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Black Star Sapphire: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Black Star Sapphire: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Black Star Sapphire Properties

Black Star Sapphire, with its mesmerising golden star, is one of the most fascinating and intriguing forms of Sapphire available.

It is different from other Star Sapphires because the star in this one is formed because of Hematite and not because of Rutile silk.

The presence of Hematite gives Black Star Sapphire its golden color. It’s truly a magnificent stone that one just cannot help but fall in love with it!

What also sets this kind of Star Sapphire apart is the presence of twelve rays in a star pattern.

Regular Star Sapphires only have six rays.

It is commonly found in Thailand and West Africa, particularly in Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea.

It can also be found in Myanmar, India, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, and a few other localities.

It usually happens that together with the star that’s formed because of Hematite plates, the stone also contains Rutile silk.

But the orientation of the silk forms another star at the same center point as that of the Hematite star. This results in a gorgeous twelve-rayed star!

The optical phenomenon called asterism, is responsible for it’s dazzling rays, which is taken from the Latin word astrum, meaning star.

Black Star Sapphire is rare and a very sought-after stone by collectors. Sapphire jewelry is therefore often expensive and highly desired. This is also because the stone can exhibit a phenomenon where there are two stars side by side instead of just one.

It is often low-domed to best display the star. High domes can make the arms of the star appear invisible, with only a golden sheen that’s clearly visible.

Why Would You Use Black Star Sapphire?

This is a stone that offers protection, as well as centering and grounding capabilities. It will also give you the confidence to trust your own intuition.

When you’re employed, trying to look for a job, or trying to keep a job, the energies of this stone will support you in achieving it, and even improve your current job situation.

It is also a wisdom stone. It will calm your thoughts and eliminate your mental tensions, allowing for a greater and sharper focus.

This will bring serenity and peace of mind. All signs of depression or spiritual confusion will also be neutralized or alleviated.

Black Star Sapphire will give you wisdom in any kind of situation, especially when you use it in meditation.

It will open your mind to intuitive understanding and increase your faith and hope!

It’s also considered a stone of abundance and prosperity because it will attract all kinds of gifts and blessings.

You will receive more material, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual blessings, and it will promote wealth and richness in all aspects.

It is a very receptive stone. It’s very feminine in nature and can be used for calming, relaxing, and soothing.

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It can also be used to have more love, compassion, wisdom, and abundance in your life. It’s a very potent stone that will promote friendship, lucid dreams, restful sleep, and even fertility.

This stone’s healing energies will help you become more eloquent in your communication.

When it comes to healing, it will align the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual planes and restore the balance in your body.

When placed on the throat, the healing energies of this stone  can help release your frustrations and allow you to express yourself.

Black Star Sapphire is considered the most potent in magic for all kinds of uses.

It’s usually worn and used in ritual work to strengthen one’s abilities to receive and send power!

How Will Black Star Sapphire Help You?

Healing and Health

Black Star Sapphire can calm an overactive body system. It can also help in regulating the glands.

It’s known as the ‘eye stone’ because it can give healing to the eyes by eliminating the stress and the impurities.

It can also be beneficial in treating blood disorders and alleviating excessive bleeding. It also has the ability to strengthen the veins and increase their elasticity.

It is known that Black Sapphire can be an effective cure to a sore throat when placed on the neck. It can help with treating the common cold and flu as well.

It is known to alleviate body pains and help break fevers. It can also be very beneficial for the throat and vocal chords.

It can help in the treatment of the brain, as well as certain mental disorders and psychosomatic illnesses.

It can aid in treating problems affecting the circulatory system. It can also be helpful in cellular disorders.


Black Star Sapphire will enhance your analytical abilities. It will make things clearer for you so that you can better understand them.

It will also help predict the future so that you will achieve wonderful and prosperous results. It will boost your thinking power, and it will strengthen your decision-making.

It is also ideal for situations when you perform a lot of brain work and want to enhance your understanding abilities.

It’s an ideal stone that will help you ground your ideas into reality. It will also give you that extra energy to bring your projects through to completion.

Black Star Sapphire, Love and Relationships

It will enhance your creativity by strengthening your thinking abilities and creating love at the same time.

It will inspire you to love more deeply and become more devoted to the important people in your life.

It will increase your luck in love and strengthen the bonds that you share with your significant other. It will also help you build a better relationship that’s built on love, trust, and kindness.

Unlike blue star sapphire, Black Star Sapphire also carries a cheerful and optimistic energy that will gently get rid of your anxiety and depression.

It will bring your relationship into greater peace and harmony. It will also encourage clear communication between you and your significant other.

It will remind you to remain true to yourself and allow your light to shine!

Crystals H

It will help you realize that you do not need anybody’s permission or approval to live the life that you want.

It will also strengthen your instincts and help you better anticipate your partner’s intentions and reactions.

How to Use Black Star Sapphire for the Best Results?

In ancient times, this stone was considered a powerful talisman in guiding and protecting travellers and all kinds of seekers.

This stone is made up of the most durable materials, and it can be worn every day in just about any kind of gemstone jewelry, including earrings, necklaces, pendants, rings, bracelets, pins, and brooches.

If sapphires are cut correctly they are perfect for jewelry that’s often exposed to a direct light source, like cabochon sapphire rings.

Earrings may not receive as much direct light for their rays to show, but they can work just as well.

Like yellow sapphires, black star sapphire is not always available in large sizes, so most jewelry pieces will only feature small stones.

Some are available in large sizes, and these can be made into oversized rings and pendants. They are also quite popular for men’s jewelry.

It can also help in clearing evil thoughts. Like with pink sapphires it can be used when your thoughts and emotions are starting to become negative.

It will clear your heart and mind and bring them back to a peaceful and positive state. It’s a very helpful stone when you want to gain wisdom that will guide you in changing your life.

The Best Combinations to Use

Black Star Sapphire is a highly supportive, loving, and protective stone.

Combine it with Black Tourmaline, Black Obsidian, Golden Topaz, Fire Agate, Apache Tears, Chiastolite, Herkimer Diamond, Labradorite, Moonstone, or Peridot.

You can also strengthen your willpower when you combine Black Star Sapphire with stones like Tiger Iron, Tigers Eye, Alexandrite, Prasiolite, Red Jasper, Hematite, Blue Tigers Eye, or Garnet.

Five Beautiful Images of Black Star Sapphire

Black Star Sapphire meaning

Black gemstones have a very protective energy that provides you a retreat from people who want to see you fail or unhappy.

Black Star Sapphires give you this sense of personal power.

These stones make you feel powerful in a physical sense, making you more daring but stable.

This stone will strengthen your connection to your physical and natural world.

It will also let go of your fears that are related to your existence here in this world.

It’s a stone that will offer protection from negativity and provide a better way to live your life without fear.

Black Star Sapphire meaning

Aside from offering protection, these stones also keep you centred and grounded.

They show you how to trust your own intuition. They also help you in keeping your job and excelling at it.

If unemployed, this stone will boost your employment prospects.

They are known as wisdom stones.

They will calm your thoughts and ease your mental tensions so that you can focus better.

As a result, you will achieve serenity and peace of mind. Your confusion and depression will also be removed or neutralized.

Black Star Sapphire meaning

Use a piece of Black Star Sapphire to impart wisdom in any kind of situation.

This stone will help you achieve intuitive understanding that will strengthen your faith and sense of hope.

Crystals A

The healing energies of this stone also attract prosperity and abundance.

Use it if you wish to change or improve your financial status. These stones are extremely receptive.

Receptive stones are almost always feminine in nature and can be used for fertility, love, friendship, dreams, prosperity, and spirituality.

Black Star Sapphire meaning

This stone is very beneficial to the chakras.

When your chakras are out of balance, this can manifest as lethargy, low enthusiasm, and boredom.

When your spiritual energies are blocked or out of balance, you may feel scattered or disconnected from reality.

With the help of this stone, you can regain your stamina and strength in all aspects.

Your spiritual energies will be revitalized and rekindled, and you will get back your sense of power.

This stone can give you the wisdom that will help you achieve success.

Its energies can boost your brain and your concentration. By increasing your intelligence, you will have the ability to overcome any kind of difficulty.

Black Star Sapphire meaning

It can offer you the best solution for a particular situation or problem.

It’s the perfect stone to have with you if you’re dealing with complex information or if you just want to organize your cluttered thoughts.

Its healing energies will inspire you to release old and worn out ideas so that you can make room for new and better ones.

If what you’re after is clarity and wisdom, this stone will help you achieve it.

It will remove the unnecessary thoughts and ideas from your mind so that you can better concentrate on the important things.

My Final Thoughts

Black Star Sapphire will draw you into its depths and unlock your intuition.

It will help you center your thoughts and anticipate other people’s desires and intentions.

It’s a stone that will facilitate a clear channel for healing, and it will create a connection for working with light beings and the angelic realm.

It’s an ideal stone for healers and teachers, or anyone who just want to be of service to others.

It will help you avoid burnout and better take care of your overall health.

It will radiate its positive influences to whoever wears it.

It will not only attract love and romance, but it will also ward off negative energies of all kinds.

It will strengthen your faith, and it will support you in following your destiny. It will also infuse you with hope and optimism when things get challenging in your life.

Black Star Sapphire will also attract energies of prosperity, abundance, endurance, wisdom, and fulfilment!

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