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Chrysocolla: Meaning, Properties and Powers

Chrysocolla: Meaning, Properties and Powers

Chrysocolla Properties and Meanings

Chrysocolla is a blue and green stone made of a unique type of copper ore.

Its colour comes from the oxidation process of the copper ore, which takes on a cyan colour with extended exposure to oxygen, but the stone also contains various quantities of other minerals, which create its soft texture and porous appearance.

It is a very soft stone, at only a 2.5 on the Mohs hardness scale.

The mineral content of chrysocolla has been questioned for years, and even now, we aren’t entirely sure of the entire chemical makeup of this stone.

It may even be the case that different pieces that look the same have entirely different compositions. That is one of the things that makes this stone so unique and mysterious!

This stone is found all over the world, including in Israel, the Democratic Republic of Congo, England, and all over the southwestern United States.

The use of chrysocolla in magical and metaphysical workings is relatively recent, as this stone did not have a large place in ancient lore.

In Ancient Rome, the natural historian Pliny introduced the name “chrysocolla,” but used it to describe boric acid (the main component of modern Borax), rather than anything to do with this specific stone.

With that said, because of its bright colour and distinctive look, chrysocolla has quickly become a favourite for invoking the powers of water, the sea, and the divine feminine.

Just because it’s a more recent addition to the canon of crystology doesn’t mean that it’s any less powerful!

Chrysocolla is a beautiful and useful stone, but do be a bit conscious when you are integrating it into your life.

Because its powers have been articulated more recently, we do not yet know all the facets of its power and “personality.”

When you are using it, pay careful attention to your emotions and experiences, preferably taking note of them in a journal of some sort.

This way, you will become more distinctly aware of this stone’s power, and can even contribute this knowledge to the wider crystology community!

Why Would You Use Chrysocolla?

Considering its colour, it’s no surprise that chrysocolla is associated with the element of water.

Just looking at it evokes the bright blue of the Mediterranean Sea or a beautiful summer swimming pool!

For this reason, this is an excellent and powerful stone to incorporate into workings that have to do with water.

Chrysocolla is a stone of harmony, both on a universal level and a very specific level. It can be used to purify a place or remove  negativity from a person.

It is a very gentle stone and its energy works in a gentle, harmonious way. It can help ease fear, anxiety,  and guilt, and bring hope.

It is also used to communicate with the spiritual forces of the Earth.

This means any sort of meditation, mindfulness, or magic that has to do with emotional situations, as well as magic that literally draws on the power of the ocean.

Chrysocolla can help you plumb the depths of your emotional reality, and find what you’ve got lurking under the surface.

Sometimes this can be a pretty scary thing to do, but chrysocolla will give you the strength and curiosity to do it, and the positive energy to deal with whatever you happen to find.

Because chrysocolla has this connection to water, it is especially well suited for any emotional work that is connected to one’s emotions.

In spiritualist disciplines of all kinds, from tarot to astrology and beyond, water is the element most connected to our emotional states and hidden depths.

But getting to the bottom of feelings in this way can often feel like a daunting process, and even the strongest among us may occasionally pause for thought before diving into those depths.

Yet with chrysocolla at your side, you may well feel more encouraged in doing so.

Not only can this stone help you to stay strong when your emotions threaten to overwhelm you, but it can also assist you in decoding their hidden meanings.

Likewise, if those around you, or those whom you love, are demonstrating emotional responses to life you don’t really understand, this stone is highly recommended.

It is a highly positive mineral, and can be used to release feelings of distress or other negative energy.

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While some anti-negativity stones suck it up like a magnet, this chrysocolla is more like a flashlight that shines light on the dark parts of life.

It allows you to look at the negative feelings you’re experiencing, acknowledge their validity, and then let them go.

It is a very useful stone for helping you to express your emotions. It’s associated with the throat chakra, which is the chakra of self-expression and communication.

By using this stone you can learn how to share your emotional experiences with others, which is an invaluable skill, and one that is seriously underrated in a modern world that values surface gloss rather than deep emotional reality.

This is also a good stone to use when pursuing higher knowledge or spiritual awakening. It will allow you to “wake up” to the primal powers of the universe.

While it is not necessarily the same as a cerebral stone like amethyst that will get you thinking about God in a very eighteenth-century Enlightenment sort of way, it will help you develop a sense of wonder about the world that is usually reserved for children.

This awe will help you develop stronger feelings of joy and gratitude towards whatever higher powers you understand or focus on.

How Will Chrysocolla Help You?

Chrysocolla is the perfect stone for someone seeking to improve themselves in an emotional and spiritual way.

It has a wide variety of powers related to this, and can approach the situation of self-improvement from several different angles.

The ability to see the powers that run through the universe is something that everyone can benefit from, and that will actually lead to more happiness and appreciation for life in the long run.

Even though, at times, people may think that you’re being a little bit hippie-dippy by thinking about how everything in the natural world has its own power and unique beauty.

For women, or anyone who is trying to get more in touch with the feminine energies of the universe, this stone is very useful for tapping into those.

Christianity has historically been a masculine-focussed religion, which means that Western culture is rather masculine from a spiritual perspective. There’s nothing wrong with this, except when it means that feminine energies are devalued!

If you feel like you’re lacking in these energies, you can bring the power of chrysocolla into your life to balance the cosmic energy in your life. There’s always room to make a better balance between masculine and feminine energies.

In the Middle Ages, one of the few recorded uses of chrysocolla in history was to decorate monasteries and convents.

For these reasons, it is also associated with qualities of quiet contemplation and introspection. This is an excellent way to improve your spirituality, since, after all, without looking within yourself, you will never know what needs improvement!

This is also a good stone for relieving emotional stress. Because of its watery quality, it has a special way of washing away stress and emotional strain.

It can make you feel safer, happier, and more relaxed, even if your actual situation hasn’t changed – which, in turn, will make you a lot better equipped to actually handle the situation without panicking!

Remember: stressing about something without taking action has never changed anything; not stressing and then taking action is the best way to fix a situation.

How to Use Chrysocolla for the Best Results?

Because it is rather soft and fragile, chrysocolla is not a great stone for types of jewellery that are likely to sustain damage from the environment.

This means no rings, and bracelets are probably a bit sketchy too. It’s far better to wear this stone as a necklace, pendant, or brooch – types of jewellery that are unlikely to sustain much contact with anything except your clothes or maybe a bit with your skin.

Since it is related to your throat chakra, placing chrysocolla over the middle of your throat is a great way to release the energy that may have become clogged in this chakra.

By doing this, you will improve your communication skills and your ability to both hear, and be heard by, those around you. Wear it as a choker or a short necklace that rests near your collarbone.

This is also a wonderful stone to use in your home. Remember those monks and nuns who used it in their monestaries and convents? You can use it to similar effect in your own place of residence.

While it might not exactly encourage the vow of silence we sometimes, in our naughtiest of moments, might wish would be undertaken by the kids, chrysocolla stone instead encourages a sense of easy harmony about the home.

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Things seem to randomly go missing less – TV remote included, I’m happy to say – while little family quibbles and quarrels seem to fizzle out before they’ve begun, or better, not start up at all.

It’s superb energy to be within indeed, and also helps to energize and soothe the little ones if they’re having difficulties being motivated for school.

However, this stone can also assist in smooth living between you and your partner too.

Those communication issues that we touched on seem to be much more manageable with the influence of this stone, and other choice complementary ones if you so wish, to help things remain tranquil and peaceful.

However, all this peace and quiet doesn’t need to make everything boring. Chrysocolla helps to encourage those around it to instead see the wonders in the every day, and approach existing situations with a fresh perspective.

Using chrysocolla in your home will help you maintain happiness in that home, and relax the wanderlust that so many young people struggle to harness.

It will help you stay satisfied with your own home, rather than being constantly restless.

Placing it in a spot in your home where you can sit quietly and meditate, pray, or just be alone with your thoughts is an excellent way to improve your psychic and spiritual health.

Its energy will help you to cleanse your spiritual energy and think about the world in a more positive, grateful way.

Chrysocolla is also known for its abilities to aid in teaching. Perhaps because it improves communicative skills, both teachers and students feel much more successful when they are incorporating chrysocolla into their lives.

For this reason, if you are a student, or have a child going to school, chrysocolla is an excellent stone for you (or them). If you have a child in school, sew a small piece into his or her school backpack, coat, or (if you can pull it off) uniform.

The Best Crystal Combination to Use with Chrysocolla

Chrysocolla can be used with a variety of different stones depending on the precise effects that you wish to get from it, and the capacity in which you are planning to use it.

If you are using it in its capacity as a chakra stone, to stimulate the energy of the throat chakra, then the best way to combine it with other stones is to combine it with stones that correspond to other chakras that you wish to improve.

For example, if you feel that you have difficulty communicating your emotions, you may want to use chrysocolla (for communication) in conjunction with a stone that rules the heart chakra (pink quartz, just as one example), in order to stimulate your own ability to feel your feelings clearly.

As another example, maybe you want to use chrysocolla to improve your religious or spiritual experience.

Then you can use it combined with a crown chakra stone, such as clear quartz or amethyst. The crown chakra is the chakra you should look to when you’re improving your spirituality, and you can combine it with the powers of chrysocolla to improve spirituality and a sense of wonder at the world.

If you are using chrysocolla to harness the powers of the element of water, you may want to seek out stones that correspond to the other elements of air, fire, and earth.

While you will undoubtedly not want to use them at the same time, all the time (otherwise what would be the point?) having all four on hand will prevent you from overcompensating and becoming too dependent on one element.

Finally, chrysocolla can be used in conjunction with stones that gently banish negative emotions, such as Apache tears or smoky quartz.

These will prevent you from becoming overly naïve due to the positive influence of chrysocolla. If you are worried that you might end up in a “too much of a good thing” situation where your positive attitude clouds your judgement and ability to discern other people’s negativity for what it is, then this combination might help you.

What Chakra is Chrysocolla?

Chrysocolla resonates best with the throat and heart chakras. Its energies unlock and stimulate these chakras, making it possible for you to channel the love from your heart to other people.

This stone also facilitates clearer communication of your inner wisdom.

The throat chakra is your body’s voice. It acts like a pressure valve that expresses the energies from the other chakras.

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When this chakra becomes blocked or imbalanced, it can adversely affect your overall health. When the throat chakra is balanced, you can freely express how you think and feel.

You can effortlessly share your emotions, beliefs, and ideas. When the throat chakra is open and unblocked, you can effortlessly share your personal truth with the world.

There’s a light and easy energy flow in your physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies.

The energies of this stone can help soothe emotional heartaches and give you back the strength, courage, and balance that you have lost.

With the Chrysocolla working on the heart chakra, it can also increase your ability to love. A healthy heart chakra gives you the ability to be your true self in your environment.

You can better control what you accept and what you reject in your life.

When this chakra is imbalanced, you can become a little too controlling or feel too controlled by the people you love.

You can also be overly critical at the mistakes of others. Instead of being positive and encouraging, you can respond very emotionally as well.

Chrysocolla can bring back the balance in the heart chakra and remove all the energy blockages. The vibrations of this stone can help you better understand your needs and your emotions.

Chrysocolla’s powerful green and blue rays reach out to the throat and heart chakras. They allow you to speak with love and passion and affirm your desires.

They help you transmit your intentions and make them manifest in your life.

Working with Chrysocolla will reassure you when you feel weak and afraid. It will encourage you to be courageous instead of building up walls to keep people out.

When you allow Chrysocolla to work on your throat and heart chakras, you can find new ways to communicate and keep the balanced flow of energies.

With the help of Chrysocolla, you can allow your truth and best attributes to be shared with the world.

Chrysocolla’s energy can cleanse your energy fields and empower your feminine energy.

Whatever difficulty you’re going through in your life, this stone can give you the hope and courage to move on and stop dwelling in the past.

Chrysocolla can clear your mind of thoughts that are too distracting and guide you to a higher consciousness.

If you want to strengthen the loving communication between you and the people you love, place a piece of Chrysocolla on your throat or breastbone.

This will help detoxify your chakras and rebuild your strength during physically and emotionally exhausting or stressful periods.

If you lie flat on your back and put the Chrysocolla on your heart chakra, it will also help you breathe easier during moments when you find yourself overwhelmed and out of breath.

My Final Thoughts on the Power of Chrysocolla
chrysocolla meaning

Chrysocolla is a very exciting stone to work with, since it does not have the books and books of lore that some stones, like quartz, diamond, or bloodstone, have already had written about them.

This stone, comparatively speaking, has a lot more still unlearned about it.

This means that anyone who uses it is undoubtedly in for a bit of an adventure! Make sure that you keep your chrysocolla around for a while before you try to use it for any one specific purpose.

That way, your energy and its energy will already have had some time to “get used” to each other.

However, even though crystologists don’t know as much about chrysocolla as they do about some other stones, we do know that it can be a fantastically beneficial stone for improving your life, spirituality, and personal happiness.

It is something that you can use for multiple different effects, all of which will bring you renewed joy in your life.

Have you used chrysocolla in the past, or even heard of its metaphysical properties?

I hope that reading this has piqued your interest if you haven’t, so that you too can engage in the research on this new stone!

Please like and share this if you are interested in getting more people talking about this exciting crystal and its powers.

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