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Kundalini – The Complete Guide

Kundalini – The Complete Guide

Kundalini and the Chakras

Basing on spiritual and eastern religious practices, Kundalini is what you call the energy of the soul that lies within one of the seven major chakras, or energy centers, which can be found from the bottom of your spine to the crown of your head.

Kundalini energy is depicted as a serpent which is coiled, and its energy is found at the base of your spine.

Kundalini simply means ‘she who is coiled’, and its meaning in Sanskrit can either be ‘coiling like a snake’ or ‘coiled up’.

In ancient Hindu mythology, the Goddess Kundalini, is symbolized as a serpent slumbering coiled at the bottom of the spine.

Understanding Kundalini cannot be complete without also understanding the chakras in your body.

The chakras are known as the ‘wheels of energy‘ that are always in motion, and they control and oversee the overall functions of your body, from your organs to your emotions!

When your chakras become blocked, underactive, or overactive, they can cause disturbances in the energy flow along your spinal column, resulting in a chakra imbalance.

Until this imbalance is addressed, a host of maladies can happen or occur, which includes physical illnesses, emotional instability, and intense stress.

When dealing with Kundalini energy, the root chakra plays a very crucial role. Kundalini is the raw energy that lies within your root chakra, which is also referred to as the Muladhara chakra.

Commonly depicted as a serpent, Kundalini resonates with feminine or maternal energy known as Shakti.

When you raise or awaken Kundalini energy by yoga, meditation, or your life experiences, you also become more sensitive to its vibrational energies.

Your overall wisdom about life strengthens and deepens with your enhanced perception.

With this increased perception, your overall understanding about life deepens.

When you gain new life experiences and life knowledge, you also feed your Kundalini Shakti, or your maternal energy. It’s a continuous relationship that requires a lot of time and patience!

Just think about a topic or a subject that really piqued your interest when you were a child. Maybe it was math, or science, or literature. Do you remember how you could not get enough of this topic?

When you learned something new about it, you still wanted to know everything you could about it. The same kind of seemingly unquenchable curiosity applies here.

With knowledge comes clearness, and with clearness comes awakening. When Kundalini energy starts to rise and activates all your chakras, it results in something that’s called Kundalini awakening.

Whenever you build up energy, you need to direct and release it. When it comes to Kundalini, its direction is always upwards.

Think of your chakra system as an energy system that exists on one electrical circuit, which travels lengthwise up your spine, with lights at every chakra location.

As Kundalini Shakti rises to the spinal column, it goes through every chakra on its way and gives each one a boost, making it light up in the process.

However, this rise of Kundalini is not as predictable as you might think. Kundalini moves at its own pace and causes different symptoms along the way.

These symptoms include sweating, body aches and pains, strong and unpredictable release of emotions, uncontrollable vocalization, excitement, and heat or burning sensations from within.

These indications are your body’s way of purging all the energetic clutter or junk that your body has collected over time.

When Kundalini energy reaches your crown chakra, which is also referred to as Sahasrara chakra, home of Shiva, or masculine energy and pure consciousness, the energy route is complete.

It’s the union of the Kundalini Shakti and Shiva energies that will make you achieve enlightenment and initiate the union of your consciousness with the divine.

Kundalini Awakening – the Signs and Facts

There are many symptoms that get blamed on Kundalini, from experiencing muscle spasms, to vividly seeing colors, to not being able to have a good night’s sleep.

However, it’s not always Kundalini energy that causes these problematic symptoms. Most of the time, it’s the physical, mental, and energetic blockages that are preventing the flow of energies.

Kundalini energy is simply the basic force of life. It’s the energy of consciousness and awareness which exists in everyone.

When you experience ‘symptoms’ of Kundalini, this energy is simply knocking on the door to catch your attention and make you more aware of your body so that you can make some positive and healthy changes.

When this happens, you become who you are meant to be, and you awaken to your destiny!

Your body is your vessel, and your soul has chosen your body for a reason. If you don’t live out this purpose, Kundalini can manifest as disruptive energy so that you can change your course.

Sometimes, it’s also a harsh reminder that you don’t need to sleepwalk or just go through the motions when it comes to life. You can do something about it!

Signs of Kundalini Awakening

You feel like you’re going to have a nervous breakdown. Things in your life feel like they’re going to fall apart, or you feel like your life is simply not working.

This part of the Kundalini awakening process is very similar to a midlife crisis.

You are made painfully aware of habits and behaviors that are hurting you or holding you back before you successfully clear them out of your life.

Things in your life feel or look like a disaster, and you are under a lot of stress. You realize that the structures that you have put up in your life are no longer functioning, and become aware that there are some aspects of your life that are a complete lie.

Everything that you have committed to also feel like they are dissolving, disintegrating, or being taken away. Everything that you have once believed in feels wrong, unreal, and adverse.

Your unhealthy addictions, bad habits, abusive relationships, strained family connections, changing diets, stressful work, and demanding career — they all come up for review. If they’re not balanced or in alignment, they need to be removed from your life.

You can no doubt appreciate that, for people unfamiliar with the Kundalini meaning, this can all feel like a terrifying and infuriating process.

When you have invested years of your life, endless sums of your money and tireless amounts of your energy into things that crumble to dust before your eyes, it can feel as though life itself has betrayed you.

A feel of anger, depression or despair can surely creep in, and you’ll likely wonder why it is that your life has taken such a dramatic and uncomfortable turn. Every challenge before you will suddenly feel insurmountable, and the universe will feel completely indifferent to your plight.

You can resist the process because you’re afraid, but it usually only makes it more difficult and painful. This part of your journey requires discipline, strength, courage, and support so that you can make it through.

Chakra Meditation - The Complete Guide

You experience energetic, physical, and emotional symptoms, especially if you use it with the May Birthstone.

You start to experience different symptoms that range from emotional, such as depression or despair, to physical, such as visual disturbance, shakes, inability to calm down, or energy rush.

This is because your nervous system cannot handle the amount of energy that wants to circulate, and it ends up manifesting in a myriad of ways.

Other people experience Kundalini awakening as something slow and steady, while others have it immediate and intense.

The important thing is to not be bothered so much by the symptoms and to find ways that will help in allowing the energy to move freely. This way, energy can still heal the body and unlock the energy channels.

You become more courageous, willing, and even desperate to try out new things.

The intensity of your experiences is usually enough to inspire you to try or discover new things.

To respond to what is happening inside you, you can find yourself getting out of your unhappy relationship, or looking for changes in your diet, or switching jobs, or seeking out healers that can help you feel better.

When what you know or what is safe and familiar is no longer working, you can become more open and adventurous to something new and something that works.

You crave to feel alive again, and you will find that feeling of being alive in whichever avenue that presents itself.

You receive help from unexpected sources and synchronicities, and miracles happen in your life whenever, wherever.

When you are willing enough to do something new and try out something different, you also become available to receive help and miracles from the most unexpected sources.

You also get to enjoy the more downtime that helps you get in touch with what’s truly happening behind your anxiety, despair, or stress.

You clearly see the things that are ending and why they are ending, and this gives you the courage to let them go.

You are able to see things that are happening in your life with a healthy sense of detachment, and you are able to make objective observations and decisions.

You get the support that you need to undergo all the changes. You meet the right people, stay present at the right place and at the right time, and stumble across the right things.

Whatever you need ends up going your way at just the perfect time. Sometimes you don’t even have to ask for anything because it just lands on your lap like an answered prayer!

You experience an increased sensitivity to external factors, like people, places, and even food.

When you start to make changes in your life, you also become more sensitive to things that you used to be perfectly fine with. There are some foods that you can no longer stand to eat, or even smell.

You want to eat healthier and more wholesome dishes. You also become more aware of how much timeyou are spending in front of the TV or the computer.

During this period, you find that you are more than ready to change who you hang out with, where you hang out, and what you do while hanging out.

Your entire system adjusts and discovers a new and more stable homeostasis.

This is where you realize that you need to get out of the roommate situation and find your own place where you can truly feel at peace.

This way, you can better take care of yourself and do what you need to do in both your personal and professional life.

You can sleep soundly and eat healthily, and you can minimize the chaos that your life is prone to fall under.

You have the freedom to watch what you want to watch or read what you want to read. You can be around people or not, depending on your mood.

As your body undergoes these changes to handle more energy, it often leads to heightened sensitivity. It’s a sign of increased potential and awareness, and not a sign of weakness at all!

You become more aware of your intuition, inner truth, and internal energies.

Not only do you become more aware of what’s going on around you, you also become more attuned to your emotions, thoughts, and energies within you.

You understand when your old habits start to sound more interesting and when your heart begins to shut down.

You listen to your intuition more, and you begin to develop a more strengthened relationship with your soul.

What other people say or think about you becomes unimportant to you because your inner compass is clearer and more reliable.

You become more aware of the areas of your body that need attention, especially ones that are found in the lower chakras.

Whenever you feel ungrounded, you simply tune in to what you need to feel more secure and connected to your body and to the earth.

If you feel a lot of shame, or if you feel that something is blocking your creativity, you understand that work needs to be done on your emotional wounds or old sexual trauma.

If you feel that something is blocking your path forward, you are willing to work on your core to be more connected to your personal power.

By becoming aware of your needs at a given moment, and by learning the skills that you need to better take care of yourself, you become your own healer!

For many people, this means doing daily meditation or yoga.

You need to set time for yourself to work with your own energy, to release the blockages, to silence your mind, and to give yourself the opportunity to look beyond your personality and ego and into your deeper self.

This personal time to work on yourself and your personal energies is called Sadhana in the Kundalini Yoga tradition.

When you know the tools that you need for your inner transformation, you will heal and evolve in no time, especially if you use them regularly.

You are more compassionate and have a stronger desire to be of service to others.

When you become more aware of yourself, you also become aware of the world around you. Your energies have healed through your lower chakras, and now they can move towards your heart center.

The compassion that you have for yourself cascades to the compassion that you have for others. Your eyes are open to other people’s sufferings. You feel it more strongly now because your heart is open.

This leads to your desire to help and be interconnected with others. This also leads to inner knowing.

All that you learn along the way becomes wisdom, and you want to use this wisdom to be of service to others.

When you feel more settled in your body, you feel a stronger connection to the earth, and this supports your body and your life in all ways.

You can no longer turn a blind eye whenever you see social injustice or environmental degradation. Your task becomes focused on what you do to take care of yourself and to protect and preserve what is important to you.

The Crown Chakra: Meanings, Properties and Powers

You have a stronger sense of purpose, and you know what you are destined to do.

When you are experiencing Kundalini awakening, it means that you have a growing sense of purpose.

When you work on yourself to heal your past and you know the tools needed to clear your energies, you forge a connection to your heart and to your soul. You become ready to deliver your destiny!

You can express who you are, and you can feel your connection to the Divine. You also start doing what you came here in this world to do.

Whether it’s to teach yoga, write, make art, volunteer, or run a non-profit organization, when you give from the heart and connect with the source, you are elevating your spirit and making your destiny come true.

When you live out your destiny, you feel a strong sense of purpose, and you are filled with positive and uplifting energies. There’s a willingness to do whatever it takes so that you can help others and share your gifts.

The universe will support you in achieving this. You will receive opportunities to share your wisdom about everything that you know and have experienced.

The purpose of a Kundalini awakening is not to see other people’s aura and esoteric powers, but to be present and be of service to the world.

You awaken Kundalini to help you become who you’re destined to be and to live according to your own spirit.

Kundalini and Energy

Kundalini is the life force energy that’s also referred to as chi or prana. Its literal meaning can be connected to coiling, just like when a snake coils itself to keep the rest of its body close.

Kundalini lies inactive at the base of your spine, just like a coiled snake, poised and waiting to be activated.

It’s depicted as such because a coiled snake is a symbol of powerful but untapped energy that only needs to be awakened.

This energy can be unleashed and used in many different techniques and practices, like chakra activation, yoga, or meditation, although some substantial effort is required.

Kundalini can be best likened to a deep reservoir of powerful and creative energy that’s sleeping inside each person. When activated, it can do wonders and make miracles happen in your life.

The transformation and potential for learning and harnessing this incredible power can be even greater than what you can imagine!

Kundalini is the groundwork of your consciousness. As you let this energy travel up and down your spine and through your energy centers, you also alter your overall consciousness and frequencies, which lead to your enlightenment.

Many teachers, experts, and practitioners consider Kundalini to be the Tree of Life within your body.

Even though Kundalini is not widely recognized or accepted by modern science, it is considered and learned in psychology classes. It’s also very widely used and examined in literature for tantra and yoga.

In essence, Kundalini is a form of Prana, or identical to it. It also manifests as a uniting cosmic energy and is deeply connected to your higher self-consciousness.

Kundalini is derived from the Sanskrit word which means coiled up snake.

While Kundalini sleeps at the base of your spine, it can be roused and awakened like a strong and powerful serpent that rises through your body and leads to many profound experiences.

Kundalini and Healing

Coming from the perspective of Kundalini, healing is different from curing.

Curing is simply removing the issue, problem, or illness in the body, while healing means to make someone whole on a physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual level.

A person who is healed can also suffer from disease or illness.

When your body is in sync with your infinite consciousness, you enjoy good health and you feel completely at ease. However, when this rhythm is lost or disrupted, there is sure to be a disease.

Learning the art of healing lets you feel free and complete throughout your life, whether you experience health or illness.

Kundalini healing puts you in touch with all aspects of your being. Tuning in to your Kundalini will stimulate your mind and spirit so that you can align with your intentions.

It will also support you by giving you the wisdom of the healers and masters.

Physical exercise brings energy to your body. The rhythmic exercise and synchronization of your breath, mind, and body bring you to that point of clarity and focus.

Relaxation also gives rejuvenation to both your mind and body. Meditating facilitates self-realization and clarity. The projection for healing and peace is also uplifting.

Overall, Kundalini brings healing and wholeness to your body, mind, heart, and spirit.

Kundalini healing is as sacred as it is simple. Do more of what is helpful to you in your everyday life, because what’s helpful is a good healer.

During times of difficulty, you can feel lost and afraid, but always remember that you have a strong inner truth that can guide and support you.

You already know what you need to know and where you need to go to fulfill your destiny.

What is Kundalini Syndrome?

Kundalini Syndrome is a set of symptoms that are brought about by a near-death experience, nervous breakdown, prolonged meditation, intense trauma, or other forms of spiritual emergencies and jolting experiences in your life.

Symptoms of Kundalini Syndrome are also the result of Kundalini awakening when it happens unexpectedly or when the proper methods are not observed.

These symptoms can manifest all of a sudden or appear gradually over a period of time.

The signs of Kundalini Syndrome are connected with the role of Kundalini in the body.

Kundalini is a powerful flow of energy that begins at the base of your spine and travels up to the crown of your head.

This energy can be used to have a more fulfilling life in all aspects and positively influence your moods, your health, your relationships, and so much more.

However, Kundalini is often dormant and must be awakened to activate it as a source of energy. This is achieved through Kundalini awakening, and everyone is able to do it.

Someone who awakens their Kundalini must be ready, though, because it can have negative effects as well, even though it’s very rare. This is known as Kundalini Syndrome.

If you wish to awaken your Kundalini but you’re afraid that it will have a negative effect on you, the best thing that you can do is work on unlocking, activating, or unblocking your chakras first.

Your chakras are the energy centers that are located along your nodal axis, which is the main channel that goes up your spine.

There are seven major chakras in the body, and each chakra governs a certain skill or ability that you have.

Your overall function is grounded to the energies sourced from your chakras, but they can weaken or get blocked with negative energies.

When this happens, negative energy manifests as one of the many symptoms of Kundalini Syndrome.

If you think that you have a blocked or closed chakra, you should get started on opening or unblocking it as soon as possible.

The Root Chakra: Meanings, Properties and Powers

A person suffering from Kundalini Syndrome can experience physical symptoms, like increased heart rate, hallucinations, headaches, fevers, chills, respiratory problems, vibrating sensations, sudden limb movements, and sudden pains.

Some mental or emotional symptoms include paranoia, intense fear, bipolar moods, anxiety, unexpected trance-like states, altered states of consciousness, irregular thought patterns, and spontaneous out-of-body experiences.

Although not recognized by western medicine as an affliction, it is a widely accepted syndrome in eastern spiritual practices.

This makes it more challenging to locate a health professional that can adequately focus on your body’s energy requirements.

But thankfully, it’s not hard to work with your energies to promote healing and wellness.

Because Kundalini Syndrome is associated with the harmful energetic reactions within your body, the only way to prevent it is through energy healing.

Some healing methods which you can try include opening the chakras, controlled breathing, meditation, and yoga.

Be patient because it will take a while before the negative energies are released and symptoms are completely gone, so it’s best to proceed slowly but surely.

Kundalini Syndrome is easy to prevent if you are aware of your own body’s energies. One must know how to properly perform Kundalini awakening because when done without proper knowledge or preparation, it causes disturbances in your body.

But when you approach Kundalini awakening carefully and open your chakras one by one, there’s no risk involved, and you can benefit from the full and wonderful experience!

When Kundalini is awakened, you will feel connected to everyone and everything. You will also develop unique abilities and get rid of that feeling that leaves you out of sorts.

Through proper knowledge and understanding about your Kundalini and your energy centers, you can harness your energies the right way without triggering Kundalini Syndrome.

Properly addressing your closed or blocked chakras is the first step that you should take if you want to help your body receive and utilize Kundalini energy.

Once you’ve unblocked your closed off chakras, you are ready to experience and embrace Kundalini life force safely and effectively.

Kundalini and Emotional Healing

Kundalini is the force that you have within yourself that enables you to understand yourself and the world that exists around you.

In essence, this is the energy that everyone has within themselves because it is what makes them conscious and aware of all that goes on in life.

Although it is present in everyone, the energy of Kundalini must be tapped into if one wishes to fully benefit from its healing powers.

The emotional healing that is brought on by Kundalini is a result of the changes that you make for the better.

When you experience Kundalini in its full force, you will be motivated to make some healthy and positive transitions which will radically improve the quality of your life.

Going through these changes will ensure that you turn into the person that you are destined to be.

Experiencing the energy of Kundalini is a lot like going through a process of awakening.

The way that Kundalini heals a person on an emotional level is by first making them aware of all the good and the bad things in their life.

This realization can be harsh, but it is needed in order to assess one’s life for what it actually is.

Once you’re made aware of all the toxic energies, habits, and people that are holding you back, you will then find ways to tackle them.

With Kundalini comes the realization that the system that you have in play in life is not working out anymore and that you need to really work on the parts of it that have become counterproductive.

This is a push for you to carry out a lot of self-reflection so that you can pinpoint all the reasons stressing you out lately and assess them so that you can decide how to best deal with such troubling factors.

This process of reviewing your life and making the necessary cuts from it may be quite daunting and difficult, but it is an imperative part of your life.

Kundalini will restore the balance and discipline that your life had been lacking.

In addition to that, it will also give you the emotional strength and support to take charge of your life and really focus on bringing huge changes to it.

The experience of Kundalini energy may be harsh and radical for some people, while for others it may be translated into a steady process of emotional healing where they can allow their inner energy to work freely.

This energy is what heals the body and makes a person more keen on exploring new avenues in life.

In fact, when a person feels the intensity of the Kundalini force, it is often enough to urge and inspire them to alter their life and discover new ways to maintain a balance in it.

Once you start to experience Kundalini, you will crave the feeling of being alive.

This urge for a spark in your life will allow you to harness all your energy and efforts to turn your life into what you want it to be.

My Final Thoughts on the True Power of Kundalini

Kundalini is your dormant or inactive spiritual energy or life force. It’s the energy that gives you life!

It’s an awesome powerhouse of divine cosmic energies that live inside you and penetrates your whole universe.

Your Kundalini energy rests at the base of your root chakra that connects you to the energies of the earth. It’s also sometimes referred to as Kundalini Fire, or Serpent of Light.

This energy has the ability to purify and cleanse your body because it’s your natural healing energy.

Kundalini carries the energy of awareness that’s just waiting to be unraveled. There’s always some Kundalini present in everyone, and it’s the strongest and most powerful of all metaphysical energies.

This energy should be regarded and treated with utmost respect because it does not discriminate between good and bad.

When your spiritual growth begins, Kundalini is released from your base chakra and goes all the way up to your crown chakra, opening up all the other chakras in the process.

This supernatural coiled energy rises upward via the spine and energizes the chakras to their maximum potential.

Kundalini is the self-realization energy. It’s not only what you know as the life energy or the sexual energy, because it’s also a healing energy that will be greatly beneficial to your body, mind, and soul.

Kundalini Energy Meanings Properties and Powers

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