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Celestite: Meanings, Properties and Uses

Celestite: Meanings, Properties and Uses

Celestite Meanings

Celestite, also known as celestine, is a delicate blue mineral containing strontium.

Its colour, the pale blue of the sky, is where its name comes from – the same root as the word “celestial.” Because of this, it has a strong historical association with heaven, the angelic realms, and divinity.

Celestite can also appear in white, yellow, and even red colours, but blue is by far the most spiritually meaningful of these colours, and certainly the one that you should try to pursue.

There are far more effective stones that harness white, yellow, and red energies, and few that have the divine energy of blue celestite!

By all means, if you acquire another colour, do your research and harness its metaphysical properties, but don’t worry if you can’t get your hands on every shade.

Appealing Celestite stone

It is found all over the world, but major deposits exist in Libya, Egypt, Peru, Britain, and Poland.

It is frequently found inside geodes, sometimes alongside clear quartz or even amethyst.

Some mines have unique colorations to their production, since other minerals are frequently found within the celestite stones, adding different varieties of colour to the blue or milky background.

It has a very rich lore as the so-called “stone of the angels.”

Its pale blue colour is so distinctive that it was said in ancient cultures to be pieces of the sky that had fallen down to Earth.

They are frequently used today in angel magic, said to be the stone that will summon your guardian angel.

They have an energy that is at once soothing and uplifting, giving you the sense that you are being watched over by a loving caretaker.

It’s energy is extremely underrated today. Ancient cultures knew the importance of communicating with divine spirits, but today, even among metaphysical enthusiasts, angels have become less popular!

Using it can help you get in touch with divine beings who can improve the harmony, happiness, and divine wisdom within your life.

Why Would You Use Celestite?

While there are many benefits to using it, it simply cannot be ignored that the main purpose of this stone is contacting angelic and divine beings.

There is no other purpose that looms as largely over the lore of this stone as that.

If you are uncomfortable with this idea, then perhaps this is not the right time for it to enter your life. There’s nothing wrong with that!

However, there truly is no reason to be uncomfortable. Whatever your religious or spiritual affiliation, the angels and divine powers summoned by celestite can only benefit you.

If you are more at ease thinking of these powers as “positive forces” rather than the anthropomorphized and religiously charged term “angels,” then that is also fine, and a completely valid way to think of them.

The bottom line is that it is the mineral to use if you are interested in tapping to the extremely high-level powers of the divine spiritual world.

This is not the stone for going after wealth, or even love, but instead, the stone for developing your own sense of spiritual strength and enlightenment.

You’ll find that a feeling of calmness and serenity always seems to find you when you’re in the presence of this stone.

Everything that has felt like a burden, a difficult challenge with no end or a huge spot of trouble you’ve no idea how to solve seems to shift in its perspectives in some way – and before you know it, a solution has graced you.

Again, where you attribute this solution to have come from is entirely up to you!

However, what matters is that your crystal has proven such a capable conduit of that message, as well as assisting you in opening to these powerful and profound moments of insight and divine guidance.

I should point out that just because this stone doesn’t have any direct effect on aspects of the physical world like love or money, doesn’t mean that it can’t have long-term benefits in these fields!

The improved spiritual awareness that you can achieve through persistent use of and mindfulness regarding celestite can, over time, result in improved self-confidence and a generally more positive attitude.

When you have confidence in yourself, and a good and generous attitude about the people around you, you are far more likely to find opportunities for your life to improve.

People will develop positive associations with you and want to help you, and you will find yourself more willing to accept help as you let go of pride and jealousy.

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The properties of virtue and compassion tend to rub off on those people with whom the stone connects.

While you’re still a flesh and blood being, and you are likely to still have the humility to really make these gifts work for you, don’t be surprised if you all at once begin to feel like Dorothy peeking behind the Wizard’s curtain in the Emerald City – and seeing much of the workings of things for what they really are.

Enlightenment is a journey of many steps though, yet it can prove a wonderful way to lighten and ease it.

Even if you have no real interest in developing this side of yourself, just having this level of clarity in your intuition and your ability to decode the motivations of others is very useful and a real blessing.

Like crystals such as Opalite, it is a wonderful crystal for psychic healing. If you are troubled by unwanted negative emotions, then celestite is the perfect stone for learning how to let go of them. So often, we hold onto negativity because it is familiar.

It will help you learn to accept the process of letting go of those feelings.

How Will Celestite Help You?

Taking control of the powers of angels and divine energies is one of the highest forms of magic that you can perform using stones.

These energies will bring you towards a greater state of health and self-actualization than you may even have thought possible.

By and large, this mineral in and of itself has so many connotations with divine beings and higher powers that it’s impossible not to feel some sort of holiness radiating from it, even if you are entirely agnostic or don’t ascribe to a particular doctrine or faith.

Perhaps accordingly, the stone doesn’t judge the faith or lack thereof of anyone with whom it comes into contact, making its unconditional love available to all.

In short, this stone is one of the single best stones for psychic power and healing that you can use.

It is a cosmic teacher, and can teach you lessons about yourself and the universe that many people remain permanently ignorant of, or else have to suffer terribly to learn.

The high cosmic vibrations will awaken you to facets of existence that you never knew existed.

When integrating it into your life, you will becoming increasingly conscious of levels of energy around you that, before, you would have been completely blind to.

This heightened intuition is wonderful for your spiritual development, as it will help awaken you to the power of the universe. If you are someone who regularly practices meditation or prayer, the power of it will help you get much more out of your meditations.

You will become a far more spiritually developed individual, and have a better ability to share your spiritual learnings with others.

It relieves stress and tension, and will help you learn, on a very deep and genuine level, to “go with the flow” instead of constantly fighting against the currents of the universe.

Once you’ve learned to accept a certain degree of powerlessness, you can begin to find true power.

Once you are conscious that you can’t control everything, all the time, then you can actually begin to focus on controlling the things that are within your power.

This crystal is a wonderful stone to use in reminding yourself that you are just one element in a far grander cosmic plan.

Sometimes the details and finer aspects of that plan will elude you, and that’s okay. What matters is that you trust the process.

Easier said than done sometimes, of course – especially if it seems as though the very universe seems to thwart every effort you make to move forwards.

This is frustrating for the best of us, yet celestite can help you to understand that it’s more an invitation towards another path that will become all too clear in due course.

Once you have mastered this, success is right in front of you. You will find opportunities to further your goals practically throwing themselves at you, and you will actually be able to take advantage of them.

How to Use Celestite for the Best Results?

It is best used as a focal point for prayer, meditation, or mindfulness. As such, a piece that rests in a visible place in your home is the best and most convenient way to incorporate it.

Whether you choose a geode piece with a multi-faceted crystalline structure, or a well-polished disc that you can also try scrying in, it should be placed somewhere visible in your home, where your attention can easily be drawn to it.

Preferably, it should be somewhere where you are usually alone so that yours is the only energy it’s soaking up, although if you share your home and bedroom and don’t have your own space, no harm is done.

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In fact, a celestite geode can help to bring a sense of harmony and accord to a disjointed or chaotic family home.

Likewise, if discreetly placed in the workplace, it can soothe a stressful office environment, and even lead to a little more ethics in how the company cuts its deals!

It also makes wonderful jewellery if you feel that you need some of that spirituality to “come with you” during your day-to-day life.

Blue celestite is very popular for this purpose, and it tends to give the wearer an almost otherworldly quality.

You might find that you capture much attention quite without meaning to, and because of that, are able to create many new opportunities in the physical world, while still remaining intrinsically linked to the spiritual one.

You will always have a connection to reality throughout all this though, so don’t worry – this jewellery won’t have you entirely leaving the rest of us behind!

Because it is a rather fragile crystal, it is best worn in jewellery that will not get a lot of wear and tear.

Pendants and brooches are ideal, and also make it possible to place it over your heart, in order to focus their emotional energy.

Celestite is sacred to the third eye chakra, so if you are interested in using it to develop psychic vision through the use of this chakra, wear it as near as possible to the centre of your forehead (the seat of the third eye chakra’s power).

The best way is as a circlet with a small piece of it resting against your forehead, but if this doesn’t suit your personal style, then earrings and hair clips are also suitable.

No matter how you choose to use your celestite, if you are using celestial powers, then you should periodically “charge” it with heavenly energy.

To do this, rest it in direct sunlight or moonlight for several hours.

Whether you choose Sun or Moon can depend on what sort of energy you are interested in taking advantage of.

Do you want the joyful, life-affirming power of the Sun, or the emotional, intuitive power of the Moon? There’s no wrong answer here!

The Best Combination to Use with Celestite

It is best combined with stones that enhance perception and intellectual intelligence, such as amethyst and clear quartz.

In general, any stone associated with the crown chakra is a good complement to celestite. These stones will enhance your spiritual focus and give you the ability to intellectually understand the things that you are being shown by the power of celestite.

It can be beneficial to mix it with other stones that enhance emotional intelligence, such as opal or pearl.

However, this can sometimes be a dangerous game if you are not prepared for the strength of the emotions that you will encounter.

Opening yourself up to emotional intuition and divine perception at the same time can open a floodgate of other people’s feelings that can be very overwhelming.

If you feel that, not only do you need a degree of spiritual awakening, but you also need to be able to take action on what you see – for example, if you feel trapped in a spiritually toxic environment and aren’t sure how to get out, or if you’ve had a traumatic experience and need insight in dealing with it – then you can combine celestite with bloodstone or hematite.

Bloodstone and red jasper have a two-pronged approach to complementing the power of celestite. First, they enable you to healthily deal with the negative emotions or experiences that might be dredged up by your enhanced intuition and connection to higher powers.

Second, they will also help you to take action based on what you learn from your spiritual and psychic experiences.

Enhanced spirituality is only so useful when you can’t actually use it to make changes in your life and world, so a stone that can help spur you into action if you sometimes feel paralyzed is one of the most useful things you can add to your collection.

It can also be used in conjunction with other chakra stones. It can actually be used to open the power of several different chakras, depending on your needs.

While it is usually associated with the third eye chakra’s imagination and psychic powers, its colour also links it to the communicative faculties of the throat chakra, and it can have a positive influence on the spiritual awakening of the crown chakra.

How to Cleanse Celestite?

You’ve just purchased your Celestite and you’re probably wondering what you’re supposed to do next.

The next step that you should do is to give your crystal a proper cleanse!

A crystal cleanse is important not only because it enhances the crystal’s physical aesthetics but also because it clears your crystal’s energies.

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Doing a crystal cleanse is quite easy, and everything that you’ll need is available at home.

Although you may not feel it right away, your crystal will come to you holding energies that have been collected from people, things, and places.

Since you’d like to start on a clean slate with your crystal, cleansing the lingering energies, especially the negative energies, is a must.

You need to remove the bad vibrations and immerse it with your good vibrations.

Your thoughts, feelings, and intentions are what will be programmed in your Celestite, so make sure that your crystal only carries the energies that you want it to resonate with.

You can start off with your Celestite crystal cleanse by submerging it in rice, salt, or water. Allow your Celestite to soak for several hours. Rinse it with water after.

Your Celestite crystal can also be cleansed in natural light. You can leave it outside under the sun or the moon.

Smudging is another way you can remove the negative vibrations from your Celestite.

Simply immerse your crystals in the aromatic smoke of sage leaves, scented cones, or incense sticks. Meditating with your Celestite will also cleanse it of the bad vibrations.

Just sit quietly and calmly with your crystals and think about the kind of energies that you want your crystals to absorb.

You can also bury your crystals in the ground. The earth has a natural magnetic property that will draw away any negativity.

Make sure to leave it on the ground for at least 24 hours. Resonating sounds can also cleanse your crystals. Purify your crystals with the help of a bell.

Ring the bell and let the sound wash over your crystals. Perform this ritual for several minutes. You can also cleanse your crystals using a singing bowl.

After working with your Celestite crystals, you will begin to get a better idea of how they resonate with you. You will learn which cleansing methods also work best.

Cleanse your new Celestite crystals right away, especially if you plan to use them for physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing.

Crystal cleansing is more of a spiritual process than a physical one. Doing so will ensure that you are not recycling the bad vibrations.

Cleansing your crystal will bring it back to its neutral state so that energies that have collected in it will not be passed on to you.

This process also gives new energies to your crystals and guarantees that they function at their highest level.

Allow your intuition to guide you. Just state your intention that you are clearing away negative or inappropriate energies and that you are enhancing the pure energies of the crystals.

My Final Thoughts
celestite meaning

This is a crystal with a gentle but penetrating energy. In the same way I couldn’t outrun an angel, I can’t outrun the energy of this softly vibrant crystal.

I keep a small cluster from a Celestite geode on my desk to remind me of and keep me connected to angelic energy.

Celestite is an extremely powerful stone, and one that you should certainly consider bringing into your life if you are interested in enhancing your psychic and spiritual perceptions and experience.

I understand that this isn’t on the top of everyone’s priority list, and you may first be interested in using stones that relate more directly to your earthly interests.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with this, and I encourage you to use the stones that relate most directly to your personal goals.

However, if spiritual awakening is something that is important to you, integrating it into your life is an extremely powerful way to improve it.

Once you bring it into your life, you will find yourself increasingly conscious of the higher vibrations of energy that run through the universe.

This leads to improved psychic and spiritual health, which will have a positive “trickle-down” effect, and make an impact in the rest of your life by encouraging you to have an optimistic and open approach to the world.

Have you ever had contact with angels or other divine powers? Is this something that you feel would be beneficial to you?

Are you interested in using the powers of celestite to make contact with these divine higher energies?

If so, please remember to like and share this in order to share the information about this divine stone.

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