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Verdite: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Verdite: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Verdite Properties

Verdite is known as a variety of Fuchsite, which is a variety of Muscovite.

The green hues of Verdite is because of the traces of chromium present in the stone.

It is oftentimes a light green to dark green mineral that’s like Serpentine, which dates back to millions of years.

Verdite was discovered in South Africa in the North Kaap River, right in the areas where gold could be found.

It has been used by natives of South Africa for centuries as amulets and as ornamental stones. It’s very popular in African artworks and usually carved into human or animal forms.

This exquisite green stone is also known as African Jade or Buddstone.

Verdite usually exhibits Corundum, Rutile, Diaspore, Tourmaline, and Quartz inclusions. It also has a vitreous, pearly, or silky luster and can be translucent to opaque.

It’s often cut into spheres, beads, and cabochons. It’s also tumbled and used for inlay.

Verdite is commonly found in South Africa but can also be found in areas in Zimbabwe.

Why Would You Use Verdite?

Verdite will access and harmonize your past with your present so that it will not adversely affect your future.

This makes it an excellent stone for past-life exploration and retrieving information from the ancient ones.

It will let the ancient beings know that wearer of this stone is someone who’s stable and will only use the information for the highest good of everyone!

Amazing Verdite jewelry

Verdite will assist in the recovery of wisdom and regaining the memories of your past lives.

It will also help you become more in control of your own life, correcting both emotional and mental imbalances, and assisting the intentional direction of healing energies toward the problematic areas.

Verdite will help tame your unpleasant character traits, giving you an opportunity to polish those steely and abrasive aspects to your person.

This stone will stimulate your chakras, particularly the heart, solar plexus, sacral, and root chakras. It will also encourage you to go after your heart’s desires with joy and enthusiasm.

When you meditate with Verdite, you will be able stimulate kundalini energy, and you will be able to receive insights and visions from ancient civilizations.

During highly stressful moments and challenging times, Verdite will be very calming for your nerves and your senses.

It will also remind you that you are someone very self-assured, self-reliant, and self-sufficient. If there’s anyone who can handle these challenges, that’s none other than you!

Verdite will promote peace and harmony in your life. It will infuse you with calm and serenity, and it will positively influence your material world.

It’s a stone that will encourage you to be more patient, especially when looking after children or caring for the elderly.

How Will Verdite Help You?

Verdite, Healing and Health

Verdite can be used to cleanse and purify the blood. It can also help in the treatment of disorders of the heart.

It’s known to provide anti-poison properties in toxic states, and it can assist in raising decreased oxygenation in the body.

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Verdite can counteract dizziness, relieve migraines, and cure headaches. It can also help with menstrual pain and in treating disorders and problems in the reproductive system.

It can ease the symptoms of vertigo, diabetes, and hypoglycemia. It can also be helpful for those who are suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, senility, or dementia.

It can help treat dizziness and can be very beneficial in harmonizing the respiratory and circulatory systems. It can also assist in the body’s absorption of magnesium and calcium.

Verdite can be useful in harmonizing the circulatory and respiratory systems. It can be a good stone to use in cleansing the blood and in removing toxins from the body.

It can also increase resistance to infection and soothe allergic conditions.

Verdite and Wealth

It will support you in realizing your potential and remaining devoted to your life purpose.

Verdite will give you the strength to be loyal to the things, pursuits, and endeavors that are most important to you, and to do all you can to excel at them!

African Jade is extremely good at enhancing your insight, and enabling you to make the right decisions based on following your heart and tuning into your gut feeling on things.

Likewise though, it increases your concentration and sharpness of mind. There’ll be nobody able to pull the wool over your eyes with a bad deal with your Verdite around!

It’s an excellent stone to carry with you, especially if you often facilitate business dealings, assist with negotiations, make ethical decisions, and unify different groups to a single purpose.

Verdite, Love and Relationships

Verdite will help you discover deceit and uncover truths in your relationship.

If there’s anything that you feel is off in your relationship but you’re just too scared to confront it, the healing energies of Verdite will give you the courage to seek the answers that you need for your own peace of mind.

It will then give you the strength to accept the reality of the situation, and to move forward with solutions. You will be infused with confidence and clarity of thought to make the best decisions.

Verdite will also promote trust in your partner and faithfulness in your relationship.

There will always be relationship struggles, and the best way to overcome them is by working together to overcome your challenges.

The healing energies of Verdite will safeguard you against temptations, hurtful words, and malicious gossip.

This stone will strengthen the bond that you and your partner share, and it will inspire you to seek solace in each other whenever life starts to get overwhelming.

When paired with Lapis Lazuli, Verdite will reduce your irritability and your impatience when it comes to your significant other.

It will make you more understanding with your partner’s shortcomings, and it will make you more forgiving of situations that are beyond your control.

Verdite will also bring consistency, fortitude, and stability in your partner and in your relationship.

All the issues that you constantly worry about will be a thing of the past, and you can breathe a little easier knowing that everything’s going to be alright.

This stone will also give you a feeling of overall well-being, even in the face of challenges or adversity.

You will still find a reason to laugh and smile and have fun, especially when times are hard and the future is uncertain!

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The healing energies of Verdite will inspire you to be more loving, gracious, and compassionate, especially with your significant other.

You will not always be romantic with each other, and no matter how much you have in common, there will be instances that you will not see eye to eye.

Verdite will keep the love alive in your relationship, and it will help you stay true to your promises.

It will make you remember all the good times when you’re experiencing bad times, and this will prevent you from veering off the path.

It will keep you together, even when you feel like things will fall apart at any second. It will also inspire you to celebrate all the things that make your love a truly wonderful gift!

How to Use Verdite for the Best Results

Verdite is a wonderful stone in making jewelry and sculpture carvings. It’s also an earthling stone that will support your meditation activities and spiritual journeys.

When used in healing grids or crystal body layouts, it will stimulate your energy centers and promote the movement of the Kundalini energy

When placed on the throat, Verdite will help you with your communication. It will guide you in speaking about the past to resolve your issues that you have carried over to your present.

When used in Gaia healing, you can place it in an area of disturbed earth energies.

It’s also an excellent stone for gridding because it will correct any imbalance and guide the flow of energies toward the problem areas.

Make sure that you spend time with your Verdite stone to harness its energies.

Sit and meditate with your Verdite and feel its energies opening up and connecting with your chakras.

Find a special placein your home or office where you will see your Verdite often and be able to connect with it.

When you work with the energies of this stone, you will be able to elevate your personal energies and strengthen your connection with the earth.

The Best Combination to use with Verdite

Verdite can be used with a wide variety of stones and crystals to enhance its healing benefits.

Try combining it with Hematite, Amber, Tigers Eye, Dolomite, Moonstone, Howlite, Lodestone, Hemimorphite, Green Calcite, Lapis Lazuli, Kyanite, Fairy Quartz, Infinite Stone, or Carnelian to boost its effects!

You can also pair it with Bloodstone, Chrysoprase, Citrine, Fuchsite, Lepidolite, Malachite, Tanzanite, Petrified Wood, Leopard Skin Jasper, Garnet, Brecciated Jasper, or Aventurine to help you achieve your career goals and boost your business efforts.

Meditation with Verdite

If your past life and the life of your ancestors interests you a great deal then Verdite is a perfect stone for you to be meditating with.

It will put you in touch with your past life so that you can subconsciously learn a lot from it and hence apply the lessons learned in your current life.

This stone will also help you bring together your past and present so that the amalgamation of the two can lead to a great life ahead of you because harmony between these two is essential for your success.

It will also help you reach a level of wisdom that could be considered impossible to achieve without meditating with this stone.

This wisdom will allow you take certain decisions in life that are essential for your success and will also help you give the best advice to both your family and peers so that you can help everyone around you who needs figuring out what to do in life.

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Meditating with Verdite will enable you to become much more in tune with the cores in your body and soul and will help perfectly any and all imbalances pertaining to your emotional and mental health.

Helping to heal you from the inside, this stone will act as the best medicine for your soul as well as your body, curing all problematic issues causing you distress.

Meditating with Verdite will also enable to you trade in all of your personality traits that you’re not fond of anymore with new, beneficial traits that you can adapt easily.

Meditating with this stone for long periods of time will effectively help put you in touch with the ancient civilizations, transferring into you centuries-old knowledge and wisdom that you can use to improve your own life a great deal.

Whenever you feel stressed and overworked, Verdite can be your ticket to mental calm and peace as it attracts the energies that bring peace.

It will also make you a very pious and peace-loving person by reminding you that there’s nothing to be gained in conflict and that in fact, it’s when you help others that you truly start to find your own self.

This peace-loving nature will allow you to become the epicenter for resolving all sorts of conflicts between your family and friends and you will soon be loved by everyone for your efforts towards making their lives better.

Meditating with Verdite will also teach you the importance of being patient, which is a key ingredient when it comes to success.

Being patient will allow you to take the best decisions for yourself and all those around you and will help you a great deal when you’re dealing with other people.

If you’ve been going through a rough patch in your relationship recently then meditating with Verdite will change your outlook on your relationship forever.

You’ll learn to not take everything at face value and start to read in between the lines to see what your partner really expects out of you and the day you do that will be the day that you’ll once again fall madly in love with them.

My Final Thoughts on the Power of Verdite
verdite meaning

In general, Verdite stones are already activated and already doing its thing.

It will enhance your personal energies and pump out good vibrations.

You can connect your energies and combine forces so that you will also be able to connect with your higher self!

Remember to clear your mind and connect your energies with this stone.

Verdite will share its light and love with you when you also give your light and love to it!

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