Hematite: Meaning, Properties and Powers

Hematite Crystals can transform your life if used correctly. Discover how…


Hematite Properties and Meanings

Hematite is a shiny, dark-coloured stone found all over the world. It is made mainly of iron, which gives it its metallic sheen.

It also gives it an interesting quirk of naming – although the hematite that we see in our daily lives is dark grey, its name comes from a Latin phrase meaning “blood stone.”

Why? Because, when it is found naturally, the iron content is covered in rust.

In Ancient Rome, hematite was a popular stone for decorative purposes. Jewellery, weapons, and even armour decorated with hematite were traded widely.

The dark colour was thought to be especially intimidating or protective.

Hematite stones are opaque, not the strongest of stones (it has a 5-6 on the Mohs hardness scale), and they have a strong metallic lustre.

When found in nature, it will be rough and red, but once polished, it takes on a beautiful, mirror-like sheen, which makes it extremely popular in semi-precious jewellery.

Just like Amethyst, this stone’s energy is earthy, and it is one of the best stones that you can use to harness the power of the element of earth to lend you strength and dispel negativity.

If you are interested in learning how to use hematite’s power, simply read on!

Why Would You Use Hematite Crystals?

Hematite’s powerfully earthy energy means that it can be used for almost any project that involves the power of the element of earth.

Earth is the element that rules the physical world, money, practical thinking, and decision making.

As I’m sure you can imagine, this makes the powers of earth extremely popular and beneficial!

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Thinking in a solid, logical way that will also improve your material and financial life is a pretty positive way to go through life.

Specifically, hematite is a good stone for organizing one’s thoughts and developing logical thinking skills.

Hematite Tumbles Example
Hematite Tumbles

This is a useful stone for improving your skills in subjects such as mathematics, argumentation and debate, or problem-solving.

If you’re put off by the idea of a stone benefiting “logical” thinking, and worried that it might negatively impact your creativity, fear not!

In fact, logical thinking is a prerequisite for creative thinking.

The most creative thinkers, from painters like Picasso to scientists like Einstein, or even young children, are actually the most ruthless appliers of logic.

They apply logic so rigorously that they come very quickly to conclusions or ideas that other people would dismiss as “crazy.”

In other words, if you feel that your creative thinking is stagnant and you want some more, then applying hematite to improve your logical thinking skills is the best thing you can possibly do for yourself!

It also has strong emotional benefits, because, as many dark-coloured stones do, hematite dispels negativity and “purifies” the emotional realm.

It balances its user’s self-esteem and self-vision by sweeping away all the negativity that so often clouds our understanding of ourselves.

By using hematite, you make way for more positive energy to enter into your life.

Hematite’s main property could be described as “grounding.”

If you tend to have a “flighty” mind, prone to distraction, lack of focus, or anxiety, or even if you feel that you have a strong imagination, but that it’s impacting you negatively, this could be the perfect stone for you.

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It won’t “kill” your imagination – quite the opposite, as described above! – but it will give you an increased ability to focus your mind in a productive way, rather than becoming psychically distracted.

How Will Hematite Help You?

Hematite can benefit you in multiple different fields of your life.

It is best known for its positive effects in business and career fields, but it can also be helpful in your romantic relationships, your family life, your spiritual development, and your general perspective towards yourself.

Hematite and Wealth

First, let’s tackle hematite’s role in your career. Because of its connection to the element of earth, this is one of the best stones you can use for its financial benefits.

Remember, earth is the element that rules money – why do you think American money is green?

If you’re seeking a promotion, a raise, or maybe a whole different job that will benefit you from a financial perspective, hematite is a great stone to incorporate into your life.

Its power will not only make people see you in a more positive way, but also give you the skills of strong logical thinking and practicality that are so rare and valuable in most career fields.

Hematite, Love and Relationships 

When it comes to interpersonal relationships – whether romantic, familial, or just friendly or social – this is the perfect stone for keeping you far away from “drama.”

Crystals R

While some people seem to attract fusses like magnets, hematite will repel all that unnecessary, negative, attention-seeking behaviour.

From a spiritual and emotional perspective, hematite is a good stone for fostering gratitude for what you have.

Appreciating what you have in the here and now is one of the single healthiest things that you can do for your mind and spirit.

Hematite and Healing

I would also be remiss if I didn’t mention hematite’s history as a physically healing stone. Hematite has been used for centuries in medicine for a very good reason – it contains iron!

Iron deficiency is the cause of many health problems, so it’s only natural that an iron-containing stone would be touted for its healing properties.

Hematite has been said to have positive effects on the heart and the circulatory system. It can also ease symptoms that are exacerbated by stress or anxiety, due to its grounding properties.

Remember, however: crystology is never an acceptable substitute for professional medical attention! Never use any stone as a replacement for seeing a qualified doctor or medical professional.

Furthermore, it should be noted that, due to hematite’s iron content, any sort of healing process that requires you to consume any quantity of the stone should be regarded with extreme caution and skepticism.

Iron is an important micronutrient, and if you’re an Ancient Roman, then taking a hematite elixir might be a great way to get it, but it can quickly become toxic if you’re literally eating the metal.

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Get your iron nutrients from spinach or red meat instead, and save hematite for spiritual nutrition.

How to Use Hematite Crystals for the Best Results?

Because hematite is both very aesthetically pleasing and relatively inexpensive and common, hematite jewellery is quite easy to procure.

As such, a nice range of hematite jewellery is a gery easy thing to collect.

I recommend wearing hematite as a necklace or bracelet. Both necklaces and bracelets place hematite over your vital pulse points, thus maximizing its protective energy.

Wide cuff bracelets and choker-style necklaces are especially excellent for driving the point of the protection home, and making you feel a little more like Wonder Woman, but bangles, pendants, or strings of stones are great too!

When you are preparing for a difficult confrontation (especially one that has to do with money), put on your hematite like armour!

This strong, protective stone will keep you emotionally and spiritually safe, and it should be thought of as having that purpose.

When you put it on, think of yourself like a knight in a movie putting on his armour before going into battle.

If you don’t feel like wearing jewellery, then the effects of carrying a piece in your pocket are perfectly good too.

Make sure to carry a piece when you go to a job interview, a meeting with your boss, or a promotion or tenure appeal.

Placing hematite around your house is a great way to dispel negativity, especially if you have the sense that your home is in the path of some sort of negative energy.

Many people living in cities feel that the “vibrations” of the city disturb their home, making them feel nervous and stressed.

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Placing hematite near doorways or windows (ideally over the door and on the windowsills) will purify the energy that is entering your home.

This also applies if, for whatever reason, the “energy” of your house itself feels wrong.

Many people who believe that their houses are haunted by traumatic memories would benefit from placing some hematite in the house to “suck out” the residual negative energies.

If you are suffering from nightmares (or have a partner or child who is), place hematite under your (or their) bed or pillow in order to keep the negative energies that cause nightmares at bay.

This can also be beneficial if you are suffering from insomnia, especially insomnia brought on by anxiety, although I recommend speaking to a medical professional if this is a persistent issue.

The Best Combinations to Use with Hematite

Considering hematite’s earthy energy, it can very effectively be combined with stones that display the powers of the other three elements (air, fire, and water).

Sets of these stones will promote balance in your life, as incorporating the energies of the four elements is one of the best way to create a well-rounded psychic lifestyle.

Stones for the other three elements could include clear quartz for air, topaz for fire, or aquamarine for water, although there are plenty of other options! Do your research and choose stones that feel right for you.

When you are using elemental stones, you can either use all four of them at the same time, use them at different times of day, depending on the type of energy you need (for example, fire when you’re waking up, air when you’re going into work, earth partway through the day when you need discipline to get through difficult tasks, and water at the end of the day when you go home to your family).

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Like all stones that dispel negativity, hematite should regularly be combined with a stone that increases positive energy.

With any stone that dispels negativity, if positive energy is not brought into the life in a balanced way, the outcome can be a void, and while negative feelings are removed, they may be replaced by a certain numbness, apathy, or sense of detachment.

Good options for stones that increase positivity include pearls, ametrine, and aventurine. All of these stones improve harmony and strong relationships within your life.

By incorporating these stones alongside hematite, you can pull out the toxic energies and relationships from your life, and replace them with positive, healthy energies.

Finally, since hematite is associated with the root chakra (the chakra that grounds us in our physical reality), it can be effectively combined with other chakra stones, in order to address problems that involve two or more chakras that are either blocked or overactive.

For example, when the root chakra is blocked, it frequently indicates a “spacey” attitude and a disconnect from reality.

When combined with, for example, a blocked solar plexus chakra (the chakra that rules ambition), this could lead to extreme complacency and unwillingness to take the next steps in your life – the stereotypical “adult living in his parents’ basement.”

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In a situation like this, combining hematite with a solar plexus chakra stone, such as prehnite or imperial topaz, can address this problem as efficiently as possible.

How to Tell if Hematite is Real?

Most of the Hematite stones that you will see have a metallic gray color because they have been highly polished.

But the appearance of Hematite is not really metallic gray but more like a silvery dark gray. Hematite is harder than iron but also more brittle. It’s sometimes called a black diamond.

If you will cut a Hematite in very thin plates, it would look transparent and red.

Watch out for imitation stones that are quite common. There’s a synthetic form of Hematite which can be purchased for a more affordable price and it’s known as Hematine.

It’s made from artificial iron oxide powder or from ground Hematite. It’s combined with resin and then molded or shaped into beads.

The best way to know if your Hematite is the real thing is by streaking your Hematite on porcelain. It can be a porcelain plate or a porcelain tile.

If it’s real Hematite, it will streak red. If it’s not, it will streak gray.

You can also perform the magnet test. A real Hematite does not get attracted to a magnet while Hematines do.

If you’re shopping for a Hematite and you see gemstone dealers advertising its magnetic powers, they are peddling the synthetic and man-made kind.

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Genuine Hematite does not have magnetic properties. The magnetism in Hematine is because of the powdered iron oxide.

It’s important that you find reputable and credible gemstone dealers when you’re buying Hematites or any other gemstone for that matter.

A gemstone’s price is not always a guarantee that what you’re buying is the real thing. However, a company’s good reputation should put your mind at ease.

Do your own research about new gemstone dealers and try to avoid the incredibly flawless but inexpensive crystals.

Check out the seller or dealer’s credentials on their websites. You can find many credible sources that sell authentic gems and crystals, but there are also those who sell manufactured stones.

Hematite is a highly sought-after gemstone because it can be used for divination.

This stone is often used in foretelling by positioning it to reflect a candle’s flame. Focus on the flame’s reflection on the Hematite and think about a question that you want to be answered.

It is believed that Hematite is a male gemstone because of the excess of iron in its structure. Iron is typically a male element.

However, anyone can use it, especially if your intention is to create, invite, inspire, restore, or strengthen love.

Its healing energies will promote peace and balance in any relationship. It’s also believed that this stone will give you better concentration and mental clarity.

If you own a piece of Hematite, make sure that you don’t cleanse its energies with water.

There are other ways to cleanse it, like using other cleansing crystals. Hematite itself can also cleanse other stones and crystals.

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It’s always best to put Hematite directly on your skin. Others recommend making an elixir, but the best way to use your Hematite and enjoy its healing properties is through direct contact.

My Final Thoughts on the Power of Hematite Crystalshematite meaning

Hematite crystals are a great option to introduce into your life if you feel that you are having trouble grounding yourself in reality.

This might mean an overactive imagination, persistent feelings of anxiety, or difficulty progressing in your career. It promotes logical, practical thinking, which is the foundation for all great ideas.

It is also a surprisingly wonderful stone for relationships, since its ability to ground you in logic and practicality will prevent the flights of fancy that cause problems in some relationships!

Anxiety, doubt, and imagination are at the core of many of the communication problems that couples face.

Have you ever thought about the role that a “grounding” stone could play in your life, even as a creative individual? Does that interest you?

If so, please like and share this post to get the word out about one of the best stones for improving your connection to reality!