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Boji Stones: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Boji Stones: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Boji Stones Properties

“Boji Stone” is a trademarked name for Kansas Pop Rocks, which are stones that come from a naturally formed pyramid formation in the state of Kansas in the United States.

These stones are mined from the base, and sold by the company Boji Inc.

Boji stones are round, flat discs, and they come in pairs, with one stone having a smoother surface, and the other one having a highly textured and ridged surface.

The ridged one is known as the “masculine” Boji stone, and the smoother one is known as the “feminine” Boji stone.

Pretty pieces of Boji Stones

These two stones are said to promote Yang and Yin energy (respectively).

Therefore, they are marketed as highly balancing stones for people who feel that their Yin and Yang energy is unbalanced.

Boji stones are sold in a variety of colours, with mineral deposits within the rocks sometimes giving them beautiful iridescent colourations.

Some of the highest-priced stones on the Boji stones website have beautiful blue colouration, while others have gold and green deposits in them.

The exact colour will have a distinctive effect on their powers, so if you are interested in acquiring Boji stones, ensure that you are choosing a pair with colours that resonate with you!

Why Would You Use Boji Stones?

Boji stones operate on a Yin-Yang principle that encourages the enhancement of both Yin and Yang energy in balance.

This is wonderful if you feel sluggish or like you don’t have a lot of “force” to your personality and want to develop more personal strength.

It is also good if you frequently yo-yo between situations that require a lot of Yang energy and situations that require a lot of Yin energy (such as writing, content development, and other creative acts).

Some examples of people who live lifestyles that require large stores of alternating Yin and Yang energy would be entrepreneurs, freelance writers and designers, and people who work in the arts or academia.

All of these careers rely heavily on your ability to create excellent products, a Yin activity.

At the same time, they rely equally heavily on your ability to market yourself and network with others, which requires a lot of Yang power.

A set of Boji stones can be used in alternation to get you through tough situations and will ensure that the Yin and Yang energies are complementary.

This skips over any potential concerns you might have about acquiring one stone with a strong Yin energy and one stone with a strong Yang energy, and then finding that their energies really don’t play nicely together!

If you feel that you are generally depleted in the field of either Yang energy or Yin energy, and that you consistently do not have enough of one or the other, but always have enough of the other one, then Boji stones are not a good investment.

You will use one of the stones all the time, but probably hardly touch the other!

It is wiser, if this is your circumstance, to buy one stone that enhances the power of the energy that you don’t have enough of.

For example, if you are lacking Yin energy, you could buy a piece of scolecite, and if you are lacking Yang energy, you could buy a piece of red jasper.

The exception to this rule is if you feel that both the energy you have too much of and the energy you have too little of are “unhealthy.”

For example, you may find it impossible to turn off your Yang energy, even when you rationally know that you need to dial it back. This can lead to its own sets of problems!

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If both energy types are “malfunctioning” then a paired set of Boji stones might help you achieve balance again.

However, if the energy that you have more of is steering you well most of the time, then you’re better off focussing on the one you have too little of.

How Will Boji Stones Help You?

If you frequently yo-yo between required energy types, or feel that you are generally lacking in both Yin and Yang energy, then Boji stones can help you enhance your energy and develop a healthier psychic life overall.

If you do not have enough Yin and Yang energy, then you will feel sluggish, apathetic, unwilling to either exercise your personal creativity or engage in social interactions and problem-solving.

This leads to problems piling up in front of you, because you don’t have the energy to tackle them, which in turn leads to becoming even more paralyzed by anxiety and even less able to make changes.

Boji stones can help you gain energy for both intrapersonal and interpersonal projects, and to solve problems in both of these fields.

This is extremely helpful if you feel that you’re spiralling towards disaster but don’t know where to start to get yourself out of the spiral!

These stones are also helpful if you feel that you are constantly going from one energetic extreme to another.

For example, imagine a professor who spends hours in a library pouring over manuscripts, and then has to dash off to mediate a seminar class with dozens of high-strung students, then returns to her office to grade a stack of essays.

This professor can later go to a dinner with academics from all around the world to network and discuss her subject. I’m exhausted just thinking about that!

This type of activity is difficult because it requires the brain to switch from one extreme “mode” to another – in other words, this hypothetical professor has to go from using almost entirely Yin energy to do her work, to using almost entirely Yang energy, and then back again!

The beauty of Boji stones is that they can help both of those energies become stronger, and ease the transition between one or the other.

If this professor had a pair of Boji stones, she could carry the feminine one with her to the library and to grade essays, and then switch it out for the masculine one during her class and her dinner.

Even if your life doesn’t have these extreme swings from one to the other in such quick succession, if your career involves both individual, creative work and social, networking work, then Boji stones may be helpful to you.

How to Use Boji Stones for the Best Results?

Many Boji stones are quite large, and therefore unsuitable for jewellery. Even the small ones are not marketed to be worn as jewellery, but instead, to be carried around in a purse or medicine pouch.

There’s nothing wrong with carrying a stone in your purse, of course, but it does negate its power a bit if it’s bouncing around with your wallet, a handful of crumpled receipts, gum wrappers, and all the other bits and bobs that end up in our purses.

The scattered “waste” energy of these objects seriously disrupt the powers of any stone or crystal!

If you want to carry your Boji stones with you, I recommend a pocket, a designated outside pocket on your purse, or a separate medicine bag as recommended by the website.

Any of these will keep the Boji stones’ energy from getting lost. Large stones are also well-suited to being kept in spaces that are usually designated to their energy.

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For example, you might want to keep your feminine stone in your office, and your masculine stone in your car, if you frequently do introspective work from your office and then drive around to more interpersonal events.

You can also use Boji stones as focal points for meditation. If you feel the need to increase some energy to “psych yourself up” for a big activity or event.

You can place your Boji stones in direct sunlight, clear your mind, and spend some time focussing on them and absorbing their energy.

Depending on the size of your Boji stones, it may be highly impractical to move them or carry them around with you.

If this is the case, then you should ensure that you are keeping them in places where you can regularly see them and absorb their energy.

In fact, this is the case even for smaller ones – one of the reason that stones like Boji stones are effective is their promotion of mindfulness.

Boji stones are also purported to have healing properties when laid over injuries.

There may be some benefit in laying a Boji stone over a cut or abrasion after applying a bandage, in order to heal the psychic puncture that rests above it!

Remember that crystology is never an acceptable substitute for medical attention! Please only use Boji stones after using whatever medical products were prescribed by your health care practitioner.

The Best Combinations to Use with Boji Stones

Since ultimately the powers of Boji stones are the powers of grounding and strengthening Yin and Yang energies, they are very easily substituted with other stones that have strong Yin and Yang properties.

Scolecite can promote Yin energy, while red jasper can promote Yang energy.

If, for whatever reason, you have only acquired one Boji stone (either a masculine or a feminine one), you should pair it with a stone of similar size that has the opposite energy.

This will prevent you from becoming imbalanced, as these stones are mainly meant to work in tandem.

You may also want to use your Boji stones in combination with stones that promote action, such as Grossular Garnet, to help you act on the increased energy that you are feeling.

Without this, it is possible that your increased activity levels will not have all the payoffs that you want, and that you may even become distracted and have difficulty focussing on achieving your goals due to the sudden increase in energy.

As always, these stones can be effectively paired with clear quartz crystals in order to enhance their natural energy.

This is especially useful if you need the energy for a short, intense, and immediate burst of work.

Boji Stones Tumbled

Boji tumbled stones are as old as they are fantastic. These stones were created approximately during the same time that earth was, which means that they are billions of years old.

Boji Stones are often used as a pair, often represented as one male and one female. Female Boji Stones are typically smooth, while male stones are jagged and uneven.

The energy of Boji Stones in tumbled form are very emotionally and spiritually grounding and physically healing.

Boji Stones are also known to be shamanic and alchemical talismans that will help you work between the worlds.

They will enhance your psychic visions and abilities and promote physical healing and wellness at the same time.

They will also strengthen your connection to the spiritual realm. The stones can be used to align your energetic meridians so that you can do Reiki work and distance healing.

They can also facilitate shamanic work and deepen your meditative state. When you work with Boji tumbled stones, it’s best to hold one stone in each hand.

The male stone is typically held in the left hand and the female stone is usually in the right. But you’ll know which position is the best when you try holding it yourself.

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Every person’s energy is different, and you will also respond to these stones’ energies in a different way. Move the stones away and toward each other so that you can sense their unique energies.

You can then lie down and place the left hand Boji stones above your head and the right hand Boji stones below your feet.

Doing this will let you experience a balancing, healing, and grounding effect on your body and soul!

Boji tumbled stones can be used to meditate. They can also be held in your hands to receive healing of all kinds.

Many healers use these stones because they are very good with people who feel that there’s something blocking their energies.

The electromagnetic currents in the body support the meridian channels and chakra energy points.

In numerology, Boji Stones are known to vibrate to the numbers 1 and 9. They are also associated with the zodiac signs Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius.

They are said to be very helpful in healing emotional problems. They are also known to be effective in clearing outdated behaviors and thought patterns.

Boji tumbled stones are very helpful in performing spiritual development work.

When you feel ungrounded in some way and need help in pulling your energy down until all the symptoms disappear, make sure that you always carry this stone with you.

These stones will help you soothe your dizziness and reduce your clumsiness. They will calm your flitting thoughts and the feeling that you are not in your own body.

Aside from their powerful grounding action and healing abilities, Boji tumbled stones are also some of the most interesting looking stones that you will ever see.

Their powerful vibrations will draw you in and make you a believer. Once you start working with them, you will also realize that it’s very hard to stop!

My Final Thoughts on the Power of Boji Stones

If you are interested in buying Boji stones, I highly recommend that you go to Kansas and spend some time with the Boji stones in person.

The only way to know whether Boji stones will resonate with you personally is to actually personally come into contact with them.

Boji Stones are indeed pretty unique in the world of crystals and healing stones, and so it can sometimes feel challenging to know what information out there is presented without bias.

Luckily, we can inform you with confidence that the electromagnetic properties of this stone can work wonders in clearing your inner pathways and finding yourself on a more even keel in your day to day affairs.

Similarly, these stones can help you to step outside yourself when you’re in a negative spiral in life, and also help you to identify what is contributing to this downward trend so you can prevent it from restricting your more positive nature.

Likewise, this stone can work well with others in your collection, so there’s every reason for this stone to be part of it. There’s plenty to be said for Boji Stones!

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