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The #1 Question… Can You Tell Me What This Crystal is For?

Due to time constraints we are unable to answer questions about specific crystal meanings or uses.

The search feature on my site and the hundreds of free articles on crystals can help you research it yourself.


You mention (type of stone) on your crystal meanings page for it. Is it for sale?

All stones and other items that are for sale are clearly marked with a price on the item page and/or in the shop. Other information or photos are examples only.

Do you accept credit cards, PayPal?

We accept major credit cards online via the shopping cart.

Is it safe to buy from your site?

Our shopping cart and all payment processing is served by PCI-DSS  industry-standard SSL and PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry – Data Security Standard) compliant services services and with industry standard SSL encryption security.

Do you accept international orders?


Do you add me to any mailing lists if I place an order?

Only if  you indicate you want to be added! Even then you also have to opt-in to the newsletter when you get an email about it.

Do you offer a guarantee?

I do! See my guarantees page for full details.


Does your jewelry have a guarantee?

It sure does! You can see the details on my guarantees page.

How do I care for my handmade jewelry?

Most of the handmade jewelry can be cleaned and polished with a jewelry polishing cloth or a soft, lint-free cloth. Also, storing your silver jewelry in an airtight container (such as a zip bag) can help retard tarnishing for many types of jewelry. See my jewelry care page for additional information.

Do you really make all this jewelry yourself?

We make virtually all of it by hand, using simple hand tools and tumble or hand polishing. If we offer a jewelry item that I acquire pre-made I note it in the item description.

Can you make me a custom piece of jewelry?

We are unable to take on custom jewelry projects until further notice.

Do you repair jewelry?

My handmade jewelry has a guarantee, and as such I will repair or replace according to the guarantee terms. I do not repair jewelry made by others or past the guarantee terms.

Do you send information about the crystal meanings with the jewelry?

We send an information sheet with each piece of jewelry which describes it and gives the crystal meanings.

Crystals and Stones

Where did you get the crystal meanings of stones information?

All over pretty much covers it. Some information has been gleaned from studying books on crystals and stones over the years. Other information comes from working with and collecting crystals for years. Still more information comes from people we have studied with over the years who have taught me about stone lore. We owe many thanks to the authors, people, and crystal beings who have shared their crystal wisdom.

Can I use your crystal meanings writings and photos on my site? 

You must ask for licensing information or to use ANY content from this website.

Do you believe in healing properties of stones?

Yes. Experience led me us believe that crystals can make a difference as a spiritual support to healing. We can’t prove it, though, and it is anecdotal rather than scientifically substantiated.

Why do you have this “For educational, inspiration, reference and entertainment” disclaimer about the crystal meanings all over the place?

We do that because we don’t want anyone to be confused or misguided. We don’t want anyone to buy any stone or jewelry with the idea that it is a  cure or prescription for their disease or other ailment. Crystal spiritual healing lore is traditional and anecdotal support to healing rather than scientific medical fact. See your doctor or other professional healthcare practitioner for all illness, conditions, or injuries. We would be crushed if someone bought one of my stones expecting it to cure something and then ignored or didn’t seek professional healthcare advice. We want you to be well.

Contact us if you have any additional questions.