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Clinohumite: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Clinohumite: Meanings, Properties and Powers

A beautiful stone with lovely, soothing vibrations, Clinohumite will give you that extra little boost of zeal and zest that you’re missing.

The energy of Clinohumite is known to heal the person who uses it, both physically and emotionally.

So if you’ve come here searching for a solution for your stress or pain, this may well be the instrument you need in life.

Clinohumite Properties

Clinohumite is an orange or yellow colored stone that is widely known for its distinct lustrous hues that add to its beauty.

The stone can take up a range of different shades including a combination or orangey yellow, reddish brown, honey yellow, and even light brown.

The stone belongs to a group of minerals known as Humite, which often makes Clinohumite resemble a Hessonite Garnet as well.

In terms of its composition, the stone is a combination of a nesosilicate mineral with several other minerals.

Interestingly, it is this variety of different amalgamations of minerals that give the stone its distinct color.

Stones of Clinohumite are often small in size and can be both transparent or come with a dull lustre, although the former is more popular and often sought after.

The shape that the crystal takes can be prismatic or granular, often with a tetrahedral or octahedral formation.

Clinohumite was first discovered in Italy on the famous Mount Vesuvius. After its first sighting in 1876, it was found in a number of different locations across the globe.

Today, it is most commonly available in Siberia and Tajikistan.

However, since the gemstone quality of Clinohumite is commonly found only in these two regions, it makes it quite rare as compared to other gemstones.

That being said, the non-gemstone variation of this rock is found in numerous different locations, which makes it a lot more common and readily available that it’s more attractive, gemstone-quality version.

These places include Germany, Finland, Scotland, Norway, Bulgaria, Greenland, Antarctica, Spain, Austria, Australia, Brazil, India, Canada, Japan, Tanzania Africa, and several places across the USA.

You will find the stone in the same places where minerals like Talc, Vesuvianite, Dolomite, Ludwigite, Wollastonite, Grossular Garnet, and Forsterite are excavated.

The name of the stone comes from Sir Abraham Hume, an English mineralogist.

Why Would You Use Clinohumite?

The yellow and orange specimens of Clinohumite are known to resonate with two important chakras of your body: the solar plexus and the sacral chakra.

Both of these are associated with the stomach region of the body, right around the navel. This is where your gut feeling and emotions of self-esteem and confidence reside.

Therefore, when these chakras are stimulated by Clinohumite, it focuses on the healing energies of the stone towards these areas to bring about physical healing and also aid with the emotional repair.

One might even use this stone specifically to boost their self-confidence and strengthen their intuitive senses.

The stone works with the chakras that deal with feeling and emotion, which makes it such an instrumental part of an individual’s personal growth.

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The sacral chakra, for one, is largely responsible for giving you the emotional balance and stability that is needed to handle personal relationships.

Hence, using Clinohumite stimulates these functions within your body, making it a good tool to use for purposes of achieving inner peace and harmony of the forces within you.

Other reasons why you may use Clinohumite include getting better sleep and relieving yourself of sleep-related issues like insomnia and nightmares.

The stone is known to be highly beneficial as an instrument of stress-relief.

In fact, perhaps one of its most significant uses is that of instilling calming energy within you and enabling you to perceive the world around you with clarity.

How Will Clinohumite Help You?

The healing powers of Clinohumite will focus on important organs, including the liver, pancreas, and kidneys.

When it targets these parts of your body, the stone is in a sense ensuring that the functionality of these essential organs is unhindered.

Your body needs to be a well-oiled machine if you want to accomplish big things in life.

Clinohumite will emit vibrations that will guarantee that your body runs as it should and that all organs function in the healthiest way.

The stone is also believed to be responsible for stronger bones.

In fact, this particular healing property of Clinohumite is what helps with the treatment and recovery following a fractured bone or injury.

In addition to speeding up the process of fixing the affected bone, say as a result of a fall or an accident, the stone also helps with pain relief so that the recovery phase is comfortable for you.

Moreover, the stone helps with the assimilation of important nutrients and minerals throughout the system and improves blood circulation within your arteries, which keeps blood clots and bay and prevents strokes or heart attacks.

People who wish to use the stone to treat skin problems like eczema and acne will find that the vibrations of the stone can help with skin-related issues to a great extent.

Finally, it is also believed the Clinohumite can fix eye impairments and better an individual’s sense of vision.

Since it is a metaphysical energy boost, Clinohumite will prove to be favorable when used by students or professional workers who spend hours devoted to their respective tasks.

Professions with long and tedious working hours where it is easy to get demotivated quite quickly require a great deal of stamina and willpower to power through the day.

Clinohumite thus helps with such lifestyles, inspiring individuals to stay on top of their game despite the challenges of the workplace.

Consequently, the stress and tension that comes with high-responsibility professions will also be subsided quite a bit if you stay in the presence of this soothing crystal.

Clinohumite and Spiritual Healing

Vibrations of the Clinohumite stone resonate deeply with your naval region chakras.

This means that your sense of clairvoyance, intuition, and psychic visions will be amplified many times when you are in the presence of this lovely crystal.

All such innate gifts are present in most human beings, but with Clinohumite, you can truly harness these powers and use them to bring betterment to your life as well as to those around you.

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The energy emanated from this crystal, and the resulting impact on the person who uses it is very positive in nature.

Therefore, these forces will fill your environment with positive vibes and serve as an excellent mood booster to keep within your environment.

With its calming energy, the stone has the power to clear up a person’s mind and cleanse it of any toxic thoughts.

Purification of your soul is the first step towards a healthier life and Clinohumite equips you with the strength and determination to start making a conscious effort towards adopting a more positive outlook.

After all, your troubles and problems are only as bad as your attitude towards them.

So if anything in life has been stressing you out recently or pushing you into a state of depression, start meditating with Clinohumite and focus all negative thoughts towards it so that you can get them out of your mind.

The stone will suck out all the negative energies in your surroundings. This includes giving you the courage to distance yourself from toxic people and situations alike.

The tranquility that comes with Clinohumite is an essential state that you need to feel in order to induce clarity in your mind.

Once that is achieved, you will not only become more observant of the people around you, but you will also become more welcoming to the divine guidance of your spirit guides.

Whether you believe in the divine presence or not, the job of Clinohumite is to lead you to a path of enlightenment.

You can rest assured that with this enlightenment and awareness, you will learn to accept the simple but powerful notion that there is a divine presence beyond your knowledge that is constantly looking out for you.

Keep your mind open to this presence, for your guardian angels, are always trying to send important messages your way to keep you guided towards your destined path.

As a result, by meditating with Clinohumite you are also ensuring that you don’t stray from your journey of self-awareness.

When you need to find your purpose in life, these are the energies that will guide you towards the knowledge of what exactly it is that you are meant to do.

The stone also gives you an insight into the future and a chance to reflect on the past.

Its energy will urge you to learn from your experiences, know why they occurred, and move on with a clear vision and goal.

Focus all these thoughts toward the crystal during meditation and you will soon feel washed with a new kind of inspiration to work tirelessly but confidently towards your goals.

Clinohumite, Love and Romance

Any stone that exudes a lovely, happy vibe is bound to impact your personality for the better. There is no doubt that a happy person is automatically more attractive to others.

So when you take in the positivity of the stone and share it with those around you, you will become a better, kinder, and more lovable person.

Such qualities are highly appreciated in matters of love.

Your partner needs to see this side of you, so if you’ve been afraid to open yourself up to such an extent, use the powers of Clinohumite for they will give you the courage to unveil your true self in front of your significant other.

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How to Use Clinohumite for the Best Results

For best results when using Clinohumite as a pain relief instrument, you should ideally wear the tone around your neck as jewelry or at least keep it in your pocket throughout the day,

The maximum benefit from the stone will be reaped only when it is in very close proximity to your body, especially when you’re seeking its physical benefits.

If you are aiming to get a better, more peaceful sleep at night, the vibrations of the stone need to be close to your head in order to ward off negative thoughts that could lead to nightmares.

For this reason, a stone of Clinohumite should be kept under your pillow at night to ensure a good night’s sleep, and worn through the day to combat insomnia.

Although the stone has quite an impact on its own, if you want to garner higher-energy vibrations, you can pair it with other stones that are known for stress relief.

These are usually crystals that contain the mineral ‘lithium’, which is an essential substance to calm a person down.

In fact, lithium is also medically notorious for treating high-priority cases of patients with psychotic rage and restlessness.

Therefore, if you are investing in Clinohumite to achieve peace and serenity of the mind, you must use it with rocks that comprise of this potent substance.

Some examples of such stones are Lilac Lepidolite, Amblygonite, Holmquistite, and Lithium Quartz.

When used in combination with one or more stones like the aforementioned, Clinohumite will harness positive energies within you and give rise to the hormones that are responsible for stimulating joy.

When using it for pain relief, it will make sense to use the crystal with rocks like Fuchsite, Emeralds, Black Tourmaline, Amber, and Kammererite, all of which are pain-relieving stones.

To get a better night’s sleep, Scolecite is a popular favorite to amplify the calming power of the stone so that the combined effect on you is more useful and beneficial.

My Final Thoughts

All in all, Clinohumite is a very unique but effective way to relieve a plethora of emotional, mental, and physical problems.

Positivity is the best medicine to cure an illness, and Clinohumite serves as an excellent instrument to channel wellness into your body, mind, and soul.

Don’t fight these vibrations, for they hold the power to truly transform your life for the better.

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