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Amphibole Quartz: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Amphibole Quartz: Meanings, Properties and Powers

A crystal with very appealing vibrations, Amphibole Quartz is a commonly used instrument for purposes of meditation.

The power of the stone to bring its user into close contact with the higher realms makes it a beautiful channel through which a person can seek enlightenment from the spiritual world.

Amphibole Quartz Properties

Amphibole Quartz is a type of quartz that is only found in Brazil, making it a relatively rare crystal.

It is named after the group of minerals, “Amphibole” that make a part of this category of quartz stones. Amphibole Quartz is usually very lightly colored and can sometimes even be colorless.

The most commonly found specimen of the quartz is white in color with a touch of yellow, orange, red, gold, brown, peach, or pink in it.

The color will vary based on the mineral composition that makes up the specimen of the quartz.

Another name that is given to the crystal is Angel Phantom Quartz, which is a reference to the “phantoms” that appear in the crystal due to the amalgamation of various kinds of minerals.

Each mineral that makes us the stone plays its own distinct role in the overall energy exuded from the rock.

This means that the properties of each of the minerals will be amplified and vibrated across the auric field surrounding the stone.

Apart from the very visible phantoms, the clear areas that are often seen in Amphibole Quartz are meant to bring clarity into your life as well.

These clear spaces especially reflect in your connection with the divine realm, helping you see the higher message that is being sent to you more clearly and with greater understanding.

Another name, “Angel Wing Phantom” that this stone goes by refers to the white markings within the crystal that look similar to angel wings.

The shape and size of these wing-shaped patterns will vary from stone to stone.

The mineral that is responsible for them is White Kaolinite, which is a mineral that is known to boost a person’s clairvoyance and intuition.

Amphibole Quartz Cluster

Why Would You Use Amphibole Quartz?

Known to assist a person’s communication with his or her personal spirit angels, Amphibole Quartz is a great tool for psychic hearing.

In fact, with consistent use of the stone, you will not only develop your innate ability to pay attention to the psychic messages brought down to you but will also experience psychic visions.

The stone will work closely with the energies of your third eye and throat chakras, which are both higher chakras and relate to gifts of clairvoyance.

People who are already blessed with clairaudient gifts will experience a little extra push to their psychic abilities so that they can further strengthen them.

Make use of this boost and put it to great use because the foresight that comes with these powers can save you from several potential dangers that could be headed your way.

In fact, the way that this stone protects you from facing adverse challenges in life is not by diverting them elsewhere but actually by empowering you so much that you can handle anything that life throws at you with ease.

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This is the magic of Amphibole Quartz.

It keeps you composed in the face of chaos because more often than not, a clear mind is the most useful tool that is needed to successfully rise above a challenge or problem.

The calming powers of the stone are also very good for people who feel like they are aimlessly going from one path in life to another without any direction.

If you’re one of these people, the use of Amphibole Quartz will help ground you and harmonize all the haywire forces within you on a deep level so that you can find peace and comfort in your own self.

Once you find peace within your own spirit, summoning your spirit guides will become easier for you as you will be in a better place to access their messages and communicate freely with them.

People with a strong faith in spirituality will find that the stone further stimulates and strengthens their beliefs, while those who are completely detached with their spirituality will finally start coming towards it.

Another impressive use of the stone is to aid with dreaming.

More specifically, Amphibole Quartz enhances lucid dreaming, which is essential to reach a state that allows your guardian angels to easily send the divine message to you.

Lucid dreaming is when you enter into a dream state but are fully conscious and aware in that state.

Here is where your angels can reach you more easily so that you can not just see their messages but also retain what they teach you.

It is essential to reach this state for maximum learning and enlightenment about your own spirituality as well as about the unseen forces of the divine universe.

If you expect to merely meet a spirit in your dream while sleeping, you can’t count that as a spiritual experience because you will barely remember any of it when you wake up.

This is why Amphibole Quartz plays its role.

By simply putting one under your pillow, the energies of the stone will induce lucid dreaming, which will give you the spiritual experiences that you need to participate and learn from.

Moreover, anyone who suffers from sleepless nights owing to nightmares, regardless of whether it’s a kid or an adult, Amphibole Quartz will ensure that you are protected from negative forces.

It will rid your mind of any bad thoughts that may cause nightmares, thus allowing you to sleep peacefully in the comfort and safety of the presence of your guardian angels.

Amphibole Quartz

How Will Amphibole Quartz Help You?

The positive vibrations of Amphibole Quartz instill a sense of tranquility within a person.

The pleasant feelings that you will experience with the use of Amphibole Quartz are meant to uplift your spirits and make you find happiness in the smallest of things.

The overall impact of the stone is that it makes you a more optimistic person, in the sense that you will perceive things through a positive lens.

The world around you is much better than you think it is.

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In fact, the adverse circumstances that you currently find yourself in are only as bad as your approach towards it.

Keep an open mind towards the things and people around you that make a part of your life and you will soon start to see the good in everything.

As you transition towards achieving a positive outlook, the stone will remove any evil forces around you that were sucking you into a toxic environment.

Negative forces that are unnecessarily taking up space in your life will be replaced by several positive things that will make you realize how truly blessed you are.

By developing clarity in your approach towards the world, Amphibole Quartz will actually open your eyes to the numerous gifts and blessings that you have in life.

It will also encourage you to share these blessings with others so that you can play your part in making the world a better place.

The crystal resonates with vibrations of the higher chakras of a person’s soul, which makes it such a useful instrument during meditation.

It is with the activation of these higher chakras that you will be able to reach a meditative state to enable contact with your spirit guides.

In addition to communicating with your own guardian angels, the vibrations of the stone will also beckon you to connect with other parts of the divine realm along with its higher beings.

Finally, the resonation of the energies of Amphibole Quartz with higher chakras like the third eye, soul star, and crown chakras will lead you to a sense of higher purpose.

This will enable you to perceive yourself, your inner strength, and your personal power in a new light where you will be convinced of the greatness you are capable of.

Amphibole Quartz also has certain physical benefits, which are a result of the power of the stone to eradicate stress from your life and prevent you from taking unnecessary tensions.

Amphibole Quartz and Spiritual Healing

Amphibole Quartz is known for its lovely, radiant vibration that is good to have around you when you meditate.

The stone is very significant for its spiritual powers, especially for its ability to heal. These vibrations keep you safe and comfortable when you experience out-of-body astral travel.

It is easy to lose focus in today’s fast and busy life, especially when a person wants to connect with higher realms.

This crystal will help you regain your focus and find solace in the presence of spirits that you call from the divine world.

It is good to welcome these spirits because they have a lot of knowledge and teachings to bestow upon you.

You can learn a lot by being in the guidance of the enlightened beings, and Amphibole Quartz will ensure that you sustain this divine relationship at all times, even when you sleep.

It is important to note that regardless of the shape, form, or color of the quartz, the stone will contain powerful energy.

However, this does not mean that it will drastically transform your life.

In fact, it simply means that the power of the stone is such that it will have a great positive impact on your life, but it will do so by surrounding you with a peaceful, soothing energy force.

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Keeping the stone in the energy field around your body and house will ensure that its potent force will reach the precise spots where angelic beings visit and beckon them to come to you.

Amphibole Quartz, Love and Romance

The lovely energy of this rock will reflect in your love life as well. By making you a more positive individual, it will make you more appreciative of your partner.

In return, your significant other is bound to notice this change in outlook on your end and respect you even more.

The love and positivity that you exude to others around you will be reciprocated, so don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and shower your loved ones with affection.

The stone also improves your way of expressing yourself, which directly improves communication with your partner.

Don’t be hesitant to let your partner know about everything that is going through your mind, especially the concerns that you have about the relationship.

It is important to convey your thoughts to your partner, and in turn, be sensitive to the issues that are bothering your partner.

Amphibole Quartz will make you more compassionate as well as make you a better listener for your loved ones so that they know you are a person they can rely on for comfort during trying times.

How to Use Amphibole Quartz for the Best Results

It is important to keep a stone on your body, in close contact with your skin, in order to activate its full potential.

Therefore, the best way to keep it near you at all times is to wear it as jewelry around your neck or your wrist.

It will also help to wear the stone in your workplace if you wish to improve cohesion and communication between you and your colleagues.

Instead of arguing with co-workers, friends, or family members, the stone will beckon all members of the room to participate in healthy discussion and be more tolerant towards each other.

For this reason, you should keep it in the vicinity where you think the effects of the stone will be most helpful.

My Final Thoughts

Amphibole Quartz will awash you with a deep sense of spirituality and establish a very strong bond between you and the divinity that exists in the spiritual realm beyond.

For people who wish to get in touch with the deepest levels of their inner spirit, Amphibole Quartz is bound to guide them on the divine path.

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