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Covellite: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Covellite: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Covellite Properties

Covellite is an opaque stone that usually has an indigo-blue, blue black, brassy yellow, deep red, or purplish color. It has a submetallic to resinous luster.

It’s a copper mineral that presents a unique iridescence, which makes it a highly valued stone among collectors.

The name Covellite comes from the Italian mineralogist who first discovered this mineral in 1832 in Mount Vesuvius, Italy. His name was Niccolo Covelli.

Covellite is also known as Blue Copper, Covelline, Indigo Copper, Covellonite, and Covellinite.

Some of the finest Covellite can be found in Sardinia, Italy. There are some very colorful Covellite stones that can also be found in the Bor District in Serbia, as well as in Montana and Colorado in the USA.

Covellite can also be found in places like Wales, Alaska, Germany, and Peru.

Why Would You Use Covellite?

Covellite is a stone that will help you transform your dreams to reality by infusing you with positivity, especially if you pair it with Turquoise.

It will help you achieve a positive outlook, and this positive outlook will help you manifest these dreams in real life.

Covellite possesses powerful metaphysical properties that will enable you to properly harness its energies. When you achieve this, it will allow both small and big miracles to happen in your life!

This stone is known to open doorways to your past lives. It will guide you as you discover the wisdom that you had obtained and the experiences that you had gone through in your past lives.

Covellite will also unlock your psychic gifts, like inner vision, clairvoyance, or past life recall. This stone will stimulate your third eye chakra as well.

An amazing piece of Covellite stone

The energies of Covellite will also promote lucid dreaming and astral travel.

This is a stone that you should have if you wish to contact your spirit guides.

Covellite will expand your intuition and make you more sensitive and aware to events that take place in this world and in other worlds.

It will help you become more responsive to your spirit guides’ energies, which will facilitate easier communication.

Covellite is a stone of intellect. If you are a psychic, medium, channeler, or tarot reader, working with Covellite will assist you a great deal because it will help your mind become more organized.

It will help you communicate in a better and more structured way that will be easily understood.

Covellite will also work in enhancing the flow of electrical energy in your body. It will awaken the energies and break down any kind of blockage that’s preventing it from coursing throughout the body.

This stone is also good when it comes to grounding yourself. It will ensure that the stone’s grounding energies keep you feeling motivated. It will remove any signs of restlessness or spaciness.

When you use it Prasiolite, it will help your mind achieve higher realms of consciousness and reach higher frequency energies.

Covellite will also assist you in expressing the knowledge and information which you have gathered very clearly to others.

How Will Covellite Help You?

Covellite, Healing and Health

Covellite is a powerful healing stone that can help in many physical and mental ailments. Its ability to enhance the electric flow of energies in the body can aid in treatment and recovery.

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When you keep a Covellite stone close to your body, it can help purge the toxins and boost the functions of your organs.

Covellite is known to help in the treatment of cancer, particularly breast cancer.

It has the ability to organize disordered cells.

It’s a supportive stone that can help in healing the throat, mouth, nose, eyes, and ears when you pair it with Mookaite Jasper.

Covellite has high copper content, which also makes it useful in easing rheumatism and arthritis symptoms.

This stone can be very useful against microbial infections, as well as yeast and fungal infections.

Women who are having reproductive issues, like infertility or irregular monthly periods, can also benefit from this stone.

Covellite and Wealth

Covellite is a Seeker stone. It will help you become successful on a new endeavor or a new effort.

A cute piece of Covellite jewelry

This stone will guide you in discovering new opportunities and new goals.

It will also bring energies of strength and renewal into your life.

Financial pursuits that you have shelved or lost track of will make a bigger and better comeback, and this stone will help you manage the demands of the job.

Covellite will attract abundance and prosperity.

It will support you in your foray to business and entrepreneurship, and it will help you in the everchanging landscape of this industry.

Covellite will give you accelerated energies that will make you flourish and eventually succeed!

Covellite, Love and Relationships

Using Covellite’s energies on your relationship will promote healing for yourself and your partner.

It will give you the release that you need from certain unhappy or unhealthy situations.

Covellite is especially helpful in releasing the negative energies in your love life. It will get rid of feelings of insecurity, jealousy, bitterness, or resentment.

It’s known to increase your libido, so you can definitely use this stone if the problems in your relationship concern your sex life!

The positive vibrations of this stone will also enhance a positive outlook in you and your partner.

Say goodbye to self-defeating attitudes. You will be getting rid of negative thinking and your pessimistic views about life in general.

It will help you transform a problematic relationship into a healthy and loving one. It will show you how you can approach an issue with composure and confidence.

Covellite is a stone of release, which means it will help you get rid of unhealthy habits, harmful behaviors, and selfish thought patterns.

It will remove your arrogant and vain tendencies and replace them with positive and empowering attitudes.

It will also help you release yourself from the clutches of the past. It’s what’s holding you back and preventing you from being happy with the love that you have.

Covellite will help you let go of what’s no longer needed and come up with resolutions to perceived challenges and problems in your relationship.

It’s a fresh start stone that will help you look forward to new beginnings and welcome new discoveries. It will help you learn more about yourself before you can truly make a meaningful change in yours or anyone’s life.

Covellite will enhance your communication skills so that you will be able to share what you think or feel more clearly. It will also encourage positive speech that will inspire and motivate both you and your partner to be better people.

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This stone will act as a reflective mirror that will show both your good side and dark side.

It will reflect your heart and soul and show you what you fail to see under normal circumstances.

It will make you see flaws in your thoughts and problems with your behavior that are affecting your relationship right now. It will give you the courage to accept them and deal with them with maturity.

The energies of this stone will make you realize that love is a two-way street. It’s not about getting what you want all the time. It’s not about who’s always right and who’s always wrong.

Covellite will make you feel less anxious and vulnerable. It will infuse you with energies of courage, self-assurance, and poise.

Covellite will promote an attitude of gratitude. It will encourage you to feel thankful for all the good things that are happening, and to focus less on the things that your relationship lacks!

How to Use Covellite for the Best Results?

Covellite is very effective when it comes to removing blockages in your body that are stopping the flow of good energies.

Simply put a piece of Covellite stone in that particular area to remove the energy clogs!

You can either hold your Covellite piece physically against the afflicted area, or instead welcome it into your home as either a decoration or a crystal that you place beneath your pillow.

That last option is especially good for soothing headaches and troubled sleeping patterns.

You can also meditate very nicely with this stone, either by holding it, wearing it or having it near you when you are in a trance.

The energies of Covellite will enhance your natural intuition and psychic insight, and you might well be pleasantly surprised with the kinds of visions and lessons you can gather with this technque.

How to Cleanse Covellite?

Cleaning can be a pain for some, but it’s something that just has to be done. Just cleaning a dirty or cluttered room can change how you feel and brighten your outlook.

Cleansing and purifying your stones and crystals also has the same effect.

If you own a piece of Covellite, cleansing it lightens its energy and ensures that it’s vibrating its healing energies at the highest potential.

Every time you use your Covellite, it picks up all kinds of energy. Cleansing it will reset its energy. The next time you use it, you are starting with a clean slate from an energetic level.

If you don’t cleanse your Covellite, you will just keep storing energy there until your Covellite becomes a useless conduit.

For your stone or crystal to purify your energy, you have to cleanse its energy as well.

There are a few different ways that you can cleanse your Covellite. One method is by bathing it in sunlight or moonlight. Let your Covellite sit there for at least four hours.

You can also cleanse your Covellite with a Quartz or Selenite crystal. These crystals have the ability to charge and cleanse other crystals without losing or diminishing their own energies.

Simply lay your Covellite on a piece of Selenite or Quartz for at least six hours.

You can cleanse your Covellite by smoke as well. Burning Palo Santo or sage sticks and passing the Covellite crystal through the smoke will cleanse it and get rid of lingering energies.

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Covellite can also be energetically reset and cleansed when you bury it in the ground. You can hang your Covellite jewelry on the branches of a healthy plant for a day as well.

For your Covellite to manifest your intentions, you need to be clear about your intentions.

Sit quietly and hold the Covellite in your hands. Breathe in the highest and brightest white light and think about your intentions. Know that your Covellite is always listening!

If you’re cleansing and activating Covellite jewelry, wear it for 10 to 21 days straight after stating your intentions. When you first get your Covellite, you should solidify your bond with it immediately.

Like with any human relationship, it will take some time for you to sync your energies with your Covellite.

Make sure that you reaffirm your devotion to your own intentions by establishing them continuously with your crystal.

Doing this will strengthen your connection with your Covellite, and you will both be vibrating your resolutions only to the highest frequency.

Cleanse your Covellite on a regular basis, even if you don’t use it often for energy or healing work.

Keep the energies circulating. Keep them fresh, strong, and pulsating so that you will always benefit from them on an energetic level.

If you keep your Covellite cleansed and recharged, it will be a powerful ally in your journey through life.

It will be a very helpful tool wherever you want to go and whatever you want to do.

My Final Thoughts on the Power of Covellite
covellite meaning

Covellite is the stone that will help you remember or uncover knowledge about your past lives.

It’s a powerful stone that will guide you in pursuing lifetimes from the past and in releasing the karma that’s associated with the things that happened from those lives.

Covellite will help you obtain your Akashic records in the etheric realm and give you all the answers that you seek!

This stone will promote positivity in all aspects of your life. It will get rid of all the negativity surrounding you and protect you from them.

Covellite will help you transform your dreams to reality and manifest all that you desire.

Even if it’s known to be a stone of contradictions, Covellite will help you make sense of the events in your life and sort them out with wisdom and confidence.

This stone will encourage you to have a more positive attitude and outlook. It will work doubly hard to harmonize your body, mind, and soul.

It will maintain your humility of spirit, and it will make you understand that properly directed energies can make the impossible possible.

Covellite will help you realize that when nothing is stopping your energy flow, amazing results will happen, and miracles will take place in your life!

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