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Zodiac Stones: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Zodiac Stones: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Zodiac Stones Properties

Zodiac Stones are also sometimes referred to as Astral Stones.

Ancient astrologers sought the help of the heavens to find answers why gemstones hold certain magical properties.

It was believed that the power of your Zodiac sign can influence your life’s fortunes.

It can strengthen the good energies in your life by wearing, carrying, or holding the stones that are associated with the constellation which you were born under.

This is derived from the idea that harmony is present in all things.

Your Zodiac Stone is more than just a representation of your astrological sign, because it also receives the energies of the constellations. It increases the zodiacal or planetary influence!

There are several stones that are listed for every Zodiac sign.

Just remember that when it comes to choosing your Zodiac Stones, it’s also important that you pick the one you feel the strongest connection to.

Why Would You Use Zodiac Stones?

If your birthday falls on the 21st of March until the 19th of April, your Zodiac sign is Aries, and your Zodiac Stone is Bloodstone.

Aries is the most hardheaded and stubborn of the zodiac, but Aries also has the tendency to aspire to bigger and better things.

Wearing your Zodiac Stones will give you the clarity and confidence to go forward with your dreams!

People whose birthdays fall on the 20th of April until the 20th of May are born under the Zodiac sign of Taurus.

Its Zodiac stones include Sapphire, Malachite, Jade, Dioptase, and Amber.

When you wear the Zodiac Stones of Taurus, your innate sensitivity will go well with your deep selectivity.

You will achieve great results when you are passionate at what you do and maintain your standards.

If you are born between May 21st to June 20th, your Zodiac sign is Gemini, and your Zodiac Stones include Agate, Chalcedony, Stibnite, Red Fire Quartz, and Harlequin Quartz.

Gemini Zodiac Stones will make you feel at ease even with your own dualities. It will also fill you with a sense of calm.

Cancer is the Zodiac sign for people who are born between June 21st to July 22nd. Its Zodiac Stones include Emerald, Moonstone, Citrine, and Silver.

When a Cancer wears their Zodiac Stone, you will feel very protected and secure, and it will allow you to be yourself.

You are a Leo if your birthday falls on July 23rd to August 22nd. Onyx, Gold, and Zircon are some examples of your Zodiac Stones.

Wearing Leo Zodiac Stones will give you a better understanding of the natural order of life without being disrupted!

Your Zodiac sign is Virgo if your birthday falls on August 23rd to September 22nd. Your Zodiac Stones include Aventurine, Chrysoberyl, and Carnelian.

The intense energies of Virgo’s Zodiac Stones will sharpen your mind for detail and make you appreciate the beauty of everyday things.

Those who are born on September 23rd to October 22nd fall under Libra. Its Zodiac Stones include Peridot, Tourmaline, Jade, and Aventurine.

Zodiac Stones for Libra will enhance your affable nature and help you get along with people that others may think are difficult. They will also give you protection from bad judgment.

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You’re a Scorpio if your birthday falls between October 23rd to November 21st. Your Zodiac Stones are Rhodochrosite, Rose Quartz, and Beryl.

Zodiac Stones for Scorpio will help you maintain your relationships by getting rid of superficial disagreements and misunderstandings.

Your Zodiac sign is Sagittarius if your birthday falls between November 22nd to December 21st. Turquoise and Topaz are your Zodiac Stones.

When you use Zodiac Stones for Sagittarius, you can keep a handle on your emotions and withstand even the worst kinds of tempers.

Your Zodiac sign is Capricorn if you were born between December 22nd to January 19th. Your Zodiac Stones include Ruby, Hematite, Onyx, Jet, or Obsidian.

Zodiac Stones for Capricorn have the mystical tendency to open doors of success. They will bring more luck and abundance in your life.

If your birthday is between January 20th to February 18th, your Zodiac sign is Aquarius. Your Zodiac Stones are Silver and Garnet.

Zodiac Stones for Aquarius will help you remain levelheaded whenever you wear them.

No matter how strongly you feel about something or someone, you will always be in good hands because you will still be able to think straight!

If you’re born between February 19th to March 19th, you fall under the Zodiac sign Pisces. Chrome Diopside, Fluorite, Sugilite, and Amethyst are your Zodiac Stones.

Zodiac Stones for Pisces will give you a soothing but solid reality, which will help you deal with life in the most courageous and compassionate manner.

How Will Zodiac Stones Help You?

Zodiac Stones, Healing and Health

Zodiac Stones have powerful energies and a strong resonance with the human body, which make them perfect healing gemstones.

They use the body’s inherent healing vibrations to nourish and heal it on many levels.

Evey Zodiac Stone embodies a unique vibration that will concentrate and magnify this healing vibration and create a therapeutic effect.

Zodiac Stones work both as the main course of treatment and as a complement to other healing methods.

Zodiac Stones and Wealth

Peridot is an excellent Zodiac stone, especially if you’re serious about your plans for getting rich.

You can use it for meditation so that you can clear your mind and focus well on how you can acquire your wealth.

It will also increase your energies that will help it resonate with the universal code to attract wealth and abundance.

Another Zodiac Stone that will help attract wealth is Citrine.

It can invite energies of luck, prosperity, and fortune. It’s also referred to as the merchant’s stone of wealth.

It’s ideal if you want to achieve success in your career or business. It will also invite more luck when it comes to new business.

Topaz is another beautiful and beneficial Zodiac Stone that will attract wealth in your life. It will help you manifest your biggest material desires through the power of will.

Zodiac Stones, Love and Relationships

Aries can wear or carry a Ruby because this gemstone can attract someone who can handle your heart, passion, and heat.

It will also help you weather your emotional storms.

Red Tiger Eye will match the earthy sensuality of Taurus. It will also help you attract someone who will take pleasure in your passion.

Watermelon Tourmaline will be greatly beneficial to Gemini because it will help you find someone who’s capable of seeing you through your many layers and cherishing you on every level.

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Cancer should wear or carry Pink Calcite if you want to attract steadfast lovers who will be perfectly happy with your gentle charms.

Leo can use Garnet because this can also attract someone who will shower you with love and attention and give you the life that you deserve.

Rhodonite will be perfect for Virgo because it will help you find a match that will send your pulse into overdrive in a healthy and positive way.

Libra will find Fire Opal very helpful in attracting a partner who will bring so much to your relationship just as much as you do.

Rhodochrosite is Scorpio’s love stone because it will usher in a sense of balance in your relationship.

It will also attract someone who can withstand your personal power, as well as your vulnerability.

Red Aventurine will be excellent for Sagittarius because it will attract a partner who will be willing to go the distance in making you feel how much you are loved!

Capricorns can use Red Jasper because it’s excellent at drawing energy that will help you focus and get good results. Use this stone only when you’re serious about attracting real love!

Pink Amethyst is ideal for Aquarius because it will guard your heart and protect you from people who transcend the unconventional and border on insecure.

Pisces should use Pink Opal because it will help you attract a partner who will be sensitive to your needs, while also helping you to release your past emotional traumas.

How to Use Zodiac Stones for the Best Results?

Maximize the use of Peridot as jewelry by rubbing oil on it and meditating with it for an hour to attract prosperity and abundance.

Wear Citrine if you work in the financial sector, or when you’re experiencing a financially challenging period. Wear it as a ring or carry it in your wallet at all times.

The Best Combination to use with Zodiac Stones

You can mix and match any of the Zodiac Stones as long as you feel at ease and happy with the energies they radiate.

Remember that these stones should positively influence you and your life, and not the other way around!

Even better, zodiac stones can be used by any star sign, if you feel a strong enough connection to them.

For instance, if you feel drawn to Bloodstone, but you’re not an Aries, don’t feel as though you’re disqualified from owning or working with that crystal in any way.

Expert astrologers will tell you that the one star sign we identify with most, often called our sun sign, is just one of many that make up our overall birth chart.

Therefore, you have lots of other zodiac influences within you, and that might explain why certain stones call to you more than others in some rare cases.

Can You Get Zodiac Stones as a Bracelet?

You can purchase zodiac stones as a bracelet, and you will be overwhelmed by the number of styles and choices that are available.

You can even purchase handmade zodiac stone bracelets that are made specifically to harness your zodiac sign’s unique energies.

There are some designs of zodiac stone bracelets made of zodiac stone beads that symbolize your zodiac symbol and the ruling planet of your zodiac sign.

You can simply touch the beads when you need to boost your confidence and showcase your talents.

Zodiac stone bracelets for people born under the sign of Taurus can choose from Amber, Dioptase, Jade, Malachite, or Sapphire. These all represent beauty and positivity.

Crystals O

People who are born under the zodiac sign Gemini can wear zodiac bracelets made of Harlequin Quartz, Red Fire Quartz, Stibnite, Chalcedony, and Agate.

Wearing these bracelets will enhance your communication and give you clarity of thought as well.

Cancer zodiac stone bracelets can be made of Silver, Citrine, Moonstone, and Emerald. These bracelets will protect your emotions and help you express yourself.

Goldstone is a Leo zodiac stone that will look exquisite as a bracelet. Wear this if you need to restore or strengthen your sense of self.

Carnelian, Chrysoberyl, and Aventurine are Virgo zodiac stones that when worn as a bracelet will inspire you to achieve perfection in all that you do.

Libra zodiac stones like Aventurine, Jade, Tourmaline, and Peridot will work to restore or improve your relationships.

Zodiac stone bracelets for Scorpios can be made of Beryl, Rose Quartz, and Rhodochrosite. Their energies will help build a mystery around you so that you can act without fear or shame.

If you are born under the zodiac sign Sagittarius and want to purchase a zodiac stone bracelet, some of the best choices are Topaz and Turquoise.

The energies of these zodiac stones will help you control your emotions and live a life of peace.

Capricorn zodiac stone bracelets can be made of Obsidian, Jet, Onyx, Hematite, or Ruby. They will be very lucky and will help invite more prosperity in your life.

People born under the zodiac sign Aquarius can wear zodiac stone bracelets made of Garnet and Silver. These zodiac stones will help keep your wits about you.

Zodiac stones like Amethyst, Sugilite, Fluorite, and Chrome Diopside will benefit people born under the sign Pisces by giving them a fresh supply of creativity whenever they need it.

Aries zodiac stone like Bloodstone can be made into bracelets as well. It will give you the desire to act and the courage to be strong in any kind of situation.

Wearing zodiac stone bracelets will make you feel connected to the stars. You will also be able to harness their energies by keeping them close to your skin.

Feel free to choose your zodiac stone which you feel the strongest connection with.

Each stone has its own unique energies that will cater to each zodiac sign and will look best wrapped around your wrist as a bracelet!

My Final Thoughts on the Power of Zodiac Stones
zodiac stones meaning

These are just some of the most commonly recognized Zodiac Stones.

There’s no official authority that has approved these choices, but most sources agree on these stones that have been specified.

Remember that you can use any given stone, even if it’s not your Zodiac Stone.

The important thing is that you feel a strong connection with the stone, and you feel completely at ease with it!

Zodiac Stones can be one or many, and it will be up to you to harness their energies and use them appropriately.

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