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The November Birthstone – The Complete Guide

The November Birthstone – The Complete Guide

Your birthday represents one of the most important moments in your history. When you wear a birthstone, you not only represent the day you were born but also express a little piece of who you are.

For those born in November, you might be able to discover a little about your personality through two beautiful November birthstones, Topaz and Citrine.

Topaz comes in a rainbow of colors. Citrine has charming pale yellow and orange hues.

The two gems give you countless options. Your challenge will be deciding which one to pick!

What Is The Birthstone For November?

People born in November are honored to have two ruling birthstones: the much-adored Topaz and the delicate, healing Citrine.

Topaz is a gemstone that exhibits a variety of spectacular hues. The stone represents the Egyptian Sun God Ra, with its splendid, brilliant shine and searing power.

Owing to this nature of the Topaz, it was formed into a few special necklaces and charms.

Citrine is diametrically unlike its November cousin in quality and character. While the Topaz is related to enthusiasm, force, and determination, Citrine has assumed the gentler characteristics of men, like peace, loyalty, creativity, and healing.

Topaz symbolizes love and desire. It gives any individual who wears it expanded intellect and increased strength.

It is known for its associated characteristics of strength, constancy, devotion, and versatility. It’s also known to adjust feelings and considerations for a more agreeable and harmonious way of life.

The gemstone enhances a deep sense of being, increases knowledge, and slices through inconveniences and disarray to present clear ideas and reasoning to whoever wears the stone.

Topaz was often used in rings and crowns worn by rulers, negotiators, dignitaries, and royalty.

Citrine is a brilliant tinted gemstone that supports vitality and advances the excellent well-being of whoever wears it.

These gemstones vary in color, from light yellow tones to intense orange tints. For quite some time, they have been believed to bring trust, strength, vitality, and energy.

As per legend, Topaz was known to regulate heat, cool very hot waters, and even outrage a person.

It’s also known to slice through a man’s depression, anger, or disarray, and give clarity of thought to whoever wears the stone, just like the Taurus birthstone.

In the Middle Ages, the stone was utilized by the clergy and royalty. It was said that a Topaz engraved with a falcon empowered the wearer to develop the altruism of kings and emperors, thus, giving peace and abundance to the land.

Ancient Romans connected the Topaz with their Sun God and Jupiter, the biggest planet in the solar system.

Citrine is generally known to give good luck and good fortune to the wearer, earning the title The Success Stone.

It’s used to promote success and achievement in business if placed inside the money box of a shop, worn on the body, or carried inside the pocket or purse, giving it another intriguing moniker, ‘The Stone of the Merchants’.

The name Topaz is from the Ancient Greek expression ‘Τοpáziοs’ or ‘Τοpáziοn.’

Another theory suggests that the word is taken from the Sanskrit word ‘Tapas,’ which means intense dedication or devotion in the form of a fire oath.

A third theory states that the Topaz was named for the Hebrew word ‘Tapooz,’ alluding to the orange fruit.

The second and the third theories are being investigated as the terms predate the Greek expression for the Topaz.

Citrine was taken from the French word ‘Citrin,’ meaning lemon. Despite the stone having brilliant shades, it is still compared to the lemon, deriving its name from the French word for lemon.

Topaz is a silicate mineral made out of fluorine and aluminum. Like the Diamond, Topaz is hard to a great degree but less hard to break than the Diamond.

On a chemical level, Topaz is aluminum silicate fluoride hydroxide. Attributable to the solid compound bonds in the mineral, this gemstone is among the hardest silicates, occurring in various sizes, from modest gems to massive rocks.

Citrine is a kind of quartz that displays a variety of hues ranging from light yellow to brown.

Natural Citrines are extremely uncommon. These gemstones are only created when Amethyst and Smokey Quartz are heat treated.

It is hard to differentiate a cut Citrine from a Yellow Topaz on the surface. The two gemstones, however, vary in hardness.

Citrines have ferric contaminations that give different shades to the stone.

Unadulterated Topaz, when splendidly cut, can often be mistaken for a Diamond. This gemstone, with its energetic fire, clarity, hardness, and delightful hues is perfect for jewelry like bracelets, brooches, necklaces, and clips.

In the United States, these gemstones have been discovered in California and Colorado.

Topaz was once thought to fortify the psyche, enhance wisdom, and avoid mental clutters. It was also thought to prepare oneself for sudden passing.

Powdered Topaz added to wine was also used to prevent sleeping disorders and asthma. A cure for failing vision called for submerging the Topaz stone in wine for three days and nights and then rubbing the wine on the eyes.

Brazil is the biggest producer of Topaz, the most important being the Minas Geranis district. Gemstones are likewise found in Russia, Ukraine, Pakistan, Scotland, Japan, and Sri Lanka.

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The gemstone Citrine is mined from the Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil. Deposits were buried in rocks by magma spilling out of volcanic blasts.

Citrine is also found in Russia’s Ural Mountains, as well as in Madagascar, Bolivia, France, Hungary, and Uruguay.

The Traits Of November’s Birthstone

Unlike Aqua Aura, Topaz is a stone of joy, energy, creativity, and peace of mind. Compassion, hopefulness, mental strength, and thoughtfulness are also traits of Topaz.

The Topaz birthstone meaning meshes beautifully with people born in November, whether they are born as a Scorpio or a Sagittarius in traditional astrology.

These folks are imbued with a sense of mysticism, and a curiosity about the hidden truths of the world.

Through connection with the energies of Topaz and Citrine, hidden secrets can come to life for transformation and healing – a primal desire for change that people born in November often exhibit.

These folks often have a sense of dissatisfaction with the corruption and dishonesty in the world, and this can sometimes manifest as a determination to fix whatever elements of this they can throughout their lifetimes.

If you are looking for some instant good luck, then find someone whose birthstone is Citrine. It is believed that those born in the Citrine-ruling month have positive omens.

This also makes these people have a very optimistic personality, which can be contagious to those around them.

Citrine’s birthstone meaning stems from believing that the November stone contains all the sun’s powers.

It is said to overcome negativity with positive energy, protect against harm, ease quarrels, and bring healing.

If Citrine is your birthstone, it could be said that you hold the same properties. You possess overwhelming optimism and a drive to protect yourself and your loved ones.

People are drawn to you, and you have a knack for diffusing arguments. When you walk into a room, you can feel the shift in the energy of the space because of your warmth and vitality.

Citrine is also known to promote prosperity. If this is true for you, your knack for money will lead to smart financial decisions, resulting in great wealth and sustainability.

But don’t let this idea overtake you! Remember, if the sun burns too hot, it will die out more quickly.

The key is to balance all your abilities and share them with the ones you love.

Topaz is famous for its associated attributes of steadiness, devotion, and flexibility. This birthstone adjusts one’s feelings and thoughts for a more consistent and harmonious way of life.

Topaz is known to bring about a profound sense of being, increase one’s knowledge, slice through inconveniences and disarray, and make room for clearer and stronger thought processes.

This is why Topaz was regularly used as a part of the crowns and rings worn by rulers, negotiators, dignitaries, and eminence.

Citrine is a dazzling and brilliant gemstone that energizes and promotes the well-being of anyone who wears it.

Citrine gemstones range in color, from light yellow to profound orange tones. These tones bring trust, quality, substance, and vitality to the wearer.

As per legend, Topaz was known to control heat, having the ability to cool very hot water and even man’s extreme anger, cutting through their fury, chaos, and grief and giving clarity of thought.

People who have Topaz or Citrine as their birthstone are filled with ideas. Their minds are constantly stimulated, and they never run out of things to do, talk about, explore, or ponder.

They want to learn a lot of things from the different people that they meet and from the different experiences that they go through.

They are people who think forward, so other people may find their views difficult to fathom.

But they are not afraid to think out of the box or to break down barriers.

They are sharp thinkers, and their thoughts make them unique and brilliant. They are brimming with different and extraordinary ideas. People will always find themselves lost in thought and thinking about the next great adventure.

They may be quiet and timid, but they have a very pleasant and dynamic personalities. Even though they are not that talkative, they are very amiable, and they can impart the wisdom that is well beyond their years.

Because of their inquisitiveness, they know how to naturally look for hidden information and uncover secrets. They are determined to get what they want, and they believe in the saying that if there’s a will, there’s a way.

They don’t give up very easily and are as generous as they are brave, patient, and kindhearted, which is why they often make the best kinds of doctors.

But they also can be very secretive, stubborn, and hard-hearted, just because of their desire to be alone and their way of keeping themselves motivated.

They love very deeply, and they have very intense emotions. They are quite romantic, even if sometimes they may feel uncertain in their relationships.

When they choose to be in a commitment with you, they will do everything in their power to make it work and a very happy and satisfying one.

They are very homely, and they feel happiest when surrounded by family and close friends.

They hardly become angry, unless provoked or rubbed the wrong way, are sharp-minded, and think differently from other people.

But they know how to motivate themselves, and they easily stay motivated because of their high spirits and hard work.

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They are usually physically well-built and tough. They are trustworthy and honest, and they can be someone who can hold on to your secrets for life.

Sometimes they may have trouble appreciating recognition and praise, and they may be unable to control their emotions.

November’s Birthstone Colors And Their Meaning

Topaz shows pink, yellow, orange, purple, and blue tones. The purest Topaz gemstone is without color, with a tinge of color attributable to impurities.

Hues shown by Topaz run from wine to light gray, yellow, blue, brown, and red-orange.

The stone can be made to show certain hues with laboratory treatments to show white, blue, gold, pink, rose, yellow, light green, or drab tones, and transparent or opaque characteristics.

Citrine is created by subjecting Amethyst and Smoky Quartz to heat treatment. At low temperatures, its color changes from light yellow to brilliant yellow. At higher temperatures, the stone achieves a dull yellow or brownish-red color.

Color varieties of Topaz are usually distinguished by color name—Blue Topaz, Pink Topaz, et cetera. However, there are also a few unique trade names.

Imperial Topaz is usually a medium red-orange to orange-red. However, a few merchants, particularly those in Brazil, apply the term to Yellow, Pink, and Red Topaz, too.

The reddish pleochroic shade of Imperial Topaz frequently shows up at the ends of fashioned gemstones, similar to pears and ovals that have a generally yellow-to-orange body color.

Red is a standout and among the most sought-after but rarest Topaz colors.

Sherry Topaz, named after sherry wine, is yellow-brown or brown-yellow to orange in color.

Stones of this color are called precious Topaz to help tell the difference between other similarly hued but more affordable Smoky Quartz and Citrine.

Necklaces, Rings, And Jewelry From The November Birthstone

Blue Topaz and colorless Topaz are available everywhere and are very affordable. Most Blue Topaz stones that are on the market are color-treated.

Red and Pink Topaz stones are uncommon, highly cherished, and command a higher price per carat. The same can be said for Imperial Topaz.

Faceted Blue Topaz is quite often free of eye-visible inclusions. Topaz in hues that are not as copious might be included. Depending on the color, inclusions may have a huge effect on its value.

Topaz is cut in various styles and shapes, including emerald, pad, oval, pear, round, triangular, marquise, and fantasy cuts.

If the color of the Topaz is viewed as uncommon, the cost per carat may rise drastically as size increases, making it well suited for use in engagement rings.

To clean this birthstone, skip steam cleaning or ultrasonic cleaners. Warm, lathery water works best.

Topaz is usually treated. Since naturally colored Blue Topaz is rare, colorless Topaz is usually processed with irradiation and heat to turn it into different shades of blue.

The three irradiation methods are gamma ray exposure in a cobalt irradiator, electron bombardment in an accelerator, and neuron bombardment in a nuclear reactor.

Gemstone merchants use terms like London Blue, Swiss Blue, Super Blue, and Maxi Blue to describe dark blues, and Sky Blue for lighter shades.

Overall, darker blues cost somewhat more than lighter shades, yet both are quite affordable.

Heating yellow to red-brown Topaz to achieve a pink color is also common. Both irradiation and heat treatments are permanent under normal wear and care conditions.  Generally, they are undetectable.

Extreme heat or sudden temperature changes can cause internal cracks and breaks in Topaz.

This gemstone’s color is, for the most part, stable to light. But prolonged exposure to heat can cause it to fade to yellow-brown, reddish brown, or dark brown. Topaz can also be affected by chemicals.

Apart from heat treatment and irradiation, Topaz can also be covered with a thin metallic film to change the color or create a whimsical and glowing effect.

The coating can withstand everyday wear and tear. However, abrasive cleaners or buffing wheels will remove it. A mild cleanser or soap solution can be used to clean a Topaz stone this way.

Citrine is the transparent light yellow to caramel orange variety of quartz. The finest Citrine color is a saturated yellow to reddish-orange clear of earthy tints.

Its color comes from hints of iron. In any case, this birthstone is uncommon. Most Citrine stones available in the market are the product of heat-treating Amethyst.

Citrine’s alluring color, as well as its strength and affordability it shares with most quartzes, makes it the bestselling yellow-to-orange gemstone.

Gemologists are crazy about this birthstone because of its unassuming price tag. Furthermore, the cost per carat does not increase as the size grows.

The finest Citrine colors are immersed, with practically no brown component, and range from yellow to orange-yellow, to reddish-orange. Make sure to look for warm and radiant hints.

Citrine is normally eye-clean, which means it does not have eye-visible inclusions. Unmistakable inclusions in a pale-hued gemstone greatly decrease the Citrine stone’s value.

Citrine is available in a wide variety of styles and shapes.

Furthermore, top-of-the-line carvers have fashioned the warm yellow gemstone into different fantasy cuts for unique adornments and objets d’art.

Citrine, rough with small inclusions, is usually used to create beads, cabochons, or more traditional carvings.

Citrine gemstones occur in various sizes, and faceted stones up to 20 carats are readily available in jewelry and adornments.

This stone can be cleaned safely and properly with warm, sudsy water. While it is normally alright to clean Citrine in an ultrasonic machine, steam cleaning is unsafe since Citrine should not be subjected to too much heat.

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As noted above, most of the Citrine stones available in the market are results of heat treatment, which makes some Amethyst stones change color from an unattractive pale violet to an alluring yellow.

At times, a darker starting material is also used because the Amethyst’s unique color can decide the richness of the Citrine’s yellow hue.

Can You Wear It As A Bracelet?

If you’re born in November, you’re lucky to have two choices of birthstones. You can go with Topaz or Citrine, and any of these two will look very beautiful as a bracelet.

When you wear Citrine as a bracelet, it’s like wearing light and happiness on your wrist! It will absorb and then release all kinds of negative energy.

Wearing a Citrine bracelet will enhance your mental clarity. It will activate and stimulate your thought processes as well.

This November birthstone bracelet will also balance chakras and promote happiness, discipline, and reliability.

Wearing it regularly will help you feel good about yourself because it will infuse your life with joy and satisfaction.

Citrine is a very powerful manifestation stone. It’s the best stone to wear on your body if you want to manifest a desire.

It activates your imagination and brings a more optimistic outlook. Your visions will also become more creative.

Wear a Citrine bracelet if you want to flesh out your desires, or if you want your desires to come to you.

A Citrine bracelet can magnify your abilities to manifest your dreams and wishes. It’s a great bracelet to wear if you want to attract wealth and abundance.

Citrine cleanses, energizes, and warms you. Its sunny color radiates happiness and positivity.

Wearing this bracelet will strengthen your will, determination, and motivation to achieve all your goals.

If you want to purchase a Citrine bracelet, consider the warmth of the stone and the yellowness of its color.

Citrine will look great when used with a bold and dramatic design. It will also look more eye-catching when the yellow colors are well-matched.

When worn as a bracelet, November birthstone Topaz will act as a catalytic trigger in your life. It will also manifest your desires and activate the law of attraction.

Its healing energies will strengthen your faith that the universe is here to help you make your dreams come true!

When set on silver, a Topaz bracelet will have an additional conductor for its energy. It will be an even more powerful bracelet if combined with Amethyst.

This combination will transform simple energies into spiritual energies to create a relaxing and stabilizing effect.

It’s quite powerful if you’re recovering in a physical, emotional, or spiritual sense and need help in focusing or attracting healing energies.

Wear this November birthstone bracelet if you need to change or correct unwanted behaviors or patterns.

It will combat your depression and replace your sad feelings with hope and happiness, too. On a spiritual level, it will unlock and strengthen your faith and keep you in an enlightened state.

It will promote a light spirit and infuse you with feelings of peace and serenity.

Whether you wear a bracelet made of Citrine or Topaz, you will be infused with these stones’ power and energies.

Keep them close to you to ensure all the bad vibrations are kept at bay!

My Final Thoughts On The November Birthstone

Citrine is a quartz gemstone in brilliant shades, from light yellow to deep caramel orange.

As one of the more inexpensive gemstones, Citrine makes a decent choice when you want an eye-catching pendant or ring with a bigger gemstone.

This gemstone is also known as healing quartz since legend has it that Citrine encourages vitality and energy in any person who wears it.

Also, as per the Chinese Fengshui philosophy, Citrine creates abundance and wealth. It makes for a fantastic birthday gift for anybody who has a November birthday.

Topaz is a hard silicate that gets its colors from imperfections and defects in its gemstone structure. It then turns to perfect shades of yellow, blue, red, green, violet, brown, and pink.

Topaz can likewise be colorless, and colorless Topaz is usually heated to make blue gems.

Topaz birthstone symbolizes love and fondness, and it is said to give strength and wisdom to the individual who wears it. A present of Blue Topaz is said to be a promise of fidelity and love.

If you are born under the sign of Sagittarius or Scorpio, you are lucky enough to have Topaz and Citrine as your birthstones. They are both amazing stones, and you will appreciate having them in your life.

Citrine is moderately costly, while Topaz can be much costlier, depending on what kind of Topaz it is.

Whichever stones you wear each day, you will be guaranteed magnificence, style, and exceptional otherworldly properties!

November Birthstone

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