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Fools Gold: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Fools Gold: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Fools Gold Properties

Fools Gold is an iron sulfide that’s formed by sulfur reacting with iron that’s present in sedimentary rocks.

It comes in an incredible array of forms in glassy, glittering, golden shades.

It exhibits a warm yellow color. It’s metallic and glitters just like real gold!

This is why Fools Gold earned its name, because of its resemblance with gold. However, unlike gold, it cannot be shaped or bent and is much too brittle.

Sometimes Fools Gold stone has a reputation that isn’t so widely liked, simply because of its name and its connotations of deceiving people who thought they had struck it lucky.

However, looking at it just this way will only serve to overlook the really positive ways in which Fools Gold can enhance your life!

It can enhance confidence, success and abundance – and can draw enough wealth to let some real gold shine in your life if you attune to its energies just right.

However, in terms of overall composition, Fools Gold is also pretty fascinating from a geological and scientific perspective.

It’s a disulfide of iron and occurs in masses, nodules, or cubes. It can also be found as flat discs.

Fools Gold can be found all over the US, as well as in Peru, Germany, Portugal, Russia, South Africa, and Spain.

Why Would You Use Fools Gold?

As a gemstone, Fools Gold is a very powerful and unique protector that harnesses energies from the earth and transmits it to your body straight to your aura.

This will create a protective shield that will keep you safe from negative energies, environmental pollutants, physical harm, and emotional and psychic attacks.

Fools Gold will also encourage you to become bolder and more assertive when it comes to protecting your loved ones, your community, and the planet.

If you use it with Calcite, it will unlock and stimulate your second and third chakras by enhancing your ability to see behind facades.

This stone will enhance your intelligence and strengthen your mental stability. It will stimulate your intellect and enhance your memory.

It will infuse you with creativity, determination, energy, and stamina. It will harmonize your dualities and promote self-confidence.

It will boost your psychic development and increase your intuition. It will also help you defend yourself from psychic attacks and other negative energies that are threatening to affect your life.

Fools Gold will increase your physical stamina and stimulate your intellect.

It will transform your thoughts into creative and intelligent action.

It’s a wonderful stone that will increase your wealth in your life, both in a physical and spiritual sense. It will also assist you in manifesting your desires into reality.

More importantly, Fools Gold will remove the negativity from your aura and help you concentrate on the things that truly matter!

How Will Fools Gold Help You?

Fools Gold, Healing and Health

Fools Gold can increase the oxygen supply to the blood and boost the functions of the circulatory system. It can also be beneficial to the lungs because it can alleviate asthma and bronchitis.

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It can help in treating infections, fevers, and viruses. It can also assist with blood disorders and increase the flow of blood to the brain.

Fools Gold can improve memory and help with bone and cellular formation. It can also help repair any damage to the DNA.

This stone can help dispel fatigue, stress, and anxiety. It can also help with lung and digestive tract problems.

Fools Gold can also be used to treat cell and bone diseases. It’s also a good protection stone against the common cold and the flu.

The sun energy that this stone emits can also draw out the pains of the body and help with depression symptoms.

It can balance hormonal rhythms and ease the pains and discomforts of menstruation, too.

Fools Gold and Wealth

Fools Gold is a powerful stone that will promote positive thinking and manifestation. It will impart a positive energy to your business, which makes ita lucky stone to place on your office table or work desk.

Not only will it attract favorable energies, it will also boost your energy levels!

Fools Gold will increase your creativity in many areas. It will also infuse you with energies of perseverance, determination, ambition, and commitment.

It will improve your concentration so that you will be able to accomplish all you need to do and deliver great results!

Fools Gold will also eliminate mental fatigue brought on by too much work.

It will remove the exhaustion from the nervous system by simulating the blood flow in the brain, and by increasing your mental focus, clarity, and recall.

It will attract good luck and good fortune, and it will help open doors of opportunities for you.

Fools Gold, Love and Relationships

Fools Gold will guard you against being controlled or manipulated.

It will protect you from harsh criticism by your partner that leave you feeling small and insignificant.

When things get rocky in your relationship, you will be able to fight your urge to flee. Instead, you will stay and deal with the problems like a true adult.

It will help you keep a handle on your emotions so that you will not lose it at the first sign of issue or struggle. It will calm your feelings so that you will not easily become upset or angry.

Fools Gold will help you overcome your feelings of inadequacy and inertia.

It will also help you uncover truths and see behind facades, especially if you combine it with Vanadinite.

It will block out the negative energies from people, environments, and situations that are affecting how you think or feel.

It will also prevent these energies from influencing how you deal with the person you love and the overall energies of your relationship.

It will help you overcome your insecurities and petty jealousies, and it will encourage you to live your life to its full potential.

It will boost your self-worth and give you the courage to take action when necessary.

Fools Gold will also strengthen your willpower to conquer your bad habits. It will also help you remain committed, true, and loyal.

How to Use Fools Gold for the Best Results?

Fools Gold is a highly protective stone that’s best worn or carried like a charm to keep you safe from harm.

When you’re away from home or the safety of your family, wearing this talisman will protect you from danger or physical harm.

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You can keep a piece of Fools Gold in your home or workplace because this will energize that area and enhance its ambiance.

It will also move its energies around so that you can experience an increase in vitality.

Fools Gold is a great stone that you can use for meditation and should be held in each hand the entire time. It will bring balance to your body and refresh your life energies.

This stone has the ability to attract the energies of wealth and abundance. It’s a good stone to put in your home or office, or any space that needs uplifting or energizing vibrations.

It’s best placed in south-east area of your home or office to enhance the lucky direction of money.

You can also use it for protective or energizing purposes by placing it near the front door, in your living room, in your office, or anywhere that will benefit from its healing energies.

You can also wear it as jewelry or carry a piece of it in your pocket or purse.

The Best Combination to use with Fools Gold

Use your Fools Gold with Green Prehnite so that you will be able to better harness their combined energies and make them resonate strongly within the heart chakra.

You can also use it with any of the solar plexus stones or crystals, particularly with ones that will improve your thought processes and strengthen your willpower.

Such stones include Sphene, Vanadinite, Yellow Apatite, Golden Labradorite, Hematite Stone, Preseli Bluestone, Heliodor, or Citrine.

Fools Gold can also be paired with Boji Stones and Hematite Crystals because of their very similar makeup.

If you want help in manifesting your desires, you can also combine Fools Gold with Chalcopyrite. It will also work effectively with  Shamanite Black Calcite, Chalcopyrite, and Healers Gold.

Because of Fools Gold’s resonance with the sacral chakra, it will also help stimulate male sexual energy when you pair it with Tiffany Stone, Crocoite, Orange Carnelian, Black Andradite Garnet, Orange Calcite, or Bustamite.

Can You Get Fools Gold as a Necklace?

Fools Gold will make a lovely necklace because of the many ways you can cut and design this stone as a pendant. Also because it looks just like real gold.

Even with just a long and simple chain, a few pieces of Fools Gold beads will look exquisite as pendants. Fools Gold can also be made into ladder-style necklaces or rectangular pendant necklaces.

Other style ideas include brass squares, chevron arrows, lariats, sunbursts, crescent moon chokers, hexagons, and tiered chevrons.

Many other designs can be made that will look beautiful, fashionable, and elegant at the same time. There’s sure to be a design that will suit any taste.

Wearing a necklace made of Fools Gold will increase your endurance, vitality, and strength.

It will also boost your motivation and strengthen your commitment. It will surround you with protective energies and provide you with the assertiveness that you need to go after what you want.

The energies of Fools Gold will also help bring balance to your brain that will promote creativity. A Fools Gold necklace will guide you in balancing your masculine and feminine qualities.

It resonates with your third chakra and helps you manifest your creative ideas. It will help you feel empowered even in times when you are overcome with doubts and fears.

A Fools Gold necklace will help boost your self-confidence and promote self-love. It will also bring all your chakras into alignment so that you will vibrate harmoniously with your genuine self.

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When you wear a Fools Gold necklace, your chakras are enhanced and you are given a higher resonance with wealth, success, and abundance.

You can meditate wearing your Fools Gold necklace. Simply lie down in a comfortable position and breathe deeply in and out.

Visualize specifically what you want to come true for you. It can be anything related to your empowerment, wealth, or health.

Imagine a bright golden light radiating from your Fools Gold necklace and surrounding your whole body.

Allow your Fools Gold to soak its vibrations into yours. Let your aura be filled with its golden frequencies. Your Fools Gold will continue working for you and with you even if you’re not wearing it.

A Fools Gold necklace is not very expensive, but it will make a valuable investment in both a physical and metaphysical sense.

Fools Gold will fill you with feelings of joy and fulfillment by protecting you from anything that’s not in harmony with your soul. It will help let go of aspects of yourself that are no longer serving you.

Fools Gold is a valuable stone to have for your body, mind, and spirit because it will balance, align, and heal you on every level.

Wearing a Fools Gold necklace will not only be fashionable and elegant. It will keep you protected and help magnify the positive energies around you.

It will make you appreciate all the wonderful things that you have in your life so that you will spend less time focusing on the negatives!

My Final Thoughts on the Power of Fools Gold
fools gold meaning

Fools Gold’s reflective sheen is an excellent representation of its protective and shielding capabilities against all kinds of negative vibrations in your body and in your environment.

This is a very strong gemstone that will shield your aura and is associated with a very masculine energy.

It’s also a great help in stimulating your intellect, enhancing your memory, and recalling information.

It will enhance your meditation and help you see through the facade of people.

It will help you see right into the heart of their actions.

Fools Gold will easily connect with the universal energies so that you can nourish your body with the energies that it needs and bring it to ideal physical health and emotional well-being.

It will give you the confidence to take charge of your own life.

It will also balance masculine and feminine energies, and even increase your sexual vitality!

Fools Gold will also bring you abundance and prosperity. It will help you manifest great wealth and burn away what’s no longer needed or desired.

The energies of Fools Gold will fill you with warmth and healing, and they will resonate with your energy center for self-empowerment and manifestation!

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