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Ajoite: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Ajoite: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Properties Of Ajoite

Ajoite is a hydrated sodium potassium copper aluminium silicate hydroxide mineral.

There may also be traces of Manganese, Calcium, and Iron Pyrite included.

It’s often blue-green in color and it can be found together with rare but beautifully colored minerals like Plancheite, Papagoite, and Shattuckite.

Ajoite is named after the locality where it was originally found in 1941, which is Ajo, Pima County, in Arizona.

However, it was not until 1958 that it was officially named Ajoite.

Primary deposits of Ajoite can be found in Arizona, but it can also be found in Zimbabwe and South Africa.

Ajoite With Quartz
Quartz Crystals with Ajoite

Why Would You Use Ajoite?

Ajoite will help you connect to the angelic realm. It will connect you to the Divine and bring forth a deeper knowledge and understanding that you can share with others.

The energies of this stone will help you evolve spiritually. It’s a terrific aid that you can use in your meditation because it will allow you to connect to your higher self.

Ajoite holds very strong feminine and goddess energy which is very nurturing, supportive, and soothing.

It will remove any disharmonious energy in your life and bring a quiet but powerful change in your entire body.

This stone also has the ability to make you understand the reasons behind your past life circumstances and situations. It will help release old karmic wounds and implants.

It will also aid manifestation by getting rid of your self-limiting beliefs and anything else that’s holding you back.

Ajoite will make your dreams a reality by boosting your self-confidence and infusing you with energies of motivation and inspiration.

Because of its color, Ajoite can’t help but be considered a deeply spiritual stone. Oftentimes, the richest ocean blue you see in the middle of Ajoite stone fades naturally into a misty edge.

It’s a really ethereal thing to look at, and it makes sense that this stone has been renowned and respected for its otherworldly looks for centuries.

Likewise, Ajoite is often a wonderful stone to use to tap into the more spiritual and esoteric side of yourself.

It seems symbolic and indicative of worlds beyond our own, just as scholars of centuries past must have seen these same colors reflected in the ocean and wondered what was beyond the horizon.

Likewise, broadening your own inner horizons is very important, and having Ajoite close to you can help with that. This stone can help you to relax your mind and allow thoughts and feelings to flow freely.

Likewise, if you’re a creative individual who uses ideas and emotions to earn a living, Ajoite can be a source of wonderful inspiration.

Its soothing aquatic appearance is sure to activate that fountain of ideas within you!

Better still, Ajoite inspires enough self-confidencee that you can express new concepts and feelings without fear.

Ajoite is a communication stone that will help you express what you’re thinking or feeling.

You will be able to share your thoughts and emotions without fear or trepidation.

It will give you better focus and concentration. Anything or anyone that’s important to you will have your undivided attention.

This lovely stone can also clear the stress from your body and return it to its physical health!

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How Will Ajoite Help You?

Ajoite, Healing and Health

Ajoite is considered an important healing stone because it exhibits outstanding physical healing properties. Crystal healers use this stone to rejuvenate the skin and improve physical vitality.

It can boost the overall energy levels and help address different physical ailments, illnesses, and conditions.

It’s also known to help in battling depression by balancing the chemicals in the brain.

Ajoite can be beneficial to people who suffer from anemia. Its healing energies can ease symptoms of PMS and menopause.

This stone can also bring balance to the hormones.

Ajoite and Wealth

Ajoite is considered a stone of transformation, and it can help you greatly when you want to hit new financial goals or start over with a clean slate.

It will bring about positive change that will allow you to let go of bad habits and practices.

The energies of this stone will also help you grow, recognize your mistakes, and learn your lessons from them.

Ajoite, Love and Relationships

Ajoite holds a very sweet and high vibration that will immerse you with loving energies.

It’s a very emotionally supportive stone that will resonate with all your chakras, most especially the higher heart chakra.

It has a very feminine vibration, and it will encourage you to embrace acceptance, compassion, and forgiveness.

It’s a stone that will help you heal and move forward so that you can achieve peace and harmony.

Ajoite will help you understand the causes of your emotional issues and give you the ability to release these negative feelings.

It will help you recognize, acknowledge, and let go of your emotional wounds, especially when you combine it with Pietersite.

It will replace your fears, sorrows, and grief with joy and happiness.

Ajoite will help you move forward in a gentle and loving manner, and it will pave the way for genuine forgiveness.

Ajoite will encourage emotional healing, and it will bring more loving energies into your relationship. You will be able to clear the old energies and embrace the new changes that will take place.

This stone will also help you know the meaning of unconditional love. You will be more generous in your affections and open with your thoughts.

It will bring about change and transformation. Anything that no longer works for you will be eliminated and it will be replaced with positive and uplifting feelings.

Ajoite will make you grow as a partner, which will influence how you are with your significant other.

You will be all the things that your partner fell in love with, and you will also be changing into someone better, bolder, and stronger.

This stone will encourage bonding between two people in a relationship. it will bring you closer to each other, and the walls that are keeping you from being intimate with each other will be taken down.

Ajoite will also help you come out of your shell and be more self-assured when it comes to meeting new people. You will be more confident, and you will be brave enough to take chances.

Ajoite will encourage you to let go of your jealousy, pride, and judgment. Anything that will not put you in a good light will be eliminated from your relationship.

This stone will get rid of anything that feels you weighed down.

It will inspire you to speak only loving and genuine truths from your heart. It will encourage you to be more generous with your compliments, praises, and words of love.

It will also remind you to weigh your words before you say them because they can do more damage than you realize.

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Ajoite will also give you a stronger and healthier sense of self-worth because you will get everything that you need from your relationship and your significant other.

You will never run out of reasons to be happy, proud, confident, and secure.

How to Use Ajoite for the Best Results?

Ajoite is most beneficial to the wearer when it’s close to the personal auric fields.

Wearing it as jewelry or carrying a piece of Ajoite with you will help you harness its energies.

When you wear Ajoite, you will also attract people of like mind and spirit. They will bring out the best in you and support you in loving and unique ways.

Placing it in the north area of your room or home will ensure a balance of energies in your life.

It will support you in moving towards your goals and overcoming all the obstacles that may be present.

The Best Combination to Use with Ajoite

Although Ajoite is a standalone excellent stone, it can be combined with other stones that are associated with the higher chakras.

It will bring an increase in energies for the stones, and their vibrations will also be amplified.

You can use Ajoite with Larimar, Blue Anhydrite, or Angel Phantom Quartz to aid your communication with the angelic realms.

This combination will also allow you to forgive yourself and others and experience genuine love more deeply.

When your heart is light and free, nothing will stand in your way to love and happiness.

If you’re struggling with letting go or with forgiving people, you can combine Ajoite with powerful grounding stones like the Blizzard Stone.

Combining Ajoite with Hematite will strengthen or heal the blood. Pairing it with Boji Stone will ground your energies.

You can use it with Amazonite, Clear Topaz, Turquoise, and Azurite if you want to communicate with truth and honesty.

Aquamarine, Pietersite, Blue Lace Agate, Amazonite, Septarian Stones, Lepidocrocite, Chrysocolla, Blue Topaz, Blue Aragonite, and Thulite will also combine well with Ajoite.

If you wish to develop your channeling abilities, you can combine it with channeling stones like Shattuckite, Blue Tourmaline, Sugilite, Hemimorphite, Yttrium Fluorite, and Quantum Quattro.

Ajoite Crystal

How to Cleanse Ajoite?

Cleansing your crystals is very important if you want their physical appearance and healing properties to remain fresh, strong, and effective.

When you say cleansing, it’s more of an energetic cleanse than a physical cleanse that will remove all the energies that your Ajoite crystals have absorbed.

You must perform a cleansing after every crystal use, or when you feel like the crystals are radiating a heavy energy and exhibiting a dull color.

There are many ways that you can cleanse your Ajoite crystals of negative energies or lingering energies from past use.

One method is using natural water. Water will neutralize any stored negative energy in your Ajoite crystal and direct it back to the earth.

Rinsing and stimulating your crystals directly under the rain for about 5 minutes will do the trick.

When there’s no rain, you can alternatively put your crystals under running water from the faucet for about 10 minutes. The light of the moon and the sun can also cleanse your Ajoite.

Moonlight has a more delicate effect on crystals and stones. At its fullest and brightest, the moon can increase your Ajoite’s vibrations.

Sunlight is warm and powerful and can instantly get rid of all lingering energies, both good and bad.

You can also make use of the earth elements in cleansing by burying your crystals underground for one whole day.

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Let the earth absorb all the unwanted and unhealthy energies of your Ajoite so that when you dig them up from the ground, they are fully cleansed and refreshed.

You can also use smoke to cleanse your Ajoite. Smudging can be done with Palo Santo or sage sticks. You also choose cedar or sandalwood.

Simply wave your Ajoite over the smoke for about a minute to cleanse it. Giving your crystals a salt water bath is also quite effective. Soak your Ajoite in water with a pinch of salt.

If you live close to the beach, you can also put your Ajoite crystals inside a mesh bag and let them sit in the sea water for a few minutes.

Just make sure to rinse them with clean water to remove the salt residue before using your Ajoite in any healing work.

There also certain stones and crystals that have the ability to absorb the negativity in other stones and crystals.

One of the most popular and powerful cleansing crystals is Selenite.

To cleanse your Ajoite, lay it on a Selenite slab for at least six hours. But if you want it to enjoy a more thorough cleansing, you can leave it on there longer.

Visualize any unwanted energies being released from your Ajoite and being recycled back into positive energies.

Crystals connect with the energies that are present around them. Before and after every healing work, or if you have let someone use your Ajoite, make sure that it’s cleansed and cleared.

Ajoite is a very helpful and sympathetic crystal that can absorb negativity in any situation. Cleansing releases your Ajoite from all of that negativity!

My Final Thoughts on the Power of Ajoite

On a metaphysical level, Ajoite radiates a divine crystalline energy which makes it a high-frequency stone for transformation and awakening.

It will bring you soft, gentle, tender, and nurturing energies.

It’s a great stone to use when you want to speak from the heart and achieve inner peace.

It will also show you how you can achieve peace and harmony in all aspects of your life.

The energies of Ajoite will eliminate hostility, anger, prejudice, jealousy, abrasiveness, and all other negative attributes.

It’s a stone that will enhance your imagination and creativity, and it will show you how you can communicate effectively.

Ajoite will make you aware of all the infinite potential that is available to you. It will connect you to people, friends, strangers, and kindred spirits that will show you the way!

This stone will get rid of dysfunctional energies and replace them with pure loving energies. It will rejuvenate you in all levels and stimulate your entire well-being.

Ajoite will communicate your deepest truths and clear your auric fields.

With the guidance of this stone, you will be able to bring about gentle transformation, harmonize your energies, release the negativity, and receive wonderful blessings!

Ajoite serves as your wakeup call to live, breathe, and love wholeheartedly!

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