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Angel Quartz: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Angel Quartz: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Angel Quartz Properties

Angel Quartz is a beautiful crystal that can be found in Brazil.

Its color is usually white or clear, with inclusions of red, pink, orange, gold, brown, peach, and yellow.

The color will vary on the particular minerals that have been included in the crystal.

Many of these crystals show white inclusions and look a lot like angel wings. This is why they are also sometimes called Angel Wing Phantom Quartz.

Why Would You Use Angel Quartz?

Angel Quartz possesses a nice vibration that will support you in reaching higher realms when you’re meditating.

They can be used to connect with angelic beings, and to find a deeper sense of inner tranquility and peace.

This crystal will help you connect to your higher self and achieve guidance from the Divine. You will also receive guidance while you sleep, as this crystal can support lucid dreaming.

It comes in different colors. The energy of the stones will vary slightly depending on the color.

Regardless of the color, there’s a wonderful flow of calm energies that you can enjoy from these crystals.

These energies embody the powerful energies to make a connection with the angelic realm.

Using this beautiful crystal will also activate or enhance your clairaudient gifts, which is also known as psychic hearing.

This is because Angel Quartz energizes both the throat and third eye chakras.

If you already have psychic hearing before using Angel Quartz, you will still enjoy the extra boost of energy!

Amazingly Glowing  Angel Quartz

This crystal will stimulate your clairaudience quite easily.

This will help you to receive messages from spirit beings more easily.

This will also strengthen your ability to hear your spirit guides!

Because this crystal is associated with angels and other beings from the higher realms, it will promote pleasant feelings and a more lasting sense of happiness in your life.

Angel Quartz has a smooth and peaceful energy that will help you release the negativity so that you can have a more positive outlook in life.

Angel Aura and Angel Quartz make a wonderful meditation tool because it will clear your mind and lighten your heart.

It will resonate strongly with your higher chakras. It will also ground and protect you, as well as fill you with waves of deep calm and peacefulness.

How Will Angel Quartz Help You?

Angel Quartz, Healing and Health

Angel Quartz can act at a cellular level, removing any kind of imbalance and helping the body restore its balance.

This crystal can also be used in eye treatments.

Angel Quartz can help the body in eliminating toxins and in the absorption of vitamins and minerals.

This crystal can also work as a mood stabilizer because it will help release the stress and tensions that cause hypertension.

Angel Quartz and Wealth

Angel Quartz and Angelite are good crystals to wear in the workplace because it can improve the relationships of people working together.

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It will bring about greater cooperation and create an energy of peace and harmony. This will make a nicer and better work environment.

Depending on the inclusions in the Angel Quartz, many of these beautiful crystals can also protect you from psychic attacks.

It will boost your concentration, improve your memory, and strengthen your sense of self-control. It will encourage you to be more practical and to be creative and original with your ideas.

Angel Quartz will also be helpful with your study, your bookkeeping, and with any kind of detail work.

This crystal will give you strength and vitality.

The minerals that are captured in this crystal will also amplify the healing powers and transmit a very nice energy!

It will also help you open new doors of opportunities and find new adventures and challenges in the horizon.

Angel Quartz, Love and Relationships

Angel Quartz is a bringer of intense love, beauty, and happiness. It’s an invaluable crystal to any home or relationship because it will help you see all your best qualities.

This crystal will give you a better sense of appreciation for all the gifts of love you have in your life.

It will make you grateful for your marriage, your significant other, your family, and the love that you share.

Angel Quartz will increase your self-confidence, and it will make you feel brave, empowered, and self-assured.

You will fight for what you believe in, and you will refuse to become a victim of your circumstances.

With the guidance of Angel Quartz, you will be able to achieve emotional clarity and balance.

You will be able to correct the imbalances in your love life and release whatever’s causing you pain or suffering.

It’s a crystal that’s reputed to protect you from any kind of abuse. It will give you the strength to step out of your cycle of abuse and regain the freedom and independence that you lost.

Angel Quartz is an excellent tool in meditation.

It will encourage you to speak your truth and listen more attentively. It will also make you more aware of the energies that surround you.

When this high vibration crystal is placed on the heart chakra, it will help you reach a place of deep universal love.

It will always guide you in acting from a place of pure love, kindness, and joy.

Angel Quartz will shift the energies to where they are needed most. It will bring the energies of peace and harmony to the aspect of your relationship where there is most unrest.

Angel Quartz Crystal

How to Use Angel Quartz for the Best Results

To enjoy lucid dreaming, simply put a piece of Angel Quartz under your pillow. Be ready to experience dreams that you will be engaged in and remember more clearly.

Experiencing lucid dreaming means you are conscious even within the dream state. This will help your spirit guides to relay messages to you more easily.

They will show you different situations as part of a dream to aid your learning.

Angel Quartz is also an excellent crystal for children who have bad dreams and suffer night terrors. Placing it under their pillows will ensure they are protected by their guardian angels.

The best way to use this Angel Quartz is through meditation. This crystal is quite powerful, and it’s a potent crystal that will make contact with spirit beings.

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That includes your guardian angels, healing angels, spirit guides, other beings in the Divine realm.

Once you open yourself to receiving the guidance of your spirit guides, you will realize your life is lighter, happier, and more in the flow.

Everything will fall right into place, and you will experience a sense of belonging.

This will also pave the way for you to connect with your higher self. You will also become more aware of your own divinity!

When you put it on your third eye chakra during meditation, this lovely crystal will help you feel the energy stimulating your third eye chakra.

This energy will travel upwards and fully open the crown chakra, if needed, before it brings you higher and higher.

This will let you connect to higher beings as you ascend. From there, you will begin to receive the message and guidance from beings in the higher realms.

The Best Combination to Use with Angel Quartz

When Angel Quartz is combined with Seraphinite, it will strengthen your angelic connection.

The same can be said when you pair your Angel Quartz with other high resonance crystals like Green Phenite, Angelite, Selenite, Ajoite in Quartz, Blue Celestite, Pink Petalite, Lemurian Seed Crystal, and Aragonite Star Cluster.

This combination will help you connect with other beings in the higher realms as well.

Angel Quartz can also be used together with Que Sera Crystals. This pairing will assist you with your clairaudience.

If you want to stimulate lucid dreaming, combine your Angel Quartz with Purple Sugilite, Goshenite, Staurolite, Blue Sapphire, Dream Quartz, Ruby, or Golden Danburite.

Angel Quartz Stones

Angel Quartz and Emotional Healing

If you’re currently recovering from a loss or setback have run so low on energy that you can’t even muster up the will to get back on your feet, Angel Quartz is the stone that you need in your life.

The crystal provides a channel for you to reach out to divine guidance and get inspired by forces that are out of the bounds of anything you have imagined.

The stone uses the forces of the divine realm to guide you towards your true purpose in the universe.

The energies of the stone might vary in intensity, but they will also bring calmness and tranquility to the one who uses Angel Quartz.

You will be able to enjoy the soothing energies emanated from this stone and use them to activate positive feelings of love and appreciation for all your countless blessings.

The stone also holds energies that are synonymous to clairaudience.

By using Angel Quartz, you will feel the development of your perception skills and you will be able to improve your understanding of the things that take place in your life.

Being a promoter of spiritual connections, Angel Quartz will ensure that the path is clear for you to use your psychic hearing and receive the messages of your guardian angels.

The divine guidance from a higher power is as important as the wisdom you receive from your experiences on this earth.

Angel Quartz is connected to the higher beings, including your spirit guides, and thus promotes a strong connection between you and the higher realm.

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When you feel the support of an outside force, it will ease up a great deal of your stress and allow you to make room for pleasant and happy feelings.

The peaceful vibrations of Angel Quartz will enable you to stay on top of the hurdles that come your way and perceive your life in a more positive way.

As a meditation tool used for emotional healing, Angel Quartz will be most effective when used in combination with Angel Aura.

The combination of the two spiritual stones will lighten your heart of unnecessary burdens and provide you with some clarity that will help clear your sense of judgment.

The stone also resonates with strong energies of your higher chakras, which will help you stay grounded and true to yourself.

In terms of spiritual cleansing, Angel Quartz is an effective mood stabilizer.

It holds great energies that can relieve you of emotional stress and help you recover from past traumas and losses.

Angel Quartz will also harmonize your energies with those in your surroundings so that you can feel comfortable in the place where you work and rest.

It will also positively impact your relationship with those around you and enhance your ability to communicate well with your friends, family, and coworkers.

You will also feel the need to be more pragmatic in your dealings, which will fuel your creativity and help you concentrate your energies on the things that make you feel alive.

My Final Thoughts on the Power of Angel Quartz

The moment you hold an Angel Quartz in your hand, you will experience the world held within this crystal.

This crystal holds the memories of a specific moment in time.

It’s even said that the inclusions in the Angel Quartz resemble the wings of an angel!

Angel Quartz has strong connections to the angelic and divine realm.

It’s a crystal that will bring you joy, clarity, and love.

The message of this healing crystal will inspire you to grow into your most glorious self.

You will never feel alone when you work with the energies of this crystal.

Your spirit guides and guardian angels will always surround you!

It is beneficial to put a piece of Angel Quartz in your pocket to strengthen your angelic connection.

It is said that everyone has a guardian angel, and that your angel is always beside you and watching over you.

With the help of this crystal, all you need to do is call your angel for help and help will arrive!

Angel Quartz is a messenger of love, hope, and faith, and a gentle reminder that you are very much loved!

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