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Larimar: Meaning, Properties and Powers

Larimar: Meaning, Properties and Powers

Larimar Properties and Meanings

Larimar is a unique variety of pectolite, which is a stone with an unusual fibrous formation.

While pectolite was first described in Italy in 1828, the unique bright blue variety of larimar is found only in the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean, and was only discovered in 1916, and only given its name in 1974.

It forms in cavities within lava created by volcanic eruptions, and its shape is formed of unique needle-like crystals.

Sometimes, it contains reddish or brown spots, caused by oxidation of iron within the matrix of the crystal.

The blue colour comes from calcium deposits, but copper pectolite is quite similar, and produces a paler translucent turquoise colour that may be streaked with white.

The most valuable larimar stones are intense, bright shades of blue, and very rare and expensive.

These stones are photosensitive, and will fade if frequently exposed to light, which only increases their value.

Larimar jewelry examples

If you are lucky enough to own a larimar stone with a high contrast, then you must ensure that you are keeping it safe and out of direct light whenever possible.

Larimar is sometimes also called the Atlantis Stone because of its ocean-like qualities.

It is a wonderful stone to introduce into your life if you are trying to harness the powers of water, and also to tap into the ancient energy of a society like the mythical Atlantis.

Why Would You Use Larimar?

It should be noted that, since larimar is such a recent addition to the canon of crystology, its powers are not yet fully understood, even by seasoned crystologists!

If you own a piece of larimar, and are interested in its metaphysical properties, it would be greatly appreciated if you could leave a comment describing your experiences below.

With that said, there are some facets of larimar that are already fairly well-established, which I will be outlining in this article.

However, if you have had experiences with this stone that run contrary to what I describe, we would also like to know!

The full “personality” of a gemstone takes quite a while to be fully understood, and any experiences with it are highly valued at this stage.

Larimar is a serene crystal that can promote relaxation and calm. It is a popular choice for a “worry stone,” a smoothly polished stone that is held in the hand and rubbed by the thumb as a folk practice for relieving anxiety.

Larimar’s connection with the element of water – which is the element that rules our emotions – means that it is a wonderful stone to use for all manner of anxiety related to emotional issues, such as that caused by relationships, social anxiety, guilt, or anxiety caused by “thinking bad thoughts.”

It is connected with the throat chakra, which is the chakra of communication (and usually characterized with a bright blue or turquoise colour).

It makes it much easier to communicate about issues of both emotion and fear, and promote confidence in speaking about these issues.

It has an emotional healing effect that will assist you in overcoming self-sabotaging behaviour, such as martyr complexes, learned helplessness, or developing a narrative of self-victimization.

It will also help you communicate with others to express the fact that you are having these self-sabotaging urges, which will help your loved ones develop frameworks for lifting you out of these phases.

It is a wonderful stone for meditation, as its positive effects on communication also include the communication between yourself and the higher powers of the universe.

Larimar crystal can be used in meditation in a number of ways – it all comes down to your personal preference and your overall meditation style.

For instance, you might prefer to wear a comfortable piece of larimar jewelry and have its closeness to your skin coax the best energies out of this stone to guide your meditative journey.

Yet you might instead prefer to set the stone in your meditation space as a guidance crystal and protective influence, and you’ll enjoy just as many perks for doing so.

Similarly, you can hold the stone in one or both hands as you slip into a meditate trance and enjoy it that way.

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Whichever option you choose, you’re likely to encounter much in the way of watery visions during your meditation, but also plenty of promising insights into old emotional hurt that you can gradually, lovingly heal.

Remember, this is a stone of healing the self and reducing stress, so it’s well suited to meditation, self-improvement and any number of other ways to grow as an individual.

How Will Larimar Help You?

Larimar will help you develop healthy relationships, both with others and with yourself (and remember, developing a healthy relationship with yourself is the first step towards developing healthy relationships with others).

It can help you communicate your feelings effectively, recognize your own negative and toxic feelings, and dispel those in a healthy and efficient way.

Larimar is a stone that can help your recognize when emotions have no positive effect.

There are many emotions for which this is the case, but it can be extremely difficult to differentiate between them.

For example, anger can be a positive emotion when it leads us to try to make changes and right injustices.

However, it can also be an incredibly toxic emotion that has no positive effects at all. When we are actually experiencing these emotions, these two forms of anger feel exactly the same – angry! But they’re actually very different.

Larimar can help you differentiate between productive negative emotions and destructive negative emotions, and once you can make that distinction, you can start to let go of the destructive ones.

Larimar is a stone of great wisdom, exploration, and heightened understanding of the universe. It can put you in touch with powers that you might otherwise never be conscious of.

By using larimar, you can develop a sensitivity to the cosmos that can assist in the development of heightened perception and even psychic powers.

It can help put you in contact with the angelic realm and develop a better spiritual sense of self, although this is not something that everyone is interested in at every stage of their lives.

If you are interested in developing your spirituality, using larimar can help you become more aware of the glory of God, or of whatever higher power speaks to you.

This stone can harmonize energies and lead to better relationships between people who may have different priorities, interests, or even entire worldviews.

It is completely possible for such people to have positive relationships, but it can be difficult. Use larimar to help you develop these harmonisations.

Once you have found harmony with others, it becomes much easier to pursue specific goals in order to achieve the specific things that you want out of life.

How to Use Larimar for the Best Results?

Larimar is extremely effective when worn as jewellery, especially as a necklace, due to its connection with the throat chakra.

However, due to larimar’s photosensitive nature, wearing it as jewellery can damage it relatively quickly, especially if you spend a lot of time in the sun.

If you are wearing a larimar pendant, tuck it under your shirt when you are in the sunlight whenever possible to help it preserve its bright blue colour.

It can also be an excellent stone for use around your home or work environment – although, again, ensure that you are keeping it out of direct sunlight.

Place it in hubs of your home or workplace where you frequently communicate with others, such as next to your phone or computer, or at places where people converge, such as your kitchen or sitting room.

By placing larimar in these spaces, you ensure that all communications and interactions that happen in these spaces are purified by the calming and communication-enhancing powers of the larimar stone.

It will prevent all people who engage in these interactions from slipping into toxic emotional patterns, and instead, keep things constructive and productive.

Larimar can also be a wonderful stone to place next to your bed to promote calm and restful sleep. This is especially useful if you deal with bad dreams, or insomnia caused by anxiety.

If you have a “worry stone” made of larimar, and have trouble sleeping due to worries, then keeping it right next to your bed so that you can hold it and rub it with your thumb before you go to sleep is one of the simplest ways to calm your mind before sleeping.

If you are seeking to improve the energy of your throat chakra, then, no matter what form your larimar is in, you can rest it over your throat chakra while meditating.

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For practical reasons, this is best done lying on your back in a comfortable environment, where you can focus on the flow of energy through your throat chakra, as facilitated by the piece of the larimar stone.

The Best Crystal Combinations to Use with Larimar

Larimar is a positive, high-energy stone that is good for communication, which means that it can be effectively combined with many other stones and crystals.

It is unlikely to have temperamental or negative reactions to any other stones you might use in conjunction with it.

In short, there’s no reason to be excessively careful with how you pair it – experimentation will be your friend here!

If you are interested in pursuing the psychic and spiritual powers of larimar, then you can pair it with amethyst or angelite, depending on the specific facets of spirituality that you wish to pursue.

If you are interested in developing a firm spiritual framework, then amethyst will be a more useful stone, as its intellectual qualities will be highly beneficial.

If you have a framework, but are more interested in connecting with higher powers, then angelite will allow you to contact angels or divine beings and connect with their energies.

Since larimar is such a good chakra stone for the throat chakra, it can also be paired with stones that facilitate the flow of energy through the other chakras.

It can be combined with other chakra stones to address specific problems that result from either blockages or over-activity in the various chakras.

For example, if you are having difficulty communicating an interpersonal emotional issue, then you can combine larimar (for the throat chakra, which rules communication) with a stone that connects to the heart chakra, which rules emotional connections with others.

Stones for the heart chakra include rose quartz and moss agate, although dozens of options exist.

Remembering that larimar is a stone that is very strongly connected with the element of water, it can be effectively combined with stones that have connections to the other elements (air, fire, and earth).

In most spiritualistic thinking, from crystals to tarot to astrology and more, the element of water – as associated with larimar – is an element of emotion, intuition, sensitivity and compassion.

Remember, water can both gently nurture life and savagely wipe it out – it is one of the world’s most simultaneously nourishing and destructive forces. Luckily, it is only the softer side of water that you will see in this stone!

Indeed, larimar can actually be connected with and combined with those crystals in your collection who have a more striking and impactful energy to them, balancing them out somewhat.

That said, creating a balanced set of crystals overall doesn’t have to be the be all and end all of how you arrange your crystal collection.

Likewise, larimar and its soothing energies can be relied upon to play nice with any kind of stone, and likewise be very effective whether worn, set out on display or tucked beneath your pillow to help you get a soothing night’s sleep.

As such, don’t feel as though any particular stones are off the menu, so to speak!

There are plenty of options here, and any set of four will serve you well when you try to bring balance and stability into your life.

Also, as almost every stone can, larimar can be effectively combined with a clear quartz point in order to enhance its energy.

Clear quartz has the power to heighten the energies of any other stone, making it one of the most useful possible crystals, and an excellent stone to pair with something that has as many useful purposes as larimar does.

Pairing your larimar with a clear quartz crystal is especially useful if you need its communication-enhancing powers immediately, perhaps for a specific conversation or interaction that is lying right in front of you.

It can focus the stone’s energy on a specific interaction in a more efficient way than the larimar stone would on its own.

Five Beautiful Images of Larimar

Larimar is awe-inspiring because of the series of events that led to its creation. Its colors vary from white, light blue, green blue, to deep blue. It can be translucent to dark.

Larimar meaning

However, Larimar’s real beauty lies in the beholder. When picking a Larimar, go with the piece that moves you. This is the best piece of Larimar for you!

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Larimar is also known as the Atlantis Stone or the Dolphin Stone.

It has also most recently been called the Lucky Stone because after one woman who was down on her luck bought a Larimar ring, she ended up meeting her soulmate and winning the lottery!

It is believed that the energy of Larimar can help enhance spirituality and communication.

It is a stone that can soothe emotions, cool tempers, and alleviate stress, bringing a feeling of calmness to whoever wears it.

Larimar meaning

Larimar resonates with all chakras, but its vibration works best with the throat, heart, and crown chakras.

It is associated with the element of water, much like its color, though it was formed with volcanic roots.

Physically, Larimar is known to help with cardiac and throat problems. It’s also good for the blood pressure and relieving joint and arterial pains.

Larimar is rather soft and fragile compared to most jewelry gemstones.

It also has a brittle tenacity and perfect cleavage which requires extra care when cleaning and storing.

Be sure not to use harsh chemicals when you clean your Larimar jewelry because they can corrode.

Avoid strong heat and sunlight to prevent color loss. You can wipe down your stones using a soft cloth.

A Lovely Larimar Necklace

When cleaning, use only warm water and a mild soap or detergent. Remove all the soapy residues by washing it well.

Always remove all Larimar jewelry before you engage in rigorous physical activities.

When storing Larimar gemstones, store them away from other gems and jewelry to prevent scratches and fractures.

It is best to wrap them in a soft cloth and store them in a fabric-lined jewelry box.

It is believed that because Larimar was created due to volcanic activity, it has the metaphysical powers to balance both water and fire energy.

Larimar is known to bring out your internal beauty and help you attract blessings and positive energy.

Larimar meaning

It has the ability to increase your intuition and get rid of energy blockages that affect you physically and emotionally.

Larimar supports your relationship when you’re experiencing tough moments or undergoing stress.

Its energies encourage you to let go of the past and be more accepting of the present.

Larimar meaning

It promotes a soothing and relaxing environment, bringing you immense inner peace.

It is believed that using Larimar on a regular basis helps you find your soulmate.

With the help of the vibrations of this stone, you will be able to better express yourself.

Your communication with people will be enhanced, and you will enjoy feelings of love and care better.

It will also enhance your own judgment and give you clarity on certain situations.

My Final Thoughts on the Power of Larimar
larimar meaning

While rather harder to come by than turquoise, which has many similar properties, there is no denying that larimar is an exceptionally positive stone to introduce into your life.

Its ability to aid in communication, develop positive relationships, and improve your feelings of self-love are all things that almost everyone can benefit from in their lives.

There are still a lot of things that remain unknown about larimar’s powers, but it is well-known to have positive effects through its connection with the throat chakra and the element of water.

You can use it for either of these purpose, or for general purposes of relieving anxiety and improving mood.

Have you used larimar?

Were your experiences similar to those that I’ve described here, or were your experiences different?

How did you use your larimar stone?

Did you try any of what was described above, or something else entirely?

We would be very interested in hearing about experiences that don’t align with what we already know, since we still know so little about this stone!

Please like and share this article if you are interested in learning more about stones that are still new to the crystology community.

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