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Brazilianite: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Brazilianite: Meanings, Properties and Powers

The Brazilianite stone of ancient Atlantis is attached with intriguing history behind it, but what is more interesting is the profound impact that it has on a person’s mindset.

When utilized to its full extent and with purpose, Brazilianite can pave the way for creative and innovative thinking so that you can contribute productively towards the grander scheme.

Brazilianite Properties

As the name suggests, Brazilianite originally comes from Brazil, where it was first discovered.

Other places where the stone could also be found include New Hampshire, USA, which makes it a relatively rare crystal to get your hands on easily.

In addition to its rarity, there is another reason why you won’t commonly find Brazilianite stones that are turned into jewelry.

Due to the brittleness of this rock, Brazilianite can be quite difficult and complex to cut into desired shapes and forms.

These stones crack quite easily when tried to be cut, which makes it a harder task to work with this rock than it is with other gemstones.

That being said, you could find some jewelers and cutters with mastered skills of cutting Brazilianite stones.

These jewelers will also be able to fashion the stones into beautiful wearable jewelry in accordance to your needs.

The stone is quite sought-after – especially by collectors – not just for its gorgeous appearance, although that is a significant reason, but also for the impressive metaphysical characteristics embodied by the stone.

Brazilianite is often yellow in color, with the exception of some specimens that can take up shades of green or yellowish green.

Some of these stones can even be colorless, which further enhances its prismatic form.

The crystal has great historical significance because the legends of its origin have ties with ancient Atlantis, which gives root to the Atlantean energy contained within it.

Why Would You Use Brazilianite?

The unique metaphysical properties of Brazilianite are countless and expand over a plethora of various benefits, both for the body and the mind.

The core essence of all of these traits, however, is a belief in the self.

One of the most effective ways in which Brazilianite has its impact on an individual is by harnessing one’s inner willpower and motivation.

The good thing about Brazilianite is that it stimulates with the solar plexus chakra, which is mainly responsible for personality development.

The boost in morale and positivity that comes with the Atlantean energy of Brazilianite is imperative for manifestation.

Therefore, if you are someone who can easily lose focus and interest in a task, you would do yourself a huge favor by using Brazilianite because it will fill you with the inspiration to complete something that you set your heart to.

What is also important to know is that the vibrations emanating from Brazilianite are heart-based, which means that it will prove to be a helpful aid to deal with matters of the heart.

If you are true to yourself, you will be taking a lot of decisions from the heart rather than overthinking them and ending up overwhelming yourself with indecisiveness.

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In order to make your life better and take charge, you will need to pay close attention to your intuition and gut feeling.

Such emotions relate to the energies of the heart, which is exactly how Brazilianite channels its benefits through the heart chakra and, in turn, assists with the manifestation of your intentions.

As long as you use Brazilianite with pure intentions and integrity, its powers will continue to have a positive effect on you.

These effects largely consist of stimulating one’s creative powers, which are important for all individuals if they wish to find success and harmony within themselves.

Once you cook up an idea, the creative action and effort that you put into its manifestation will be of utmost importance if you want to see your plans come to fruition.

Without action, your plans are simply ideas that reside in your head.

Only you know how these ideas can be brought to life, and therefore it is you who must harness your creative prowess to discover the path that you need to take in order to accomplish your goals.

The stimulating vibrations of Brazilianite will give you an insight into the deepest levels of your mind, where you will be able to connect the dots between all that is happening around you.

Once you truly understand the world around you, you will find it easier to come to terms with your true self, and thus, with the purpose that you are meant to serve in this life.

Since it has ancient roots, the stone is also believed to be a useful object when it comes to making peace with your past life.

The cleansing properties of Brazilianite are meant to purge one of all past sins and regain the sense of empowerment that was lost in the midst of previous circumstances.

This is how it aids you with regaining your personal power and knowing when to put yourself before anyone or anything else.

By working with your solar plexus chakra, the stone effectively facilitates your journey of awareness, not just of the self but of the people around you as well.

This will make you a better judge of character, which is a quality that everyone must possess if they want to protect themselves against people who might try to take undue advantage of you.

In addition to this, the stone will also enable you to better handle confrontations or arguments with coworkers or peers so that you can remain respectful while also getting your point across.

How Will Brazilianite Help You?

Brazilianite, in its purest effect, will surround you with an aura of kindness and good-heartedness.

As you shift focus from negative thoughts towards all the positive blessings that you have been gifted with, you will clearly feel the powers of the stone taking away all feelings of dismay, anger, grief, or disappointment.

Since the stone has much to do with past lives, its powers will urge you to let go of the toxicities of the past and look forward towards a better, brighter future with a clear perspective.

More tangible effects of Brazilianite can be evidently seen in the workplace, especially if you are in a creative profession that demands innovation and outside-the-box thinking on a regular basis.

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The creativity that comes forth with the stone won’t simply unleash a million scattered thoughts in your mind for you to figure out how to connect them with the desired outcomes.

Instead, the main purpose of Brazilianite is to actually organize your thought process so that you can think with clarity and prioritize every task according to its importance in your life.

The stone will be particularly useful if you’re a creative professional, like an artist, a writer, or a designer.

It is easy to hit a dead end when your main source of income depends on the new ideas that come from your mind, and so to stimulate all parts of the brain, Brazilianite will be a useful instrument to help bring creative new ideas to the table.

Furthermore, the stone will help you from getting walked all over by a peer, coworker, or even a person in authority.

The sense of confidence that comes with the positive vibrations of Brazilianite will teach you to stand up for yourself and say no to anything that you don’t truly believe in.

In a sense, you won’t find the need to succumb to peer pressure just because the society demands you to bow your head down and take whatever is thrown at you.

The vibrations that will come your way with the stone will liberate you to an extent that you will finally experience what it is to be the master of your own destiny.

This quality of Brazilianite will be particularly useful if you’ve recently felt overburdened by responsibilities that you never signed up for in the first place.

If you find yourself stuck in this “martyr complex”, it will be best to start using Brazilianite because you need to get out of this state of mind before you can even hope to move forward with your life.

The stone replaces feelings of worry about being judged by others and replaces them with a sense of empowerment that will beckon you to take the reigns of your life and start living on your own terms.

If you’re a parent, especially to rebellious teenagers who often don’t like to take no for an answer, Brazilianite will help you immensely in this regard.

It will equip you with the determination to put your foot down and know where to draw the line between friendship and parenthood.

Brazilianite and Spiritual Healing

Brazilianite is a stone that marks a significant historical event: it wiped out a civilization that ended up misusing the power that comes with this crystal.

Therefore, it is essential that Brazilianite is only used for good purposes and to promote the well-being of the self and of others.

If you start to exploit the powers of this rock, you will never find peace, nor will you feel any positive effect of the stone in your favor.

However, if you use it with pure intent and for the right purposes, this beautiful golden gemstone will transform you into a better, more capable, and successful human being.

When you use the stone, you must remember that its main job is that of manifestation.

Crystals F

So whatever use you put it to, you need to believe that it will come true, and you will bear the consequences of its resulting impact.

Therefore, if you employ its powers, know that you will feel a strong wave of healing, be it emotional, spiritual, or even physical.

Brazilianite works with your higher chakras, making your intuitive senses as well as your psychic abilities stronger.

When you feel a closer bond with your spiritual guides and start to absorb their teachings, you will experience a stark change in your mindset.

This transformation will encourage you to appreciate the positive things in life because you will finally unlock the mystery of why the things that are happening around you are taking place.

With a positive mindset and a strong spiritual connection, any challenge that comes your way will seem trivial and easy to handle.

Hence, any instances of illness, disease, injury, grief, or loss will feel not overwhelm you, but will, in fact, teach you patience and make you more compassionate.

Brazilianite, Love and Romance

Relationships with partners will benefit greatly with the enlightening powers of Brazilianite.

This is because you will become equipped with the awareness that you need to ensure that your relationship has not become toxic and continues to serve you well.

If that is not the case, you will be able to make the decision of whether you want to stay in it and put in the effort to make it work or cut it off so that you can make room for better relationships to come along.

Regardless of what you choose, you are likely to make the right decision because you will be guided by your new-found enlightenment brought about by Brazilianite.

How to Use Brazilianite for the Best Results

As is the case with most stones, Brazilianite is best used for meditative purposes.

However, if you simply keep one in the auric field around you for long periods of time on a daily basis, you will experience a lot of its effects.

Another simple but efficient way of using Brazilianite is to keep it in your pocket, ideally close to the central part of your body.

My Final Thoughts

The healing properties of Brazilianite may seem to be similar to other gemstones but its strong energy makes the impact on you a lot more intense and effective than most other crystals.

Plus, if you wish to use it to bring life into your plans and take fruitful action on your thoughts and ideas, not many stones come close to the remarkable effects that Brazilianite has in this regard.

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