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Crystals for Meditation – The Complete Guide

Crystals for Meditation – The Complete Guide

Meditation is beneficial to every aspect of your being.

It relaxes you on a physical level by relieving your tension, slowing down your heart rate, and lowering your blood pressure.

It has the ability to quiet your mind and bring you a sense of peace and serenity.

Through meditation, you can release negative emotions which burden your heart, replacing them with feelings of peace, love, and acceptance.

On a spiritual level, meditation allows you to reach higher states of consciousness that allow you to access higher realms.

This brings about a greater sense of awareness that makes you see unseen insights, answers, and solutions.

There are many other reasons why you meditate. They include developing intuition, cleansing thoughts, purifying emotions, and learning from higher senses.

It helps you travel along your spiritual path and bring about changes in your life. It shows you how you can gain control of your thoughts and emotions, and how you can express them.

Meditation allows you to delve deep within yourself to explore and discover your innermost being.

Meditation Crystals

Can Crystals Really Help in Meditation?

Some people use crystals to assist them in reaching a deep meditative state.

Any healing crystal can be used during meditation. There are certain crystals that calm the body and clear the mind.

Other crystals help you easily reach higher states of consciousness.

Using crystals for meditation is a powerful way to deepen your meditative experience. As well as to achieve a specific result in your meditation.

Meditating with crystals raises your awareness, deepens your intuition, and brings insight.

When it comes to meditation crystals, there’s no right or wrong crystal. But it’s good to pick a crystal that has healing energies that are in line with what you want to accomplish in your meditation.

Meditating with crystals enhances and magnifies your meditation. It’s also a nice way to explore different crystals and how your body resonates with their energies.

Crystals may be worn or held during meditation so that you can better absorb their properties. They can also be placed before you as a focus object to help you maintain your concentration.

How Crystals Help in Meditation

You can place a crystal on the heart chakra to achieve emotional balance or on the third eye for mental clarity.

No matter how you do your meditation: it requires an atmosphere of silence and a way to calm your mind and body. Like sound repetition, visualization, or breathing techniques.

Crystal meditation is an effective way of speeding up your inner and outer growth. It also increases your power and helps you forge nonphysical connections.

It’s a good way of helping you better understand the world and the universe. It also allows you to better control yourself in your own reality.

Crystal meditation helps you to understand yourself.

And it also reduces your fears when crises come up.

When they do, you will be more confident because you possess a powerful tool that can support. And also guide you toward the best solutions.

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Crystal Meditation

The Best Crystal For Meditation

Quartz Crystal is the best crystal for meditation because you can program it with your meditative intention.

It brings focus and mental clarity, and it activates all levels of your consciousness.

This crystal brings the energies of the stars into your soul. And it harmonizes your energies with the energies of the universe.

It aligns your emotions, thoughts, and consciousness, and is considered a crystal of power.

Meditating with Quartz Crystal is very beneficial in many areas.

Your psychic abilities are stimulated and amplified. And it also makes it possible for you to maintain your calmness and clarity in all situations.

It has the ability to decrease the negativities in your life which inhibit your emotional stability. It provides enhanced energies and promotes patience and perseverance.

Quartz Crystal is used to activate and clear the energy centers in your body. It attunes to the heart chakra.

When placed on the third eye chakra, you can focus more clearly so that your mind becomes empty.

Meditating with Quartz Crystal gives you a feeling of oneness during your meditation.

It also promotes reflection and magnification of your thoughts so that you can evaluate the inner reaches of yourself.

Quartz Crystal clears any emotional disturbances and enhances your state of self-love and self-acceptance.

Other Benefits of Quartz Crystal

In addition to that, Quartz Crystal purifies your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. It heals your judgment and perspective from negativity.

It directs your materialistic energies to the spirit realm. And it also enhances your positive thoughts to feelings of harmony, love, and light.

Whether the crystal is carried, worn, or placed in your environment. The brilliance, warmth, and force of it remain attuned to the energies of anyone whom it is connected to.

This crystal radiates divine white light and allows you to work with this light.

It receives, amplifies, conducts, and generates energy.

And finally: it opens your psychic centers and enables you to meditate on a deeper level. It’s very helpful in meditation when trying to contact or align your spirit with your higher self.

What Crystals to Combine With Quartz Crystal to Help With Meditation

There are many crystals that you can use together with Quartz Crystal. Use your intuitive energy and see which one calls out to you first.

Peridot is good for meditation because it clears your mind and relaxes your body. Its healing properties release negative blockages and negative energies to cleanse your body.

Amethyst calms and centers your mind so that you can expand your consciousness. It enhances your visualization and helps you release negativity.

It’s known as the all-purpose crystal and gives you clarity when there’s confusion in your mind. It relieves your anxiety and stress so that you can achieve deeper meditative states.

It’s a calming crystal that works on your physical, emotional, and spiritual plane to provide peace, patience, balance, and calm.

Meditating with this crystal promotes contentment, happiness, and peacefulness. It also gives inner strength and emotional stability.

Citrine is excellent for removing negative energy. It enhances mental clarity, willpower, and confidence. It’s a happy crystal that promotes a calm state of mind and a relaxed state of being.

Aquamarine quiets your mind and promotes self-awareness.

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Opal clears your extraneous thoughts while meditating and helps you remain focused. It keeps you concentrated on your higher goals.

Dumortierite increases your mental discipline and brings you inner guidance and patience.

Fluorite works like your mind’s vacuum cleaner. It clears your confusion and releases negativity in your mind.

It also boosts your concentration and allows your mind to enjoy a centered space and maintain a meditative state.

Jade is a crystal that brings serenity and releases your negative thoughts. It soothes your mind and easily puts you in a relaxed state.

Picture Jasper has a very deep connection with the Earth. It helps to ground you and connect you to this crystal’s vibration. It also awakens your initiative and creativity.

Labradorite deepens your meditative level and heightens your consciousness.

Lapis Lazuli supports your self-examination and increases your concentration.

Moonstone invites calmness and peace of mind. It allows you to receive direction from your unconscious mind and encourages self-reflection.

Rose Quartz is very calming and soothing and emits vibrations of peace, harmony, and love. It heals the relationship troubles that leave you feeling emotionally troubled.

Apophyllite creates a connection between your physical and spiritual realm. It also keeps a strong connection with your body during out of body travels.

It enhances your intuition and spiritual vision. This crystal eases your journeys into your past lives and is a powerful transmitter of energies.

Azurite is a wonderful crystal stimulating, cleansing, and attuning to your psychic and intuitive development.

It helps you enter a meditative and channeling state when combined with Quartz Crystal.

Cathedral Quartz attunes you to the Universal mind and supports you with the evolution of consciousness.It is also excellent for group work and helps raise the vibration of thought.

Celestite reveals the truth and brings you balance and alignment. It’s a deeply peaceful crystal that opens a connection to universal energies.

Danburite activates your higher consciousness which links to the angelic realms. It opens up to higher levels and aligns your heart to them.

And it facilitates deep change, promotes lucid dreaming, and clarifies your aura. It also acts as a karmic cleanser.

In addition to having the properties of Clear Quartz, Golden Healers promote spiritual communication in long distances. Including between worlds. It empowers multidimensional healing.

Lavender Star Sapphire is a rare crystal that opens your intuition and focuses your thoughts. It’s an excellent crystal in anticipating other people’s intentions.

It awakens and stimulates the kundalini and aids your meditations and visions.

Lepidolite releases negativity and activates your chakras, bringing you cosmic awareness and removing your blockages.

Okenite facilitates karmic healing by helping you understand your karmic debts and how much they are responsible for your present. It’s a good crystal to prepare you for channeling.

Prehnite promotes deep meditation and allows you access to the universal energy grid. It brings protection and peace. And it shows you how to be in harmony with everything in the universe.

Chrysoprase’s healing vibrations help in getting rid of old emotional traumas that you have stored deep in your heart.

Addressing old wounds helps boost your emotional capacity. As you heal your heart, you will also find it easier to quiet your noisy mind.

The more you heal and open up space in your heart, the clearer your soul purpose becomes. You can finally achieve a state of balance within and you experience your mind quieting down.

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Meditation Crystals

How to Use Crystals For Meditation

  1. Pick a room that is quiet and warmly illuminated. It should be a room that you can use every time you will be meditating.
  2. Wear something that you are alright with. However try not to wear any shoes.
  3. Pick your crystal, and place it under the sun for a whole afternoon to charge it properly.
  4. When you are seated comfortably, begin a cadenced breathing pattern. Breathe in through the nose, hold your breath for a couple of moments, and gradually breathe it out.
  5. As you breathe out, imagine conflicts, pressure, chaos, and stress leaving your body.
  6. Get your meditation crystal with your left hand and gaze upon it. Study its appearance and feel the power of its vibrations and how your body responds to it.
  7. Proceed with your rhythmic breathing while thinking of your positive affirmations. Feel yourself relax and settle down into a state of peace and stillness. Embrace the feeling of peace. Feel the weight of the day leaving your body and your heart beating with the energies of the universe. When you feel prepared to come back to your space, count down from ten to one. At one, open your eyes and inhale deeply a few times.
  8. Stay seated and allow yourself some time to get back to your reality. Appreciate the moments and the vibrations that fill you as you think about your meditation experience.
  9. Place your crystals before you and make sure that you cleanse them after use. You may need to get up and move around and allow the energies to flow. (When you feel floaty, hold a piece of Smoky Quartz to anchor you)
  10. You can choose to remain outside on the grass barefoot. Allow your body to be grounded by the earth underneath your feet. Also, drink a lot of water.

Final Thoughts on Meditation Crystals

It doesn’t matter whether you choose to do a meditation for stress relief or for psychic gift development. You can combine different crystals to achieve your desired results.

Also, it doesn’t need to be a very long and drawn out meditation. Most of the time, you only need about five minutes for a short meditation.

Any meditation session can become a crystal meditation just by adding in crystals and holding them in your hand.

You can program crystals, but Quartz Crystals have powerful properties that amplify whatever you put to the crystal.

Crystals are very easy to use. By simply holding them in your hand during your meditation, you are employing the crystal’s energies to clear your mind and reach a relaxed state.

Crystals for Meditation

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