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Black Jasper: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Black Jasper: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Black Jasper Properties

Black Jasper is a dense and opaque member of the Quartz family.

It’s the black and flinty form that’s usually one of the rarer forms of Jasper.

Black Jasper is also known as Basanite or Blackstone.

It’s one of the least common Jasper yet one of the most sought after.

Notable deposits of this stone can be found in Russia, India, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Venezuela, Australia, Brazil, Egypt, Uruguay, Madagascar, and the USA.

Black Jasper

Why Would You Use Black Jasper?

Black Jasper will support you as you journey through your personal and professional trials.

It will give you protection from danger, bad spells, and harmful energies.

It will also keep you safe, especially when you work in high-risk occupations.

This stone is associated with your base chakra, and it will keep you grounded and balance out your feelings of spaciness.

It will increase your motivation and make you more productive on a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level.

Black Jasper will help you achieve stability in your life.

It will make you feel physically and emotionally strong.

It will help you connect to your higher vibrations and ground you to the earth.

The energies of Black Jasper are also excellent with manifestation work.

It’s an exceptionally cleansing and supportive stone that will remove what’s unwanted and give you what you need to overcome your challenges.

This Jasper is an excellent aid in bringing practicality into your life. It will keep things streamlined, but it will not make your life boring.

Black Jasper will promote vitality and boost your energies when they’re running low.

It will absorb all negative energies and transmute them to make them more beneficial to you and your life.

It will bring you positivity and good luck when you find yourself in any kind of confrontation. This stone will also support your efforts in your physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual pursuits.

Black Jasper will inspire you to become more organized in your life. It will guide you in removing the clutter so that you will realize just how truly blessed you are.

It will help you get rid of what no longer works and sever ties with people who only hurt you or bring you down.

How Will Black Jasper Help You?

Black Jasper, Healing and Health

On a physical level, Black Jasper can be an effective pain reliever. It can also help in the healing and recovery process of hip or joint replacement.

It can be especially good in treating foot and digestive ailments.

It can maintain the balance of the body’s mineral intake and help regain balance and strength after surgery or prolonged illness.

Jasper is believed to stimulate and prolong your sexual pleasure, and help in the treatment of infertility and low sex drive.

It can help stop bleeding and protect against infection from wounds. It’s known to be helpful in regulating the digestive process and in protecting the spleen, liver, and gallbladder.

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Black Jasper can also help with digestive troubles and stomach aches.

Black Jasper and Wealth

Black Jasper can help you transform your ideas into action. It’s a highly protective stone that will bring good luck into your life.

Black Jasper will help you see things through until the end. It will keep you motivated and determined, and it will you inspire you to transform your ideas into something concrete.

You will benefit from the nurturing and nourishing energies of Black Jasper when you need more energy and determination to pursue your goals.

Especially your financial goals.

Black Jasper’s vibrations will keep you focused and driven. It will keep you committed to your projects, even if you feel exhausted, discouraged, or uninspired.

It will work to keep you balanced and create a full circle around your body, keeping you healthy in body, heart, mind, and spirit.

Black Jasper, Love and Relationships

Black Jasper is a highly cleansing stone that will give you support during an emotional crisis. It will inspire you to be more persevering, determined, and hopeful.

Even if you’re going through something challenging in your personal life, it will keep the hope alive in your heart.

It will help you get rid of your self-defeating attitudes and insecurities so that you can better love yourself and your significant other.

Black Jasper will support you during your times of stress, confusion, or weakness.

It will cleanse your aura and make you attract only the good and wonderful energies into your relationship.

It will make you realize that every relationship experiences its share of trials, and that even if things are not going swimmingly right now, it doesn’t mean that you should throw in the towel.

Black Jasper will remind you to be whole even when you’ve experienced or are experiencing an emotional event in your life.

It will strengthen you so that you will not focus on the void in your heart, but all the space that the right person can fill when the time comes.

The energy of Black Jasper is full of love and warmth. When you work with the energies of this stone, you will also be living in love and warmth.

You will be inspired to give love and receive love. You will be motivated to do everything with love and kindness.

It will make you grateful for all the lessons, both good and bad, because they are what make you who you are. All your experiences are the sum of who you are!

Black Jasper will teach you how you can forgive yourself for all your mistakes in the past.

This stone will rebuild your self-confidence so that you will be able to achieve all that you want in your relationship.

It will relieve your fears and your guilt, and you will not be very easily frustrated.

It will also build your inner strength and confidence so that you will feel whole even there are certain things missing in your relationship!

How to Use Black Jasper for the Best Results

If you want to wear Black Jasper as jewelry, the best choices are always those that can be worn closest to your first, second, and third chakras.

Rings, belts, ankle and wrist bracelets can be excellent pieces because they can nurture, protect, and ground your energies.

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Wear it on your body or keep it close to you so that you will be free from distractions and pair it with the September Birthstone.

Inside your home, you can attract warm, loving energies when you place them in the southwest area or right in the center of your home.

Your Black Jasper should be charged with other rock crystals and discharged every 20 days.

One effective way you can discharge it is by placing it near any potted plant indoors. It’s already a very energetic stone, so sunlight is not required.

The Best Combination to use with Black Jasper

If you’re going through a tough time in your relationship, the energies of Black Jasper will give you comfort and reassurance.

When you pair it with Morrisonite Jasper and Botswana Agate, this combination will amplify the energies of the stones.

Black Jasper will also bring out your kind and compassionate nature, especially when you combine it with Red Jasper, Rose Quartz, Moonstone, Kunzite, Jade, Green Tourmaline, and Green Jasper.

If you’re struggling with disillusionment and need to feel inspired and alive again, you can pair your Black Jasper with a Dalmatian Jasper.

Black Jasper will also infuse your life with inner peace and stability.

If you want to maintain the peace and serenity that you are enjoying, you can combine it with Blue Fluorite, Chrysocolla, Hawk’s Eye, Blue Tourmaline, Blue Topaz, or Celestite.

When you want to invite more luck and abundance in your pursuits, you can pair it with Tree Agate, Apache Tears, Tiger Iron, Aquamarine, Sunstone, and Blue Lace Agate.

You can also use it with Orange Moss Agate, Rainbow Moonstone, Pyrite, and Serpentine.

Black Jasper and Emotional Healing

If you’re not familiar with the emotional healing powers of Black Jasper, you will know just how powerful it is when you use it during an emotionally trying time in your life.

Not only is Black Jasper a powerful cleansing stone. It’s also a very loving and encouraging stone that will help you deal with the negative effects of bad or sad life experiences.

The healing energies of Black Jasper will support you as you get rid of what you no longer want to have in your life, like jealousy, insecurity, pain, fear, and hate.

Black Jasper is an excellent stone in bringing reason, peace, balance, and stability into your life, making you more optimistic about life and more committed to your pursuit of happiness.

This stone will help you make sense of things, especially when you’re feeling overwhelmed or confused.

It will help you keep calm and work on your aura so that you will not become too emotional when things turn for the worse.

The emotional healing energies of Black Jasper will give you the boost that you need when you’re at your emotional lowest.

This stone will get rid of negative vibrations that are preventing you from seeing your bad experience on a larger scale.

It will make you appreciate both the good and bad experiences because they are what make your life, and they are what make you you!

When it comes to emotional healing, Black Jasper will help in transforming negative energies into something more helpful and beneficial for you.

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It will also help you see the lessons in every bad or regretful experience so that you will not linger on the pain, disappointment, or shame.

Black Jasper will give you emotional healing so that you will see the opportunities that are out there for you to be happy, successful, and loved.

When you feel like you can’t go on anymore, Black Jasper will work to make you see all the wonderful blessings you have and continue to have.

It will not eliminate whatever is hurting you in the blink of an eye, but it will give you everyday courage and strength to get through the hard or bad parts with ease.

The emotional healing powers of Black Jasper will guide you as you eliminate what’s no longer needed in your life, specifically in your personal life.

If you have a toxic friend that you’re not really sure is being a good friend to you when you’re not looking, having a piece of Black Jasper with you will help you get the answers that you are looking for.

It will also give you the courage to sever ties from fake friends.

If you are involved with someone who just can’t seem to commit to you, Black Jasper will remove your blinders and make you see what you have been refusing to see for the longest time.

Black Jasper is the perfect companion stone when you’re going through a tough time with your emotions because it will remove anything that’s hurting you and boost whatever is keeping you strong!

My Final Thoughts on the Power of Black Jasper

Black Jasper is stone that has energies of love and tenderness.

It will increase your ability to relax and be at peace.

This stone will bring you comfort during your dark times, and it will work hard to give you a life of honesty and integrity.

It’s a stone that will give you healing on a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level.

It will bring you balance and mental clarity so that you can forge ahead, buoyed by your wisdom and love.

Black Jasper will encourage you to work on your beauty from inside and out.

It will inspire you to go through life with grace and confidence.

This stone will protect you from anything that’s not good for you and realign you energetically to your center.

It will remind you that there are no instant solutions to life’s problems, and that you need to work slowly but surely to overcome them!

It’s the perfect stone to have when you’re feeling a little low and need a little cheering up.

Black Jasper will bring you feelings of happiness and joy, and it will help you release your negative feelings so your happiness will come shining through.

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