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Fulgurite Glass: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Fulgurite Glass: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Fulgurite Glass is a very special glass with high vibrational energy and possesses spiritual, emotional, and physical health powers.

This glass symbolizes lightning energy, the ability of manifestation of desires, spiritual enlightenment, clairaudience, and grounding.

Fulgurite Glass is associated primarily with the crown chakra, and secondarily with the third eye chakra.

Fulgurite Glass Properties

Fulgurite Glass is composed of silicon dioxide and occurs as a brown or light brown (or gray, depending on where lightning strikes during its creation) rod-shaped, hollow glass tube measuring one to three inches in length.

Fulgurite Glass is fairly rare but can be found in the United States of America, Japan, Sahara Desert, Gobi Desert, and Germany.

This glass gets its name from the Latin word “fulgur” meaning ‘lightning’ or ‘thunderbolt’ since this glass tube is formed by a lightning strike on the sand.

Why Would You Use Fulgurite Glass?

This unique glass rod comes with equally unique properties and powers which can help you turn your life around.

If you have a short attention span and easily lose interest in even important matters, use Fulgurite Glass to remove distractions and strengthen your ability to concentrate.

The use of Fulgurite Glass in removing negative energies and vibes and giving protection against them is also very common these days.

Moreover, if you have been holding onto people or emotions which do not contribute positively to your life anymore, this glass rod can help you remove them and cut those ties once and for all.

Not only that, but Fulgurite Glass can also sharpen your clairvoyant abilities and help you make smarter and more knowledgeable decisions by allowing you to predict the future.

If you are easily frightened and want to live life fearlessly, use the power of Fulgurite Glass to become more courageous and strengthen your heart.

For people belonging to creative fields, this is an excellent way to get more novel and inspirational ideas to enhance creative vision.

Furthermore, with the powerful manifestation ability of Fulgurite Glass, you can achieve good health as well.

Moreover, this one ability is so potent that you can simply imagine a desire of your heart while meditating with this glass, and your wish would come true.

In addition to this, if you have suffered from a very traumatic experience, use Fulgurite Glass to help you let go of the pain to find and unite the shattered pieces of your soul.

Besides, Fulgurite Glass can be used to bring significant changes in your life for eventual transformation in it.

Perhaps the most attractive quality of this stone is its ability to manifest the things your heart truly wishes for, especially when you work hard enough to achieve them.

This glass is a very powerful tool for manifestation because its creation causes a high amount of lightning energy to be stored in it.

Also, use Fulgurite Glass if you want to have a sharper and more strengthened sense of intuition.

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Now those people who belong to scientific fields, particularly those of research, this glass is very important because it can help them study and understand the activity and history of lightning on Earth.

Most importantly, if you are new to using such crystals or stones, this is the perfect glass for you because you will instantly feel more connected with your inner self and see the effects of Fulgurite Glass.

How Will Fulgurite Glass Help You?

Fulgurite Glass has multiple health benefits when used the correct way and can aid with an array of diseases and physical health problems.

If you sometimes feel dizzy all of a sudden and feel the ground moving beneath you, use this glass to aid you with dizziness.

Moreover, Fulgurite Glass has been used as a very effective pain reliever for many years. This glass is also very useful in treating ear infections and other similar problems.

This is why the use of Fulgurite Glass in improving hearing ability is very common.

Fulgurite Glass is commonly used to assist with digestive issues by enhancing the digestive system and the processes involved in digestion.

This glass is also considered to be very beneficial for electrical sensitivity which can have a strong healing effect on the electro-magnetics of your body.

Furthermore, if you are suffering from a sore throat or any problems related to the throat, such as infections, use Fulgurite Glass to assist you with them.

Likewise, this glass can also be useful in curing diarrhea. Plus, you can use Fulgurite Glass to cure an upset stomach and relieve pain caused by it.

Furthermore, Fulgurite Glass can protect you against electromagnetic forces and ensure that the electrical activity in your body remains balanced and normal.

Next, the use of this glass rod in healing allergies is also common since ages. Fulgurite Glass is also known to increase energy and make a person feel revitalized.

Additionally, this glass rod is very beneficial for those who recently had any major surgeries and need good growth in cells and tissues because Fulgurite Glass promotes cell rejuvenation.

At the same time, Fulgurite Glass helps prevent cancer by strictly limiting the growth of cancerous cells which rapidly multiply in the body.

Fulgurite Glass is very beneficial for sexuality and can largely enhance your sexual prowess with its ability to activate kundalini energies.

Likewise, these are important stones for increasing virility and male potency due to this very ability to stimulate the kundalini energy.

If success and wealth are extremely important to you, use Fulgurite Glass to manifest wealth by combining the use of it with sincere prayers.

By boosting your creativity, Fulgurite Glass will enable you to outperform your peers and rivals at work by winning over everyone with your unique and brilliant ideas.

Fulgurite Glass and Spiritual Healing

Fulgurite Glass has very powerful spiritual abilities which can largely enhance your spiritual journeys.

Fulgurite Glass has the power to enhance your communication with the beings in higher realms and strengthen your connection with other worlds.

With its ability to purify, Fulgurite Glass can cleanse your soul of every negative and disturbing vibe or energy.

Very interestingly, this glass is used to intensify the energy of grids and fields where UFOs (unidentified flying objects) are expected to land.

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Moreover, this glass can create very high energy flow within the chakras, particularly among the heart, third eye, and throat chakras.

Fulgurite Glass can also help you enhance your hearing so much that you will be able to hear apparently unhearable sounds, in order to gain a better insight into the world and the people around you.

Fulgurite Glass also starts the process of spiritual transformation and ensures the grounding of your lightbody.

This unique glass rod can also make a high energy bridge to connect your thoughts with the Divine Will and Mind, which causes them to flow seamlessly in both directions.

Moreover, for those people who feel incomplete, as if they have lost a significant part of their soul, using Fulgurite Glass can bring back lost parts of your soul.

The light in Fulgurite Glass comes from lightning so it is believed to be Divine Light and can aid you in spiritual enlightenment.

Due to its powerful vibrational energy, Fulgurite Glass will keep your lightbody safe by anchoring it during astral journeys by connecting you to the Divine Spirit.

Lastly, by clearing your clairaudient channels, Fulgurite Glass can enhance your psychic gifts to a great extent as well.

Fulgurite Glass, Love and Romance

Fulgurite Glass comes with various powers and abilities that can inject love, life, and passion in your relationship and bring you closer to the people in your heart.

This glass is your perfect chance to spice up your performance in the bedroom and surprise your partner by being the attentive, generous, and skilled sexual partner they could only dream of.

With its great manifestation ability, you can use Fulgurite Glass to bring true and passionate love and relationship in your life.

Also, the creativity endowed to you by this glass rod should be used to find exciting ways to inject freshness and exhilaration in your bond.

By removing the negativity from your thoughts and your relationship, Fulgurite Glass can aid you in living a positive and joyous life with your significant other.

By removing useless energies and aspects from your relationship which do not benefit either of you, Fulgurite Glass can be very useful to progress your relationship in a productive direction.

Make sure you do not miss out on the bliss that an intimate and strong connection with a loved one can give you, which is highly possible with the right use of Fulgurite Glass.

How to Use Fulgurite Glass for the Best Results

To use Fulgurite Glass in the best possible manner, make sure you understand its powers and attributes very well to use them effectively to your advantage.

Even though simply having it in your possession will also have beneficial effects on you and your life, but the most common and best use of Fulgurite Glass is using it during meditation where you can blow through it.

It is also useful to wear it as jewelry – especially a pendant – since this ensures that the glass remains within your auric field.

If you are using Fulgurite Glass to manifest your desires, make a sincere prayer and then blow out in the middle of the glass rod.

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For this to be possible, you need to completely clear your mind of all other thoughts and use all your imaginative power to think about the desires you want to manifest so that there is a very descriptive vision of it in your mind.

However, note that the complexity of this vision is totally up to you – it can be very simple and plain or very detailed and complicated.

If you are using this glass rod to retrieve lost parts of your soul, keep the retrieved part inside the tube until you return back from your spiritual journey, and then place the rod on your heart chakra to merge the lost part with your soul.

Furthermore, if you are using Fulgurite Glass to activate your kundalini energies, gather around 10 stones and place one at each of the 7 chakras, 2 above your head, and one below your feet.

If you are using Fulgurite Glass to relieve pain, place it on the area of your body which is hurting.

And if you intend to bring about a great transformation in your life through this glass rod, create a very optimistic and determined mental attitude to assist you in this process.

Also remember that the more strongly you believe in the power and ability of Fulgurite Glass to do a particular thing, the higher the chances of it happening are.

My Final Thoughts

Fulgurite Glass is a very unique and powerful glass tube created by lightning strikes in desert areas mostly.

This glass rod has been used since ancient times to aid in spiritual journeys and in improving your clairaudience and psychic abilities.

Also, Fulgurite Glass is an excellent tool to experience the utmost joy and contentment of a loving, fulfilled, and passionate relationship with a loved one.

You will also witness a change in the kind of person you are by using Fulgurite Glass as it imparts creativity, courage, clairvoyance, and optimism.

The physical healing abilities of Fulgurite Glass are multiple, ranging from the abilities to heal allergies, ear infection, digestive and hearing problems, to aid with sexual inabilities, cancerous cells, throat problems, diarrhea, dizziness, and intense pain.

This glass rod is very beneficial for you if your heart or soul is in deep agony due to trauma in the past and you feel like you possess an incomplete soul.

Perhaps the most talked about ability of Fulgurite Glass is to manifest the true desires of your heart and make your wishes come to life with prayers.

These benefits make Fulgurite Glass an ideal tool to transform your life and protect you from negative energy.

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