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Blue Dumortierite Quartz: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Blue Dumortierite Quartz:  Meanings, Properties and Powers

Blue Dumortierite Quartz Properties

Blue Dumortierite Quartz is usually formed as Quartz inclusions, and this combination and formation result in a natural and beautiful blue Quartz gemstone.

The name Dumortierite is named after the French paleontologist, Eugene Dumortier.

Blue Dumortierite Quartz often exhibits a beautiful blue color and often used as an ornamental stone.

It’s usually made up of dense fibers which give the stone a tough durability.

The major source of gemstone quality Blue Dumortierite Quartz is in eastern France. Other important sources of this stone include Colorado, Washington, and Nevada in the USA.

There are also Dumortierite crystals in Austria, Russia, and Madagascar.

Why Would You Use Blue Dumortierite Quartz?

Blue Dumortierite Quartz is a crystal that will teach you to stand up for yourself. It will inspire you be brave and take control of your own life.

To achieve this, the energies of Blue Dumortierite Quartz will help increase your level of patience.

A gorgeous piece of Blue Dumortierite Quartz

This crystal will stimulate your brain and enhance your intellectual abilities.

It will help you increase your mental skills, both language-based and mathematical.

Blue Dumortierite Quartz is very stimulating to the pineal gland, which is located on your forehead behind the third eye.

If you have psychic abilities, using the energies of this crystal will help amplify your psychic gifts!

These crystals will also support you if you’re working on your psychic employment.

If you’re a tarot reader or astrologer by profession, you will enhance your accuracy in your interpretation of information that you receive from your divine mind.

Blue Dumortierite Quartz has a strong ability to help in your intellectual activities and develop your mental abilities.

This crystal is a very useful tool for anyone who’s studying and need to retain a large amount of information. It will also strengthen your willpower and boost your capacity for self-mastery.

Blue Dumortierite Quartz will stabilize your emotions, and it will create a major change in your life.

This crystal will remind you that when you’re willing to do the work, this crystal will bring you many blessings.

It will encourage you to be patient, which will be very helpful when you work with people or the public.

It will keep you calm during tense or emotional situations, and it will help you keep your wits about you.

Using Blue Dumortierite Quartz will boost your telepathic abilities. It will also increase your capacity to hear the thoughts of others.

This crystal will stimulate your brain and your mind in many different levels, so it’s an extraordinarily helpful stone to use.

By assisting with your intellectual activities, this crystal will help you in different aspects of your life, including utilizing your psychic gifts that your intellectual activities bring through.

How Will Blue Dumortierite Quartz Help You?

Blue Dumortierite Quartz, Healing and Health

When it comes to physical healing, Blue Dumortierite Quartz can be beneficial in curing headaches, nausea, vomiting, and cramping.

It can also help in the treatment of diarrhea, hypersensitivity, epilepsy, and even colic.

It can be placed on any affected area of the body and the healing will take place. This crystal can also help in easing sunburns, sore throat, travel sickness, and stomach aches.

It can help address other intestinal problems, and even ease the symptoms of depression and homesickness.

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Blue Dumortierite Quartz can also help with alleviating the pains of carpal tunnel syndrome.

It can hasten the recovery period after going through surgery.

Blue Dumortierite Quartz and Wealth

The energies of this crystal will help you learn through your difficulties and challenges and apply all the lessons in your financial pursuits.

This crystal will also increase your self-discipline and improve your organizational skills.

It will make you more productive, allowing you to create order in your workplace and sort out your thought processes and procedures.

The level, consistent energy that you’ll find yourself enjoying thanks to your Dumortierite quartz will be just the impetus you need to succeed. Better yet, you’ll find that it becomes easier to motivate others because of this too.

For people who are coming up with new ideas or money making solutions, this is very valuable – as is the element of persuasiveness this stone can help you to find.

Blue is the color of the throat chakra, from which all communication stems in life. That even includes digital communication and written communication, so not just speech alone.

You’ll find that communicating the values of your ideas becomes much easier with this stone at your side, and because of that, it’s a superb way of putting together a dream team to accomplish your goals!

Blue Dumortierite Quartz, Love and Relationships

This crystal will help you end vicious cycles of hurt and heartbreak in your romantic relationship.

It will help you detach yourself from your irrational emotions and be smarter about your decisions. This will make working through your relationship issues so much easier.

Blue Dumortierite Quartz will help you deal with your problems and recognize the patterns in your relationship.

It will help you understand the underlying reasons for these problems and guide you in addressing them.

This crystal will help you stand up confidently for yourself and fight for your right to be happy. It will make you adapt to your reality and flourish in your present situation.

This crystal will give you the courage to speak your truth and make a change in your relationship, even if it means having to rock the boat.

Remember that part of the greater Dumortierite meaning relates to the throat chakra, because of the stone’s blue color.

This means that it empowers you to communicate effectively, even if it means causing a bit of a stir in your relationship to do so.

Luckily, it is a stone of peace, so it won’t encourage you to be argumentative – only to state your feelings with confidence.

Often, our partners don’t realize that the actions they take are hurting us. This crystal will help you to convey your point of view clearly enough that, even if you’ve tried to say this in the past without success, suddenly it begins sinking in and your partner can try and make a positive change!

Blue Dumortierite Quartz will activate your instinct for self-preservation by instilling a strong sense of confidence in you.

It will calm your strong emotions and promote detachment from people who only cause you pain and unhappiness.

If you combine it with Epidote, this crystal will open you up to love and happiness, and it will inspire you to stay young at heart!

It will give you a positive attitude that will help you overcome your challenges in love and life.

When you’re dealing with a crisis in your love life, the healing energies of Blue Dumortierite Quartz will help you stay calm and focused.

Even if everything is disorganized or chaotic, this crystal will help you regain the control in your life and overcome your personal challenges.

It will help you let go of your feelings of fear, sadness, stubbornness, anger, or self-doubt.

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Blue Dumortierite Quartz and Seraphinite will stabilize a rocky relationship and help you attract the right partner. It will also help you see the worth in every person and value every interaction.

How to Use Blue Dumortierite Quartz for the Best Results?

If you want to unlock or enhance your psychic abilities, it will be beneficial for you to perform a daily psychic meditation while holding a piece of Blue Dumortierite Quartz in your hand.

This crystal has a very strong vibration that will help you hear the Divine voice. You will be able to enhance your psychic gifts the more regularly you use it.

The vibrations of this crystal will resonate with the energies of your throat chakra, and you will achieve an enhanced ability to communicate more clearly.

Harnessing the energies of this stone will also help your psychic communication abilities. Using it will bring your past life visions to the fore and enhance your psychic skills.

When you work with the energies of this crystal, you will also develop your lesser known psychic powers, such as channeled automatic writing, psychic knowing, prophetic visions, and psychokinesis.

Keeping a piece of Blue Dumortierite Quartz under your pillow will help you release your stresses of the day and give you complete relaxation.

Having this crystal close to your aura will make you gain the most from its wonderful vibrations.

Simply place this crystal anywhere on your body that you want to benefit the most and this crystal will take care of everything else!

You can also place a tumblestone of Blue Dumortierite Quartz in your purse or pocket if you want to keep this crystal’s energies close to you all throughout the day.

Use this crystal in your meditation. Hold two pieces of this crystal for better results.

Blue Dumortierite will help you understand in which direction you need to take your life.

It will lead you to many wonderful discoveries when you choose to be a little braver and bolder.

Once you start using this crystal, your positive traits will be enhanced and it will also improve the flow of energies.

The Best Combination to use with Blue Dumortierite Quartz

Phenacite is a high-vibration crystal that will be very beneficial when combined with Blue Dumortierite Quartz.

If you’re looking for stronger psychic protection, you can also use it with Septarian stones.

If you want to use your psychic gifts in finding the answers that you need, you can use this crystal in meditation with Que Sera Crystals, Hypersthene, or Vanadinite.

If you combine Blue Dumortierite Quartz with Brown Tourmaline, Purple Amethyst, Smithsonite, Datolite, Unakite, Datolite or Staurolite, you will have more support in beating addictions.

When you’re performing spiritual work, it will be so easy to feel unmoored or ungrounded. It’s highly recommended that you do regular spiritual grounding to keep yourself spiritually healthy.

You can use Black Tourmaline, Sugilite, Amethyst, or Amber for this purpose, and this combination will also help you in many other ways.

If you wish to enhance your strength and willpower, you can pair your Blue Dumortierite Quartz with Iron Pyrite, Sardonyx, Libyan Desert Glass, Orange Carnelian, Pietersite, and Preseli Bluestone.

It’s also beneficial to use it with Euclase, Arfvedsonite, Lazulite, Lapis Lazuli, Aurichalcite, Prophecy Stone, Blue Scapolite, and Vivianite.

How to Tell if Blue Dumortierite Quartz is Real?

Most Blue Dumortierite Quartz crystals are translucent to opaque. This means that transparent crystals should be evaluated for their authenticity.

The colors of Blue Dumortierite Quartz can be compared to the colors of Sodalite, Azurite, and Lapis Lazuli.

But this crystal is a lot harder and more durable compared to other blue-colored stones and crystals. The colors of Blue Dumortierite Quartz can change from dark to light blue, or from violet to blue.

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But the most common color is dark blue. Its color is usually distributed unevenly, showing areas of light and dark blue like Sodalite and Lapis Lazuli.

Some crystals may also show white spots or streaks together with their blue color. This is because Blue Dumortierite Quartz crystals contain mineral impurities that give them the blue hue.

Almost all Blue Dumortierite Quartz crystals are opaque, but some very rare varieties can appear translucent. They also have a luster that’s waxy to dull.

You can usually find Dumortierite Quartz crystals as cabochons. They are shaped into traditional rounds and ovals.

Large and calibrated sizes are common, but fancy shapes are also not unheard of. Blue Dumortierite Quartz crystals are not treated or enhanced artificially.

The only way you can prove that a Blue Dumortierite Quartz crystal is real is to bring it to someone who’s professionally trained to identify and evaluate gemstones.

Bring your crystals to a lapidary or a fine jeweler. Also, you can evaluate a particular crystal by its price. Is it too good to be true?

If the price is too low for such a good crystal, then what you’re looking at is probably a fake. To make your Blue Dumortierite Quartz a worthy investment, proper care should also be given to it.

Avoid leaving it inside your car’s glove compartment on a really hot day or wearing it while you’re inside the sauna.

Move it away from direct sunlight and keep it in a secure and fabric-lined box or case.

Don’t wear it to places that are considered inappropriate environments for your Blue Dumortierite Quartz crystal. This includes the swimming pool or the ocean.

Don’t wear it if you’ll be doing some gardening. Soil with high acid level and fertilizers can affect your jewelry and how it looks.

Avoid wearing it when you’re doing your daily workout as well. Sweat contains trace levels of salt, and skin can also produce ammonia.

A very sweaty workout session can cause your jewelry to corrode. Make sure that you remove them before you start to get sweaty.

Avoid wearing your Blue Dumortierite Quartz crystals in the shower as well. You can end up with jewelry that has a lot of soap buildup.

It’s highly recommended that you be cautious and inquisitive when scouting or shopping for Blue Dumortierite Quartz. Do your homework and don’t just buy the first pretty piece that you see.

As long as you are happy with your purchase, stayed within your budget, and bought a piece that’s reasonably priced, that’s already considered a sound investment!

My Final Thoughts on the Power of Blue Dumortierite Quartz

Blue Dumortierite Quartz is a crystal that will enhance your ability to speak out your own truths.

It will foster feelings of peace, love, and security. It’s also a crystal that will clear your heart and open your mind.

It’s a crystal of support that will make you feel more confident in your thoughts and ideas. It will also help you stay true to yourself.

Blue Dumortierite Quartz is a crystal that you should have if you want to remove all stubborn thoughts and feelings, and achieve a peaceful and happy life!

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