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Zebra-Stone: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Zebra-Stone: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Zebra-Stone Properties

Zebra-Stone is a sedimentary stone that formed over 600 million years ago.

It was formed when detrital clay deposits compacted into layers, which then created the characteristic red/beige or red/brown bandings.

These bandings formed different patterns, such as straight lines, waves, and spots.

Zebra-Stone is typically a white stone with black stripes, but there are also color variations like brown, red, and green.

Because of the black stripes on the stone, Zebra-Stone got its name to complement is name sake animal.

Zebra-Stone is also known by other names like Zebra Jasper, Zebra Marble, Zebra Agate, and Zebra Rock. It was first discovered in Kunnanurra, in Western Australia.

Why Would You Use Zebra-Stone?

If you lead a very active and physical lifestyle, Zebra-Stone will increase your physical endurance and boost your physical energy.

This is also a stone that will give physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing, just like Prehnite.

A stunning Zebra-Stone ring

It will help you connect to Mother Earth and to the never-ending flow of universal love.

Zebra-Stone will also focus on your creative energies.

It will show you how you can manifest your life’s desires by employing creative and imaginative thinking.

It’s a stone that will support you in all levels of creative pursuits.

It will encourage you to stay creative in thoughts, words, and actions.

It will give you a strong sense of security and stability. It will make you feel safe, and it will ward off all unwanted negative energies.

The energies of Zebra-Stone will also keep you centered and grounded. This stone holds energies of balance, which means that it can unite your masculine and feminine energies, your Yin and Yang.

Zebra-Stone will also balance your chakras, as well as your physical, emotional, intellectual, and etheric bodies.

It’s a stone that will make you see and understand your exact nature, and it will help you recognize which ones are false impressions.

Zebra-Stone will protect your aura and ensure that you are safe from harmful psychic attacks.

When you pair it with Quartz, this stone will also promote an overall sense of balance.

How Will Zebra-Stone Help You?

Zebra-Stone, Healing and Health

Zebra-Stone is used in healing to stimulate physical energy and increase stamina and endurance.

It’s also known to be very beneficial when it comes to treating bone disorders, specifically osteoporosis.

It can also be quite effective in easing heart palpitations and muscle spasms. The energies of Zebra-Stone can also benefit the lymphatic system.

If you want to strengthen your teeth and gums, Zebra-Stone can help you achieve that. It also has the ability to improve skin condition and help with kidney and bladder problems.

Zebra-Stone is the best stone that you can have if you are dealing with pain in your body because its healing energies can ease and soothe your body pains.

Zebra Jasper also has a wonderful tendency to heal the mind, and that in turn often heals the body. It’s easy to forget that much of our emotional health affects our physical health, and vice versa.

Zebra Stone can also help you to see if certain addictions, such as to eating patterns, too much caffeine and alcohol, and so forth, are affecting your body in unkind ways.

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This stone will also help you to overcome those addictions as you move forward, or at the very least help you to enjoy a few vices in sensible moderation!

Zebra-Stone and Wealth

The road to wealth and success is never easy, but Zebra-Stone will give you the motivation, determination, and staying power.

It will inspire you to make your financial goals a reality, and you will not stop until you make them come true.

Zebra-Stone jewelry

This stone will dare you to dream and make those dreams a reality.

It will give you focus and clarity so that you can work better and achieve all your goals.

Zebra-Stone will remind you to stay optimistic, even if you’re experiencing the worst day of your life.

It will encourage you to use your bad experiences as your motivation to succeed.

This stone will also give you the confidence to pursue the desires of your heart. No matter what other people say, you will go with what feels right to you, and you will do it your way!

Zebra-Stone will also encourage you to take the initiative in tackling your problems, especially when it comes to money or your finances.

Pretending that they don’t exist will not make them go away, so do something as soon as possible before they become too big or too unmanageable.

The energies of this stone will also inspire you to be more proactive when it comes to finding solutions to your money problems.

It will also inspire you to generate new income to improve your financial status.

Zebra-Stone will clear energy blockages that are preventing you from hitting your goals.

It will also elevate your awareness about financial success and achievement so that you will not lose yourself in the process.

Zebra-Stone, Love and Relationships

Zebra-Stone will show you that it’s not possible to give away all your love or all your life force.

It’s the only thing that you give away which will never run out because the more you give, the more you will receive.

This stone will also convey your strong sense of sympathy for the people you love. You will share in their joy and you will cry tears of sadness with them.

You will be generous with your emotions, and this will make you closer to each other.

Zebra-Stone will also help you discover strength and stability between the polarities in life. It’s in your struggles that you will demonstrate your courage and strength.

You will not back down from your challenges because you know that you possess the gifts to overcome them all.

Having this stone in your life will also encourage you to see the good in others. No matter how awful people are to you, you will choose to see their best and most positive traits.

Wearing Zebra-Stone on your body will also fill your relationship with humor, energy, and determination.

It will remind you that your relationship need not be too serious all the time.

Elegant pieces of Zebra-Stone jewelry

You should fill your relationship with light and fun moments because these are the moments that you will love to look back on many years from now!

The fun moments that you share with the person you love are what will stay with you for a very long time.

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Zebra-Stone will also show you how you can become more loving and affectionate.

It will make you better understand your partner’s love language, and all the things that you do for them will be effortlessly romantic!

This stone will also clear your emotional pains. It will begin the process of emotional healing for you so that you can become more centered and focused.

When you’re not fixated on your own emotions or experiences, you will be more aware about other people’s needs. This will strengthen your intimacy and trust levels.

Zebra-Stone will also show you how you can resist external influences and bring about inner balance.

It will ground and center you, and it will pull together your scattered energies so you can get them to work where they are most required.

The energies of Zebra-Stone will encourage you to find the beauty and joy in your surroundings. It will make you appreciate all the good things you have going for you.

Having a piece of Zebra-Stone with you will help you resolve challenging situations. It can ward off negativity and convert dense energies into higher and stronger frequencies.

It will also remind you to be mindful of your thoughts, because it’s what you truly desire that will be made manifest in your relationship.

How to Use Zebra-Stone for the Best Results?

Zebra-Stone is used widely as small sculptures, paper weights, parquets, costume ornaments, and decorative stones for statues.

It can also be used to decorate hollow wares, such as decorative vases and covered pots.

This does not weaken the energies of this incredible stone.

If you truly want to benefit from the healing energies of Zebra-Stone, you can wear it as jewelry to keep it close to your personal auric fields.

By placing it on your chakras, together with Sodalite, you are also activating them and ensuring a proper flow of energies.

Focus on your intentions and make sure that your purpose is for the highest good. Be clear about your desires and the energies of Zebra-Stone will make them manifest.

The Best Combination to Use with Zebra-Stone

You can harness the energies of Zebra-Stone and amplify its effect if you combine it with other Jasper stones.

You can pair it with a Rainbow Jasper, Leopard Skin Jasper, Red Jasper, Mookaite Jasper, Ocean Jasper, Yellow Jasper, or Polychrome Jasper.

You can also combine it with a Leopardite or a Rainforest Jasper.

How to Cleanse Zebra Stone?

It is very important that you take the time to cleanse your Zebra Stone. It has gone through a lot of processing, and different hands have touched your Zebra Stone.

If you believe that everything has its own energy and that it gives or takes away certain energies, then you must also believe that your Zebra Stone holds the energies of its surroundings as well.

It’s important to cleanse your Zebra Stone to rid it of negative energy and make it fresh for your use. You can cleanse your Zebra Stone using water, fire, air, and earth.

You can bury your Zebra Stone in your backyard or in an herb or flower pot. Leave them there overnight or until you feel like the stones have been cleansed of all residual energies.

Zebra Stones can also be cleansed using sea salt. It can cleanse and purify the stones easily. Simply fill a glass bowl with salt and leave the Zebra Stones there for a few hours.

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You can also use the element of air in cleansing Zebra Stones. This is usually done by using the smoke of burning cedar or sage, or other kinds of incense or cleansing herbs.

Simply pass the Zebra Stone through the smoke and visualize the smoke cleansing the stone of all negativities and impurities.

Think of your Zebra Stone being filled with clear, vibrant, and positive energies. You can also cleanse your Zebra Stone with fire, although extreme caution must be observed not to damage the stone.

If you want to use your own body warmth to cleanse your stones, you can hold the Zebra Stones in your hand until you feel the heat from your hand eliminating the leftover energies and pushing them out.

Once you let the Zebra Stone go, you will notice it getting very hot. This is an indication that your stone has already been cleansed.

Zebra Stones can be cleansed with water as well. You can bring your Zebra Stones to a nearby ocean, river, or creek.

Keep them in your hands or place them inside a bowl. Let the water wash over the stones and submerge them for a few minutes.

Visualize all the negative energies leaving the stones and being washed away by the water, rendering them clean and free of negative energies.

Holy water can also be used to cleanse your Zebra Stones. Just pour it over the stones and visualize it being cleansed energetically.

If you have a piece of Clear Quartz or Selenite with you, you can place your Zebra Stone on top of it and allow it to be cleansed.

These crystals are connected to purity and they act as energetic amplifiers. They will not only cleanse and recharge your Zebra Stone, they will also amplify their natural properties.

You can put your Zebra Stone on a Selenite slab for just 15 minutes. If you want to maximize the cleansing energies, you can leave them there for at least six hours.

My Final Thoughts on the Power of Zebra-Stone
zebra stone meaning

When it comes to Zebra-Stone, you will realize that it’s a stone that you never thought you needed.

It’s a wonderful stone that you can use for centering and meditation.

Zebra-Stone will increase your appreciation for the little joys of life, and it will inspire you to be a little kinder to other people.

This stone will have a good influence on you because it will teach you how to be more compassionate and understanding towards others.

You will be able to see beyond the physical appearance and view their inner person.

This will strengthen and solidify your relationships, and this will make you a much more likable person!

If you’re looking for a nurturing, protecting, and stabilizing stone, you don’t have to look too far.

Zebra-Stone is the perfect stone for you!

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