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Witches Finger: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Witches Finger: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Witches Finger Properties

Witches Finger is a rare type of quartz that has inclusions of Iron, Feldspar, Calcite, Zircon, and Muscovite.

In its natural state, Witches Finger is one of the ugliest and most knurled stones that you will ever see.

It will remind you of the fingers of a witch that’s often depicted in fairy tales.

The appearance and shape of Witches Finger resembles a disfigured finger of a human, hence the name. However, its combination with other minerals makes it a very potent stone.

Witches Finger can usually be found in Zambia.

Why Would You Use Witches Finger?

This stone will connect to all your chakras and support you in overcoming the darker side of your nature with its highly reflective qualities that delve deep into your shadow self.

Witches Finger Crystals Example

It will allow you to be released from whichever haunts you, and to move beyond them and integrate them into yourself.

When you pair it with Aragonite, you will achieve clarity and a higher perspective as the suppressed energies get released.

Witches Finger is a stone of strength, courage, confidence, and support.

It will help you overcome your fears and release all that pains you.

It’s an excellent stone for healing and protection.

It’s also a great protection against chaotic energies which you can place in your space to guard it against disruptive and destructive energies.

Witches Finger is also good for aura shielding.

It can be used for meditation, for channeling information that pertains to your spiritual growth, and for attracting spiritual allies who will help you travel your spiritual path.

It’s a stone that will anchor positive energies into your energy field and assist you in attaining higher states of spiritual and emotional connectedness.

Witches Finger and Shungite will open your heart and crown chakras and bring calm, peace, and right knowing. It will give you the ability to make decisions that resonate with what’s in your heart.

It’s a stone that will make you feel comfortable in your own skin, proud of your gifts and talents, and confident about where you’re going.

More importantly, Witches Finger will help you discover the reason why you are here in this world!

How Will Witches Finger Help You?

Witches Finger, Healing and Health

Witches Finger is known to help with restoring the shine to the hair and the sparkle to the eyes.

It can also improve the functions of the body to achieve the desired weight.

It can help in controlling blood sugar and in preventing dehydration. It can balance pancreatic secretions and relieve insomnia as well.

Witches Finger and Wealth

Whenever you feel listless, uncoordinated, or at odds with your life, you can always harness the energies of Witches Finger.

When you’re out of balance, it will cause you to make bad decisions and unwise judgments that may affect your opportunities and earning potential.

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You will often find yourself lost or confused, and stumbling because you’re out of balance. You will also feel unmotivated and uninspired.

Witches Finger will help you achieve the right balance so that you will flourish in your endeavors and feel fully satisfied with your accomplishments.

You will be sure of who you are and just what you can achieve. You will also become less rigid in your way of thinking and in your approaches to doing things.

With the guidance of Witches Finger, you will no longer be wondering what you should be doing with your life and what you want to accomplish.

Your consciousness will no longer be limited and your actions will no longer be restrained!

If you combine it with Kunzite, you will also have a better working relationship with your colleagues and clients, and this will help you finish your work faster!

Witches Finger, Love and Relationships

The vibrations of Witch Fingers will connect to all your personal chakras. It will activate and cleanse them so that your energy fields are always cleansed of negative, harmful, and stagnant energies.

This will allow you to be more open to positive energies in your environment, and more favorable for love and happiness.

It will also help you see and overcome your darker side. Your shadow self is a part of who you are, and this stone will help you fully embrace all aspects of your personality.

Only when you have fully accepted who you are can others also fully accept you!

Its supporting energies will help you achieve clarity of thought and lightness of heart. It will encourage you to apply the higher perspective, especially when weighing your options and making a huge decision.

Witch Fingers will support you in finding positive and constructive solutions to your relationship problems.

Witches Finger will bring you energies of confidence, support, and courage so that you will overcome your fears and emotions that are not helpful to your relationship.

It will remove anything that prevents you from bringing a little bit of magic into your life.

Witches Finger will inspire you to speak with kindness and diplomacy, even when deep inside all you want to do is explode and let out a barrage of words.

It’s a stone that will help you let go of your fears and allow the real you to shine through!

How to Use Witches Finger for the Best Results

Witches Finger will bring you a very joyful and dynamic energy that will help you stay balanced and grounded.

Genuine joy and happiness are very hard to find or come by these days, and you need to make sure that you always have it in your life!

You often get so caught up in the daily grind that you forget to marvel at the true beauty of life.

Having this stone with you will make you remember that you are blessed beyond measure and that every challenge is surmountable.

It will make you appreciate the true wonder of life and just how amazing people can be.

When you have a piece of Witches Finger in your life, you will have a personal talisman that will bring healing to your body, heart, mind, and spirit.

It will also invite more joy and happiness because you will have a better appreciation of who you are and what you have achieved.

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Your home or office should not be without a Witches Finger because it will cleanse the energies in that space and attract more positive energies in.

It will bring a sense of peace and healing to any area or room, and it will help you gain an appreciation for the bounty of the universe.

You can also keep this stone close to your body so that you will always be protected and nourished.

The longer and more frequent you have this stone within your personal auric fields, the more you will benefit from its energies.

It’s a good luck stone that will take you places, so careful navigation is required. Its energies will make sure that you travel safely and arrive at your destination in one piece.

The Best Combination to use with Witches Finger

When you combine Witches Finger with Herkimer Diamond, you will enjoy a deep and restful sleep. It will also promote lucid dreaming.

You can also pair it with Purple Agate, Blue Tourmaline, Blue Apatite, Stitchtite, Blue Calcite, Fairy Wand Quartz, Blue Sapphire, Goshenite, Rhodizite, Onyx, Muscovite, or Lazulite to boost its healing properties.

Meditation with Witches Finger

Witches Finger is a stone that connects with your chakras and invites the positive side of your personality to come to the forefront and outshine your darker side.

When you meditate with Witches Finger, you will find it easier to come out of the past and stop getting haunted by your prior dreadful experiences.

The energies of this stone help you to get closure on everything that happened in your past and move on from it so that you can start working towards making your future better and happier than the present.

The stone is also a great instrument to meditate with if you want to achieve a certain point of clarity towards the goals that you are meant to achieve in this life.

With the help of Witches Finger, you will also be able to discover a higher perspective towards life and allow all suppressed emotions and energies to be released from your spirit.

A stone of strength and support, Witches Finger will help you get over your fears and regain your lost confidence in yourself.

It gives you the courage to be able to let go of the things that are preventing you from moving forward and rid yourself of all toxic people, situations, and things in life.

The stone can also be used for purposes of healing because when you meditate with it, you will feel a protective shield around you that will fight off chaotic energies.

Witches Finger will also guard you against turmoil and disruptive energies and keep you sane in times of distress.

Meditation with Witches Finger can ignite feelings of protection, whereby you will feel a sense of safety in your own skin.

It can also be used as an instrument to channel spiritual energies and aid in your journey of self-reflection so that you can connect with your spirit on a deeper level.

Witches Finger will ensure that your positivity is sustained and that you only attract forces of good from the universe.

Crystals J

Another reason why Witches Finger is so useful in meditation is that it takes you to a higher state of spirituality where you will feel close to the divine realm and to your guardian angels.

The energies exuded from this stone also speak volumes about self-confidence.

Witches Finger will make you grateful for all your blessings and natural talents and will reassure you of your capabilities to achieve your true purpose in this world.

For times when you feel disconnected with yourself, Witches Finger will restore your lost balance and invite wealth and other lucrative opportunities towards you.

Being a stone of prosperity, meditating with Witches Finger can open up a lot of new doors for you and help you get inspired in new and unique ways.

You need a balance of all your inner energies in order to fully accomplish your goals and flourish in all that you do in life,, which is why the spiritual energies of Witches Finger are of such great importance.

My Final Thoughts on the Power of Witches Finger
witches finger meaning

When you bring a Witches Finger into your life, you will also be declaring to the universe that you are open and willing to receive its wisdom and guidance.

You will follow your chosen path, and you will release old habits and unwanted attachments.

The changes that this stone will bring will manifest in your aura, and they will attract the right teachers at the most crucial and significant points in your journey.

Witches Finger will guide you in channeling the information that you receive and help you decipher this information so that you can apply it to your life.

This stone will also help you acknowledge who you are, and remove any bad traits that will hinder your growth.

Witches Finger will guide you to the right direction and give you clarity of mind. It will help you create the balance and harmony that you need in your life.

It will also show you how you can release the fear in your heart so that you will be more open to receive love and give love!

This stone will remind you to get rid of your superficial thoughts about life and about people.

It will stop you from being judgmental and closed minded because this keeps you from achieving emotional, intellectual, and spiritual growth.

Witches Finger will attract energies that will help you develop as an enlightened spiritual being. It will help you recall your spiritual teachings and allow you to instinctively use them in your experiences.

Witches Finger is a stone that you will want to have with you when you travel through life and experience different kinds of experiences!

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