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Blood Jasper: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Blood Jasper: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Blood Jasper Properties

Blood Jasper is a beautiful stone that exhibits a lovely red-black color, with white veins running throughout the stone.

This is common for all Jasper stones. Its name comes from the Greek word for “spotted stone,” which refers to its striped, flamed, spotted, and multicolored appearance.

Ancient Greeks believed that the red spots on this stone are droplets of blood. Hence, the name Blood Jasper.

This stone exhibits veins and flecks of red within an opaque background.

Ancient folklore characterized this stone as excellent weapons for warriors or anyone who is experiencing conflicts and challenges.

It was believed that this stone can stop blood from falling.

History tells us that the warriors’ wives would give Blood Jasper to their warrior husbands and ask them to carry it with them to stop the bleeding from any wounds sustained from slashing swords or flying arrows.

It’s not for nothing that this stone is also called Dragon Blood Jasper. The courage and confidence of that mighty mythical being seems promised to those who unlock the energies of the fantastic crystal.

Yet as much as it embodies the warrior spirit, Blood Jasper also allows those who have taken a few too many knocks on life’s long road the chance to relax and recuperate.

Whether it’s helping to ease physical injuries and ailments, or overcoming a tired and weary mind that’s been through one ordeal too many, there are countless reasons to welcome this stone into your life.

Blood Jasper

Why Would You Use Blood Jasper?

Blood Jasper is a very healing stone that will promote courage, vitality, and strength.

It will support you on a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level, especially when you’re going through tough times in your life.

This stone will keep you centered and grounded. No matter what challenges come your way, you will remain strong and standing!

It’s a stone that will bring joy in all your interactions with people, and it will help you earn the respect of anyone you work with. It will help you in setting new goals and in achieving them.

Blood Jasper is capable of bringing in more energy into your aura as well as to your physical body.

It will also ground your spiritual energy through your heart chakra. It will keep loneliness and depression at bay, and it will work hard in keeping your spirits up.

It will also surround you with protective energies that will keep you away from the toxicity of negative people.

Blood Jasper is a strengthener of the body, and it will address any unhealthy or negative condition that brings your physical vitality down.

The healing energies of Blood Jasper will also assist your body in spiritual purification.

It will help you find your inner reset button so that your body will resonate once again with the pattern of good health.

It will help you regain your physical stability and emotional wellbeing. Blood Jasper will work steadily rather than briskly like other Jasper stones.

Blood Jasper is also known to help in breaking old habits and introducing new ones. It will allow you to be buffeted by the events in your life, and it will let you experience fear and confusion.

It will let you self-indulge, or even fall into debilitating and unhealthy patterns, so that you can receive a powerful and self-affirming guidance afterwards!

Cerussite: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Blood Jasper will inspire you to replace your self-serving tendencies with being of service to people and taking care of the well-being of the world.

However, it will not simply make you weak that you will just follow every rule there is. Rather, it will inspire a certain kind of fierceness and loyalty.

It will encourage you to stay true to what you perceive is good, and to protect it and fight for it with all the power that you can muster!

Blood Jasper will show how excellent an ally you can be, and how you can be a worthy opponent as well.

When you use a Blood Jasper stone, you also activate your chakras and enhance your spiritual growth.

It will help you build the real person that you are and dissolve all false images of the way you see yourself.

It’s also a stone that will promote self-healing and raise the Kundalini energy!

How Will Blood Jasper Help You?

Blood Jasper, Healing and Health

Blood Jasper is a good stone to diagnose or prevent illnesses. It can be beneficial for the liver, stomach, bladder, and kidneys.

It can also improve the functions of the bile ducts and the spleen.

It can ease the nerves and enhance your sense of smell. It can also regulate mineral balance in the body.

Its healing energies can protect the heart and provide healing. It can also be helpful in the treatment of bronchitis, jaundice, or Multiple Sclerosis.

Blood Jasper can also ease backaches, cramps, and even treat the common cold and flu.

It can aid your physical endurance and inspire you to stick to your diet and exercise regimes.

It can support the body’s healing process and stimulate the digestive process.

It’s also known to strengthen the immune system, nervous system, brain, and thyroid.

As well as these Jasper healing properties though, this stone can also give you more energy overall, both for your day to day affairs, but also to prevent illnesses from taking hold in the first place.

While a healthy diet and lots of exercise is even more crucial, there is still a tangible sense of feeling your immune system being boosted by the brave conviction and fighting spirit this stone possesses!

Blood Jasper and Wealth

Blood Jasper will help you recover and reenergize yourself when you’re experiencing exhaustion brought about by working too much.

It will uplift your moods and emotions and give you physical vitality and a strong sense of satisfaction in all aspects of your life.

It will also stimulate your interaction with people and help you take part in things.

It will also support you in achieving your own goals and stop you from being overly critical of yourself and of others.

Blood Jasper will enhance your life force and motivate you to increase the prosperity and abundance in your life.

This stone has the ability to draw money to whoever wears it!

The Blood Jasper stone is seen as a serious good luck charm in the areas of finance for that reason.

Of course, that’s because it empowers hard work to go after what you want, rather than makking you believe that everything you desire will just fall into your lap out of nowhere. Although it’d be lovely to meet the crystal capable of that, if it exists!

Blood Jasper, Love and Relationships

Blood Jasper calls forth the gentle strength of compassion, forgiveness, and love.

When it comes to emotions, Blood Jasper will help you develop the confidence to go after what you want and make it yours.

It will strengthen your willpower and encourage an open expression of your emotions.

It will also develop a willingness to help someone you love, with the genuine desire to see them happy and successful.

Ammolite: Meanings, Properties and Powers

This stone will infuse you with the persistence to make a real, honest, positive, and effective change.

Blood Jasper will connect straight to your heart chakra and allow you to better understand your own emotions.

It will encourage you to listen to what your heart has to say and give you the strength to do what’s necessary.

It will make you more courageous in addressing any repressed or deeply buried emotional issues and find a peaceful resolution to them once and for all.

Blood Jasper will help you face your insecurities and difficulties head-on.

How to Use Blood Jasper for the Best Results

Blood Jasper is a powerful talisman that can be used when you want to transform a part of your life to a more beneficial state.

It’s a good stone to have when you need to discover a new path or method to achieve something that you want so much.

This stone has the power to support you in finding new relationships that will change your life for the better.

Blood Jasper is a powerful talisman that will keep you safe and secure. It will protect and strengthen your efforts to achieve financial security in your old age.

Blood Jasper is best placed in the east and southeast areas of your home or room.

This will bring positive energies and enhance your family relationships, your health, as well as your prosperity.

This stone can also be an excellent aid for mothers who are having struggles understanding or getting along with their children.

You can also attract abundance and prosperity by keeping Blood Jasper stones inside a jar with some coins. Place it somewhere in your home or office where the sun can shine on it.

The Best Combination to use with Blood Jasper

If you have problems managing your anger, Blood Jasper can help you control your anger and your emotional outbursts.

You can combine it with stones that can be excellent for anger management, such as Kunzite, Kyanite, King Cobra Jasper, Lithium Quartz, or Angelite.

It will also go well with Aragonite, Thunder Egg, Blue Phantom Quartz, Aquamarine, Citrine, Jet, or Magnetite.

Other stones and crystals like Bronzite, Colemanite, Gold, Howlite, Lepidolite, Peridot, Rhodonite, Smoky Quartz, Sodalite, Sugilite, and Turquoise will also complement this stone.

When you suffer from anxiety attacks, Blood Jasper will help ease your anxieties. Especially if you pair it with Chrysocolla, Astrophyllite, Tourmalated Quartz, Strontianite, or Tsavorite.

You can also combine it with Wonderstone, Celestite, Dinosaur Bone, Fluorite, Kambaba Jasper, Lepidolite, Cerrusite, Hematite, Pink Mangano Calcite, Picasso Stone, Covellite, or Variscite.

Meditation with Blood Jasper

When people meditate with Blood Jasper, they feel a renewal of their energies, especially those of courage and strength.

Blood Jasper is a stone that should be kept with you if you seek physical, emotional, spiritual, or mental support and need it to tackle the tough times and challenges that come your way.

The energies of Blood Jasper keep you grounded and ensure that the focus of your energies is centered around the things that matter in life.

Regardless of how difficult a challenge may seem, you need to be confident enough to believe that you will emerge on top of it.

That conviction can indeed come from spending time meditating with, and working alongside, this superb Dragon Blood stone.

Should you ever find yourself wracked with doubts or worries, take some time to really examine the interplay of colors in your Blood Jasper, and the incredible natural forces that came together to make it happen.

Each of these stones are unique as far as those patterns go, and it may well remind you of your own unique gifts, and how to cultivate them.

This confidence and belief in yourself will relieve half of your troubles while the other half will depend on how you use your past experiences and wisdom to ensure the best outcome of a solution.

Agate: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Blood Jasper is also known to bring joy to your life, especially in your relationships when you combine it with the March Birthstone.

The powers of the stone are such that they will garner the respect and adoration of your colleagues, friends, and families towards you and help you in easily communicating and working with them.

In the professional arena, Blood Jasper will enable you to set new milestones for yourself and achieve them because you will be aware of how even the smallest of efforts manifest on a larger scale to bring you one step closer to the finish line.

Blood Jasper is also known to work with your heart chakra because it keeps bad and hurtful emotions – like hatred, depression, and loneliness – at bay and ensures that your heart belongs in whatever you do.

The energies of Blood Jasper will keep your spirits uplifted for times when you feel low.

Moreover, they will also strengthen your core and develop your character so that you can be the person you want to be before achieving the things you want to achieve.

All change starts from within, so if you want to improve the quality of your life, you will first have to improve your personal self.

When you become your own strong person, you will feel comfortable in your own skin and be more open in your interactions with other people.

The energies of Blood Jasper will target any negativity that brings you down and will boost your physical, emotional, and mental vitality so that you can bring your A-game to all that you do in life.

Blood Jasper also holds certain healing powers that guide you to find your reset button.

Everyone has an inner switch that can be turned off when they want a second chance at life; it is just a matter of finding that switch and flipping it at the right time.

With Blood Jasper, you will have the courage and determination to start over and restore the energies of well-being that you had once lost.

Finally, with these new beginnings will also come to the end of all your bad habits, which is something that Blood Jasper will play a large part in achieving for you.

My Final Thoughts on the Power of Blood Jasper

Blood Jasper is an old and honored stone that’s also known as the stone of courage.

It will help you find creative ways to keep your life inspired, motivated, and balanced.

It will bring a deeper kind of joy that will propel you to achieve your goals.

It will also ground you with uplifting spiritual energies through your heart chakra.

It will bring strong patterns of physical vitality and more energy into your physical body and personal auric field.

Every time you look at your beautiful Blood Jasper stone, you will be reminded of the rich history surrounding it.

This is why Blood Jasper makes a lovely companion stone and personal gift for the modern day working warrior or for the battle-weary people in your life!

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