Aragonite: Meanings, Properties and Powers

The meaning of Aragonite

Aragonite Properties

Aragonite is also known as tchazar crystal and tufa. This carbonate gemstone is usually colorless or white in color.

However, there are Aragonite stones that have subdued shades of blue, green, brown, orange, yellow, and red.

It was discovered in 1978 in the Aragon River in Spain, and this is how it got its name. Aragonite is usually mined in the USA, Poland, Italy, Germany, Austria, the UK, France, Spain, Namibia, Morocco, and Mexico.

Why Would You Use Aragonite?

Aragonite is a good stone to have if you wish to form a deeper connection to the Earth. It’s a powerful Earth healer and will encourage you to conserve the Earth’s resources.

You don’t need to have a complete change of lifestyle in order to harness this stone’s energies.

What’s only required of you is to respect the power of nature, and to do your best to keep it healthy and beautiful, even in your own little ways.

Because Aragonite is connected to the Earth Goddess, this stone’s energies will encourage you to recycle and conserve.

This is how you can contribute to the preservation of the planet. By choosing to go eco-friendly, you are also conserving earth’s resources and natural beauty.

Aragonite can also be used to clear blockages in your heart, mind, and spirit. It will give you an unclouded view of reality.

If you have been experiencing a tough time lately, whether in your personal or professional life, Aragonite energies can help you focus on the important things. It will keep you moored even when the waters are choppy.

Common consensus is that Aragonite helps to enhance our bravery, and stand firm in our beliefs and convictions.

In today’s connected world, we encounter opposing opinions – even hostile ones – far more than we’d like to admit.

If you’re an empath or especially sensitive, it can be particularly tough standing your ground in times like these, as you can’t help but feel people’s views and emotions washing over you.

Yet aragonite has a rock-steady quality that you can’t help but let into your heart. It won’t make you cold or cynical, but it will definitely enhance your ability to stand your ground and present a rational, even-handed perspective.

Likewise, if your life feels a bit choppy and off kilter, this stone can be of great comfort and act as a remarkable stress reliever.

Simply taking a moment to observe the intricacies of a piece of Aragonite is enough to draw your mind in from whatever it had been going haywire over moments before.

There’s a mesmerizing beauty to the natural way this crystal forms, and that makes it a good meditative aid too.

Aragonite can be used to anchor you in the moment. Some people who meditate feel nervous about finding it tricky to ‘make their way back’, so to speak, yet this stone can help to root you in the physical world while also letting you explore beyond it.

Wonderful Aragonite stones

Aragonite is a stabilizing stone. It has plenty of centering energies.

When you have Aragonite with you, it can diffuse tense situations and bring peace to explosive situations.

It will give you uplifting feelings so that you will not dwell too much on what’s hard or painful.

It will reassure you that everything will turn out okay.

It will give you that boost of courage when you feel like backing down or running away. Aragonite will remind you of your own strengths and capabilities so that you can face whatever will come your way.

Its grounding and stabilizing energies will be very useful during times of stress. It will keep you from making decisions based on your wild emotions. It will promote focus and strengthen your concentration.

When used in combination with Rhodochrosite, Aragonite will be a very helpful and supportive stone for those who are focused on spiritual pursuits, and for those who need to release personal issues of the past and let go of attachments in the present.

It will give insight and mental clarity so that you will be able to get to the root of the problem.It will teach you to be more tolerant and understanding. It will give you a boost of self-confidence and self-esteem.

Aragonite and Ametrine will be very good in grounding yourself and raising your vibrations. When your vibrational energies are high, they can help with all kinds of healing.

How Will Aragonite Help You?

Aragonite, Healing and Health

Like many other stones and crystals, Aragonite also has plenty of healing properties. For starters, Aragonite star clusters can help speed up your recovery when you suffer from nerve damage or broken bones.

Aragonite can relieve stress and anxiety.

They can ease nerve problems that may lead to twitching or restlessness.

Aragonite can boost the immune system and help you fight off infections. It will enhance calcium absorption, and it will also alleviate chills and pains.

It will give warmth to your extremities, as well as address vitamins A and D deficiencies.

Aragonite and Wealth

Aragonite, as well as Kunzite, can also attract prosperity and abundance into your life. It carries energies of good luck and good fortune.

It will help in boosting your productivity so that you will be able to do more and achieve more. This stone can also instill discipline in you and remove the desire to procrastinate.

You will become more reliable and responsible. Clients will find it a joy to work with you because you will demonstrate discipline in keeping your word, meeting your deadlines, and paying your bills on time.

Aragonite energies will help you find solutions to tough problems, especially when it comes to money or your business. Answers will be readily available, and you will never run out of people who will want to help you out.

Aragonite star clusters will also clear your mind and boost your motivation. They will give you the mental energy that you require so that you will meet your professional challenges.

Most importantly, they will give you strength and support during very stressful times.

That ability to keep a level head is a hugely valuable part of why aragonite crystal is so useful to people in the business world.

In times of stress, it’s all too easy to make rash decisions that have pretty bleak long term ramifications for a company – be it the one you work for, or an enterprise of your own making.

The longer-term perspective often becomes clearer with the earthy energies of aragonite alongside you.

You can’t help but feel that more level headed energy take hold once you’ve welcomed this stone into your life.

Of course, how you actually do so is entirely up to you. You could have a lovely example of aragonite on your desk as a talking point, or instead have a more discreet cut of the crystal tucked in your desk drawer or perched on your window shelf to help you through the day.

And of course, opting instead to wear aragonite works just as well, so don’t be shy in accessorizing with jewelry accordingly if your workplace allows it.

However it comes about, this stone will help you tremendously in finding a sense of inner stability in the workplace, which is particularly valuable if you work in a highly tense environment wherein nerves are often frayed.

Aragonite, Love and Relationships

Aragonite will help remove your overly critical attitude. It will be very challenging to enjoy the little beautiful moments with the person you love if you will always find something to criticize or disapprove of.

This stone will encourage you to see the good in everything instead of focusing on the bad. It will help amplify the wonderful things that make your relationship special, and it will leave the undesirables to a minimum.

It will also give you the grace and good nature to handle criticism. It will remind you that nobody is perfect, and that it’s okay not to be!

Aragonite energies will lift you out of depression. They will not magically heal you overnight or make everything bad go away. But they will help you shift your perspective to something more positive, and they will make you want to try harder at feeling better.

This stone will diffuse anger and bad feelings. Anything that’s not healthy for you will be dispelled by its energies.

It will strengthen your ability to keep your patience, even in the toughest circumstances. You will have the grace and the composure when you most need it.

Aragonite will give you emotional stability, and it will reassure you that whatever pain you’re feeling will also come to pass.

It will teach you how to be more generous, kind, and sensitive toward others. It will remind you that whatever you put out to the universe is what you will attract back to you.

This patience and ability to endure is something that has become a well respected aragonite meaning and symbolism.

After all, this very stone emerged from the earth in a slow and steady way, yet is today all the more beautiful and beloved for taking its time.

Because of that, you can not only ensure you are never rushed into any big emotional decisions, but you will also have the patience to allow events outside of your control play their course out before looking to intervene.

After all, those of us who try and control our partners or steer their actions find ourselves disappointed and hurt more often than not.

Yet aragonite can ease that burden wonderfully, all while making you seem like and island of calm in even the stormiest emotional seas.

Indeed, even as emotions flow and ebb, you will remain a solid constant throughout under the guidance of this energy.

Likewise, holding aragonite while asking yourself big questions about life and love will allow you to reach conclusions impartially and rationally, but also lovingly.

It goes without saying that this is not always so easily done!

Yet with this stone by your side, it’s made just that little bit easier, and it’s one of many reasons why aragonite comes so highly recommended.

Aragonite will give you energies of truth and understanding.

It will give your life peace and tranquility.

It will bring energies of stability during turbulent times. It will remove your emotional fatigue and your anger and replace it with feelings of love and joy. It will empower you and encourage you to use your personal energies constructively.

It’s the perfect stone for those who need more discipline and self-control. Aragonite energies will help you overcome stagnation in your personal growth or in your relationship.

How to Use Aragonite for the Best Results?

Aragonite is a stone that will make very beautiful jewelry, such as earrings, necklaces, and brooches. Aragonite beads are quite fragile, though, so proper care should be given in wearing and cleaning them.

You can wash your Aragonite jewelry with warm water and mild soap. Avoid using harsh chemical cleaners because they may dull its sparkle.

You should also remove them from your body if you will be engaging in rough physical activities. It will not fare well with hits and blows and may shatter the aragonite stone. Take care of your aragonite jewelry so that the stone will be scratch-free.

The Best Combination to Use with Aragonite

Aragonite is best combined with high energy stones and crystals. You can pair it with Phenacite or Herkimer Diamond because this combination will help you see clearly when you visit other planes of existence.

When you pair Aragonite with Selenite, it will help you with interdimensional travel.

If you wish to communicate with your angels and spirit guides, you can pair it with Angel Phantom Quartz, Blue Celestite, Stellerite, Petalite, Lepidocrite, and Angelite.

You can also pair it with Black Tourmaline and Dalmatian Jasper, and even with Brown or Blue Aragonite.

How to Tell If an Aragonite is Real?

The best way to know if an Aragonite is real is to be very familiar with its physical properties.

Aragonite appears as a white or colorless or white mineral that can sometimes show shades of light yellow, violet, and blue.

It also exhibits distinct cleavages on particular axes. It’s naturally very brittle, too.

Another way to guarantee that what you’re purchasing is a genuine Aragonite stone is to buy only from trusted sellers.

Online gemstone retailers abound, but you can easily find the reputable ones with a quick Google search.

You should only buy from jewelers who have been in the business for a long time and have a track record for only selling high-quality gemstones.

Their Aragonites should be sourced from countries like Spain, the Czech Republic, Greece, Chile, Mexico, Austria, Germany, the USA, the UK, Peru, and Slovakia.

Faceted Aragonite gemstones are usually only a few carats and without color.

If you’re new to gemstone buying, it’s recommended that you get advice from a professional who will help you examine a particular piece.

Gemstone retailers should be able to provide a certificate of authenticity for all their gemstones.

They also provide a money back guarantee should you find the item that you purchased not satisfactory.

Aragonite does not score very high on the hardness scale. If you wish to clean your Aragonite stone, avoid using mechanical cleaners like steam and ultrasonic processes.

What you can do instead is to use a soft brush, warm water, and mild detergent to clean it. Wipe your Aragonites dry with a soft cloth to remove all traces of water.

Make sure that you store your Aragonites separately from other stones to prevent contact scratches.

Aragonite is a sought-after stone because of its metaphysical properties. It is believed to help raise your Kundalini and even connect you to your spiritual guides.

Aragonite is a stone of well-being that will invite abundance, prosperity, and peace in life.

People who own this gemstone also use them when they’re feeling depressed, sad, or isolated. It can help manage terrible mood swings.

This stone can help a person set realistic dreams. It will work to bring calm and peace into a life that is full of noise, struggle, and chaos.

Gemstone collectors and fanciers admire Aragonite because of its physical healing properties as well.

It is known to activate the relaxant hormones inside your brain.

Aragonite is also particularly beneficial for people who are dealing with pain or grief. It breathes new life into you and gives you the emotional support that you need.

The emotional properties of Aragonite also make it an effective stone to dispel chaotic thoughts and depression.

It will get rid of envy, jealousy, and insecurity. It will also purify your goals and help you achieve them.

Take your time in selecting the best and most beautiful piece of Aragonite gemstone. Do your research and make your comparisons.

Don’t hesitate to consult an expert or a professional. It will all be worth it in the end!

My Final Thoughts on the Power of Aragonite
aragonite meaning

Aragonite is also considered the conservationist’s stone because its vibrations will inspire you and make you more aware about taking care of the earth.

Aragonite stones are excellent stones that will help you in healing the earth, and their energies will also heal and balance your physical and emotional body.

Aragonite can send out light energy in all directions, and this energy can be beneficial to you, the people you are surrounded by, and the environment that you are in.

Aragonite stone has excellent vibrations that will keep you grounded and fully in the moment.

It will show you how to be patient and content about where you are and what you have in your life.

It will help you remove the stress from your body and help you cope emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Aragonite will give you a deep sense of peace and tranquility because any unresolved issues from the past will finally be resolved. You will be able to let them go and heal from them.

The energy of Aragonite will bring your vibrations to a higher level, and you will also become a source of light and energy to the people around you!