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Ruby Quartz: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Ruby Quartz: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Ruby Quartz is an exquisite gemstone which symbolizes vitality, energy, and sensuality.

Ruby Quartz is associated with the base and earth star chakras.

Ruby Quartz Properties

Ruby Quartz is a crystal of usually deep ruby red color which is shaped in the form of corundum (made out of silicon dioxide) but comes in colors other than red too, like brown, black, mauve, and white.

It can be found in abundance in the United States, Mexico, Kenya, Thailand, Madagascar, Russia, Burma, Cambodia, and India.

Ruby Quartz gets its name from the word “rubrum” which is Latin for ‘red’.

Why Would You Use Ruby Quartz?

If you are under threat of aggressive behavior or violence, use this crystal to get protection against any such problems.

If some traumatic experience has left you a shell of the person you were, use Ruby Quartz to make your heart more passionate, vital, and alive.

This is the perfect stone to remove negativity and toxicity from your life in order to enrich it with positive energy.

If you suffer from inferiority complex and constantly look down upon yourself, this is the perfect crystal for you since it promotes the feeling of self-assurance.

Use the power of this beautiful red crystal to release the physical, emotional, or mental pain haunting and hindering you from moving forward in life.

Moreover, this crystal also brings sensuality to the person using it and enhances overall charm.

Depressed or emotionally drained people might find solace through this stone because it can provide great bliss, joy, and desire to live life fully.

Furthermore, if you are tired of your dull life, use the power of Ruby Quartz to add such situations and experiences in your life which make it exciting.

Also, if you have experienced severe trauma and shock in the past, this is the perfect stone to use as it helps you let them go.

If you have ever doubted your abilities or suffered from an inferiority complex, use Ruby Quartz to realize your strengths and abilities.

As Ruby Quartz is a stone of manifestation, it will bring your desires to life when you combine the use of this crystal with sincere prayers.

This gemstone is also very advantageous for you if you find it difficult to maintain focus in life and are easily distracted because it can increase your concentration and attention span.

If you are one of those people who want more dreams and particularly simple ones, Ruby Quartz can help you achieve that.

Ruby Quartz can also heighten your consciousness and make you more aware of your environment and the people around you.

Furthermore, Ruby Quartz can be highly useful for you if have very less control over your impulses and emotions, since this stone can teach you self-control.

You can also become a very adventurous person through this wonderful gemstone as it has the ability to make you take risks without doubts.

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Ruby Quartz is a very beneficial gemstone for introverts because it can assist them with socializing with others.

Another benefit of Ruby Quartz that is often reported is its ability to aid you with clear visualization.

And if you have been holding onto negative emotions and thoughts, this is the perfect stone to release them peacefully.

Besides, the intensity of the vibrations of Ruby Quartz can inject enthusiasm and fervor for life in you.

You can also use Ruby Quartz to clear any blockages of energy inside your body to enable energy to flow freely and easily.

Besides, you can even use this exquisite stone to heighten your sense of intuition.

If you experience dizziness or spaciness often, it might be a sign that you need grounding to the earth, which Ruby Quartz can effectively provide.

Also, if your weight loss makes you feel ugly, regularly using Ruby Quartz can help create feelings of self-love and self-acceptance in you.

Now if you are someone who shies away from assuming major roles and duties and gets easily intimidated, use this gemstone to inculcate and enhance leadership qualities in yourself.

Furthermore, Ruby Quartz can prove to be very beneficial for you if you have set high goals in life and need the motivation to help accomplish them.

If you are a student, you are likely to love this stone for its ability to sharpen your intellect and enhance your analytical abilities.

You need this gemstone in your life if fears constantly surround you and hold you back, as Ruby Quartz can successfully rid you of your fear and reservations, such as the fear of death.

Boost your confidence with Ruby Quartz because it can make you feel very sexually attractive in order to be bolder in your sexual exploits.

And this stone will infuse passion for sexual adventures in you as well.

Besides, this beautiful gemstone can be quite valuable for you if your work requires creative skills, as it can enrich your creative vision and bless you with new inspirations.

Lastly, do not fear negative energies as Ruby Quartz can assist you by ensuring you do not become influenced or persuaded by them.

How Will Ruby Quartz Help You?

If you have been working hard for success and wealth but haven’t been able to achieve it, use Ruby Quartz to bring prosperity to your life and retain wealth.

With the enhancement of intellect and analytical capabilities, you will be able to perform more brilliantly in academic or professional spheres of life, earning major success and respect.

Moreover, Ruby Quartz can bring out your hidden talents and add more value to your professional profile, effectively leading you towards success.

As this stone brings with it the power to enhance your ability to act wisely, it will give you the courage and determination to take bold and lucrative steps at the right time.

Also, Ruby Quartz is your go-to stone if you want to increase your sexual energy, by overcoming sexual dysfunction, and live all your sexual fantasies to the fullest.

Similarly, Ruby Quartz also encourages vitality and makes you more lively and energetic.

The increased wisdom gained by Ruby Quartz will assist you in your professional life to make smarter and more profitable choices.

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The healing powers of Ruby Quartz make it an ideal choice for getting relief against many physical illnesses.

If you are suffering from spinal cord issues or have slipped discs, use Ruby Quartz to relocate them to their original position.

Also, this crystal can help you with problems related to your lower back, such as sciatica, back pain.

Regular use of Ruby Quartz can also enhance your endocrine system and make your endocrine glands more efficient and stronger.

This crystal can also protect you against infections and parasites by acting as an antibiotic.

Also, if you suffer from chronic fatigue, use Ruby Quartz to recharge your energy levels and feel rejuvenated.

By properly distributing energy in your entire body, this ruby-red gemstone balances and energizes your body.

As the color of Ruby Quartz resembles that of blood, it is believed that it can enhance the oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood, which is especially useful for you if you live at higher altitude areas.

Furthermore, Ruby Quartz can also greatly assist you with muscular problems and give quick relief from them.

Since this gemstone can stimulate the heart chakra, it is an excellent tool to intensify the bio-magnetic field surrounding your body.

Moreover, use Ruby Quartz if you want to heal any physical issues related to your back, legs, or hips.

Not just that, but the use of this gemstone in treating problems related to the large intestine is common since many years.

Ruby Quartz and Spiritual Healing

Ruby Quartz is a very effective stone in protection against psychic attacks and it ensures you are safe from negative spiritual energies.

Another important ability of these gorgeous gemstones is that by using their strong vibrational energy they can safeguard you against those who intend to steal your energy.

Ruby Quartz can also ground any excess spiritual energy inside you so that it is not misused by you or anyone else.

At the same time, some energy is transferred to you from the earth which is quite useful in balancing.

Ruby Quartz is also known to stimulate a deep connection with the divine spirit and spiritual beings in higher realms.

Ruby Quartz, Love and Romance

You should use the sensuality gained through Ruby Quartz to make sure you are at you’re A-game while interacting with potential partners to attract the most amazing of people.

If the problems in your relationship stem from your lackluster sexual performance, Ruby Quartz will end this once and for all by giving you sexual finesse and the ability to pleasure your partner beyond their expectations.

This beautiful crystal also has the ability to attract love so this is a very useful stone for single people in pursuit of true love and passionate romance.

If an abusive relationship in your past is hindering you from exploring love, use Ruby Quartz to let go of those painful memories and allow yourself to meet new people.

Someone like you should also use Ruby Quartz because it is popular for its ability to add intensity and passion to any romance.

If you are a fan of love-hate relationships and want to move beyond the angst you share with your rival, use this magical stone to finally win them over.

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And with this stone, you will never have to give up because Ruby Quartz even possesses the ability to resurrect love.

Finally, it is believed that Ruby Quartz can enable you to read the true thoughts and feelings of others, so you can use this as a guide in your love life.

How to Use Ruby Quartz for the Best Results

A sound knowledge of the different powers and effects of Ruby Quartz will help you use this gemstone in a more optimized manner.

There are multiple ways to use this stone such as during meditation, keeping it in your possession, or wearing it as jewelry.

However, wearing Ruby Quartz as jewelry is a smart decision because this helps the stone stay inside your auric field in order to keep affecting you with its powers.

Moreover, try wearing the jewelry around your base chakra or heart chakra to maximize the benefits.

If you are using Ruby Quartz to manifest the desires of your heart, clear your mind of all other thoughts and focus on imagining a very detailed vision of what you want.

Also, if you intend to enhance your ability to dream by using this beautiful gemstone, place it under your pillow when going to bed.

You should also cleanse your mind of negative thoughts to create space for positive energy, bliss, and excitement that Ruby Quartz can bring to your life.

For best results, use Ruby Quartz regularly and for a long period of time so it can have maximum effect on you and your life.

My Final Thoughts

Ruby Quartz is an exquisite stone with quite a few powerful attributes which makes it much more than mere attractive jewelry.

Its healing properties range from assisting in pains, spinal and large intestine problems, to healing blood oxygen-carrying capacity issues and problems of the endocrine system.

This is also a very important stone for improving yourself since it gives you passion, vitality, courage, creativity, and sexual prowess.

Your spirit can deeply benefit from Ruby Quartz as it provides protection against negative energies and helps ground excess spiritual energy.

Also, because of its ability to bring prosperity and success to your life, you should use this stone if you’re hungry for professional growth and wealth.

The advantages of Ruby Quartz for people worried about their love life are numerous because this stone will add romance, passion, and love in your life in the most mysterious of ways.

Understand the powers of Ruby Quartz fully to bring light back into your life with its help.

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