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Properties Of Agate

Agate stones are banded in stripes or layers and part of the Chalcedony family. It’s the most popular and most varied Chalcedony.

Because of that variety, Agate stone has proven consistently popular over the centuries. Both for its potential healing and spiritual value, as much as its distinctive beauty.

The understanding of this stone’s meaning as a healing stone with all-round mystical properties is largely recognized as going back as far as human history.

Often smooth and cool to the touch, tumbled stones, the mix of smooth and colored surfaces with smaller, more distinctive glinting quartz-like material has only added to the mystical properties of Agate.

In its natural form, Agate stone is easily one of the most distinctive kinds of mineral you might encounter.

That’s because a broken rock or geode, clean cut to display the Agate stone material within, is very evocative.

You can imagine how, in the eyes of the ancient world, the idea of an ordinary-looking rock concealing such brilliant flashes of color, seemed to be mysterious and even like unearthing a great and magical secret.

To this day, it continues to attract a lot of praise and attention for its distinctive appearance.

More than that, Agate is often unique from one piece to the next. And just like Aqua Aura, any such piece of Agate stone you come to own will look quite unlike anyone else’s.

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Some varieties of it have specks of color or eye markings, while some also have fossilized or solid inclusions.

As you can imagine, it’s often much more than simply asking the experts what this stone is. The very make up of this rock is often very complex, yet that only adds to its mythology, symbolism and natural beauty.

It has long inspired humankind because of this, and the remarkable way in which no two pieces of Agate – even of the same color, even cut from the same original rock – are never truly alike only adds to the mystique.

Some colors of Agate are so rich and dense as to make their stones seem entirely opaque, but it is nevertheless defined as a translucent stone, with countless tiny sparkling Quartz like speckles being evident in many varieties.

Likewise, you can find Agate stones with colors that are smoky in nature, as though a mystical vapor has been captured within the smooth contours of the rock.

Some is so dark and solid in color it almost seems to capture the light, only to bounce it back in surprising and enthralling patterns as you turn it over in your hand.

It’s little wonder it has drawn so much attention and appreciation over the centuries.

It displays a wide range of colors, including black, yellow, pink, red, gray, white, and brown.

Some have created their own identities and are easily recognizable from the lot because of their unique colors and patterns, like the Botswana Agate, Fire Agate, Dendritic Agate, Moss Agate, and Blue Lace Agate.

Agate forms in all mineral environments, but it’s most commonly found in igneous rocks.

It’s name is derived from the place where it was first found, which is in the Achates River in Sicily. It’s such a popular and in demand stone, but thankfully, it can be found all over the world!

Pink Agate
Cross section of Pink Agate

Why Would You Use Agate?

Turritella Agate has a strengthening and stabilizing energy that will help you in your daily tasks. It will help you balance your energies and direct them appropriately.

Yet it is far from the only Agate color or variety able to help you feel empowered and in harmony with yourself.

For example, Indian Agate is an earthy green variety with beautiful moss colored detailing throughout, and it was used in ancient times by wise sages to uplift them and give them confidence.

Even today all kinds are seen as a source of strength and confidence as much as it is a stone of compassion and healing.

This is often said to be because the Yin and Yang energies in ancient Chinese thinking that represent these opposites are harmonized through Agate’s energy.

Because of that, people turn to it even today to help keep them positive and in the right frame of mind to overcome life’s unexpected challenges.

This is very similar to the way people will often use Citrine in times of stress.

The gift of confidence is inside of us all, but sometimes it needs just the right encouragement to come out.

In this case, the use of it, either in meditation retails or as something you turn to in times of self-doubt, creates wonderful energy to draw self-confidence from.

Somehow, like with Sodalite, Agate stones just help to calm the senses and put everything into perspective!

Phantom-Crystal: Meanings, Properties and Powers

The energies of it will calm, elevate, and uplift you. Even if you’re having a very busy and crazy day, you will still be able to relax and find peace and solitude.

This stone will also make sure that positive energies flow through you non-stop. It will keep you energized and empowered. It will keep you feeling positive and uplifted.

Negative energies will be dispelled, and you will be protected from any kind of negative attack on your body, heart, mind, and spirit.

One particular color that is recommended for keeping negative energies at bay is Brown Agate.

The bands of darker and lighter colors making up Brown Agate give it a ruddy, fiery quality that can’t help but feel inspiring. Some people even compare it to the November birthstone and it’s positive energy.

Like awakening the inner fire inside of you that comes into force when you need to stand your ground, this stone is very good for motivation and inner strength.

While the energies of Brown Agate, will never make you cocky or unkind, they will help you tap into your inner reserves of energy that allow you to not be bowled over by forceful intentions or unkindness from others.

Yet like all kinds it also has a soothing, calming and even mediating energy.

Because of this, it can help to resolve disputes with grace and intelligence, and is especially recommended to be kept in a pocket or around your neck if you’re getting into a conversation you don’t want to turn into an argument.

There are so many uses that it can feel dizzying, but it also means that this a reliable stone that you can use for any occasion.

That said, you’re likewise advised to use this article to seek further clarity on what colors of Agate might work best for a given situation.

Agate will work as a source of support and encouragement, especially when it comes to work and career.

The energies of Agate will keep you inspired, motivated, creative, and productive.

It’s a stone that will also fill your life with joy, gladness, and optimism. Whenever you feel low and uninspired, it will infuse you with happy and fun energies to make you feel better.

Certain colors evoke different emotions, and resonate with different energies.

For example, getting into the depths of the deepest Black Agate meaning teaches you that this is a stone of protection, but also one that comforts us in moments of bereavement.

Black has long been a color associated with grief and honoring those who have passed along.

This alone makes Black Agate very appropriate for that reason alone – yet beyond that, the energy surrounding Black Agate is soothing in its own right.

It is also recognized as a stone of potential, so it’s just as high in uses for those of us still living in the material world.

It activates ideas, enriches your sense of inspiration and is almost hypnotic to look at – solid black, yet capturing the light in simple, elegant ways.

Of course, this is just one of its many colors, but oftentimes the stone has common values and properties that make any choice of color the right one.

Because of this, don’t feel as though you have to necessarily choose the right color of Agate for the right occasion. This dependable energy manifest through any of the stones and their colors.

This stone will stimulate your mind and emphasize all your wonderful traits. It will encourage you to make use of your talents and gifts to change your life for the better.

It will show you that the possibilities are endless, and you can go follow the path that best resonates with you!

This is especially true of Orange Agate, the color of Agate perhaps most associated with self-esteem, self-confidence and relying on your own initiative.

We all need the courage and conviction to go it alone sometimes, and sometimes the actions we know are right for us will draw naysaying or even hostility from others.

This is difficult to overcome at the best of times, especially for empaths and sensitive individuals.

Yet Orange Agate is especially strong in terms of helping you gain a sense of self-acceptance. Coming to terms with our flaws and finding the ways in which we can turn those into strengths is rarely easy.

But by keeping it close to hand – although many other colors and forms of Agate will likewise help you here – you can find the clarity of mind to accept what you cannot change, but also the strength to overcome that which you can.

Sometimes we need to learn to put ourselves first, and it is said that the energies inherent to Orange Agate specifically work wonders here.

Yet you will find that any Agate stone can help you to prioritize your own growth, if this is something you sometimes struggle with.

It will encourage you to do some self-examination just to know where you are in your life and how you feel about it as a whole.

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This stone will curb your desire to accomplish many things all at once, even the things that you don’t need to do. It will help you better manage your time so that you will not feel overwhelmed.

Montana Agate is a good grounding stone that will help you center, stabilize, and direct your energies.

Montana Agate features a great blend of rich and rustic colors, but those looking for an even richer sense of stability and motivation often turn to Red Agate as well.

The generally accepted Red Agate meaning is that of energy and purpose, and the removal of negative energies.

Those people sensitive to the emotional states of others sometimes find that good ideas they put forward are shot down or dismissed without even a hint of consideration by some people.

This can be a horrible, twisting feeling within you when it happens.

Yet Red Agate and its energy can not only offer you the stability within to stand by your beliefs, but also the power to stop that negative energy from others from affecting you.

It is a cleansing feeling that seems to sweep you clean of any ill will or poor intent.

Red Agate is also known as Red Eye Agate, and that symbolism is best seen in how the stone encourages us to open our hearts to others.

Yet any color of Agate can encourage this so some extent too – feel free to experiment and find your favorites in that respect, as Agate is beautifully versatile and there are no wrong choices here!

Green Agate

How Will Agate Help You?

Agate, Healing and Health

There are so many ways in which people have recognized and come to love its healing properties you too can experience with this stone.

It often seems that this is one crystal capable of being there for you, no matter the ailment.

The great thing is that this is as much preventative as it is curative. For instance, if you suffer from migraines or tension headaches, placing a piece of Agate beneath your pillow each night is a good way to overcome those.

Likewise, if the headache has already made its presence known, holding Agate in your left hand while sitting peacefully and sipping a good peppermint tea can work wonders – you might well be surprised how fast the symptoms pass!

Likewise, aches and pains throughout the body can often be soothed and healed by holding a piece of Agate stone to the afflicted area.

The coolness and smoothness of the stone is very nice by itself, but the energies from the Agate will soon flow also, cleansing and healing as they go.

Indeed, there seem to be no limits to what ailments or afflictions Agate can be used for, and they apply to any state of life you might imagine.

Agate is a helpful stone during pregnancy because it can help new moms avoid having the baby blues right after giving birth. The energies of this stone can also increase lactation.

When used as an elixir, Agate can stimulate the digestive system and relieve digestive pains, such as gastritis.

It can be beneficial to the intestines and the stomach.

It’s known to be good for the eyes and healing to the skin. It can help in the treatment of skin-related illnesses and irritations.

Wearing Agate close to your heart can improve the functions of the heart and the lungs. It’s helpful to the blood vessels, and it can strengthen your cardiac muscles as well.

Of course, Agate comes in many colors, but those most associated with health and healing make up much of the overall Green Agate meaning in most interpretations.

Green Agate is linked to vitality and energy, but also to keeping yourself in top shape overall, from circulation to soothing stiffness.

The overall inner harmony of energies is said to be brought into greater balance by this stone, which can help those who feel lethargic halfway through the day or have to overcome health issues to get by.

Green Agate also represents justice and compassion, so if you are the one who is looking after someone else who is hurt or sick, your patience and tolerance can be enhanced.

It can be challenging to be a consistent carer for even our most beloved ones, but Green Agate – or Agate of any color – works wonders in keeping you strong enough for yourself and the one you are nurturing.

Remember though, all colors of Agate are deeply associated with health and wellbeing. Any of these stones that you may choose will help you to remain balanced and healthy.

Therefore, if you have another color of Agate you prefer, but are worried about choosing it might detract from its healing potential, don’t be.

This is one of the most universally soothing stones around!

Agate and Wealth

Agate is a stone that can bring abundance and fullness in all aspects of your life, particularly your financial life. When you work with the energies of this stone, you will feel enriched and empowered to achieve all your financial goals.

ET Crystal

This stone will strengthen your sense of reality and encourage pragmatic thinking.

This will be very beneficial when it comes to decision making, especially if you’re working on a budget.

In terms of increasing your mental sharpness overall, you will find that many colors of Agate come recommended because of how their innate colors enhance the existing powers of mental clarity within the crystal itself.

Those looking to seek their fortune through their intellect or ability to effectively reason are advised to seek it out.

For example, in way that is very similar to Opalite, Yellow Agate is very much linked to bright ideas and forward-looking thinking.

If your career is one reliant on keeping ahead of the game ideas wise, or otherwise using your logic or creative mind to move ahead, this is a good stone to keep close by.

The energies of Yellow Agate help to peel away the layers of muddiness or indistinctness that sometimes come with working in very mentally taxing careers, or moving ahead with plans for your own business that require remarkably sharp senses.

However, Yellow Agate also enhances willpower, which can assist in motivating you when your ideas seem to be coming up against one obstacle too many – or when you just plain feel as though there’s no point trying.

This inner inspiration can be gifted back to you with Yellow Agate, or any other colors of this stone.

The energies of this stone will also prompt you to think on your feet and take the necessary action with wisdom and authority.

It will guide you in making the best decisions without putting your finances in a precarious situation.

Many people looking for greater energy that unfolds more consistently over the course of a day in the office turn to Purple Agate.

It has a soothing quality and an energizing feel – you can turn it in your hand when mulling over work issues or unexpected challenges, and it calms you down besides through doing that.

Understanding this Purple Agate meaning makes this a form of Agate highly linked to effective mental function and accuracy of thought overall.

Even if you’re not physically handling the stone, but rather keep it in your desk, your purse or your pocket, its energies can’t help but clear up that dreaded brain fog we sometimes all suffer after lunchtime.

If you work in an office or at a place where there is a lot of ambient tension and stress – or worse still, somewhere full of coworkers with a very negative, nagging way of being – Purple Agate can work wonders.

It’s good for your all round aura, but also helps to block out external factors that can make you feel uneasy.

This is true of all Agate though, so it’s very popular with sensitive people or those with strong empathy who can’t help but get drawn into others’ energies.

This stone will attract a lot of positive energies that will keep you excited and enthusiastic about your financial ventures!

Agate, Love and Relationships

Agate has a soothing and positive effect on your emotions. When you work with Agate’s energies, the pain will not hurt as much, and the anger will not burn as hot.

It will help you maintain a positive attitude even if you are going through something difficult in your relationship. It will support your beliefs that all the challenges that you are going through are temporary.

And it will give you the reassurance that what does not kill you will only make you stronger. Whatever challenges you are experiencing will only strengthen your relationship.

Agate will promote stability in your relationship and remove the emotional disharmony.

It will allow you to talk about the things that are making you unhappy. It will give you the opportunity to right your wrongs and give your relationship another shot.

You will also become more secure about yourself and deal with the unexpected with confidence.

Agate will help you overcome negativity and let go of the bitterness in your heart. It will help you focus on all the blessings that you have and just be grateful for them!

This stone will show you how you can let go of your anger, expand the love in your heart, and gather the courage to make a new beginning. It will inspire you to fill your life with only good and wonderful things.

Agate will show you how to maintain your composure and keep a level head even when you’re experiencing problems in your romantic life.

There’s no avoiding these struggles, but always remember that you decide how you’re going to handle these struggles.

Agate symbolizes emotional endurance. This stone will encourage you to weather the storm together and believe in the promise that you made to one another.

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Every relationship experiences problems and challenges. With the help of this stone, you will be able to surpass all your trials and become better people for it!

Agate will promote maturity in your decisions. It will remind you that being in a relationship with someone means being responsible for their happiness as well.

The healing properties and resonant romantic energies of Agate of all kinds means there is no right or wrong kind to use in bringing peace and serenity to your love life.

However, as you might imagine, the rich and loving hues of Pink Agate make for a particularly romantic interpretation of this energy.

This is especially true of those looking to gift Agate of some kind to a partner – the richness of Pink Agate can’t help but carry your emotionally profound admiration alongside it.

Pink Agate is beautifully symbolic of relationships because of its make up.

It’s partly translucent and partly opaque, just as sometimes in love we can feel obstructed in perspective one moment and see everything between our partner and ourselves clear as day the next.

For this reason, Pink Agate is prized as a symbol of love and fertility, but also a symbol representing the balance of the divine masculine and divine feminine energies – the Yin and the Yang, brought into balance.

However, because Agate is such a versatile and positive stone, you don’t need to think that only Pink Agate will help you in this regard.

Overall, you’ll find that there are many examples of Agate that represent different things to a relationship and its growth.

Crazy Lace Agate will promote fidelity in your marriage and trust in your relationship. It will strengthen your bonds, and it will increase the love that you feel for each other.

This stone will also remove feelings of envy or jealousy. Instead, it will give you fearlessness and emotional strength.

It’s a stone of strength. You can always rely on the vibrations of this stone to give you that much-needed push and that last bit of effort.

Agate will remind you of your own strength, and it will encourage you to speak your own truth.

It will show you how you can forgive yourself for your shortcomings, and how you can learn to accept that there’s no perfect lover or relationship.

Agate will direct your focus on the things that truly matter. It will remove the distractions from your life so that you can better focus on what you want.

The energies of Agate will soothe and calm you. It will clear your mind and unload what’s in your heart.

Agate will also help you accept the fact that you will not get your way every single time.

It will not always work out the way you planned, but being happy and glad despite the circumstances is what will make the difference!

Blue Agate

How to Use Agate for the Best Results?

Agate is cut into cabochons, small sculptures, beads, and other practical items such as bookends and paper weights. It’s also a popular stone to make into jewelry because of their beauty and metaphysical properties.

Having it close to your body will activate all your chakras and unlock a whole bunch of healing benefits!

It’s a very protective stone that can ward off any kind of harm or negative energy. Keep it inside your purse or slip it in your pocket whenever and wherever.

The beauty of this is that this stone cannot help but calm and inspire you, even if you do not fully understand the overall Agate meaning and what it can offer you.

Likewise, anyone who is a skeptic of New Age healing or similar spiritual practices can similarly benefit from having an Agate stone close at hand for good luck.

It will bestow its blessings upon yourself and your nearest and dearest even without any direct belief, faith or encouragement.

The immediate beauty of Agate stones, together with their cost effectiveness and how easily a skilled craftsman or woman can shape the rock, makes it a popular gift.

Therefore, you might be encouraged to find that you can help someone you love obtain the benefits of Agate and its influence, without insisting they follow this world view.

Simply offer Agate in the form of jewelry, stitched as a sequin into clothing, or via an otherwise thoughtful handmade gift, to really convey its positive energies to anyone of your choosing.

While those not inclined towards these matters may not thank you directly, you may well find that he or she enjoys a sudden upswing in good health, relaxed outlooks and overall peace of mind!

Agate Crystal

How Much Does Agate Cost?

You can easily purchase an Agate online or from gemstone jewelry stores at very reasonable prices.

You can buy a piece of Agate for as low as $5 to as high as several hundred dollars, depending on the kind of Agate and the carat weight.

Agate stones that have exquisite-looking scenes and bands can be priced more, but they will still be affordable to collectors and Agate fans.

Angel Aura Quartz: Meanings, Properties and Powers

The price of Agate can be determined by its cut, carat weight, and bands structure. The price also increases when the carat weight does.

A good cut that highlights the bands on the Agate enhances the beauty of the stone, which means that it’s worth more.

Bright stones that consist of unique and uncommon bands are also valued more in terms of money.

The sculptured and carved pieces made of a single Agate stone will also cost more compared to pieces where more than one Agate stone is used.

Agate is porous in nature and often artificially stained or dyed to enhance its appearance. Doing so can help increase the stone’s net value.

Handcrafted jewelry items are made from the well-created Agate stones of different carat weights.

Earrings, pendants, broaches, and rings made from Agate are adored by women in every part of the world.

Because of its natural beauty, there is an appreciation of Agate crystal all over the globe, and there isn’t a culture around that hasn’t featured these stones in some way.

And because Agate is easily shaped, it has been used in jewelry for centuries.

Perhaps without realizing, people are thereby attracting the good energies of Agate to themselves when using it as jewelry.

Those who are elegant in both appearance and demeanor are likely to be those who let themselves enjoy Agate crystals in their jewelry and clothing.

Because this stone is so versatile, you will find that it’s very easy to combine Agate of different colors with any outfit or look you want to cultivate.

Agate can also help you to find the confidence to carry off new looks if you’re trying to experiment, enhancing your natural allure and strength.

However, Agate has an everyday look as well, making it down to earth – you won’t come off as too showy while wearing it.

Again, because of the versatility of the stone, it has been used in every kind of metal, and each affects the value and preciousness of the final piece.

You will find plenty of options while shopping for the perfect Agate stone jewelry.

It is idyllic for jewelry wear on a daily basis. Sterling silver, 18-carat yellow gold, 18-carat white gold, and platinum are often used for making beautiful Agate jewelry.

However, silver is used the most among all these accessible metals. This is because silver enhances the beauty of Agate more than yellow gold.

White gold and platinum are used less because they are more suitable for industrial purposes.

Agate is rated between 6.5 to 7 Mohs on the hardness scale. Its hardness rate specifies it as a sturdy and long-lasting stone.

Therefore, its care and maintenance are quite general, but precautions must still be taken if you want your Agate to last a lifetime.

Although Agate is hard and does not require a lot of upkeep, taking good care of it will make your Agate jewelry looking like brand new.

Greeks used Agate to protect themselves from the hazards of the sea.

During the ancient times, Agate was used as powerful amulet or talisman to protect the wearer from all kinds of dangers. It also bestows anyone who wears it with the necessary strength.

European royal families had a passion for collecting bowls made up of Agate that can be seen in European museums today.

When it comes to physical healing, healers suggest using Agate for curing all sleep-related problems. It also helps in relieving problems with the pancreas.

Blood circulation can also be improved with the help of this versatile gemstone.

Apart from the medical treatments, Agate also creates a balance between the physical, emotional, and spiritual states anyone who wears it.

It can enhance your analytical ability and improve your perceptiveness. It can also eliminate and cleanse the negative energies from your body.

This multi-faceted gemstone is plain but elegant. It’s beautiful and powerful and can be worn on different occasions.

Try wearing a beautiful piece of Agate and experience the difference in your body, heart, and mind. It’s definitely worth trying!

My Final Thoughts on the Power of Agate

Agate is not only beautiful and readily available everywhere, it also has some of the most wonderful harmonizing energies.

It will relieve you of your stress and anxieties and bring in more energies of calm and serenity.

Just spending a few minutes with this stone will feel like you have just spent a relaxing hour at the spa!

Agate will also work on helping you get in touch with your emotions. It will make you more comfortable and open to acknowledging and accepting what you’re feeling.

With the help of this stone, you will be able to release your resentments, jealousies, insecurities, and bitterness.

You will be able to repair damaged relationships and fortify them with love, trust, understanding, and commitment. All thanks to the strong and loving energies of Agate!

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