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Sugilite: Meaning, Properties and Powers

Sugilite: Meaning, Properties and Powers

Sugilite Properties

You can’t miss sugilite when you walk into the store because its grape jelly purple color will surely grab your attention. It’s a beautiful and rare gem that can be opaque, and it usually comes in unusual colors.

It gets its lovely colors from the manganese traces in the stone. There are sugilite stones that are the same shades of amethyst purple.

There are also sugilite stones that are light brown yellow, reddish violet, pale lilac pink, magenta, dark rose red, or lavender.

The name sugilite comes from the name of the geologist who discovered it in 1944 in Iwagi Islet, Japan. His name was Ken-ichi Sugi. This stone is also known as Cybelene, Royal Lazelle, Royal Azel, or Royal Lavulite.

Sugilite has a large deposit in South Africa, and that’s where it’s usually mined. It can also be found in Japan and Canada.

Why Would You Use Sugilite?

This stone is an exceptional stone to have because it’s associated with spiritual growth. When you have the energies of sugilite in your life, you will have wisdom and genuine spiritual love.

It will show you how to live authentically, and it will open your eyes to who you really are, especially if you combine it with one of the Zodiac Stones.

The stone’s powerful metaphysical properties will encourage you to live more boldly and courageously, to follow your passions, and to live your truths!

Sugilite’s energies will inspire you to discover your purpose in this world and make you appreciate everything about your life.

Life can be picture perfect with the help of this healing stone. And even if life is less than perfect, it will show you that everything will still work out in the end.

This is a good stone to have with you to make you strong and courageous in the face of rejections, disappointments, and heartbreaks.

The pain will not hurt as much, and it will reassure you that there’s always a rainbow after the rain!

Sugilite and Bronzite can help strengthen your spirituality by enhancing your channeling and psychic abilities.

It’s an excellent stone for spiritual or psychic protection because it can help remove negative attachments and blockages in your aura.

When you are surrounded by sugilite’s energies, you will be encouraged to use or manifest your natural gifts.

It’s a powerful stone if you wish to have a healing environment. It can attract healing powers to your life and surround you with healing and protective energies, especially if you combine it with the June Birthstone!

How Will Sugilite Help You?

Sugilite and Health

Sugilite is also known as the healer’s stone because of its excellent abilities to enhance healing. It’s good for curing headaches and other pains in the head because of the stone’s high manganese content.

Sugilite crystal stone pendant

It can help ease feelings of discomfort. It’s also helpful in the treatment of dyslexia and other difficulties associated with learning.

Sugilite has been said to be an effective aid in autism treatment when you combine it with one of the Yellow Crystals. It can also work in curing the

common flu and other stomach or digestive problems by transferring the pains that you feel to the stone itself.

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Sugilite and Wealth

When it comes to luck and good fortune, sugilite is a wonderful stone because it will amplify your universal life force and get rid of all unwanted negative energies.

It will give you lots of inspiration and plenty of self-confidence to accomplish anything that you want to.

The energy that this stone gives will help you focus and multiply your efforts so that you will always be prosperous and successful!

The Sugilite gem is good for distinguishing the true intentions people have when they come to you with business ideas.

With this crystal and its energies, your intuition will be keener when it comes to identifying who is a good business partner, and who is trying to get rich off your ideas and talent.

Speaking of, this crystal can help you get in touch with both the logical and creative sides of your brain.

That’s fantastic for making your fortune, as so much of making money comes from new ideas that haven’t yet been explored.

Blue sky thinking, as many businesses put it, goes hand in hand with innovating and taking brave new risks. Count on Sugilite to inspire you like nothing else!

Sugilite, Love and Relationships

Sugilite is known as the premier love stone! It’s considered one of the most important love stones in the world because its energies can greatly benefit your love life.

If you’re looking for love, or trying to move on from someone that you once loved, or looking for another shot at love, or just hoping that you can still make your relationship work, sugilite can be the help that you need!

It’s great for emotional problems because it’s a caring and nurturing stone.

It will help you release your worries, find the answers to the questions that keep you up at night, and encourage positive feelings that will help you let go of your pains.

It will make you see things for what they truly are, and it will dish out the truth even if you’re not ready for the truth. This stone will only want what’s best for you, even if you may need to know the painful truth first.

Sugilite can bring calmness and serenity, peace of mind, and emotional healing. It will be a very good companion when you feel like your heart is about to break all over again because of pain and longing.

Sugilite stone bracelet

This stone will show you how to honor your pain and use it to make the healing process quicker. It will help you get rid of unhealthy feelings, like hostility, jealousy, resentment, or anger.

It will draw out your pains and replace them with feelings of acceptance, gladness, and peace.

Sugilite will work with you until you feel like yourself again, and it will bolster you with all the lessons you’ve learned from your experiences.

Sugilite will show you the meaning of unconditional love. It will give you a different and broader perspective about love.

It will teach you to become more loving, patient, understanding, and forgiving. It will show you how to be kinder and more open.

It will give you a sense of freedom, because loving should always make you feel free, open, and light.

If the love that you have right now makes you feel ashamed, unclean, or so unlike the person that you are in a negative way, then you are better off without this love.

Your sugilite companion stone will help you do the right thing.

How to Use Sugilite for the Best Results

When you wear sugilite as a pendant or as a ring, you are protecting yourself from negative energies that may be attracted to your positive light.

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This is usually the case when you’re working on your spiritual growth. The light that your aura emits can attract darker energies.

Using sugilite is a strong protection against these dark and unhealthy energies. Make sure that you always wear it on your body or keep it close in your pocket or purse.

When you wear sugilite as jewelry, you are allowing the constant flow of energies and magical qualities straight to your aura.

If you’re not ready for the surge of power from this stone, it’s best that you find a more suitable stone or crystal because sugilite is quite powerful!

At night, you can keep it under your pillow so that the stone’s healing energies will protect you while you sleep. This will also cleanse your aura even while you’re sleeping.

Your sugilite stone will always be full of energy, but you can discharge it once a month so that the negative energies will not accumulate in the stone.

The Best Combination to Use with Sugilite

Sugilite works best when paired with amethyst, purpurite, or tanzanite. They will amplify the healing energies of your sugilite and help heal yourself and those who are close to you.

You can also pair it with seraphinite or stichtite if you’re looking to boost its healing qualities. When you combine it with amethyst, it will strengthen the stone’s level of protection.

It will also work well with iolite if you wish to let go of bad addictions. You can use sigulite with thulite, datolite, hematite, staurolite, dravite tourmaline, or unakite to give you the strength to beat addictions as well.

Sugilite can be paired with the Blizzard Stone or Gabbro to help you ground yourself, as well as magnify the energy of the stone. When you combine it with hemimorphite, shattuckite, ajoite, yttrium fluorite, or quantum quattro, it will help you develop your channeling abilities.

When combined with tourmalated quartz, you can also amplify the level of psychic protection of the stone.

If it’s transformation that you’re after, you can pair your sugilite with moldavite, natrolite, scolectite, datolite, phenacite, or herderite.

Sugilite and Emotional Healing

Sugilite is considered to be one of the most important love stones. A lot of people wear it or carry it with them every day because of its ability to remove negative attachments and protect from negative energies.

Sugilite is also known to be a very nurturing and supportive stone that will help you release your fears and worries and instill positive feelings.

This will result in feelings of calmness, in your peace of mind, and in your overall emotional healing.

The emotional healing energy of this stone is associated with strong spiritual love, with growth, and with wisdom.

When you are in possession of this stone, you also gain the power to live your life in the most authentic way possible.

There are many emotional healing benefits that you can enjoy when you use Sugilite in daily life. Its energies will inspire you to live your life in a better and more fulfilling way.

Sugilite will provide emotional healing to you through its violet rays.

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If you have any emotional issues, useSugilite stone because it will help you with its powerful nurturing nature.

It will remove all your worries and simulate the positive feelings that release tension, anxiety, and stress.

This stone will help give you a peaceful state of the mind and calm your heart as well. It will strengthen the positive feelings that will release your trauma and boost your emotional healing.

The intention of Sugilite is for you to experience a higher kind of love. When you place it on your body, your emotions and thoughts are also lifted up.

It will feel like the lower octaves of your thoughts and emotions are put aside so that you can fully discover what else is possible or what else is in store for you.

This will make it possible for you to escape the human trappings or expectations that you or others may have.

Sugilite will make sure that you and your environment will make these elevated thoughts and emotions easier to access.

This stone will help reconnect you to your natural way of being.It will ask you to do what’s necessary, and it will ask you to do it often so that you can always access and remember this natural way of being.

The emotional healing properties of Sugilite are all about confidence and self-empowerment.

If there’s anything in your life that’s preventing you from living the life of your dreams, this stone will help you handle it.

Sugilite is also wonderfully protective of sensitive people who pick up on negativity.

With the warm and loving energies that make upSugilite, sensitive people who are easily scared off can become more confident.

Sugilitealso protects its owners from the conflicts that other people can cause because of their own difficulties and sadness.

Sugilite’s emotional healing energies will absorb all the negativities and replace them with all things bright, happy, and beautiful.

If you truly want to be happy, make sure that you always have this stone close to your aura!

My Final Thoughts on the Power of Sugilite
sugilite meaning

Sugilite can help you discover your purpose and make that big step forward with your spirituality.

It will protect you from anything that will threaten you physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

It’s a very effective grounding stone that will show you the way in your journey, as well as give you the answers to your questions.

It’s a powerful stone that can keep your feet on the ground and your head held high.

It will give you the gift of wisdom, love, and strength. This is the stone that can show you the highest form of love.

It will help open your visionary abilities, and it will unlock your imagination very easily. With the sugilite stone, you will always be protected in your own circle of light.

It will not only improve your health and overall well-being but it will also surround you with protective energies. Sugilite is definitely a stone that should not be missing from your crystals and stones collection!

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