help us reach high states of consciousness by allowing us to experience spiritual bliss.


Lepidolite is a lilac-gray stone that contains lithium. This stone is used to balance energy fields and chakras, as well as provide calming energy to the whole body.

Lepidolite was originally found in the United States but can be found in other locations around the world including Australia, Brazil, Russia, and South Africa.

It’s been used for hundreds of years to provide protection against radiation, as well as stimulate imagination and creativity. Lepidolite can also help ease anxiety, depression, stress relief, and eliminate nightmares/night terrors.


Fluorite is a pale purple stone that contains calcium and fluorine. This stone can stimulate imagination, creativity, decision-making abilities, problem-solving skills, and self-expression.

This stone can also balance the mind (left brain) with the heart (right brain), helping us feel more comfortable expressing ourselves in a more balanced manner.


Sugilite is a rare lilac-pink stone that is rich in aluminum, silica, and sulfur. This purple crystal can help protect against negative energy while enhancing positive energy within the body.

This stone also helps bring about more healthy socialization skills as well as provides deep spiritual insight.

Combining Purple Crystals With Other Stones

Combining purple crystals with other gemstones can be beneficial for our spiritual growth.

Amethyst, Lepidolite, Fluorite, and Lavender Quartz are the most popular of the purple stones. However, there are many more purple stones that you can use to bring about personal change.

Here’s a list of some great combinations:

  • Amethyst + Rose Quartz: This combination brings about love and peace to the heart, helping us feel more centered in who we are. In addition, it helps ease any tension or misunderstandings in a relationship.
  • Lepidolite + Kyanite: This combination helps one identify their emotions and understand them easier, as well as allows one to speak about those emotions without hurting themselves or others.
  • Fluorite + Blue Lace Agate: With the help of these stones, we can create a protective shell to block any unwanted or negative energy from entering our lives.
  • Sugilite + Malachite: This combination helps cleanse the mind and body of any negativity, as well as improve one’s self-image.

Purple Crystals Tumbled

When you look at purple crystals in tumbled form, you cannot help but think of the sky’s tones of blue and violet during winter.

Purple crystals are naturally the birthstones of people born in the new year or just after the winter solstice, which is anywhere between the last week of December and the end of January.

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Tumbled purple crystals represent luxury, nobility, dreams, and intuition. They inspire awe and invite a feeling of magic and mystery. They also give way for your life’s renewal and rejuvenation.

Purple tumbled crystals are very beneficial in interpreting the meaning of your dreams and inspiring you to commit incredible deeds of kindness.

Having these crystals in your possession can bring the magic back into your life and the passion back into your relationship.

The color purple is also the color of music. It connects, transforms, and stirs you to move in ways that can make you more aware of your past, present, and future.

Purple tumbled crystals are known to possess special powers. They act as dream crystals that help interpret your dreams and give you a glimpse of the world beyond your normal understanding.

These crystals give you the sight of insight. They can help you see the reality that you seek.

Purple crystals in tumbled form are also bringers of good luck. They can help you manifest your dreams and desires and connect your dreams to reality.

Purple crystals that are more lavender or lighter shades of violet help you gain wisdom. They help you focus on your feelings and understand your hidden desires.

Use these tumbled crystals to help you fulfill your dreams that involve your desire for love and passion.

Use them to gain the wisdom that you need to live in style, grace, and dignity.

Tumbled purple crystals are an effortless way to bring their healing properties with you all throughout the day.

You can carry them in your pocket or inside your purse. Women can even wear them inside their bras! Placing them in contact with your skin is highly recommended to achieve the best results.

You can have plenty of choices when it comes to tumbled purple crystals. Excellent choices include Lepidolite, Lavender Quartz, Iolite, Selenite, Sugilite, Lavender Jade, Ametrine, and Amethyst.

If you’re new to crystal collection, tumbled stones are great purchases to get you started.

Tumbled purple crystals work effectively for a lot of people. Choose the one that best speaks out to you. Don’t go for the prettiest one or the most popular one. Go for the one that calls out to you!

Just look at all the tumbled purple crystals laid out before you. Set out your intentions, take a deep breath, and you will know which crystal you should get.

Every purple tumbled crystal radiates a different kind of energy that will suit any person’s needs and motivations.

It may take several tries for you to find the best one, but you will find that best purple tumbled crystal meant just for you!

My Final Thoughts on the Power of Purple Crystals
purple crystals meaning

The calming, soothing vibrations of Purple Crystals will give you an easy awakening.

They will gently open a pathway between your heart and mind so that you can know certain truths.

Purple Crystals will help you become a kinder, more compassionate, and more enlightened person.

If you’re having a hard time at work, or if you’re finding it tough to move to the next level in your relationship, try to blend in Purple Crystals in your life today.

These crystals are a great source of positive radiance and a brilliant aura.

They have a certain degree of light that will help you become more effective in balancing even the most challenging situations.

Make sure that you get your hands on some Purple Crystals when you’re starting to get irritable or impatient over the simplest things.

Get more Purple Crystals when you feel small and powerless, when you feel like you cannot make the right decision, or when you’re starting to become pessimistic.

Purple Crystals will bring new life to stagnant energies in your life, and they will help you find a new and more exciting purpose!

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