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Biotite: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Biotite: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Biotite Properties

Biotite is a mineral that’s named after French physicist Jean Baptist who studied and researched about it for its optical properties.

It is also known as Black Mica.

It usually occurs in rust, golden brown, reddish brown, dark brown, and brown colors. It forms a lens shape when it becomes heated by the sun and outwardly expands.

Biotite is mostly found in various crystalline igneous rocks like pegmatite, peridotite, gabbro, diorite, and granite.

Biotite transforms to clay minerals and is not very resistant to weathering, which is why it can also be found in sandstones and sediments.

This mineral is very easy to identify. It has a perfect cleavage with a vitreous luster on the cleavage faces.

When Biotite is broken into thin sheets, it’s quite strong and flexible but will break if severely bent.

Biotite can be used in different commercial purposes as well. In ground form, it can be used as an extender or filler in paints and as an inert filler in rubber products.

Biotite is often mistaken for gold by inexperienced gold panners. When sunlight strikes small flakes of Biotite in a gold pan, it produces a brilliant bronze-colored reflection that looks very much like gold.

But when you poke the flakes with a pin, they will break. Biotite is mostly found in Russia, Canada, and Sicily, Italy.

Why Would You Use Biotite?

When combined with Angel Wing Alunite, Biotite resonates with your crown chakra. You can use this stone in a major way if you want to achieve mental clarity and have more organized thoughts.

The healing energies of this stone will help you maintain the best quality of your thoughts and the order of how you process new information.

A divine piece of Biotite stone

It will support you in discarding details that are not relevant.

This stone will also encourage you to look at different issues intelligently.

As a crown chakra stone, Biotite will also assist you in channeling.

It will enhance the vision of your third eye and bring more structure in your life.

It’s a very supportive stone that will help you in channeling information from your past lives and from other realms.

It will help connect you to your higher self and enhance your spiritual self and your true consciousness.

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If you’re having difficulties getting rid of your preconceived beliefs and notions, Biotite will help you in releasing them.

Biotite is a high-frequency stone that also transmits and magnifies energies, making it a terrific stone for meditation and attunement, just like Blue Tigers Eye.

It also brings a soothing and tranquilizing energy to your body. It will work to clear your mind and relax you in preparation for meditation.

It will support you in being open to receive psychic and intuitive thoughts and in facilitating dream recall.

Biotite will restore the balance in your energies in your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual body.

How Will Biotite Help You?

Biotite, Healing and Health

Biotite is also sometimes referred to as the stone of life. This is because it has been used in diagnosing illnesses and disorders that are associated with disorganized cellular patterns.

It’s used in treating eye problems, as well as throat and voice conditions.

It is believed to help with the treatment of mobility problems and speech difficulties especially with stroke sufferers.

When used in acupuncture, Biotite energies can help increase the flow of energy to specific locations in the body.

Healers also make use of this stone to improve or maintain the health of tissues, cells, and bone marrow.

It’s a good stone in boosting brain function and enhancing the functions of the entire neurological system.

Biotite and Wealth

Biotite is a good stone to help with communication issues.

It will help you speak your truth with honesty and clarity, making it a very good stone for performers and public speakers.

If you make your living speaking in front of people, or sharing your thoughts through words, music, or art, this stone will help you get rid of all the blockages that are keeping you from achieving success.

It will help you build a clearer, bigger, and stronger aura so that you can be impervious to the disappointments, rejections, and failures.

It can help you see issues and challenges in a more rational way. It can help bring order and organization out of chaos.

Biotite can also encourage you to become more organized so that you can easily focus on the things that you need to finish and the goals that you need to accomplish.

This stone will work to keep your desire for riches in balance with your emotional desires.

It will also balance your ambitions with your sense of compassion and promote more kindness and understanding towards the people that you work with.

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Biotite, Love and Relationships

The lesson that you can get from this wonderful stone is the lesson of acceptance and surrender.

The healing energies of Biotite will make you understand that there are just some things that happen in relationships that you cannot control and that you cannot change.

No matter how much you wish that you can undo things, there is no way of getting it back or erasing it from existence.

The only thing that you can do is to accept that it happened and to surrender yourself to the next step in the process.

Biotite will remind you that there is hope and joy to be found in your cosmic consciousness.

It will show you that it’s working for you in the little bursts of happiness that you can get from life, from people, and from nature.

The supportive energies of this stone will inspire you to be more accepting of yourself. It will remind you to cherish the life that you have and to never take your loved ones for granted.

Biotite will also strengthen the love that you have for yourself so that you can keep giving love to others.

It will release the human roles that are putting a strain on you, as well as the attachments that you have to difficult things.

This stone will help you with difficult communications, too. It will give you higher wisdom and help soothe strong emotions.

It will help you focus and allow you to find positive resolutions to your relationship problems. Biotite will strengthen your emotions in a positive way and help you achieve clarity of thought.

When you are going through tough times in your relationship, this stone will help you have a higher perspective so that you can do the right thing.

How to Use Biotite for the Best Results?

Biotite is known to be an excellent stone for the office because its energies can increase methodical and systemic approaches.

Place a few pieces of this stone in your office or on top of your work desk to clear the clutter in your head and boost your brain functions.

It’s also believed to cleanse water. It can bring water back to its ancient or primordial state.

A few pieces of this stone can turn ordinary tap water into water that you can find in mineral springs or healing hot springs.

You can put it in an atomizer and spray it in a room or a space to clear the negative energies and to disinfect it at the same time.

Crystals M

The Best Combination to Use with Biotite

Biotite can enhance the abilities of your third eye and unblock the pathway channels from past civilizations and other realms.

You can use it with Turritella Agate, Fluorite, Shungite, Quartz, Lapis Lazuli, and Amethyst.

Any other purple stone will work with Biotite. It can also be used with other third eye chakra stones that you have.

Biotite will open your higher self and enhance your true consciousness.

It will help you in shifting your old ideas and preconceived notions so that you will realize your spiritual self.

Pair it with high-vibration chakra stones like Rainbow Moonstone, White Heulandite, Sugilite, Clear Quartz, Purple Amethyst, or Indigo Kyanite.

My Final Thoughts on the Power of Biotite

The energy of Biotite can help remove stagnant energies and blockages and help stabilize your energy fields.

It will support you in viewing all aspects of your life and your experiences from a higher perspective so that you can act accordingly.

Biotite will ground your highest emotions and thoughts so that you can achieve emotional balance and follow your heart’s desires.

This stone will also provide you with reflective qualities so that you can recognize your own flaws, achieve balance, and keep positivity in your heart.

It will help you see the situations in your life clearly and highlight the aspects that are most important.

Biotite is a stone that has a wonderful energy when you truly want to look at yourself and see what others see when they look at you.

It will help you eliminate the patterns that you don’t like or are not good for you and wholly embrace the ones that you do.

The clearer your vision of yourself is, the more authentic you can become to the world!

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