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    Q&A: Crystals To Find A Missing Person

    This is a question I received in the comments on my site about finding the lost. I decided to answer it here as a Q&A post. Question: My answer: There are a number of stones used to find the lost or missing. Peridot is one that is highly thought of which can be used to […] More

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    Crystals To Help With Insomnia

    QUESTION: My boyfriend wakes up several times in the night. I put an amethyst geode on his night stand and a smokey Quartz cluster and a Quartz twin point also. Is there anything else I should do? Or is there a better solution? MY ANSWER: As far as crystals go, if the quartzes, including amethyst, […] More

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    Energy Leaks and Crystals

    Energy leaks are places in the aura or chakras where energy is “leaking” out.  This can lead us to feeling drained, feeling scattered, dis-ease, or noticeable imbalance of the aura and chakras. Energy leaks can also be places where “energy vampires” who are negative people who feed off others’ energy, can access our energy.  I’ve been […] More

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    Crystals for Good Chi?

    QUESTION: “My new front door opens up into a wall.  Bad chi.  I have photo of the wisteria Trail from Japan to put there, a water fountain and either an Orchid or Bamboo plant.  What crystals should I add for good Chi to come in and not leave?” MY ANSWER:  Feng Shui, which it seems you […] More

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    Can You Get Sick From Handling A Stone?

    QUESTION: “I was wondering if you’ve ever heard of a person getting physically sick from handling a stone. My friend said the energy was really strong when she picked it up. It made her immediately lightheaded, dizzy and nauseous to the point she had to leave work. When she got home, she picked the stone […] More

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    Q&A: Potentially Harmful Stones

    I’ve received many emails from people who are distressed by my article on Potentially Harmful or Toxic Stones. They wish to know what stones are never harmful or toxic to use internally, or feel that a stone is unjustly put on the list. Here are some things I have shared with them. Many stones are […] More

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    Q&A: Cape Amethyst

    QUESTION: “I have a stash of cape amethyst here, and I am suddenly wanting to  know what it does, and you are my go-to girl on those facts (after I look in Love is in the Earth, of course)  So LIITE doesn’t mention cape amethyst.  What is your take? Is it a kind of amethyst, […] More

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    Q&A: Whys About Schorl

    I get a lot of questions about schorl aka black tourmaline because I use it a lot in my jewelry and often have it available in tumbles or crystals. Why do so many schorl (black tourmaline) beads and tumbled stones have little cracks and fissures? I’ve been asked that a LOT, even told they were […] More

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    Other Uses for Selenite

    While this is not strictly a Q&A it is additional information on uses for Selenite emailed to me by a kind lady who gave permission to use it but preferred not to be named. Message: “Reading your info on Selenite, i thought I’d let you know two of my uses for it (can’t have too […] More

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