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Brochantite: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Brochantite: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Brochantite is a highly attractive stone that allows its user to create a great connection with the divine realm while also facilitating in the sharpening of one’s intuition.

It is also a great stone to be used during meditation as it allows for a free flow of energy throughout your body while boosting your physical and spiritual vitality.

Brochantite Properties

Brochantite is a very beautiful stone that is found in the colour green, the shade of green varies in accordance to where the stone was extracted.

It can often appear to be bluish green when observed under transmitted light but is usually found in different shades of green which include emerald green, light green, and green black.

With a Mohs hardness of 3.5 to 4, it has a very pearly luster. It has a specific gravity of 3.97 and has a monoclinic crystal system.

Brochantite was named back in 1824 by Serve-Dieu as a way to honour the French mineralogist André-Jean-François-Marie Brochant de Villiers.

It is usually found in locations such as Nassau, Namibia, Greece, Italy, England, Mexico, Spain, USA, Arizona, and Chile.

A small prismatic crystal, Brochantite usually exists in needle-like form, sometimes even crusts and coatings culminated together on the same rock and are often found alongside other minerals such as malachite and azurite.

It is associated with the Zodiac sign Capricorn and will be most efficient when a Capricorn wields it.

Why Would You Use Brochantite?

You can use Brochantite for the various different metaphysical properties it brings alongside it to develop a much deeper connection with the divine realm and gain a better understanding of your life and the universe.

It can be used to sync up and align all of your chakra points so that a free flow of energy is created and you can fully feel the effects of Brochantite on your physical and spiritual body.

If you are someone who wants to do astral travel and explore the depths of the metaphysical world and the divine realm then Brochantite is the perfect stone for you.

Not only will it help you navigate through the metaphysical planes but it will also aid in the absorption of knowledge and wisdom from other beings and events.

If you are someone who has to be on the move a lot by the nature of his or her job then Brochantite can be used to keep your energy levels boosted at all times so that you never feel jaded before an important event in your life.

Brochantite can also be used to help ensure that you have the greatest chance at survival whenever you’re faced with a life and death situation.

By gaining the confidence about your vitality and life with the help of Brochantite you can go into every type of situation head first, without the fear of getting struck down or dying.

Brochantite can also be used to push yourself to move away from the status quo and take some initiative or the other to change your life around.

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By allowing you to take initiative, Brochantite will enable your life to become much more happening and you will be able to avoid the boring monotony that becomes the centre of most people’s lives.

You can also use Brochantite to change your attitude towards life in general by allowing the stone to bring in a fresh wave of optimism and positivity.

With this new optimistic outlook on life, you will be able to achieve great new heights of success as your mind and emotions would not hold you back from taking big risks and decisions.

Brochantite can also be used to shape one’s own personality towards whatever way the user wants and it also has the ability to highlight your personal individuality.

This will allow you to stand apart from everyone around you so that you’re the heart of every gathering and no one misses you.

If you are someone who is in a position where they have to negotiate a lot then Brochantite can be used to help aid in the cause of diplomacy.

You can also observe the stone to check for any clues or hints as to what’s about to happen next in your life, it is said that Brochantite is known to lose its luster to warn its user about a danger that is looming large in the shadows.

How Will Brochantite Help You?

Brochantite is also an amazing stone for healing as it has a number of different healing properties that allow its user to fend off any diseases or illnesses with greater ease.

Brochantite is very beneficial for people who are suffering from joint pain, arthritis, and inflammation as it helps relieve the pain and swelling, allowing for a swift recovery.

If you live in a very polluted area due to industrial or natural waste, using Brochantite will enable you to fight off various different types of pollutants by boosting your immune system.

Brochantite is also known to be so anyone having issues regarding these can use this stone to get better.

It is also a very good stone for smokers and factory workers as it helps provide protection against chronic lung conditions and may also help remove any blockages from your bloodstream.

If you are someone who does not treat their body like a temple and are used to putting all sort of junk inside it, Brochantite will help you fend off any diseases or issues that come associated with an unhealthy lifestyle.

Brochantite will also enable you to sharpen your intellect and intuition so that you’re always leading from the front and beating your competition.

If you are someone who is looking for a reboot of their physical and spiritual being so that you can become more in tune with the plan of the universe, Brochantite will help heal you from the inside out.

This will enable you to forget about all the mistakes and errors you’ve made in the past and will allow you to look towards the future with a much more optimistic lens.

If you are about to undergo a long journey, one that requires a lot of effort and sweat, Brochantite can be helpful in water retention.

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It is also a great stone for blood pressure patients as it allows for a free balanced flow of blood throughout the body.

Brochantite and Spiritual Healing

Brochantite is a very effective stone when it comes to spiritual attunement and alignment of all of the body’s chakras.

By allowing all of your chakra points to sync up, especially the heart and the base, Brochantite allows you to generate a consistent flow of balanced energy that is highly essential for emotional and spiritual healing.

By allowing you to develop a deeper, much stronger connection with the divine realm, Brochantite allows your soul to gather nourishment for itself during your astral travels.

The harmony and synchronization of the mind and soul, courtesy of Brochantite, encourages you to feel happy and satisfied from the core of your soul.

By allowing you to heal the emotional scars of the past, Brochantite will enable you to take charge of your feelings and emotions so that you can become the master of your own life.

Brochantite also helps protect your mind and soul when you’re travelling through the metaphysical realm so that your spirit doesn’t pick up any unintentional injuries.

The healing properties of the stone allow protection of the soul against all kinds of evil and negative energies.

Brochantite, Love, and Romance

Known to initiate sexuality and desire, Brochantite is a great stone to keep on your person if you want to succeed in your love life.

If relationships are something that you’re not good at then Brochantite can be your loyal companion always enabling you to become much more compassionate and articulate.

It will allow you to express your feelings with greater ease to your partner so that there is no miscommunication between the two.

By instigating your inner desires, Brochantite will enable you to share highly intimate and affectionate moments with your partner that will result in a stronger bond.

By bringing peace and calmness to your mind and heart, Brochantite will enable you to spend more time and effort on your relationship so that you have no regrets later on.

If you are looking to solidify the bond between you and partner by taking your relationship to the next level, calling upon the powers of Brochantite will allow for a much smoother and successful transition.

Brochantite will bring in the energies of love and desire all around you so that you and your partner are both affected by its influence.

This will allow the two of you to always be on the same page when it comes to handling expectations which is the key to any successful relationship.

If you are someone who is still looking for their special someone then the energies of love and affection that Brochantite brings will enable you to speed up your quest of finding the one.

By connecting your heart chakra with your base chakra, Brochantite allows for the energies of love and desire to flow throughout your entire body so that you may feel deeply about your other half.

It will also enable you to think much more clearly and intuitively about where you want to take your relationship and will give you the courage to take you and your partner down the path that you’ve chosen.

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How to Use Brochantite for the Best Results

As with many other crystals, the best way to use Brochantite is to meditate with it and allow it to influence your body from the inside out.

You can do this by sitting in a silent place, where no one can disturb you, and concentrating on the powers of the stone.

The fact that Brochantite is able to adjust the amount of energy released is perfect for those who want to keep this stone on their person as a part of jewelry on just in your pocket.

Having this stone around you at all times will enable it to work its magic 24/7, filling up your surroundings and body with positive energies.

Meditating with Brochantite will enable you to suck in the positive energies that reside within the stone so that your physical, as well as a spiritual body, can gain the most benefit.

You can use it to rediscover yourself and your innermost desires by clearing your mind and allowing the stone to show you visions.

Wearing it as a part of jewelry is also a great way to go about keeping Brochantite on your person as it is also a very beautiful stone to look at.

You can use it in a locket, pendant or ring form.

In order to take the most benefit out of Brochantite, it can be combined with a variety of other copper-based stones such as Eilat Stone, Malachite, Dioptase, and Chrysocolla.

Since most of these copper-based stones are green in colour, they sync in well with each other and help resonate the heart chakra to the fullest.

When combined and used with other stones, Brochantite has the ability to boost your intuition and intelligence to its full potential.

My Final Thoughts

All in all, this beautiful stone can be a great companion for you on your journey in life as it will stick by you and keep providing its healing and protective energies if you allow it to.

Its ability to help you develop a stronger connection with the divine realm will be the foundation of your success as it will allow you to understand what sort of person you truly are from the inside.

It will enable you to pinpoint all the essential desires of your heart and will boost your intuitiveness so that you can decide the best strategy on how to achieve them.

Perfect for beginners, you cannot go wrong with Brochantite.

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