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Nebula Stone: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Nebula Stone: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Nebula Stone Properties

Nebula Stone is a fairly new gemstone that was discovered in 1995 by Karen and Ron Nurnberg in a mountain region in Mexico.

Nebula Stone is also called ‘The Birthstone of the Cosmos’ and holds a rare combination of Arfedsonite, Zircon, Calcite, Acmite, Anorthoclase, Riebeckite, Aegirine, Quartz, and many other minerals.

The stone is speckled with nebula-like formations of pale green eyes in a dark green background. The white or lighter colored veining is a self-healed Quartz.

Nebula Stone possesses a brilliant polish and the same toughness that Jades has, which makes this an excellent gemstone and carving material.

Why Would You Use Nebula Stone?

Nebula Stone will give you very unique and powerful energies. It combines the properties of its four major elements.

The Quartz component of this stone can be considered as its energizing force which will activate and amplify the other minerals that are present in it.

Quartz makes Nebula Stone very programmable so that anyone who carries or wears it can use it to achieve their personal and spiritual goals.

The Quartz component also makes Nebula Stone harmonize with all types of Quartz and other stones. This makes Nebula Stone an ideal stone for jewelry pieces, body layouts, and energy grids!

The Riebeckite component of Nebula Stone will activate your psychic abilities and promote growth in your spiritual pursuits and endeavor.

The Aegirine component will clear the negativity from your aura and stimulate kundalini and your psyche, giving you the courage and the energy to do whatever is necessary for achieving your highest path.

The Anorthoclase component will provide you with a revolutionary and unorthodox energy that will make your transformation possible.

Nebula stone will help bring spiritual light into your body and infuse you with this wonderful energy.

This spiritual light will also ground you to earth and help you achieve an enhanced recognition if you pair it with Rubellite.

It will make you acknowledge that you are a spiritual being enjoying a physical experience in this world.

Nebula Stone will expand your understanding of why you are here and why you have the life that you do. It will also activate or enhance your psychic abilities or special gifts.

This stone can also be used to support healing and release the toxins in your body.

Nebula Stone has very powerful and unique energies that facilitate memory recall.

It’s a very grounding stone that will make you feel safe, secure, and stable. It will increase your physical vitality that will help you overcome your challenges.

This stone signifies a window to the cosmos, revealing the triad connection of the light energies from the Earth, to the heavens, to all beings.

This stone also represents the cosmic dance of the different cycles of life. It’s excellent for meditation because it will harmonize your personal energies.

It will enhance your awareness of being an important part of the cosmos, making you understand that you are the chalice of light!

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It’s a beneficial stone to have in times of tragedy, confusion, and despair, inspiring you to remember other people’s kindnesses and to reflect upon only the positive things.

Nebula Stone will also encourage kindness to yourself, especially if you combine it with Recordkeeper Crystal. It will free your mind from bondage, inspire invention and discovery, and give you the courage to experience a real adventure.

Nebula Stone’s metaphysical properties and powers are still being discovered and studied, but you can’t deny that the energies of this stone will continue to impart a valuable contribution to this world and all who live in it!

How Will Nebula Stone Help You?

Nebula Stone, Healing and Health

On a physical healing level, when you combine it with Andradite, Nebula Stone can help with cell growth and cell renewal. Its healing energies can treat depression and calm bipolar conditions.

This stone can improve memory and the mind itself. It can also help in reversing or easing degenerative conditions, such as multiple sclerosis and Alzheimer’s disease.

Great Nebula Stone beads

Nebula Stone can aid in the treatment of neurological conditions that are not exactly degenerative but can make everyday living challenging.

It can support where the immune system has gone out of balance and resulted in cellular damage.

It can also help in the repair, renewal, and protection required from such immunity problems.

Nebula Stone is purifying for the physical body.

It can support the detoxification process from chemical abuse and in breaking away from self-abusive behaviors and patterns.

It is an ideal stone for recovery from drug or alcohol addiction. Nebula Stone can promote the release of toxins from the body.

It can also help regulate cystitis and increase fertility in women.

Nebula Stone and Wealth

Working with the energies of Nebula Stone will make you recognize your own talents and capabilities that will help you achieve your money goals.

It will work to keep you motivated and inspired so that you will always keep going, no matter how tough and discouraging it can get sometimes.

If you pair it with December Birthstone, this stone will attract good luck and good fortune, and you will be successful with your pursuits, both in your career and your personal passions.

It will remove all the blockages that are in your path to success, and it will help you set realistic goals that you will achieve with no problem!

Nebula Stone, Love and Relationships

Nebula Stone will remove your fears in love and help you release yourself from unhealthy attachments. It will encourage you to make room for the new.

Nebula Stone is also known as the ‘Becoming Stone’ because it will bring together all the particles of your inner and outer life experiences.

It will awaken healthy and positive cellular energy while also raising your conscious awareness. This will help all of your life resources to become one!

Nebula Stone will activate your body’s cellular light.

It will strengthen and unite pure light with your entire being.

It will nourish your entire self in every cell and every nerve with enlightenment and divinity.

It’s a stone that will inspire your soul to remember, find itself, and help you belong and become a part of life.

Having this stone in your life will give you a sense of belonging and a sense being a part of all that surrounds you.

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Nebula Stone will also be very beneficial in the creation of life itself. It will be very supportive in the formation of what is required for life to grow healthily and thrive with purity.

How to Use Nebula Stone for the Best Results

It’s a valuable stone to have with you at all times, whether on your body, your pocket, or your purse.

Keep it inside your home to stimulate the good energies present there and ward off the negative ones.

Keep it by your bedside to keep your dreams light and happy. This will also enhance your dreams and give you a light and powerful sleep.

Whenever you feel like your energies are running low, you can always hold a piece of Nebula Stone in your hand and you will feel instantly recharged.

The Best Combination to use with Nebula Stone

Nebula Stone will harmonize well with Quartz, Ruby, Amethyst, Emerald, Chrysoprase, Scolecite, Danburite, Moldavite, and Pietersite.

This combination will work with your crown and root chakras.

When you combine Nebula Stone with Pietersite, you can achieve balance and centeredness within an awakened kundalini’s flowing energy.

Combined with Moldavite, Nebula Stone will enhance your ability to contact and use intergalactic intelligence.

When you pair it with Brookite, Herderite, Scolecite, Natrolite, Azeztulite, Danburite, or Phenacite, it will promote your connection to the higher spiritual energies.

Nebula Stone will emphasize your physical strength and vitality.

Pairing it with Emerald or Chrysoprase will activate the heart chakra and enhance the stone’s healing capacities.

Using it with Siberian Blue Quartz will help you increase your psychic abilities.

Stones and crystals such as Lavender Jade, Yellow Sapphire, Ruby, and Amethyst will also work well with Nebula Stone.

If you wish to enhance your gift of prophecy, you can also use Nebula Stone with Prasiolite and Phrehnite.

Meditation with the Nebula Stone

There are so many great stones out there that you can meditate with, and one of that is the Nebula Stone.

The Nebula Stone possesses special and strong energy that will help whoever wears it or uses it to easily achieve their intentions or goals.

It carries an energizing power that will inspire you to move, to act, and to simply do.

Because the Nebula Stone is a very programmable stone, you can meditate with it for any kind of intention or goal and get the results that you desire.

It’s not only wonderful with meditation work. It’s also very effective when it comes to creating energy grids and using on body layouts.

It’s also a favorite stone to use when you wish to unlock your psychic gifts and achieve growth in any kind of spiritual endeavor or spiritual pursuit.

The Nebula Stone is a fantastic meditation stone because it will effectively get rid of the negative energies that may be lingering in your aura.

Furthermore, the energies of this stone have the ability to stimulate your psyche as well as Kundalini.

Meditation with the Nebula Stone will truly be a unique experience because you will enjoy a burst of energy and confidence that will help you as you make your way towards your highest path.

This stone will support you as you undergo the transformation that you need to take your existence to a higher level.

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It will also attract the brightest spiritual light towards you, and you will be infused with this one of a kind energy!

Meditation with the Nebula Stone will also give you a solid grounding action that will keep your feet firmly on the ground no matter how high or how far you go.

When you meditate with this stone on a regular basis, you will realize that you truly are a spiritual being who’s been given the opportunity to enjoy living in this world.

It will help you understand your purpose and the bigger reason why you were put in this world. It will make you realize that you were given this life to fulfill a purpose.

The Nebula Stone as a meditation stone will also unlock or enhance any psychic abilities that you may have.

On a physical level, it will benefit you in releasing the toxins that are harming your body. It will also support your body as it heals after an illness or an injury.

It’s a truly grounding and stabilizing stone that will make you feel protected, stable, and balanced.

Its healing energies will also work on increasing your physical strength and vitality so that you will always be ready to face and conquer your challenges.

There are so many gifts that you can enjoy when you meditate with such a powerful and fascinating stone, just like with the August Birthstone.

The Nebula Stone is a wonderful stone because it effectively harmonizes your own energies. It will also deepen your understanding of the different cycles of life and the role that you play in this world.

It will give you so many benefits and totally elevate your whole meditative experience!

My Final Thoughts on the Power of Nebula Stone

Nebula Stone will bring spiritual light into matter and help you attune to probable futures.

It will inspire you to fulfill your highest aspirations and feel completely at home in your body and on Earth.

There is something very attractive and appealing about the Nebula Stone. It’s a stone that certainly appeals to the eye, to your sense of touch, and your emotions.

This stone likes to be held, and it will give off the best kind of energies when it’s worn, rubbed, or touched.

It’s a very comforting stone, and it will generate a feeling of familiarity straight from Nebula Stone’s balancing energies.

It will make you feel more satisfied with your body and more content with your life. This stone will also make you more at home in your place in this world!

Nebula Stone is something that you must have if you want to be mentally capable and alert, physically strong and stable, and spiritually connected to the higher light of your consciousness!

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