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Angelite: Meaning, Properties and Powers

Angelite: Meaning, Properties and Powers

Spiritual Meaning Of Angelite

Angelite is associated with the wind and brings the spiritual energies of power, healing, love, and protection.

Wearing this stone is believed to have a calming effect on you and connect you easily to your spirit guides and guardian angels.

It is known to support you in conquering your fears and in removing the blockages in your life.

Angelite energies also have the ability to sharpen your skills in clairvoyance and telepathy.

They connect you to your higher self and facilitate astral travel.

They also encourage forgiveness in all levels.

This stone will be very beneficial if you want to discover your life’s purpose.

Angelite can also be used for feng shui and placed in your home for balance and harmony, as well as wisdom and knowledge.

The soft blue colors of Angelite are very calming and comforting. They promote an angelic energy that will fill you with profound peace.

This stone has a gentle but powerful healing energy that will be beneficial to you on all levels.

You can carry it with you to enhance the serenity and tranquility in your life.

Angelite is a stone that promotes a spiritual communication with the angels, with your higher self, and with the spiritual realm.

It’s also known to help you communicate with your loved ones who have passed on.

Its energies provide healing to your guilt, loss, grief, and emotional pains.

Having a piece of this crystal near your bed can help you sleep better at night and strengthen your dream recall.

Angelite is a gorgeous stone that is used in creating special handcrafted jewelry that will bring profound peace and serenity by connecting with the angelic realm.

Angelite can strengthen your sense of compassion and help you deal the emotionally stressful or overwhelming situations.

Wearing or carrying Angelite stones with you will also help balance your throat chakra.

You can program your Angelite stones with good vibrations and positive intentions.

Light a white candle with the intention of communicating with your angels.

You can also rub your Angelite stones on your body like you would a bar of soap during a bath.

Doing so will cleanse and wash away anything that no longer works in your life and make room for more healing light to fill your body.

You are drawn to Angelite because your angels want to communicate with you more.

They want you to know that you are never alone and that your angels will work to give you all that you will need.

All you need to do is have faith and ask for help.

This stone will encourage you to talk to your angels more and speak from the heart.

You don’t need to talk out loud because you can speak with your angels in your mind whenever and wherever you are.

If you have something important that you need to say, the energies of this stone can assist you in communicating with compassion and love.

Angelite Tumbled

Properties Of Angelite

Angelite is a form of anhydrite, which is a crystal made of calcium sulfate. It is recognizable by its beautiful, milky blue colour, and one of the best stones for improving spirituality and spiritual awareness.

Anhydrite, including angelite, is an inherently unstable stone. When anhydrite is exposed to water, it transforms into gypsum (although it can be transformed back by heating it to 200 degrees Celsius).

Anhydrite is formed in places where gypsum stones that had previously been in contact with water, which then evaporates, leaving anhydrite crystals behind.

While this can occur all over the world, as gypsum is a very common mineral, notable deposits are in the Persian Gulf, and on the coast of Chile.

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Since angelite is a very specific colour and formation of anhydrite crystals, although anhydrite is found all over the world, angelite is still quite a rare stone.

It is found only when the right concentration of minerals are found in the anhydrite deposits to turn it into the beautiful and distinctive blue colour that characterizes angelite.

Angelite is one of the strongest stones that you can use for developing spiritual and religious strength, fostering psychic power, and establishing connections to higher powers.

If this interests you, then the work involved in acquiring and caring for an angelite stone will be well worth the effort.

Angelite Crystal

Why Would You Use Angelite?

Angelite’s name is an indication of its primary power: this is, in simplest terms, a stone for contacting angels.

Now, there are a lot of facets to that description, and it would be simplistic for me to leave the description of angelite at that, especially since the term “angel” is loaded with a lot of cultural connotations that may or may not reflect exactly what angelite’s powers do.

In modern western culture, the word “angel” has a connotation of gentle, usually feminine beings in a primarily Christian-influenced understanding of the world.

While that understanding of angels is certainly not wrong or worthless, it is limited.

In the Bible, and in early Christian writings, angels were seen as far more powerful, less peaceful beings. The word “angel” comes from the ancient Greek word meaning “messenger.”

Ancient cultures conceptualize angels as the “middle ground” between humans and gods, more powerful and divine than humans but lesser than God (or the full gods of Ancient Greek and Roman mythology).

In the Middle Ages, angels were frequently seen as avenging spirits, especially the sword-wielding seraphim.

It is only since the nineteenth century that angels became characterized as unusually gentle or benevolent, or that the idea of deceased people becoming angels entered western thought in a significant way.

No matter what idea of angels you find most meaningful, you can guarantee that there is power to it.

It is perfectly easy to imagine all these different understandings of angels as facets of a full or even incomprehensible reality, and whatever is most meaningful to you, personally, is what you should pursue.

The bottom line is that angelite will help you get in contact with these divine powers who – according to virtually every conceptualization, or even by definition – mediate between the human world and the world of God or the gods.

By coming to understand these beings, and becoming able to communicate with them, you can develop your spiritual senses, and become a much more enlightened, psychically attuned person for your entire life on Earth.

I understand that this is not something that interests everyone, as angelite’s powers will not directly help you in achieving many of the goals that we seek to achieve on Earth.

If this is the case, feel free to pass this stone by. But if you are interested, read on.

Angelite Pieces

How Will Angelite Help You?

Angelite has one main way in which it can help you: it can build your spiritual and psychic powers.

Angelite is an incredibly effective stone for developing your personal sense of spirituality, which is something that many people struggle with in our modern society.

Angelite stones will help you form a connection to the higher powers of the universe, whether you choose to characterize or describe those powers as “angels” or not.

Even if you think of them as purely non-anthropomorphic powers, more like “forces” than creatures, angelite will still help put you in contact with the energy of those “forces.”

Once you have forged your connection to these higher powers, you will quickly perceive a noticeable improvement in your mental and psychological health.

You will feel calmer and more energized, and symptoms of depression and anxiety will be relieved.

Crystals C

No stone can have the effect of either counselling or prescribed medications.

Over time, with the relief offered by angelite’s powers, you will find yourself more able to make decisions, engage in difficult conversations without becoming excessively emotional, and empathize the feelings of others to a greater extent than what you were previously able to achieve.

This is a wonderful stone to use if you are struggling in a relationship, whether that is with your partner, a family member, or even a friend or colleague.

By helping you “tap into the energy lines of the universe, angelite will improve your ability to engage with others and develop healthy communications with them.

Effective communication and empathy is at the core of almost every problem-solving technique, and is one of the best things you can intentionally improve on in order to improve a relationship.

Angelite’s powers will also help you find your place in spiritual or religious communities, especially if you have recently found yourself in a new one.

It can be very hard to find your footing in a new church, or even a new group of spiritually concerned people.

Angelite will help guide you through the beginning steps of finding your place, making it possible for you to become comfortable and content in your new spiritual home.

How to Use Angelite for the Best Results?

Since angelite is a very delicate stone, and not always very easy to come by, it is probably best not to wear it in any capacity that would put it “in danger.”

Its sensitivity to water makes it inappropriate for rings or even bracelets, and even necklaces, brooches, or earrings can be problematic if you regularly get caught in the rain!

If you are committed to wearing it as jewellery, it is probably best to wear it as a necklace that can be easily tucked under your shirt or a brooch that can be taken off and quickly slipped into a pocket or purse for safekeeping.

However, ultimately, I would recommend keeping your angelite in a safe place in your home, preferably a bedroom or another room in which you spend a lot of “quiet” time.

Not only will this ensure that your angelite stays safe and out of harm’s way, but this will also ensure that the powers of the angelite stone are affecting you when you are most psychically ready to receive them.

Let me explain: since angelite works by improving your personal psychic perception rather than improving people’s perceptions of you, or drawing good luck towards you magnetically, having angelite with you just doesn’t have the effect of, say, carrying Apache tears or a diamond.

While having a piece of angelite on your person certainly doesn’t hurt, your psychic body is not always equally ready to receive this stone’s powers.

If you only keep it with you when you are busy and focussed on other things, its effect will be mild and not necessarily very easy to notice.

Your mind is too busy working on all the other things you have to think about during your day to find time to “connect” with the angelite’s powers.

By contrast, if you keep angelite in a place where your mind is usually relaxed and relatively empty, such as beside your bed, breakfast table, or a sofa where you sit and read, your mind will be ready to “accept” the angelite’s energy.

This means that the energy will “penetrate” into your aura more effectively, and you will notice its powers in a much more efficient way.

If you are interested in scrying, a polished disc or crystal ball made of angelite is one of the best way to improve your psychic visions.

The Best Combinations to Use with Angelite

The one significant drawback to stones that heavily enhance psychic powers, such as angelite, is that they can leave the mind very vulnerable to psychic attack.

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For this reason, angelite is very effectively combined with stones that dispel negativity, such as shungite, hematite, smoky quartz, or even serpentine stones.

Any stone that is protective is useful to pair with angelite, as it will prevent your psychic self from being harmed by negative energy.

It should be noted that very few people in the modern day have either the will or the power to carry out premeditated psychic attacks.

While, historically, this was so common that professional curse-casters had a rollicking trade, in the modern day, most people who have the willpower to do harm don’t believe in psychic powers, and most people who have spent time developing their psychic powers don’t have the will to do harm.

However, a sufficiently negative person can psychically harm you entirely accidentally, maybe without even truly wanting to.

You can also sustain psychic harm from spending extended periods in toxic environments, such as negative workplaces, severe isolation, or (for some people) large cities where there are too many energetic cross-currents.

Once you are protected from the risk of psychic attack, you can combine your angelite with stones that relate to more concrete or even physical elements of your life that you want to improve, such as romance, money, careers, or family.

Angelite gives you the powers to improve yourself in a holistic way, which is extremely beneficial, of course, but if there is a pressing matter at hand that you want to use angelite to help you solve, then it should be combined with a stone that has a direct relationship to that matter.

Examples to use include Fluorite and even Amazonite Crystals.

When used alone, angelite will undoubtedly improve every field of your life over time, but the places that it might want to throw its power might not line up with where you want to throw your power!

Additionally, as angelite is very connected to the crown chakra, it can be used as a chakra stone, in conjunction with other stones that relate to the other chakras (or “wheels of power”) in the body.

It can be an excellent addition to a set of chakra stones, especially if connecting with angelic powers is one of your goals in general.

My Final Thoughts on the Power of Angelite

Angelite isn’t necessarily a stone that everyone will want or need in their life. If you are only really interested in physical, earthly improvement, and not in connecting to divine powers, that’s perfectly okay!

There are plenty of stones that will suit your needs, and I think it’s fair to say that angelite isn’t one of them.

I wouldn’t recommend spending your money on it, unless you come across a piece in person that calls out to you.

However, for those who are interested in connecting to the powers of heavenly beings, or the energetic currents of the universe that lie beyond full human comprehension, angelite may be the perfect stone for you.

It is a powerful crystal that can connect to divinity in a way that few other stones can, which can have profound positive effects in your life.

Have you spent any time forging psychic connection to divine powers?

Is this something in which you are interested, or do you prefer to keep your focus on the earthly world?

Like and share this if you learned something about Angelite or the powers that it can help you gain a connection to!

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