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Red Crystals: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Red Crystals: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Red Crystals Properties

Red Crystals are some of the most beautiful, loving, supportive, and warmest crystals that you can encounter.

They have always been associated with love, passion, romance, warmth, and heat.

Red Crystals are a strong symbolism of life and physical vitality.

They will bring focus to the essence of your life, and they will inspire you to live with purpose!

Why Would You Use Red Crystals?

Red Crystals symbolize passion, energy, and life. They will motivate and keep you determined.

They can be emotionally intense, but they will excite you, give you a boost of energy, and raise your enthusiasm levels.

Red Crystals are often used when you’re faced with a situation that requires passion and energy.

They will be very beneficial when you need to be actively involved, and when your energetic action is required.

Red Crystals have the ability to uplift and empower. They will cure your apathy and help you get things done.

If you’re suffering from lack of power or inspiration, Red Crystals will get rid of your listlessness and restlessness.

When you’re experiencing a low emotional state, you need more Red Crystals in your life!

In lighter shades of red, the strong power and passion that these Red Crystals bring will be toned down to a subtler, gentler, and more feminine energy.

They will inspire you to be kinder and more caring, and they will encourage you to remain determined and committed.

Simply put, Red Crystals are all about love and passion. They possess a strong but soothing color that will calm your frustrations and resentments.

They will also support your efforts to reach higher meditative states.

In darker shades, Red Crystals will be tinted with black or brown. The red color will not be muted but mixed with other darker, earthier, and more powerful brown overtones.

Dark Red Crystals are often very hard, but they possess a durable energy and silent passion. They hold strong and deep feelings because dark red is also a very masculine color!

This kind of Red Crystals are very good for increasing your devotion or commitment, and for seeing the beauty or seriousness of life.

Red Crystals symbolize your devotion to the people you love. They will eliminate your indifference and promote a mature kind of love.

They will also inspire you to share your talents with the world and to remain tenacious when life starts to get challenging!

Red Crystals will stimulate, energize, and activate.

They are associated with your ability to use every day practical skills, as well as physical survival skills. They resonate with motivation, movement, and protection.

How Will Red Crystals Help You?

Red Crystals, Healing and Health

On a physical level, Red Crystals can speed up your metabolism and replenish your energies.

Energies from Red Crystals can help in maintaining the body’s heat and with boosting the circulatory system.

Red Crystals and Wealth

Red Crystals will encourage you to take action when something must be done regarding a situation in your life.

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They will remove your apathy and make you more sympathetic and compassionate.

They will strengthen your conviction and give you the courage to change things in your life that are no longer working for you.

Red Crystals will increase your drive to achieve your goals, and they will infuse you with energy that will help you achieve just that!

They will make you more fearless so that you will be ready to try out new things and different approaches.

They will give you the fortitude to overcome your challenges and emerge triumphantly.

They will also encourage you to bask in the glory when you achieve something big in your life. They will remind you that you deserve the recognition because you worked hard for it!

Red Crystals will give you the inner strength to keep on going during the most challenging times. They will banish your lethargy and make you realize your self-worth.

Red Crystals signify abundance, prosperity, and success when it comes to discovering the unknown.

They also symbolize achievements, bounty, and rewards.

When you work with Red Crystals, you can be assured that you will reap the handsome rewards of all your hard work.

They symbolize prosperity and joy, so you should never be without Red Crystals at home or in the workplace!

Red Crystals, Love and Relationships

Light Red Crystals will strengthen your commitment to the person you love and increase the love that you have for your family.

They will help you heal from your heartaches and support you in dealing with your emotional loss.

The energies that Red Crystals have will open you up to a new love, or attract a new lover. They will enhance the love, passion, and romance in your life.

The will also make you more aware of your own sensuality!

How to Use Red Crystals for the Best Results

Wear, carry, or place Red Crystals in your office or home to boost the positive energies that are present and increase your physical strength and vitality.

If you wish to enhance the passion, romance, and intimacy in your relationship, you can wear Red Crystals such as Ruby on your finger.

Wear it on the left hand to change your relationship dynamic for the better.

Wear Red Crystals when you want to tell the world that you are someone bold, strong, passionate, and dynamic!

They will boost your confidence when you need to speak to a crowd or get the attention of someone you fancy.

They will make you more graceful and confident, and they will help clear your mind so you can completely focus on the task at hand.

When you wear Red Crystals, you will also be enhancing your sex appeal and all your best physical features!

Red Crystals resonate with your root chakra.

They will help you deal with life with practicality.

When you wear Red Crystals, you will be making wiser and more practical decisions that will be good for yourself and for everyone in your life.

If you want to ignite the passion in you and receive help in finding your soul purpose, you can use or wear Red Crystals like Red Jasper.

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Placing Red Jaspers at the foot of your bed will increase your life’s passion and boost your sex life!

Put them under your pillow and you will remember your dreams better.

During winter, wearing or carrying a piece of Red Jasper will protect you from catching the flu and other weather-related illnesses.

Whenever you find yourself stuck in a situation and don’t know how to proceed, hold a piece of Red Jasper to find a new way doing things or think of a new or better idea.

If you want to focus on your task, create a Red Jasper circle because it will also create a quiet and focused environment for you.

You can use Red Garnet to create a positive change in your life and bring a surge of energy to it.

Wearing these Red Crystals will also boost your vitality and make you more attractive and appealing to the opposite sex.

Place a small piece of Red Garnet in your wallet or coin purse to attract prosperity and abundance.

When you place a larger piece at the head of your bed, you will also be able to ease the symptoms of depression.

Using Red Mookaite will enhance your communication and increase positive outcomes.

Placing it in your home will promote good behavior from your children, and it will also increase your self-esteem.

The Best Combination to use with Red Crystals

If you want to add a little extra to your life and to everything that you do, combining different kinds of Red Crystals will harness and amplify your life energy.

You can combine Garnet, Red Jasper, Ruby, Red Coral, Red Calcite, Cinnabar, Eudialyte, and Vanadinite.

Not only will they look gorgeous when worn, they will also give you plenty of healing benefits.

You can also wear Topaz, Pink Tourmaline, Morganite, Rhodochrosite, Rose Quartz, Sardonyx, Hematite, Red Mookaite, or Red Carnelian if you want more red energy in your life.

Red Crystals and Emotional Healing

Red crystals are very amazing motivational crystals that will help you remain determined and on track to achieve the best things in life.

Whatever you set your mind to you can achieve without any hiccups as long as you have the power of the red crystals by your side.

By attracting all of the positive energies from the universe and filling you up with them, red crystals will enable you to always stay at the top of your game and energized enough to overcome every obstacle that comes your way.

Bringing a lot of excitement into your life red crystals will allow you to get excited about even the smallest of things which will enable you to attain happiness a lot easier than before.

You will start to appreciate the beauty and importance of all of the small blessings in your life and hence become much more grateful.

This will allow you to feel humbled and fulfilled so that you don’t go through life worrying about all the materialistic things that you don’t have and instead focus on everything that you do have.

Red crystals will enable you to see the beauty in the small gestures and gifts which will allow you to have healthy relationships with everyone around you because you won’t be expecting too much out of anyone.

Red crystals will also help you focus on the major tasks that you have to complete in order to become successful, so if you’re in a field of work where having extreme focus is of paramount importance then these crystals are perfect for you.

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If you consider yourself to be somewhat impatient and are always on the edge of your seat, restless, then red crystals will help you calm down and become much more patient.

This will allow you to sit back, relax and not worry about future outcomes that you cannot control when everyone else is pulling their hair out thinking about the worst possible scenarios.

Red crystals will also evoke in you a sense of unprecedented care and devotion that you have never before experienced in your life, especially if you combine them with the January Birthstone.

This will allow you to empathize with your family and peers and actually care for them in a way that they both appreciate and admire, eventually solidifying your bond with them.

Red crystals will also help you become much more open to receiving and giving love by getting rid of any reservations that you might have had in the past.

This will allow your family members to become much closer to you and you will start to enjoy every second that you spend with them.

If you consider yourself indifferent of everything that is going on with your family and friends then red crystals will help open your eyes and heart to the pain and situation of others.

This will help you go out of your way to help everyone who needs your help and hence earning you a lot of good karma from the universe.

My Final Thoughts on the Power of Red Crystals

Wear Red Crystals when you want to increase your interest in people or boost your enthusiasm for the things that you are doing.

They will also increase your energy on a physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual level.

They will give you more energy and action to follow your dreams and make them a reality. Red Crystals will also protect you from your fears and anxieties.

Red Crystals can be used to fortify and strengthen the body. They will promote courage, power and vitality that will help you overcome all kinds of challenges.

Working with and wearing Red Crystals will re-energize your body and help reawaken your spirit to help you face a new day.

When you feel like your life is starting to spin out of control, meditate with Red Crystals to reduce or remove the chaos in your life.

It is known that wearing Red Crystals will attract new spiritual ideas to you, and wearing them will give you the ability to create magical change in your life!

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