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Afghanite: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Afghanite: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Afghanite is a very special stone, known for its ability to boost all of your psychic abilities and help you develop psychic gifts that can help you in navigate through and learn from the metaphysical realm.

It is also very good at boosting your communication skills and enabling you to activate all of your higher chakras.

Afghanite Properties

Afghanite was first discovered back in 1968 in the Sar-e-Sang Province of Afghanistan and was named after its host country.

It is usually an opaque stone that can exist in either white or blue, the shades of blue go from dark to light depending on where the stone is extracted from.

An uncommon stone, it has a vitreous luster with a Mohs hardness of 5.5 to 6.

With a specific gravity of 2.55, Afghanite has a Trigonal crystal system and belongs to the Cancrinite Group.

With a perfect cleavage and a white streak, Afghanite is a translucent stone that appears to be colourless when observed in thin sections.

Often combined with Lazurite stone for optimum results, Afghanite may naturally occur as elongated prismatic crystals or in the massive form.

Other than Afghanistan, this stone has also been extracted from other countries such as Germany, Italy, Canada, Russia, and the USA.

Afghanite Calcite Matrix
Afghanite (blue) on a Calcite matrix

Why Would You Use Afghanite?

If you are someone who has to do a lot of thinking throughout the day, whether it’s for creative reasons or work, you can use the powers within Afghanite to help boost your mental capabilities.

You can use this rare stone to better your critical thinking so that you can always stay one step ahead of your opponents and can make decisions that will give you the most benefit.

Afghanite can also be used to make the most out of its metaphysical properties that allow its wielder to activate all of his or her higher chakras.

The chakra in your body that is stimulated the most with the help of Afghanite is the crown chakra which resides in the center of your head.

Stimulating the crown chakra will allow you to think much more critically and clearly and will have an amazing effect on the brain so that you’re always sharp.

Afghanite can also be used to enhance your intuition so that you can always devise the best strategy for you and your peers that gives you the highest chance at success.

You can also use Afghanite to align all of your chakras and help create a free flow of energy throughout your body so that you may receive the most benefit.

You can also use Afghanite during meditation and astral travel to enhance your focus and help you develop a much deeper connection with the divine realm.

This will enable you to see everything much more clearly when you’re travelling through the metaphysical space so that you can remember more and take in more knowledge.

You can also use Afghanite to take a journey into your past life and gather answers and clues as to what happened to you in your previous life.

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This journey may enhance your vision and transform you into a whole new person, making you much wiser.

Knowledge of the long lost past will help you understand the true purpose that you are here to serve and will help you gain a much clearer realization of the universe and your position in it.

Knowledge and wisdom obtained from the Akashic records will help you throughout the course of your entire life.

Afghanite is an amazing stone that can be used if you want to truly grasp the meaning and purpose of the life that has been given to you.

If you’re an explorer and like to think about the deeper meaning of life and the universe then you can use Afghanite to find answers that you’ve been looking for your entire life.

You can use Afghanite to gain the knowledge and wisdom that is centuries old to give you a neat edge over everyone else around you.

How Will Afghanite Help You?

Afghanite will usher in a new era of wisdom and knowledge in your life so that you may always remain well informed and satisfied.

Afghanite will help bring stability into your life by allowing you to sort out everything of significance so that you can start moving towards a peaceful future.

Afghanite will help soothe your nerves and senses so that you may gain peace and serenity, this is especially helpful for people who suffer from insomnia as it helps aid in bringing sleep.

Having this stone in your possession will enable you to have a very deep and proper sleep every night so that you’re always fresh and energized to face the tasks of everyday life.

Afghanite will also help in the development and strengthening of your bones and teeth so that you can build a very strong structure.

This is highly beneficial for all those looking to transform their bodies and trying to achieve more bone and muscle strength.

Afghanite will also help you a great deal when it comes to finding solutions to a problem by enhancing your intuition, this will also allow you to have a much better road sense so that you don’t get lost more often.

For anyone suffering from anxiety and depression, Afghanite is a perfect stone as it helps soothe and calm the nerves so that your mind may find rest and peace.

If you are someone who has to coordinate with other people on a daily basis then Afghanite is a great stone for you as it will help enhance your telepathic gifts.

This is very helpful for people who take regular part in meditation and rehab groups as Afghanite allows them to better communicate their feelings to everyone else.

Afghanite is a great stone to have on your person at all times as it doesn’t give off large amounts of high energy vibrations which can sometimes become overwhelming.

Instead, Afghanite adjusts the level of vibrations in accordance with the requirements of the person who is using it to make sure that the perfect amount of energy is dispelled.

This makes Afghanite a very easy to use stone and maybe a great stone for anyone who is trying to use a crystal for the very first time.

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Afghanite will also help you become much more gentle when dealing with all others around you so that you always have your emotions in check.

Afghanite and Spiritual Healing

Afghanite is a perfect stone for spiritual healing as it boosts psychic ability and allows your soul to become much wiser and stronger from within.

By allowing you to connect your soul with the Akashic records and allowing it to gain the wisdom of your previous life you will be able to find your true purpose in the universe.

The calming and soothing properties of Afghanite are essential for the soul as it allows you to your rest your mind which eventually leads to your soul attaining peace.

A deeper connection with the universe and the divine realm will prove to be great nourishment for your soul as it will help align it with the divine plan.

A deeper understanding of your own soul will also enable you to take steps that ensure that you’re always satisfied from the inside.

Afghanite, Love and Romance

By allowing your heart chakra and crown chakra to connect and align with one another, Afghanite will allow you to make smarter decisions when it comes to your love life.

If you are someone who is single and looking to find someone to settle down with, Afghanite will help you steer clear of anyone who isn’t a good match for you in the long run.

Afghanite will help you make an informed decision about who you want to be in love with so that you can save yourself from heartbreak later down the road.

Afghanite will also teach you the meaning of self-worth by filling you up with self-confidence so that you never think you’re lesser than your counterpart.

If you are someone who has been in a long term relationship then this stone will allow you to look at your relationship with a fresh perspective.

This will allow you to take certain steps, ones you may have missed before, to ensure that your relationship stays solid and joyful.

It will allow you to always communicate your thoughts and emotions to your partner so that there’s never any miscommunication between the two of you.

By removing all sorts of negative energies from your surroundings and body, Afghanite will ensure that you have a fulfilled relationship that is based on a positive outlook.

Afghanite will rekindle the feelings you used to have for your partner at the very beginning of your relationship with them, which will allow the two of you to come closer together and form an even stronger bond.

It will also allow you to take lead in your relationship and steer it in the direction that you want to take so that you’re never dissatisfied with the way things are going.


How to Use Afghanite for the Best Results

The best way to make the most out of Afghanite is to meditate with it on a regular basis in a quiet place.

You can do this every morning right after waking up or every night right before sleeping.

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If you are someone who suffers from insomnia and can’t seem to shut off your brain at night in order to go to sleep, Afghanite will help soothe your nerves so that you can sleep better.

You can keep it under your pillow or in your hand every night before sleeping, doing so will help clear your head and make you sleepy.

You can also place Afghanite somewhere in your bedroom or other parts of the house to ensure everyone in your family also receives the same positive energies that you’re receiving.

Placing it in a room will enable Afghanite to create a very restful environment where there are peace and serenity, this will allow your family to share a safe space without any negativity.

If you have a big interview coming up then using Afghanite daily and drawing on its powers will allow you to become much better at communication and speech.

You will find it easier to patch your different thoughts together to speak your ideas and visions efficiently and fluently.

This is great for people who are learning a new language and have moved to a place where they can only communicate with other people in the new language.

You can also combine Afghanite with other stones to reap the maximum benefit out of the stone.

Combining it with stones such as Goethite, Blue Apatite Pendant, Cavansite, and Euclase will allow for a stronger connection to be developed between you and the divine realm.

My Final Thoughts

Overall, if you happen to come across Afghanite then you know that the divine realm has a plan working for you which includes you harnessing the powers of this special stone.

With its highly effective metaphysical abilities and the ability to transform one’s life entirely, Afghanite is a stone that is bound to bring positivity and success into the life of anyone who uses it.

Using Afghanite will ensure that you are always at the peak of your powers, especially in terms of critical analysis and thinking.

This will allow you to take on various different challenges head-on, without any fear of failing, that will eventually lead to a very successful future for you.

If you have this stone in your possession, make sure to draw on its powers and abilities and allow it to have an effect on your life.

If you’re someone who is very curious about the universe and the deeper meanings of the divine realm then having this stone in your possession is perfect for you as it is a perfect stone for boosting psychic abilities and gifts.

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