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Amazonite: Properties, Meanings and Powers

Amazonite: Properties, Meanings and Powers

Amazonite Properties and Meanings

Amazonite is a very ancient gemstone that’s known for its beauty and healing properties. It has been around for centuries, and it has been widely used to make statues, amulets, and jewelry.

The stone’s name is derived from the largest river in South America, which is the Amazon river. This stone is also known as the Amazon Stone.

Because of its resemblance to Jade, Amazonite is also sometimes called Pikes Peak or Colorado Jade.

Amazonite is a silicate that’s usually pale green in color, but there are also Amazonite stones that are opaque green, blue-green color, yellow-green or turquoise blue.

You can get it as rough granitic rocks or as a tumbled and shiny stone. It will sometimes have white streaks on them, too. This, however, doesn’t change or alter the stone’s potent energies.

Amazonite is mined in different locations in the world, particularly Australia, Madagascar, Russia, Namibia, India, Canada, and Brazil. It is also found in Virginia and Colorado in the US.

Polished Amazonite

Why Would You Use Amazonite?

Amazonite is a fantastic energy filter. This stone can be very beneficial to you, especially if you use the computer, tablet, cellphone, or microwave oven a lot.

These things are filled with electromagnetic smog, and Amazonite can help cleanse your aura of this smog.

It will also work on calming all your chakras. Not only that, it will help you balance your masculine and feminine energies so that you will be able to utilize them in the most positive way.

This stone will make sure that your yin and yang energies are in harmony as well.

Amazonite will help you achieve clarity of mind, together with Moonstone. You may not realize it, but thinking about things too much all the time is not good for you!

This stone will help clear your muddled thoughts and make you better understand yourself, what’s happening around you, and what your impact is to the people in your life and to the rest of the world.

It’s a great stone for anyone who is passionate about artistic pursuits. It can unleash the creative and imaginative side of you and help you in your projects and your artistic visions.

Amazonite is also a great stone to have if you want something to manifest in your life. This stone will encourage you to be bold and brave, to make your dreams come true, and to keep trying until they do!

Amazonite is a stone whose very appearance seems to exude a quiet confidence.

The likeness to jade from the Far East has already been described, and perhaps could be one reason why people draw such inspiration from this stunning stone.

Since ancient times, this stone has been used in the crafting of pendants and talismans used to ward off negativity and keep the wearer safe from harm.

That harm is as metaphysical in this case as it would be physical – warding of bad thoughts and bad deeds alike.

In some cases, Amazonite has also been used in the creation of figurines and statues of wonderful significance and cultural meaning. And of course, they each have a tale to tell, often with a spiritual angle.

Everything from the feeling of this stone to its color and sheen make it impossible to see in anything other than an otherworldly light.

It makes sense that many light workers and faith healers have turned to Amazonite consistently as a meditation aid.

This is likely because of how Amazonite is so wonderful at encouraging the positive energies within us, and mobilizing those to the surface for us to enjoy.

This stone definitely comes highly recommended!

It will bring you lots of joy and happiness. It will also show you how you can keep this joy and happiness in your life for good.

It’s the stone of truth and courage and has similar energies as Labradorite. Once you have this stone in your life, you can expect to be empowered by the truth. You can live on your own terms and just shrug off any fears or worries that you have.

This stone will make sure that your senses are in tune with your surroundings, and that you feel most connected to yourself. If you want a strong and empowering stone to guide you in life, the Amazonite is it!

Rough Amazonite

How Will Amazonite Help You?

Amazonite and Health

When it comes to the human body, Amazonite works well with your efforts to have good health and a healthy lifestyle.

Amazonite healing properties can help with lung, chest, sinus, and throat problems. It’s also been known to help with calcium deficiency, tooth decay, and osteoporosis.

Those who suffer from gout, or liver and heart related problems can also benefit from the healing energies of this stone. The same can be said for health problems in the brain and nervous system.

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It will work on your metabolism and promote good and deep sleep. Amazonite can also help treat certain addictions, like alcoholism.

The Amazonite also works very well in blocking electromagnetic pollution (from cell phones) and geopathic stress radiation. This will keep your vibrational energies very clear and light, making positive energies easily attracted to you!

Amazonite crystal is desired and sought after for this reason.

The idea of having such a soothing stone close at hand to ease the burdens of poor health is well and good to begin with – but better still is how Amazonite can help to usher in a sense of being cleansed and healed throughout.

Remember, the use of this stone in healing stretches back generations, if not centuries.

Since times of antiquity, faith healers have either decorated their sacred spaces with Amazonite and other complimentary stones, or directly placed Amazonite against the skin of the afflicted.

Luckily, you don’t need to be a spirit healer yourself to feel the positive energies that this stone can bring.

Simply having Amazonite gemstones in the home is often enough to draw in good and healing energies that cleanse your surroundings.

Even the air will feel more crisp, almost the same way as having plants around the home might help in that respect.

Likewise, if you frequently suffer headaches or tense up in stressful situations, keep some Amazonite close at hand to touch in your pocket or turn in your hand at your desk at work.

It’ll help ground you and provide clarity of thought.

Raw Amazonite Healing Crystal

Amazonite and Wealth

Amazonite is also known as the Stone of Success and Abundance. When you have this stone in your possession, you will be attracting good fortune and good luck.

It’s one of the reasons why people who love to gamble bring this stone along when they play. It can attract money, good luck, and good fortune!

It’s also a stone that promotes practicality. This stone will remind you that your wealth can grow not just by accumulating more wealth, but by making practical choices and purchases to save money.

Amazonite stone has the strangest but most welcome influence on your mind. Remember the old adage, cooler heads prevail?

The distinctive greeny blue hues of Amazonite stone can’t help but prove calming and soothing.

Taking your time over big decisions, avoiding impulse spending and even having a longer-term perspective on your finances and how to shore up for a rainy day all seems a little easier when the energies of Amazonite are around.

Amazonite is once again seen in quite a precious light thanks to its resemblance to Jade, to say nothing of how the stone is valued in its own right.

For some people, the sheer aesthetic appeal of the stone does plenty to inspire financial ambition. We would all like a little more of the finer things in life, right?

However, the balancing out of heart and mind, of impulse and long term view, are where Amazonite really shines here.

Handling one’s money is often about when to spend and when to save, just as accumulating wealth and career success is about knowing when to forge ahead and when to bide one’s time.

The clearness of thinking that Amazonite promises works wonders here, so keep it close at hand if you can.

Amazonite, Love and Relationships

Amazonite is a good stone to have when you need to express something to someone you love.

This stone is actually great when it comes to non-verbal expression. You don’t need to search for the perfect words to tell that person what you’re feeling or thinking.

Just one look, one gesture, or one smile is all you need and they will know right away what you’re trying to tell them.

This kind of communication is something that only real lovers can enjoy. It takes a certain kind of closeness to be able to know what the other is thinking.

In case you haven’t reached that stage yet, don’t worry.

Your Amazonite stone will make sure that you do, and it will help you and your lover become closer and more in love than ever.

Amazonite can also ease feelings of aggravation.

They are never good for you, and most certainly your relationship.

Instead of focusing on the many ways that your partner angers you or annoys you, you can focus instead on the many reasons why you love them and why you’re so lucky to be with them!

Amazonite is a wonderful stone companion because it can also soothe emotional trauma. They say that time can heal all wounds, but sometimes a powerful stone like Amazonite (or even something like Opalite) can help the healing to happen much faster.

The energies of Amazonite will also help you with your temper so that you don’t easily feel angry. When you’re in a relationship with someone for a long time, there will also be many things to fight about or to get angry over.

Sometimes it’s the little inconsequential things that will make you blow your top. Amazonite will help you keep your calm, and it will make you less irritable when it comes to your loved one.

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This stone will also give you a sense of balance. You will not always have it together, and you will not always know what to do. Sometimes life will simply become overwhelming.

You don’t need to lose it every time this happens. You just need to regain the balance that you lost and you will be able to get back up. The Amazonite can help you achieve this!

If you have always been a woman of few words, this stone will greatly improve your communication. You know how important communication is in a relationship, so this is something that you must be consistently working on.

Amazonite energy will make it easier for you to express yourself when something is bothering you, when something they did just made you happy, or when something is making you lose sleep at night.

You will never have problems opening up to that person you love when you are bolstered by the supportive energies of Amazonite!

This stone also works wonderfully in inspiring empathy and compassion. It will make you realize that you are not the only person in the world with problems like yours.

It will make you see the world from a different perspective. A kinder, more understanding, and more compassionate perspective.

Amazonite will help you express yourself without feeling any fear or anxiety. It may be the verbal or the non-verbal kind, but you will definitely be expressing yourself with more freedom and confidence!

This stone will remove the fear in your heart and replace it with joy and enthusiasm. It will teach you how to honor your grief and deal with your loneliness.

It will take away the cobwebs of confusion from your mind. It will make you understand the reason for your sorrow and just how you’re going to get through it.

Amazonite will also encourage you to trust in your intuition. Sometimes, you only just need to listen to your gut. No explanations necessary.

This stone will also remind you to celebrate joy in your life. There are so many things to be thankful for, and so many things that make your life worth living. Don’t forget to celebrate and honor them.

Amazonite is also about embracing love with open arms. It’s all about believing in love even after all the bad things that happened.

Don’t let a broken heart or a bad relationship make you close your doors on love. It will not always be awful, and it will not always end in tears.

You just need to go through the bad parts so that you will better appreciate that person when the good stuff finally happens to you!

Your Amazonite stone will make sure that your heart will not become a heart of stone. It will keep you believing that love is on its way to you, and that you just need to be patient in your journey.

Amazonite will also remove any trace of negativity in your system.

No one wants to be around a Negative Nancy after all.

It will stop you from worrying too much, from expecting the worst all the time, and from always thinking that there’s a catch or a punchline.

This stone will help boost your self-esteem and your self-love. Always remember that no one can fill that void inside you, not even the person you love the most. Only you can decide on your happiness, and only you can make it happen!

Amazonite will make you appreciate yourself more, as well as the people in your life. It will help you find comfort and happiness in your relationship.

Amazonite is a stone of openmindedness. Sometimes, things just are not what they seem, and you will have to read between the lines to truly understand.

This stone will also invite you to be more nurturing and loving, more honest and more optimistic.

Amazonite is also known as the stone of hope, which means that you must never lose hope in love or in the person you love just because it’s hard right now.

Amazonite Stone

How to Use Amazonite for the Best Results?

Amazonite jewelry are one of the most beautiful and elegant jewelry you will ever see. It’s because Amazonite’s green color simply looks breathtaking when set with silver or gold.

This stone is very ideal for necklaces, pendants, bracelets, and rings. They will also look sensational for brooches, cufflinks, or tie tacks.

Amazonite jewelry may not be ideal for everyday wear, but with proper care and maintenance, they will last you a very long time. Just remember to use warm water and mild soap when cleaning them.

Never use bleach or other harsh chemicals, and never put them under extreme heat. Doing so will make your Amazonite fade or change in color.

Avoid wearing it while engaging in strenuous physical activities, and put them in a separate jewelry box to avoid it scratching against your other jewelry.

Amazonite is a stone that should be discharged or cleansed every ten days with lukewarm running water. It should also be charged for a couple of hours in sunlight.

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It’s good to place your Amazonite stone in the north area of your home or office. This will ensure that positive energies will flow when it comes to your career or life path.

The Best Combination to Use with Amazonite

Amazonite is best paired with other throat chakra stones.

If you wish to have a more mature and more graceful way to express your emotions, you can pair your Amazonite with pink tourmaline, rhodochrosite, opal, or aventurine.

If you wish to have more truth and honesty in your life, you can combine it with aquamarine or blue lace agate.

If you want to invite more openness in your relationship, Amazonite will be perfect with moonstone.

If you need to work on trust, blue sapphire will work very nicely with your Amazonite.

Amazonite Jewelry Gem

How to Tell If Amazonite Is Real?

When you want to know if a piece of Amazonite is real, check for luster. The surface of the gem should be bright and shiny.

It should have a vitreous luster that separates it from all other green colored gems.

Because Amazonite is opaque and translucent, clarity can be challenging to judge, but it does not have a lot of importance.

However, all stones of this semi-precious variety should possess deep clarity. After the luster, color is a crucial characteristic. Its bright luster occurs in different shades of green to blue-green.

The green color is because of the presence of lead impurities. The most common color is bluish green, while pure green is very rare.

Any color shade of the stone may not be evenly spread throughout the surface. Color patches on the surface of the Amazonite could be visible in some gemstones.

This stone can be cut into different shapes like round, oval, square, and heart.

Cabochon is the most popular shape. This unique property makes the gemstone quite in demand among jewelry designers.

On an average, Amazonite is priced moderately because it’s available in large quantities.

However, the price difference between two Amazonite stones would be due to the difference in size, carat weight, color, luster, and originality.

The larger the size, the more expensive it will be. Increase in carat weight would also increase the price of the Amazonite.

Similarly, the cost of Amazonite increases with the luster and the brightness of the color.

Pure green Amazonite is rarely found and fetches the maximum price. White lines that can be seen in Amazonite stones are also higher in value.

Always look for natural Amazonite. They are priced more than the synthetic and treated gemstones.

Despite being quite affordable, some dealers pass off other stones as Amazonite. This is because it’s often confused for other semi-precious stones like Jade.

Amazon Jade is the name commonly used to mislead unsuspecting buyers. You need to be careful about cheap imitations and synthesized stones as well.

The color and luster should be bright and intense. Good color offers a harmonious look to Amazonite jewelry.

Take care of your Amazonite so that it does not get damaged by scratches and blows. Jewelry boxes lined with soft cloth or cotton must be used for storing them.

For cleaning, only mild soapy water should be used. After cleaning, make sure to wipe them off with a soft cloth so that all traces of moisture are removed.

Amazonite is considered a lucky ‘Hope Stone’. This means that whoever wears it will get better and more positive dreams and be encouraged to have a brighter outlook in life.

If you want luck to favor you, you should definitely try wearing this beautiful blue-green stone!

Be aware that there are many fakes that are being sold in the market, though. Just remember that if something sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.

Don’t ignore the red flags or you might end up buying a fake Amazonite!

My Final Thoughts on the Power of Amazonite

Amazonite is a good stone to have with you because it encourages good and honest communication. When you have good communication, there’s no room for lies and dishonesty in your life.

It will also help you hold on to your integrity and honor because you will be protected by its healing and positive energies as it dispels negative energy including negative psychic attacks.

You will gain intuitive wisdom and pure love with the help of the Amazonite stone. If you ever find yourself in a situation where everything seems to be hopeless, Amazonite will help you get rid of these feelings.

It will give you back the confidence in your abilities, and it will soothe all your chakras. It has a calming effect on the spirit. Truly Amazonite is one the best stones you can have by your side!

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