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Alunite: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Alunite: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Alunite is a stone of stability and balance.

The crystal resonates with the Yin-Yang energy to bring harmony into a person’s life.

If you think you could use a break from the chaos of the world, Alunite may be a good option to look into in order to bring some organization and tranquility into your life.

Alunite Properties

Also known as Angel Wing, Alunite is often found in a combination of colors, usually in pairing with red.

The stone may be red with white streaks all over, or contain a pairing of red with light, creamy pink or yellow blotches of color spread across the stone in varying amounts, depending on the minerals.

The crystal comprises of hydrated aluminum potassium sulfate and usually takes up a cubic shape with rhombohedral crystals.

This is an ancient stone discovered in the 1500s and has since then been excavated to manufacture alum.

Alum has served various different purposes throughout history in ancient locations like the Roman empire, ancient China, and ancient Egypt.

One of its main purposes was to dye fabrics with color, used mainly by the Romans. The stone was used for this purpose for its ability to stabilize the color.

When used during this period in history, Alunite was named aluminilite, but its current name took over in later centuries, along with “Alum Stone”.

Rough Alunite

Why Would You Use Alunite?

With great balancing powers, Alunite is often used as an aid for healing in relationships and for matters of health.

The stone may be used in an environment that could use some harmony and restoration of balance.

When a person is in the presence of Alunite, he or she is bound to feel a rejuvenation of energy within the soul and a boost in creativity.

Alunite will urge you to bring more creativity into different aspects of your daily life, giving you a unique and positive way to approach things.

Alunite has a range of unique and remarkable metaphysical uses as it resonates with the different chakras within your soul.

Working with the root or the base chakra, as most other red stones also do, Alunite will help keep you grounded during times when you feel lost or helpless.

People who feel like they are going about life without a purpose and can’t seem to stay focused on one goal will find it particularly helpful to use alunite to regain their focus.

The stone stretches the boundaries of your mind in order to instigate creativity, which in turn helps you reevaluate your life, your past experiences, and your current circumstances.

This assessment of yourself is necessary because it will enable you to better understand what you need to do in order to change or better the things in life that need to be worked on.

By stimulating your base chakra, the stone establishes a balance within you, which is important for people who may feel weak or exhausted by the hustle and bustle of life.

In addition to this, the vibrations of Alunite work with the sacral chakra as well.

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This collaboration of energies is essential for the strengthening of the relationships that you share with those around you, including your friends and loved ones.

Alunite Healing Crystal

How Will Alunite Help You?

By working closely with your heart chakra, Alunite will keep your energy levels replenished, leading to an emotional balance as well.

You need to be emotionally stable in order to deal with various situations in life and Alunite will help you do this more productively.

In addition to a balance of your inner forces, the harmonizing of male and female energies within the body is another useful benefit of Alunite.

Since the stone mainly works to keep the yin and yang energies working in synergy, Alunite will ward off several illnesses that may otherwise arise due to an imbalance of yin and yang.

This makes it an essential instrument for its health benefits.

Chinese medicine has placed great importance on the concept of yin and yang, which is believed to be at the center of everything you do in life.

The yin energy is more feminine in nature and is thus associated with qualities like compassion, sensitivity, and nurturing.

On the other hand, yang energy is known to be the more fierce, male energy that is responsible to keep one grounded.

In fact, it is this yang energy that controls the emotional side by allowing an individual to use their logical thinking before taking any action.

Different situations in life require unique ways to approach them.

The yin-yang balance is imperative to think rationally and not let your emotions take over when deciding how to deal with a particular situation.

Moreover, the stone is known to boost a person’s mental health by strengthening the capacity of the mind.

The stone also has much to do with moving forward in life to keep the cycle going.

Therefore, people who have recently started to feel like they’re stuck in a rut and can’t break away from the monotony trap that their lives have become, Alunite is bound to give them the impetus to move forward.

Meditating with the stone regularly will ensure that its balancing powers touch all aspects of your life to bring harmony overall.

Additionally, the healing properties of Alunite are also used to relieve individuals of joint and muscle pain that may occur as a result of constantly sitting at our desks or looking down at our phones.

With today’s busy life, we hardly ever give much thought to how badly we neglect our health.

The advent of technology has several adverse implications that are increasingly on the rise amongst today’s generation.

That being said, we often tend to ignore these effects and continue going about our lives, doing the things that we know harm us but we can’t really do without.

This is where the role of Alunite comes in.

In addition to helping you maintain inner peace in the chaos of your busy schedule and keeping you from being overwhelmed, the physical benefits of Alunite are a blessing for today’s world.

Alunite is known to cleanse your eyes and remove any toxins that may impair vision.

In addition to that, the stone also combats dehydration and aids with an excessive thirst to keep your health intact throughout the day.

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Another plus point of having Alunite in your surroundings is that it replenishes whatever energy is lost during the day so that even by the end of your working hours, you have the stamina to pay attention to your personal life and your health.

Finally, the stone is also believed to also help reduce odors of the body and was used in ancient times for this very purpose.

Interestingly, you will often find that even today, the stone is sometimes sold for this purpose.

Alunite and Spiritual Healing

Being a stone of harmony, Alunite will ensure a balance of your body and mind with your spirit.

The healing properties of the stone are good for anyone whose faith in the divine presence has started to waver because Alunite specifically targets the loss of energy and motivation and fixes other troubles that stem from this.

It is only when you believe with full force in the divine guidance that you will be able to pay heed to the messages that your guardian angels are sending your way.

It is highly important to keep your eyes and ears open to this guide because this is what will lead you to the fulfilment of your true purpose in life.

Subsequently, when you know what you are destined to achieve on earth, you will work towards it and your spirit guides will ensure that the universal forces also work in your favor.

Another way in which Alunite brings about the process of spiritual healing is by expanding the horizons of your consciousness.

This is important to engage your mind with experiences that go beyond the tangible world around you.

The creativity that results from the use of Alunite is not just limited to your work life or your artistic skills.

In fact, it has much to do with the way you perceive the world around you and the unseen universe beyond.

Therefore, when you become more welcoming of new and different experiences that may seem beyond your comprehension, you will effectively push the limits of your mind and seek answers.

The answers you seek will guide you to your destined path and are important to keep you safe from any negativity that comes your way throughout this journey.

This is a path of self-awareness and enlightenment and once you embark on it, with the continued use of Alunite, you will overcome all obstacles with ease.

More importantly, the balance of yin and yang that is crucial to a person’s inner harmony is largely facilitated by the energies of Alunite.

Hence, you can rest assured that whatever you put your heart to will be accomplished, but in a way that your feelings don’t overwhelm you to an extent that they blur your vision of what is right and what is wrong.

This is the kind of spiritual balance achieved by Alunite, and once you reach this level of tranquility in your soul, you will always perceive your life in a positive light.

Alunite, Love, and Romance

If you’re thinking of investing in an Alunite stone for the purposes of achieving betterment in your love life, there are few other stones more useful than this one.

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The crystal is known to be an aid when it comes to dealing with relationships.

Although this healing property of Alunite is not just restricted to your love life, there is no doubt that it will have a great impact on the bond you share with your significant other.

When kept in a room, the vibrations of the stone will affect both you and your partner.

By doing so, the energy emitted from Alunite ensures that any problem that you may be facing in your partnership is dealt with from both ends.

After all, a relationship is based on mutual love, respect, and compromise.

Therefore, it is important that both individuals invested in the relationship know that they have a part to play in order for the relationship to blossom into something special.

If you’ve loved and lost, the energies of Alunite will work in your favor to mend your heartbreak and the pain that came with it so that you can learn to love again.

Just because it didn’t work out with one person does not mean that you’ll always fail in the love department.

In fact, these vibrations that are emitted from the stone will lead you towards the path where you will find your soulmate.

Such is the impact of Alunite on relationships; it creates those that you need to experience in order to grow and it strengthens the ones that you already have so that you can stay satisfied and happy with them.

The creativity that Alunite brings will enable you to come up with new and exciting ways to keep the spark alive and treat your partner with affectionate surprises that will take make them fall deeper in love with you.

How to Use Alunite for the Best Results

Harmonizing the male and female energies within you can be quite crucial, especially when you wish to achieve a higher sense of purpose and balance in life.

Therefore, holding a stone of Alunite in your fingers, especially during meditation, can really amplify its desired effect on your life.

To further intensify the balancing impact of Alunite, you can even pair it with other similar stones that also exude balancing vibrations.

Examples of these include Yellow Labradorite, Magnetite, Marcasite, Lapis Lazuli, and Hematite.

My Final Thoughts

When it comes to achieving inner harmony, the positive healing vibrations of Alunite may well be the need of the hour.

So if you often find yourself caught up in overwhelming situations where you feel helpless, Alunite will ground you so that you can approach your life with clarity and peace.

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