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Citrine: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Citrine: Meanings, Properties and Powers

The Spiritual Meaning Of Citrine

Its pale yellow color gives this crystal its name, Citrine, coming from the French citron, meaning lemon. But apart from its literal meaning, it also has a deep spiritual meaning.

The spiritual meaning of Citrine is its yellow hues symbolizing the spiritual qualities of joy, abundance, and transmutation.

Like a refreshing glass of lemonade, Citrine can bring a quick, energetic pick-me-up to those who use it with diligence and respect.

In times of low to moderate stress, this crystal is a perfect ally for realigning your energies back into balance. In contrast, other, more powerful crystals may be necessary for more profound healing.

But do not let that discourage you from its importance, for Citrine knows that in these first initial moments of confusion and dismay, we can most easily recalibrate our energies and move back onto our true paths.

Another name for Citrine is ‘the Merchant’s Stone,’ due to its ability to transmute energies quickly and easily, facilitating energy transfers from one to another.

For those involved in business ventures, particularly new business ventures with new clients or partners, it can be an excellent crystal to have on hand, whether in one’s pocket or purse, to increase the flow of money-based energy from one hand to another.

One can place the stone in parts of one’s house where the money is kept to safeguard it and keep its energetic qualities pure. 

Citrine also represents spiritual joy since it spreads positive, energetic light around its aura and is said to be one of only two crystals that do not need to be recharged or purified.

With this in mind, you can use it as an excellent tool to bring positive energies to areas where you might have negative energies, spirits, or even ghosts.

By leaving this crystal in these spaces, it attracts the negative energies into its aura and transmutes them into positive, joyful ones. 

Citrine, being a yellow crystal, also symbolizes the summer months and the sun’s rays.

It is an excellent crystal to have during these months or to carry with you during the non-summer months when we all miss summer’s heightened energy.

Citrine can help facilitate prosperous occurrences all year round. And more importantly, it can help you transfer spiritual energies inside yourself at all times of the year.

Many people do not realize this, but we are continually exchanging, borrowing, and giving energies to different parts of our body, depending on what our soul and spirit need to experience at any given time.

These kinds of exchanges do not come cheaply. We become exhausted when these types of exchanges occur chaotically and without reason. Citrine can help balance and facilitate these types of energies.

Finally, Citrine is a crystal replete with creative energy.

If you are looking for an assistant to jump-start your creative juices, set it next to your easel, workbench, musical instrument, or other tools you use. You will feel your ideas springing forward more readily, without any hesitation.

If you want to skip ahead and learn how to best use this crystal, click here.

The Properties Of Citrine

Citrine crystals are usually yellow, yellow-brown, orange, dark orange-brown, and reddish-brown. They are easily one of the most popular quartz crystals in the world.

Physical Properties Of Citrine

Citrine crystals are formed when purple Amethyst undergoes heat treatment. This is why they’re also sometimes called ‘burnt amethyst.’

They resemble a Topaz, and the color of Citrine is caused by chemical impurities. It’s the iron in it that gives it its pale-yellow color.

You may also be familiar with green Citrine, a somewhat strikingly different version of this stone, as the name suggests. This stone is more closely linked to yellow Citrine than you might realize.

And often, it’s how the chemicals interplay here that lead from one hue to the other. The green color can make this kind of Citrine hard to identify. You might even think it works somehow different from the more ‘normal colors’ in terms of energy.

However, you’ll be relieved to discover that green Citrine is just as dependable a healer and energizing a presence, no matter its color.

Rio Grande do Sol in Brazil is the largest supplier of natural Citrine. But there are also mines that can be found in the USA, Russia, Madagascar, England, France, Spain, Brazil, and South Africa.

Metaphysical Properties Of Citrine

The sheer number of Citrine’s metaphysical properties can seem a bit dizzying. But don’t feel overwhelmed! This is a versatile stone that holds a great deal of power and promise.

The metaphysical properties of Citrine are that it inspires confidence, clear-mindedness, and lots of energy to pursue your goals.

While there is undoubtedly an earthy quality to this beautiful stone, it also seems to connect you to the broader universe in some profound ways. Like an espresso shot to the psychic aura!

Tumbled Polished Citrine

Benefits Of Using Citrine

Citrine will be extremely valuable to you because it’s not only a spiritual cleanser (just like Selenite). It can also regenerate your spiritual self!

Every day, your spirit gets exposed to external energies that are both harmful and good for the spirit.

When there’s too much negative energy in your spirit, you will feel like your balance is off. The spirit can also get bogged down with negative and toxic energies.

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Citrine is the perfect tool to cleanse and rejuvenate your spirit. You should use it as often as possible. Especially if you’re exposed to a lot of toxic people in your environment.

These crystals also carry virtues of self-improvement with them and are excellent stones for self-healing.

You can be surrounded by the most loving, supportive, and caring people who will be there for you when you are at your lowest. But if you are unwilling to let yourself heal from your pain or loss, no encouragement will help.

Citrine is a wonderfully far-reaching and versatile stone and one that always seems to brim with energy.

When you feel lacking in direction or self-worth, spending some time in a calm or meditative state with your stone is often all it takes to turn that feeling around.

And when you lack physical energy or motivation, Citrine can prove to be just the boost you need to push through.

This stone is very adept at helping you to overcome physical illness, or even aiding you in entirely preventing it from taking hold in the first place.

The energies of Citrine crystals will inspire you and increase your energy and drive. They will help you pick up the broken pieces and start over fresh.

This crystal carries the powers of the sun. Therefore, if you want to feel sunny and cheery again, have your crystals with you.

The healing energy of the sun and the more scientific aspects of exposure to it, like Vitamin D, are all qualities of rejuvenation also found in Citrine.

Many of us can’t help but feel a little down if we don’t get out into the sun often enough. But Citrine can work wonders in keeping your spirits lifted and your mood high.

Using Citrine can help to energize and motivate you. When you feel like you have a lot to do and nowhere near enough time to get it done, this stone can help you.

Keep it close by and tap into its energies to help you get your affairs in order.

It’s a wonderful crystal to have with you if you’re going through depression and if you have fears and phobias that are keeping you from living a healthy life.

It will help you become more radiant and have a more optimistic attitude. And it can make you look forward to the future with hope and positivity.

Citrine crystals encourage you to live a little and go with the flow. Like with Hematite, they can bring inner peace and wisdom, and stimulate your intellectual activities.

Its energy will help you analyze situations and digest information. It will help you find solutions to your problems, gracefully accept constructive criticism, and courageously act on them.

It will help keep your emotions steady and stay calm even in the most challenging situations. Also, it will encourage you to become more spontaneous because you deserve to live a little!

How To Best Use Citrine

The best way to benefit from the energies of Citrine crystals is to wear them on your body. They make very lovely pieces of jewelry like necklaces, pendants, bracelets, and rings.

Wearing Citrine earrings will help you think clearly. Keeping this crystal close to your body will help you unleash your creativity and imagination.

It can also help relieve painful symptoms of PMS, like hot flashes, menstrual cramps, mood swings, bloating, and craving for unhealthy food. It can also help alleviate feelings of fatigue.

Storing Citrine

Citrine is very sensitive to heat. It can change the crystal’s color and make it fade. This is why you should not place or store it where there’s too much exposure to heat and light.

Don’t put it somewhere it can be easily hit or scratched. But it can last for many years with everyday wear and tear.

Citrine Crystal Elixirs

Soaking Citrine in a glass of pure water makes for a good elixir. And it can help remove toxins from your body much in the same ways as Desert Rose can help cleanse you from bad vibes.

The Powers Of Citrine

Physical Healing Powers

Citrine is said to aid in treating diseases related to the urinary tract, the kidneys, and the digestive system. It can also help regulate imbalances in the thyroid gland and issues in the gall bladder.

It can improve the function of your endocrine system and help relieve constipation. And it also acts as a purifier and helps counteract the harmful effects of pharmaceutical medicines.

Citrine crystals give energy to the body and enhance electrical impulses in the nervous system. They also help in fortifying the nerves and strengthening the spine.

They can be beneficial to people who suffer from reverse degenerative diseases. And they can improve blood circulation, and even remove cellulite!

Citrine can stimulate proper digestion and the proper functions of the spleen and the pancreas. It can also help with problems that affect your eyes.

Emotional Healing Powers

Remember, our physical health has much to do with our emotional health. Things that build up beneath the surface within us, even if we don’t realize them, often spill over to become surprisingly serious problems in the long run.

Citrine can heal at the spiritual and emotional level just as readily as on the physical. When you’re ill, it brings down your mood and vice versa.

It offers balance, harmony, and a broader perspective that makes sure you don’t need to sweat the small stuff even half as much.

What’s more, proper use of this stone and its energies can’t help but make you feel energized and alert.

That sense of vitality will soon kick in, whatever age you happen to be. And we could all do with a little more of it sometimes!

Citrine For Wealth

Citrine is also known as the Success Stone and the Merchant’s Stone. It will manifest success and abundance in your business or career.

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It will support your generous nature but help you protect your wealth. And it will draw all the wonderful things in life to you and attract both personal and professional success.

Citrine crystals will support the energies of a home or work environment and make you productive every step. They carry the energy of money, and having this crystal in your life will attract wealth and abundance to you.

Yellow Citrine and its golden way of reflecting and refracting light just can’t help but inspire dreams of wealth, success, and abundance. Money can never buy happiness, of course, but you certainly deserve comfort!

This stone will help you to see cash flow as just that; a flow of finances from one party to the next, always in motion.

Whether it’s remembering that you need to spend money to make money, or just preventing panic when you suddenly have to make some massive expenditure. Citrine helps you take a long-term view and to trust the process.

And of course, it has the most uncanny yet welcome way of attracting you new money and new opportunities.

Open your eyes and your heart to these energies. And let them flow freely as they must – without interference, however, wrought and scary it gets.

Before you know it, Citrine may well have set your fortunes on fire in the best possible way!

Citrine For Love And Relationships

Just like Red Jasper, Citrine will draw out the negative energies in your life and bring the peace you need.

Having silence will allow you to hear your thoughts and feel your emotions. Everything will be illuminated. And you will have a clearer picture of what you must do to keep the negativity away.

You will also attract good things when your aura is light and positive. This will benefit not only you but your partner and your relationship as well.

The loving light of Citrine is inspiring when you feel like love and comfort are lacking in your relationship. It’s the color of forgiveness and positivity. And it’s good for helping you align your head and heart when they want different things.

Sometimes we know we need to take a certain action for the good of ourselves or our relationship, yet we feel reluctant to see it through. Maybe it’s something we don’t want to risk hurting. Or maybe it’s a scary activity that takes us far out of our comfort zone.

Citrine will hold you steady with its energies during these less-than-comfortable transitions. It will help you see the light at the end of the tunnel, as bold and brilliant as the stone itself.

While you and your partner will simply never see eye to eye about absolutely everything, Citrine will at least help you to reach an understanding. And a point of connection enables you to use the differences between you as a strength instead of a weakness.

Citrine crystals will also help you overcome your fear of responsibility. The older you get, the more duties there will be. You cannot run away from them forever, and you cannot pass them on to someone else.

When you fall in love with someone and enter a relationship, their happiness is your responsibility. The sooner you become a responsible partner, the sooner you will enjoy the satisfaction of a strong and lasting relationship.

Like Fluorite, Citrine will encourage you to be open to new experiences and maintain a positive attitude. It will inspire you to remain optimistic in any kind of situation, no matter how tough or scary it may be.

They will act as an early warning system when someone is not upfront or truthful with you. You will know right away if you can trust a person or not.

This stone acts as a powerful attractor of love and happiness. It will cleanse, energize, and warm your aura. And it will help you think more clearly to make the right decision.

Citrine is also highly protective of its wearer. It will ward off any emotional or mental threats, as well as negative energies.

It will boost your self-discipline and make you develop good habits in your relationship. And it is a good crystal when you need to listen to your partner and find a way to settle your differences.

Citrine meanings properties and powers
Raw Citrine crystal.

Caring For Citrine

How To Clean Citrine

You can use any jewelry cleaner or mild soap with warm water and an old toothbrush with soft bristles when you clean your Citrine crystal.

Make sure that you rinse and dry it after cleaning. Never use steam cleaning for your crystals!

Cleansing Citrine

Citrine crystals do not need to be cleansed as often as other crystals, but you can cleanse them when you have used them for a very strong reason. Or when they have been exposed to a lot of negative energy in a short period of time.

You’ll find that Citrine will be one of the most dependable crystals in your collection. It has a confident aura, and it takes a lot of bombardment, energy-wise, to lose its luster.

When you cleanse this crystal, make sure that your intention is clear. You’re giving your crystal some time off so that they can recharge themselves!

When To Cleanse Citrine

You can always tell when Citrine needs cleansing, either physically or energetically, by how they catch the light – or not, as the case may be.

Just as you might remark of a loved one down in the dumps as having lost their spark, so too do crystals seem less iridescent when they need this kind of attention.

Even a bright and vibrant Citrine can suffer in this way. Luckily the stone is so striking that this at least makes it very easy to identify when it needs cleansing.

Meditating With Citrine

Citrine makes a great meditation aid for those of you looking to add some vividness and some vibrant, striking energy to this otherwise relaxing process.

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For example, if visions and messages feel fuzzy and unclear when you are in a meditative state, Citrine will be like a bright light shining through the spiritual murk.

You can place Citrine in your meditation space to activate this effect. Or you could either wear or hold some in your hands to feel its effects wash over you.

It could be a startlingly stark difference at first, but stick with it – this stone will keep you safe.

The Best Crystals To Combine With Citrine

You can also combine Citrine with other stones to amplify their energies, such as Dzi, Hematite, Agate, and Rose Quartz.

Much of Citrine’s deepest meaning comes to the fore the more time you spend with this crystal, letting its energies free and feeling them mingle with your own. Don’t be surprised if this stone just helps you to feel more energized overall!

Citrine Jewelry

Citrine has been used in accessories and jewelry for a long time. And part of that is because of how wonderful this stone makes you feel.

While appearance is one thing, how the energies and sensations of this stone wash over you when you wear it can’t help but inspire you.

And of course, Citrine works well with many stones, from common collectors’ pieces to more rare and distinct pieces in your collection.

It’s sure to display well, no matter how you present it. But it also readily let its inner powers out to bless your home with happiness and abundance too.


Jewelry makers have used this stone for centuries to create beautiful pieces of jewelry. It’s a breathtaking stone, and you can get Citrine as a necklace.

Through the years, it has maintained its place in the jewelry world and is almost a necessity to have in your jewelry box.

A Citrine necklace is a great way to showcase the immense beauty of this stone. Because you can often find larger stones, it works great as a large pendant.

Large rough stones can be a unique way to display the stone, while a smaller polished and cut piece may give a more classic look.

Citrine necklaces come in a variety of lengths, from chokers to ropes. Be sure to try on a necklace before you purchase to make sure that you get a length that works perfectly.

Shopping For Citrine

Citrine can be a gorgeous addition to your jewelry collection. Like all gemstones, there are four main factors that you should consider when shopping for your dream jewelry.

When shopping for Citrine jewelry, the most important factors are color, cut, clarity, and carat.

Color is probably the most important thing to consider when shopping for Citrine jewelry.

It’s the yellow-brown color that classifies the stone as Citrine. It can vary slightly from a semi-translucent yellow to a rich deep brown.

The amount of iron present when the crystal is forming determines this variation in color. But it can also be related to the process of heat treatment.

The most desirable color of a Citrine is a rich brownish-orange color with semi-transparency.

A Citrine in this color can be pricey. A crystal with a more yellow hue can also be quite valuable because it resembles a yellow diamond or topaz.

The color you choose is completely dependent on the color you feel best fits your needs and lifestyle.

How To Tell If A Citrine Is Real

It’s essential to be wary of imitations. Some sellers can try and scam you by selling you colored glass and pass it off to you as an actual Citrine.

A great way to tell if a Citrine is real is to look at the stone in the light. If you find any visible inclusions or air bubbles, it is not authentic.

Shopping for one can be daunting, especially if you have a specific idea of what you are looking for.

Keep an open mind and look around. Visiting a jewelry store in person can give you a good idea about the style, setting, and size you may like best.

Shopping online can give you endless choices, with the ability to be very specific in your desires and the highest possibility that you will find the exact piece you want.

It will also allow you to shop within a specific budget and give you the freedom to exchange or return a piece when it’s not exactly the perfect fit.

My Final Thoughts On The Power Of Citrine

Some may consider Citrine a controversial crystal, but that doesn’t mean that it lacks wonderful benefits to its owner.

citrine meaning properties and powers

It can boost your self-esteem and encourage positive energy flow into your life.

In the mental arena, Citrine enhances mental clarity, confidence, and willpower.

Since Citrine brings self-confidence as well as positive energy, it can also help eliminate fears of being judged.

You can also use it to dissipate fears of being alone or unworthy of love.

Citrine is a happy stone. It can bring happiness to the person who carries or wears it.

Because it removes negative energy and brings positivity, it can relieve depression, self-doubt, anger, and irrational mood swings.

Citrine is well known for its energies in manifesting your biggest dreams and bringing in more success and prosperity. It is even more potent when you combine it with positive affirmations.

The Citrine crystal is a great choice for healing and for manifestation. Not only can it help clear your aura and attract good fortune, but it also has a powerful effect on all areas that govern your power!

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