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Andradite: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Andradite: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Andradite Properties

Andradite is a calcium iron silicate, characterized by its beautiful and elemental colors of olive, black, and dark yellow.

There are different kinds of Andradite, which include Demantoid, Melanite, and Topazolite.

Demantoids are the green and dark olive Andradite stones, which are also the rarest and most precious.

Melanite is the black and glossy kind, while Topazolite is the yellow-colored one, also the more common type.

Andradite got its name from the Portuguese mineralogist d’Andrada. It’s also sometimes referred to as just Melanite, which is a name derived from the Greek word meaning “black”.

Andradite Crystals

Why Would You Use Andradite?

Andradite is a highly spiritual stone that will aid self-empowerment and higher thinking when combined with Amber. It’s also a stone of safety, security, stability, and strength.

Like a tall and lush tree that will shield an ebony pool from the heat of the bright sun, Andradite will offer you protection and security from the ups and downs of life.

Andradite is a flexible and dynamic stone that will stimulate your creativity and give you all that you will need to support you in your personal development.

This stone will work to enhance and stabilize your male attributes of courage, stamina, and strength.

It’s a very supportive stone, especially if you like working alone. It will inspire you to do more networking, and to pool your ideas with the people that you work with.

The energies and colors of Andradite will stimulate your growth in your chosen career.

This stone will inspire you to work hard and persevere. It will open your mind to different realities so that you will know how to best respond.

It will also give you the strength and power to overcome your challenges and come out of them stronger and better.

Andradite will add more focus and determination to what you do so that you will reap the rewards of your hard work sooner rather than later.

The healing energies of Andradite will remind you not to be too critical of the little mistakes of others, and to keep your feet firmly on the ground, no matter how rich or successful you become.

If you pair it with Turquoise, it will also help you have the right emotional responses to everyday external stimuli.

This stone will remove any blockage in your body that’s preventing you from recognizing what you truly need or desire.

Andradite Crystal

How Will Andradite Help You?

Andradite, Healing and Health

Andradite can encourage blood formation, and it will energize the liver. It can also help in the body’s assimilation of iron, magnesium, and calcium.

It can improve physical vitality and enhance fitness and stamina. It can also boost mobility and help with problems in menstruation.

Andradite can help improve your eyesight and in soothing recurring colds. It can ease bronchial distresses, treat secondary tumors, and unblock blocked arteries.

This stone can also strengthen the bones and support the body in adjusting to the medication.

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It is known to aid in cancer treatment, as well as in treating arthritis, rheumatism, and stroke.

Andradite and Wealth

Andradite will arouse your creativity and increase your focus.

It will strengthen your willpower and give you the grounding energies that you need to actualize your dreams and discover your higher purpose.

It will attract prosperity and abundance into your life, and it will keep you motivated in your goals and dreams.

Andradite, Love and Relationships

Andradite is a stone of emotional strength, self-esteem, and self-confidence.

It holds many strong and unique metaphysical energies in addition to the properties that are present in all Andradites, such as strength, communication, protection, and relationship building.

It will make sure that you have an open line of communication with the people you love in order to prevent misunderstandings.

This stone will give you a healthy dose of sentimentality, and it will reduce your emotional clinginess. It will also promote your growth in your relationship.

It will inspire you to celebrate all the things that make your relationship wonderful.

It will also encourage you to work on its weaknesses so that you can easily overcome the challenges that will come your way.

Andradite will clear the obstacles on the path of love. It’s a good stone to have, especially if insecurity and jealousy are starting to put a strain on your relationship.

It will reduce your feelings of loneliness and isolation, and it will increase the closeness that you feel for the person you love in a way that’s not clingy or suffocating.

It will help reduce your irritation, and it will increase your patience and understanding.

Andradite is a potent grounding stone that will connect your life force with the earth, allowing you access to an almost limitless supply of creative energies.

It’s a stone of sincerity, honesty, and self-discovery.

It will make you more impervious to disputes and disagreements. It will make you more receptive and sensitive to other people’s feelings

It will remove the anger, jealousy, envy, and distrust in your relationship. It will also inspire you to be more expressive with your feelings that you keep locked in your heart.

It will help you be more demonstrative about your feelings so that you can enjoy love and unexpected pleasure.

Andradite will give you emotional strength, balance, and stability. It will promote self-confidence, especially if you’re someone who relies too much on what other people say or think.

It will help you get rid of feelings of alienation or isolation. Instead, it will show you how you can have more meaningful and intimate encounters with your significant other.

Andradite will also help you overcome feelings of weakness and victimization. It will help you quit unhealthy habits and eliminate suicidal thoughts.

It will prevent you from being too controlling in your relationship. It will also protect you from being controlled by your significant other.

Andradite paired with Aventurine will strengthen your heart so that you will be able to go with the flow and accept the changes that will happen in your relationship.

It will fortify your heart so that you will not be resistant to change and growth.

Andradite Raw

How to Use Andradite for the Best Results?

When you wear or carry a piece of Andradite with you, its healing energies will increase your willpower and give you stronger intuition.

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It will also keep you safe and stable while getting rid of your trust issues.

Keeping this stone close to your personal auric fields will also protect you against your fears of the dark side of life.

It will keep you safe from people who want to control your mind and your heart. It will also safeguard you from emotional pressures and the misuse of sexual powers.

Keeping Andradite stones in your home will purify the energies present in your space. They will also infuse it with light and love.

It’s best placed inside your children’s room because it can also prevent nightmares and any unpleasant thoughts that will lead to bad or disturbing behaviors.

Andradite should also be placed in the sick room or hospital room to dispel weakening negative energies.

If you’re working as a psychic, clairvoyant, or shaman, Andradite will help cleanse any residual happiness from your clients.

Place a piece of Andradite in the east or southeast area of your home or office. It will attract energies of growth, expansion, health, nourishment, and beginnings.

It will also enhance your physical vitality and invite more abundance and prosperity.

The Best Combination to use with Andradite

Andradite is a very prosperous and abundant stone. When combined with other prosperity stones, you will also increase the abundance of your life.

Use it with Orange Moss Agate, Aventurine, Rutilated Quartz, Turquoise, Smoky Quartz, Malachite, Citrine, Tsavorite, Tree Agate, Bloodstone, Epidote, Tree Agate, or Jade.

It’s also a brain booster that will increase your brain function and clear the clutter from your mind.

Pair it with Tanzanite, Albite, Strombolite, Amber, Seraphinite, Aragonite, Huebnerite, Cerrusite, Hematite, Chalcopyrite, Gehlenite, Clear Quartz, Garnet, or Elestial Crystals.

Can You Get Andradite as a Necklace?

Andradite makes a really interesting-looking and unique necklace. There are many pendants that are exquisitely designed that can truly catch the eye.

There are many different designs to choose from, and the way the Andradite is cut will make or break its look.

A beautiful piece of black Andradite pendant on a simple silver chain can be purchased for approximately $155.

Wearing an Andradite crystal pendant with geometric and naturally formed shapes will also be a bold fashion statement.

Big or small, fine or chunky, an Andradite necklace is sure to turn heads and be a great conversation starter.

The color black and the energetic properties of Andradite are a powerful tool for healing the root chakra as well.

When you wear an Andradite necklace, you can benefit from its auric, grounding, and healing protection.

The many parallelogram formations that are present in the crystallized formations of Andradite will also support you in your regression meditations.

Andradite will balance your root and sacral chakra and make your kundalini rise. Wear it for powerful protection and to help you set energetic boundaries.

An Andradite necklace will protect and stimulate you while you are in a meditative channeling state. It will support you in your astral travel and with your shamanic practice.

It will surround you with energies of courage, strength, and stamina. It can also teach you to love yourself and love others.

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It works well with dispelling negative energies and allowing them to be transmuted to positive energies.

Wearing an Andradite necklace will give you a good beginning and a strong foundation to love and romantic relationships.

It will also provide you healing after going through a breakup or experiencing a heartbreak.

It’s a very supportive stone that will get rid of your jealousy. If there is an issue with you and the person you love, you should wear this necklace to remove the tension and help smooth things over.

When this stone is close to your skin all the time, you benefit from its energies constantly. An Andradite necklace is like a medicine bag that you wear around your neck!

Healing stones such as Andradite will be more effective if they are not just displayed on a shelf or in a pretty glass bowl.

You should touch, hold, carry, or wear them as much as possible. Using Andradite as a necklace is just perfect because it’s within your personal auric field and close to your chakras as well.

When you feel like there’s a big change that’s about to happen in your life, an Andradite necklace will help you feel calm, rooted, and stable.

It will make you open to these new changes and focus on the positive aspect of it.

If you don’t feel like wearing this necklace on a particular day for a particular reason, that’s okay because you can simply put it inside your purse or in your pocket.

Andradite also works powerfully as tumbled stones, so you can still carry them with you wherever you go.

My Final Thoughts on the Power of Andradite

The healing energies of Andradite reflect the strength and protective abilities of Garnet stones.

The physical healing powers of this stone will greatly benefit any part of your body that needs healing, and it will infuse you with energies that will stabilize and strengthen it.

On an emotional level, Andradite will bring balance and stability. It will also boost your self-esteem and self-confidence.

This stone will open up your mind to a higher and more illuminated way of thinking.

It will improve your personal and professional relationships, and it will stimulate creativity, will, and focus.

Andradite is a potent spiritual cleanser with powerful grounding abilities.

This stone will also align the magnetic fields in your body, as well as cleanse and expand your aura, which will help activate your psychic vision.

It will bring your spiritual energies back in balance when you’re feeling distant, flight, or restless.

It will also help activate the Kundalini energy within your body.

Andradite will tap into your Life Force and guide you in finding your own wellspring of power!

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