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The September Birthstone – The Complete Guide

The September Birthstone – The Complete Guide

Sapphire is the September birthstone.

It is most desired in its rich and pure blue color. But its pink, green, and yellow varieties are also just as desirable.

Throughout the Middle Ages, Sapphire was believed to protect people from harm. It was also revered as a symbol of trust and loyalty.

The September birthstone, similar to Taurus birthstone, is a precious stone of nobility, faithfulness, and wisdom. Focussing the mind, promoting self-discipline, and carrying higher powers are other properties.

When people say Sapphire, they often refer to the royal blue variety of this gemstone. Although it also occurs in all colors of the rainbow, except for red.

The lovely Sapphire gives people who are born in September a full spectrum of choice when selecting the color that best represents them.

Origins of the September Birthstone

Although Sapphire usually refers to the rich blue variety of the corundum mineral, this royal gemstone actually occurs in a rainbow of colors.

Sapphires come in all colors except red. Red Sapphires are classified as Rubies.

Trace elements like magnesium, copper, chromium, titanium, and iron give naturally colorless corundum a hint of green, orange, purple, yellow, or blue.

September birthstone

Sapphires that are not color blue are referred to as fancies.

Pink Sapphires tow a fine line between Sapphire and Ruby. This is because they must meet a required color saturation before they can be considered a Ruby.

There are pinkish-orange Sapphires that are called padparadscha. They can actually command higher prices than some blue Sapphires.

The name ‘Sapphire’is from the Latin word sapphirus and from the Greek word sappheiros, which means‘blue stone’.

Some also believe that it originated from the Sanskrit sanipriya, which means ‘dear to Saturn’.

Sapphires originate from North America, Africa, Brazil, Australia, China, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Thailand, and Myanmar. Their origin can affect their value as much as carat, clarity, cut, and color.

Because of the extraordinary hardness of Sapphires, they are not just valuable in making fine jewelry but also in industrial applications.

They are often part of building scientific instruments, electronics, watches, and high-durability windows.

Sapphires represent integrity, sincerity, nobility, and loyalty. They are responsible for focusing the mind, maintaining self-discipline, and directing higher powers.

The September birthstone has been famous since the Middle Ages. Back then, the blue color of the Sapphire represented heaven and invited wise judgment and divine favor.

Ancient Greeks wore Sapphire for guidance when searching for answers from the oracle.

Buddhists believed it encouraged spiritual enlightenment, and Hindus made use of it during worship.

Early Christian kings valued Sapphire’s protective powers by putting it in ecclesiastical rings.

Ancient Hebrews believed that it was on Sapphire tablets that the Ten Commandments were engraved. Although now historians say that it might have been Lapis Lazuli stones.

Violet-blue Sapphires historically came from India’s Kashmir region in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

The most expensive Sapphire was a Kashmir Sapphire. It sold at $242,000 per carat at an auction in 2015.

Australia was also a significant source of Sapphires until the discovery of deposits in Madagascar in the 1990s. Today, Madagascar is the leading Sapphire producer in the world.

In 1902, a process that produces synthetic Sapphire was developed by French chemist Auguste Verneuil.

The bounty of synthetic Sapphire introduced industrial applications, covering integrated circuits, scientific instruments, high-durability windows, and satellite communication systems.

Sapphire became a symbol of royal love in 1981 when Lady Diana was given a 12-carat Blue Sapphire engagement ring by Britain’s Prince Charles. Prince William also later gave this ring when he proposed in 2010 to Catherine Middleton.

Blue Sapphire continues to be one of the world’s most beautiful and rarest gemstones.

September Birthstone Sapphire
Uncut and rough Sapphires.

Key Traits and Hidden Meanings

Those with Sapphire as their birthstone are intelligent by nature. And they usually remain cool even in the most chaotic and problematic situations.

However, they don’t easily open up to people, and they constantly find it hard to trust others.

Those who have Sapphire as a birthstone are calm and collected. They are fiercely intelligent and sharp, and they will not hesitate to tell just what’s on their mind.

They don’t lack in kindness. But people will have to try really hard to get to know them on a deep and personal level. And they just don’t open their hearts to anyone who wants to be a part of their lives.

September birthstone people also often find themselves in powerful positions, managing a large group of people, or running a business.

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Sapphire gemstones usually come in a lovely deep blue color, but they also come in purple, orange, pink, and yellow.

If Sapphire is your birthstone, you are someone very generous.

You are kind, caring, and giving, maybe even to a fault.

You are also very loyal and hardworking. And you are always very fun to be around because you make people feel at ease with your warmth and humor.

People should just not get on your bad side. You notice everything. And if someone crosses you, you are more than ready to let them know about every mistake they have ever made.

You are sincere, and it’s only natural that you hate anything fake and pretentious. This also applies for your relationships.

It takes a while for you to trust people, but you are kind and giving by nature. You often find yourself in a position of power because of your intelligence, work ethics, and ability to relate to people.

You are strong and wise, and you use your calm demeanor to lead. Also, you are also very meticulous when it comes to details. And you remember even the littlest things.

People with a September birthstone have a very strong preference for all things genuine and natural.

They are very sensitive to anything fake and insincere.

Sapphires represent wisdom, purity, faith, serenity, and loyalty. They also symbolize wise judgement and kindness.

People born under Sapphire possess all these traits, as well as inner strength, confidence, and self-belief.

They are very good at finding solutions to problems, at giving advice, and at focusing on the task at hand.

They know how to approach a sensitive situation at work or at home. And they don’t let their emotions get in the way.

Sapphire people also tend to be the mother hens of their groups. They like to make sure that everyone is having a good time.

They make sure that everyone gets home safely, and that they have everything ready whenever loved ones need anything.

But despite this, they still have a lot of time to let loose, kick back, and have fun!

They may be a bit guarded and reserved at first. But once you get to know them, September birthstone people are warm and accommodating.

September Birthstone People

They usually hold authoritative positions, and they take their time when it comes to earning their trust.

Sapphire people are suave and agreeable. They are careful and cautious with their decisions, and they are very strong at organizing everything that they do.

They also can be overly critical at times. And they like to point out other people’s mistakes when the situation calls for it.

But they have a mean stubborn streak. They are very confident when it comes to their goals and dreams.

They don’t have a hard time striking up a conversation with strangers. This is beneficial to both their personal and professional lives.

And even though they are quiet and reserved, they are able to express themselves very well. They are calm and collected in stressful situations, and they are kind and sympathetic to the plight of other people.

They have a strong sense of concern for others. And they are loyal and generous family members, friends, and lovers.

They are knowledgeable and clever, and they are always on the hunt for new information. They also have no problems motivating themselves when there’s a lot of work to be done.

But they can be secretive and aloof. They can also show no emotion in certain situations, but they have a very loving and understanding heart.

September birthstone people are always fun to be around.

They love playing all kinds of sports, and they will spend money on leisure and travel in a heartbeat.

However they also have a tendency to bottle up their feelings. They can be very choosy when it comes to relationships, personal or otherwise.

The Color and its Hidden Meaning

Sapphires make stunning gifts for anyone born in September, or any couple celebrating their fifth or 45th wedding anniversary.

Whatever your reason for buying Sapphire, you can’t go wrong with this beautiful stone!

Whether you’re looking for a classic blue or another shade of Sapphire, it will still be a lovely stone that will suit any taste.

Just like Diamonds, Sapphires are evaluated by their color, cut, clarity, and carat size, as well as their country of origin.

Color is the key indicator of the price of a Sapphire. The highest valued Sapphires are a dazzling and vivid blue that sometimes have a little hue of violet.

Sapphires come in almost all colors, except red. Some Sapphires are orange in color, changing from blue to reddish purple depending on the light present.

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Blue Sapphires typically have better clarity than Rubies, although they usually have long, thin rutile inclusions called silk.

Inclusions generally make gemstones less valuable, but they can actually increase the value of Sapphires that display asterism.

The size of Blue Sapphires can range from a few points to several hundred carats.

Most commercial-quality Blue Sapphires weigh less than five carats. LargerBlue Sapphires can be quite rare but are more readily available than large Rubies.

The largest faceted gemstone quality Blue Sapphire ever found is at the National Museum of Natural History. It’s 423 carats.

Sapphires usually undergo a heat treatment to improve color and clarity. This makes untreated natural gemstones rare and very valuable.

Sapphire is most desired in its pure, rich blue color. The gemstone’s purity and symbolism of heavenly grace also embody other enviable attributes, like faithfulness, trust, and loyalty.

People with a September birthstone are frequently calm, mindful, and fiercely intelligent.

They are usually kind, but they can seal themseves off when it comes to their emotions. They may find it hard to show their vulnerabilities.

While trusting people can be a tough exercise for them, they are very strong in all aspects, and they have a quiet confidence about them.

This stone can also boost self-discipline and make you more able to resist giving in to wrong impulses.

For this reason, wearing a Sapphire necklace if you’re born in the month of September will strengthen and enhance these qualities.

Necklaces, Rings, and Jewelry for People Born in September

Sapphire Necklace

Blue Sapphire is most commonly used in engagement rings, and rightly so, because it represents purity and faith.

Because of its association with purity and heavenly grace, it was also a favorite of priests and churches from early Christian times.

Prince William bought his wife a beautiful Sapphire ring to show his enduring love and undying loyalty.

Sapphire meaning extends to spirituality and healing, signifying focus and strength, as well as learning and psychic activation.

The stone is believed to stimulate the third eye and throat chakras, allowing anyone who wears it to access a deeper level of consciousness and achieve a greater understanding.

You can keep a Sapphire in alignment with your throat chakra by wearing it in a bar necklace or Carrie style necklace.

Sapphires are also symbolic of integrity, self-discipline, and justice. Reiki practitioners use these gorgeous stones to channel healing power.

Professionals from all walks of life use them to promote awareness and stimulate the mind.

Some traditions believe Sapphires to offer medicinal attributes that range from curing illnesses, tumors, and sores, to preventing diseases.

This birthstone represents truth, honesty, purity, and dependability. Its significance makes it one of the most popular gemstones for engagement rings.

If given to a loved one, it will work to shun evil and enhance the good tidings of Venus.

It is also believed to prevent various health issues such as cancer, burns, inflammations, fevers, and hearing problems.

Sapphire weighs 9 on the Mohs hardness scale and is slightly more malleable than the Diamond, which is a 10.

It is difficult to find flawless Sapphires, though. This is why gemologists make gorgeous and flawless Sapphires in labs.

There is a beautiful variation of this birthstone, known as the Star Sapphire.

The reason is the distinctive marks at the center that intersect and link in a way that forms a six-pointed star.

It’s very easy to clean your Sapphire jewelry using just a mixture of dishwashing soap and lukewarm water.

You may gently brush off any dirt particles using a bristle brush. Wipe dry and store separately from abrasive items or other harder pieces of jewelry.

Do not allow contact of your Sapphire jewelry with harsh chemicals. Chemicals like chlorine can ruin or make your Sapphire jewelry fade.

The value of Sapphires varies greatly. Jewelers appraise their purity and size. A fine quality blue Sapphire will increase its price when the size of the gem also increases.

There’s a huge selection of lockets and rings, along with other exquisite Sapphire monogram jewelry that includes necklaces, rings, and bracelets.

With such a rich history and deep significance, a necklace is a must-have for any person born in September.

Blue Sapphires and other fancy-colored Sapphires make for exceptional jewelry. For those with a September birth month, these exquisite stones hold extra meaning.

For pendants and necklaces, you can choose an oval pendant, a pendant intertwined with Diamonds, or Sapphire set inside a diamond of hearts.

Styles of rings also vary significantly and can be customized with a halo setting or in a band studded with Sapphires.

Sapphire earrings make a wonderful gift that is perfect for everyday wear. Choose a simple pair of studs or drop earrings for a more elegant look.

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For bracelets, consider wearing one with halo settings. Choose a special Sapphire for a gift that will be cherished forever and passed down for generations.

Just take note that Sapphires are usually treated in some way to improve their color and appearance.

Heating is a common treatment for Blue Sapphires. This heat-treatment results in a durable and stable Blue Sapphire that permanently retains its enhanced effects.

Lattice diffusion is another treatment that can improve Sapphire’s color. This involves packing a Sapphire into a crucible with coloring agents like Beryllium or Titanium until it reaches the melting point. This allows the elements to permeate the stone and change its color.

Pink Sapphires can turn pinkish-orange or orange with Beryllium diffusion. While this kind of treatment is a permanent one, there are some cases where the added color is not deep and could be removed when the stone gets chipped or recut.

A less stable and less common treatment is filling in surface-reaching fractures with high lead content glass, resin, epoxy, or oil.In some cases, a colored filler can also be used.

Sapphires that are treated with a filler need special care. The filler can get damaged by contact with high heat or harsh chemicals. Even mild substances like lemon juice can alter high lead content glass.

Before making a Sapphire purchase, ask whether your Sapphire has been treated. The jewelers will be able to tell you if the stone is natural or synthetic, and whether it has gone through any kind of treatment.

Sapphires are relatively hard, with a ranking of 9 on the Mohs scale. It has very good toughness and no cleavage. This makes it an excellent stone for rings and other settings for everyday jewelry.

Warm, soapy water is always a safe and good choice for cleaning the Sapphires. Steam cleaners and ultrasonic cleaners are also relatively safe for untreated, heat-treated, and lattice diffusion treated stones.

You should clean cavity-filled, fracture-filled, or dyed material only with a soft and damp cloth.

Now that you know more about Sapphires, you’ll be happy to know that the beautiful look of this birthstone is right within your reach!

My Final Thoughts on the September Birthstone

Sapphire Druse
A Sapphire druse.

Sapphire has the ability to protect whoever wears it against evil and poison. It was once a common blieve that when you place a venomous snake inside a vessel made of Sapphire, the snake would die!

It’s a favorite gemstone of priests and kings because it symbolizes wisdom and purity. It also represents faith, serenity, loyalty, and dignity.

Sapphires have the ability to treat blood disorders, fight off excessive bleeding, and fortify the walls of the veins. The September birthstones also calm overactive body systems, regulate the glands, and treat cellular disorders.

Sapphire’s healing energies free you from your inner prisons and psychic difficulties that make you shut down your emotions.

It eases the effects of depression and uplifts moods. It brings calm and concentration and brings back the balance in the body.

This stone also helps those who are easily influenced by the opinion of others. It encourages a fuller understanding of one’s self and helps one become more secure in their own wisdom and knowledge.

Sapphire carries astuteness and spiritual power, as well as prosperity. It helps one hold on to and share the gifts of life.

It focuses and radiates its energies to fulfill the desires and dreams of the consciousness without consciously initiating it.

Sapphire also activates the higher mind and strengthens awareness, communication, psychic vision, extrasensory perception, and inner knowing.

It enhances the strength of mind and learning abilities. It also increases wisdom when going through negative situations. This is a stone that lets one act as a conduit in channelling received information.

Sapphire is an excellent stone to use past life therapy, helping one remember other lives and the lessons that they provided.

You can also use it to promote trance states and hypnosis, and to transmute negative energies.

Now that you know all about the September Birthstone, you are now ready to buy your very own beautiful piece!

September Birthstone

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