Apache Tears: Meaning, Properties and Powers

Apache Tears are a powerful stone for protection from negative forces. Discover how you can use them…

Apache Tears meaning properties powers

Apache Tears Properties and Meanings

The term “Apache tears” refers to small round pebbles made of the semi-precious mineral obsidian, which is black or dark-coloured volcanic glass.

These pebbles are quite small, usually less than two inches across, and are frequently dented or imperfectly round.

These unique stones originate in the western United States, especially Arizona and Nevada, the parts of the United States that are known for their desert-like topography.

Their name comes from the First Nations Apache tribe in the United States.

They were named after a gruesome story of the Apache tribe.

In the 1870s, a small group of Apache warriors met the American Cavalry in a battle.

They were sorely outnumbered and it became clear that they could not win the battle.

Instead of conceding defeat and being captured and murdered, they decided to ride their horses off the side of a mountain to their deaths.

According to the story, when the wives and children of these warriors heard this story, their tears turned to stones when they touched the ground where their warriors fell.

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These stones were left scattered across the desert, where they can now be found.

Obsidian has a long history in the metaphysical study of stones, as it appears all over the world.

However, Apache tears are a specific form of obsidian.

In addition to all of the properties generally associated with obsidian in all of its ordinary forms,

Apache tears have a special connection to the mythology of the Apache culture, and also to the ability to recover from grief.

It should be noted that, given that this stone is associated with a specific cultural group, this article could not possibly cover the full range of myth and Apache lore that should be understood in order to have a well-rounded understanding of this stone.

I encourage you to research the Apache tribe and its mythology, as well as its interactions with white Americans in the nineteenth century in order to come to a better understanding of the significance of Apache tear stones.

Apache Tears in Hand

Why Would You Use Apache Tears?

Obsidian in its various forms can be a bit of a tricky stone to work with.

It’s very powerful in dispelling negativity, but it can be temperamental, and has a habit of dredging up negativity before you’re actually psychically prepared to deal with it.

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Apache tears are a little gentler in this respect.

This stone seems to have a more intuitive grasp of when it should do it job and when it should give you a rest!

By using Apache tears, rather than other types of obsidian, you can find that you’re able to address negativity in a calmer and more constructive way.

Because of their mythological origin as the tears of suffering women and children, Apache tears are a deeply empathetic stone that can help you through struggles gracefully and gently.

They are a powerful stone for helping you to heal from grief.

While some stones, especially black ones, that focus on dispelling negativity will only remove that negativity, Apache tears actually help you to heal the holes that a tragic experience leaves behind.

Apache tears will also help you recognize dangerous situations before they are upon you.

Much as the Apache warriors in the story recognized the defeat that they would face at the hands of the U.S. Cavalry and chose death as the preferable option, you will quickly develop a better intuitive sense of what you should put your energy towards, and what you should give up on.

Please note, however, that the deaths of the story are an extreme example!

Doctors and other people who work in medical and healing professions should consider investing in Apache tears in order to keep themselves psychically safe through the frequently traumatic experiences of working with the sick and dying.

This stone will help you keep the barrier between yourself and work as clearly defined as possible, so that you can do your best work to help those in need without sacrificing yourself along the way.

Apache Tears on Calcite
Apache Tears on Orange Calcite

How Will Apache Tears Help You?

Apache tears are the perfect stone to integrate into your life if you are struggling with an upsetting experience.

Whether it’s a serious trauma or just a series of bad days that have left you worn out and fragile, Apache tears can hold your metaphorical hand while you get back on your feet.

They are a very comforting stone with a strongly protective meaning.

These stones will protect you while you struggle to get your life back on the track that you want, much like a parent holding a baby’s hands when they are struggling to learn how to walk.

Apache tears are a highly beneficial stone to use when you are facing a difficult conversation.

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Maybe you need to tell your boss about a problem in the company that you know you’re going to take the heat for, or you need to have a serious conversation with your partner about the next steps in your relationship.

Even if the core of the conversation is only challenging, not necessarily negative, Apache tears can give you strength to work through the conversation or confrontation with a non-combative, constructive demeanor.

It is amazing how hard it can be to keep that attitude, and how many people just throw it out the window when the going gets rough!

If you can keep your head during confrontation, you have a rare and valuable skill that others will strongly appreciate, even if you know that it’s mostly because you’ve got the power of Apache tears on your side.

Like all black and dark-coloured stones, Apache tears effectively absorb negative energy, drawing it into themselves, and cloaking you from its toxic effects.

For this reason, the value of these stones cannot be understated when they are being used to take you through difficult situations in a constructive manner.

Virtually everyone has felt at times as if they just wish that they could hide from bad luck that seems to plague them – and that’s exactly what Apache tears and similar stones with these anti-negativity properties will allow you to do!

Apache Tears Crystal

How to Use Apache Tears for the Best Results

The unique shape of Apache tears makes them fantastic for jewellery.

From a purely aesthetic perspective, they make beautiful and striking pendants, rings, brooches, or stones in wide bracelets. If you choose to incorporate Apache tears into your daily life in this way, you certainly will not be disappointed!

Wearing Apache tears near the heart is an excellent way to feel their power, as they will rest closest to the seat of your emotions.

A heavy pendant that rests against the middle of your chest is especially powerful, as the weight will serve as a constant reminder of mindfulness, which will keep your energy focussed on the power of the stone.

You can also place Apache tears in your home or office, if you frequently feel distressed or lost in those places.

Put it as close as possible to the spot where you usually are when these emotions start creeping up on you, whether that’s by the phone that your boss calls you on, or by your bed where you have trouble sleeping.

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Apache tears are associated with the root chakra, which is the chakra of grounding energy.

If you feel that you need help in becoming grounded and more powerfully connected with the world of physical reality, you should blend this stone with the power of the root chakra.

You can do this by wearing or carrying it somewhere close to the base of your spine, such as on a belt buckle for low-rise jeans, or in your back pocket.

This will keep its power closest to the seat of your grounding energy.

Because Apache tears, like most dark stones, work to “suck up” negative energy like sponges, you will want to frequently cleanse them in order to get the full benefit of their positive energy.

If you neglect to cleanse them, you may find their efficacy wanes over time.

To cleanse, simply hold them under running water while visualizing the negative energy being washed away, then place them in direct sun or moonlight for several hours.

The Best Combination to Use with Apache Tears

Apache tears should be combined with stones that promote positive energy.

This is the case for the majority of stones that have a “cleansing” effect and draw toxic or negative energy out of an environment.

When these stones are used alone, they can sometimes become too harsh, and open you up to feelings of emptiness or frustration.

Apache tears are not nearly as likely to cause this reaction as some other stones that banish negativity, including traditional obsidian. However, it can still benefit from a stone that has a strong “happy” energy.

Turquoise is an especially good stone to pair with Apache tears, as it is good for both improving mood and opening lines of communication.

If you are struggling with grief or a traumatic experience, then communicating well with others is the single best thing you can do to improve your psychological state.

Turquoise can help you open yourself up to people who can help you, while Apache tears aid your healing from within.

If you are using Apache tears in conjunction with the power of your root chakra, they can also be paired with other chakra stones, either to complete a whole set that will keep the energy of your spiritual body flowing smoothly and at its full potential, or with one or two stones connected to specific chakras that you want to work on easing.

For example, if you often feel lost, dazed, and confused, then the power of the Apache stones to ground your root chakra is extremely useful when paired with a stone that will calm your third eye chakra, which is the chakra that rules imagination.

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An overactive third eye chakra can lead to dreaminess and disconnection from reality. Stones that improve the activity of the third eye chakra include labradorite, lapis lazuli, amethyst, and muscovite.

In general, while many stones require the energy of other stones in order to achieve balance and mitigate potential side effects, Apache stones work extremely well on their own.

Because their energy is both cleansing and nurturing, both protective and understanding, they are unlikely to give you any serious negative side effects, even without other stones complementing them.

Apache Tears Tumbled

Apache Tears Spiritual Energy

Apache Tears are stones that hold great spiritual significance.

The spiritual energies that are emitted from Apache Tears are integral to a person who wants to do away with negativity in his or her life.

Although the variants of Apache Tears can be a tad tricky to work with, in the sense that they can be unpredictable and volatile at times, there is no question about its effectiveness to dispel negative energies from your life.

Apache Tears in their truest form will emanate relatively gentler energies, allowing your body to cope up with the spiritual changes that come about as a result of the forces of these stones.

The spiritual energy of an Apache Tear will target all negative feelings in a soothing yet productive way so that you can keep your calm in the face of transitions.

Apache Tears help you heal the damages done by tragic experiences of the past.

Every single one of your experiences is meant to teach you an important lesson about life and with the use of Apache Tears, you will be able to take these lessons forward with you.

The stone has powers that remind you to use your knowledge effectively when you are faced with a threatening situation.

Another highly useful property of this stone is that it helps maintain a fine line between work and personal life.

You will need to put in a lot of efforts to your work responsibilities but you must be careful to not lose yourself in the chaos of life.

Most people tend to get so caught up in their duties that they forget to look after themselves.

It is good to think about others and work to improve the lives of those who are unfortunate and are not born with as many blessings as you but you can do so without sacrificing yourself in the process.

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When you integrate the energies of Apache Tears into your life, you will be able to recover from past struggles and traumas.

This is the helping hand that you have been looking for since so long to get you out of this pit that you have found yourself stuck in.

Apache Tears will give you a much-needed energy boost to help you get back on your feet and rise above a challenge even stronger than before.

You will do well to keep this stone close to you because it exudes comfort and protection.

You can’t run away from the hardships in life because they are a part of the cycle.

However, you can deal with them more effectively and strive to minimize the damage that is left behind.

Apache Tears will take care of the rest of the aspects of your life and protect them while you find the energy to bounce back and start walking again with your head held high.

The stone also urges you to be more open about your internal struggles and engage in serious conversations with the people around you to get your message across.

My Final Thoughts on the Power of Apache Tears

Apache tears are an extremely useful addition to the crystal collection of anyone who is going through a difficult time.

When the whole world seems to be against you, this is a stone that can show you that, even when things seem bad, there is reason to go on.

It is a wonderful stone especially for those who feel like there is no one looking out for them, or like people are constantly stabbing them in the back.

Apache tears will remind you that there are people looking out for you in the world, you just need to know where to look for them.

This stone is extremely useful for offering guidance through difficult times, and will give you the strength to stand up to those who wish negative things on you.

Have you used obsidian or other cleansing stones in the past?

Have you found their effects beneficial, or did you feel that they resulted in combativeness unnecessarily?

If you did, then Apache tears might be the perfect stone for you. Please like and share this to spread the word about them!

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