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Blue Jade: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Blue Jade: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Blue Jade Properties

Blue Jade is a type of Jadeite, which is a sodium aluminum silicate.

It has a creamy blue color, but its color also ranges from light to mid-blue, or sometimes a light bluish-green.

Why Would You Use Blue Jade?

Blue Jade is a great stone for those who want to become a medium. It will help you hear the voice within you and to consider what message you are hearing.

It will help you hear the voice of your spirit guides and the voice of your heart. It will stimulate your psychic abilities and make you more aware of the spiritual things around you.

Blue Jade will promote dreams and visions, and it will enhance your meditative experience. It will also help you come to decisions that will be based on your own learning and spiritual knowledge.

Blue Jade will inspire you to see the big picture and not to allow your problems or emotions to cause you any more stress.

It will also help you connect to higher dimensions so that you can access your spiritual knowledge, which will support you in making enlightened choices.

Blue Jade is a stone of peace and serenity. It will relax and restore you and get rid of your negative energies.

It will also help temper your emotional upheaval and bring back the equilibrium in your body.

It will help teach you the lesson that life is not always fair, and that while there’s nothing wrong with innocence and idealism, it will not hurt to be realistic and practical.

Blue Jade will help you remain calm even if you’re experiencing storms in your life.

It will keep you grounded and stable, and it will protect you so that the negative energies that are in your life will not change who you are.

It will increase your capacity to have rational thoughts and your ability to discern the best road to take.

It will help you move forward and make progress, and it will allow you to see your life from a different vantage point.

This stone will keep you strong and stable so that you will not be carried away by the petty dramas of life. It will make you realize which pursuits are worth it and which ones are better left alone.

Blue Jade will bring in more trust, patience, faith, and respect in your relationships.

It will encourage you to be more sincere and compassionate, and it will urge you to act more responsibly.

It will give you the courage to accept and embrace the life that you have.

It will teach you how you can grow more patient and forgiving, and how you can reconcile your differences with the people you love.

How Will Blue Jade Help You?

Blue Jade, Healing and Health

Blue Jade is known to help in the treatment of hyperactivity.

It can also help in easing the pains associated with the inflammation of the joints and arthritis.

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It can be beneficial if you’re suffering from asthma and other bronchial conditions. It can also promote blood circulation.

Blue Jade can help relieve inflammatory issues. The healing energies of this stone can balance your nerves and soothe your cardiac rhythms.

Blue Jade can also assist with stress-related illnesses and conditions. It can be very beneficial in treating eye and ear problems, as well as tonsils and adenoids.

It can cleanse the toxins in the body and enhance its filtration and elimination systems. It can be helpful in the treatment of the kidneys and the spleen, and in balancing the fluids in the body.

Blue Jade also possesses restorative properties that will help in the rebinding of the cellular and skeletal systems. It will ease the pains and help the body heal itself.

Blue Jade and Wealth

Blue Jade is a stone of wisdom that will help you achieve your breakthrough and accomplish your goals.

It will help you make sense of complicated situations and understand concepts so that you can get rid of the obstacles on your path.

This stone will also release the negative thoughts in your head and cultivate patience, optimism, drive, and determination.

It will strengthen your desire to achieve your goals and to overcome your financial troubles.

It will stabilize your personality and integrate your mind with your body.

It will also urge you to act on your dreams and desires so that you can achieve financial abundance and independence.

This stone will attract abundance and prosperity, and it will open many new doors of opportunities for you.

Blue Jade, Love and Relationships

Blue Jade is very helpful when you always feel rushed, stressed, anxious, or overwhelmed.

It’s an uplifting stone that will help you remain calm and collected, even when you’re surrounded by chaotic or stressful energies.

It will help relieve your anger and frustrations, and it will transmute the negative energies in your body.

It will also help you learn your lessons from your mistakes and willingly accept all the repercussions.

Blue Jade is also sometimes referred to as the “Philosophers Stone” because it will help you see things from above.

It will encourage you to look at the bigger picture and to hear both sides of a story.

This stone will inspire you not to get caught up in your life’s day to day drama.

Blue Jade will also facilitate self-reflection. It will make you think about all the things that you have said and done in the past.

It will make you reflect on the lessons that you have learned and how they may affect your life in the present.

Blue Jade will stimulate rational thinking and help you become more creative. It will also foster a sense of harmony in your life.

It’s a powerful stone for calming tense situations and resolving problems.

It’s effective for when you feel like you’re not being appreciated enough, or when you feel like you’re not part of a relationship.

It will be a very beneficial stone when you feel like someone is not being entirely truthful to you.

Blue Jade will get rid of your guilt and your self-defeating attitudes. It will also encourage you to be yourself instead of being someone you are not just so you will feel like you belong.

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It will encourage uniqueness and individualism. This stone will remind you that you don’t need to follow the general opinion when you feel or think differently.

Blue Jade will promote understanding and patience, and it will help you feel in control even when your situation feels like you’re not.

It will protect you from feeling overwhelmed by the events in your life.

It will help you control your temper, and it will remind you to be careful with your words when you’re feeling strong emotions.

How to Use Blue Jade for the Best Results

Blue Jade will bring a feeling of love and warmth to whoever is holding it.

Keep a piece of Blue Jade in your pocket or wear it as a pendant to recharge your personal energies and protect you against illness.

It can also be used to temper your fear or shock when something unexpected happens or when you’re away from family.

Blue Jade necklaces and pendants will protect you against deception and power abuse for personal or financial gain. It will also promote strength and courage.

It will also be very helpful in your home or office so that you will get rid of negative energies that are allowing you to fall victim to opportunistic people.

The Best Combination to use with Blue Jade

Use Blue Jade to improve your financial situation and attract more prosperity and abundance.

Combine it with Aventurine, Tsavorite, Turquoise, Rutilated Quartz, Aqua Aura, Tree Agate, Bloodstone, Smoky Quartz, Citrine, Topaz, Peridot, Diamond, Orange Moss Agate, Grossular Garnet, or Mahogany Obsidian.

Blue Jade and Emotional Healing

Blue Jade is a stone that heals a person in various different ways, be it emotionally, spiritually, mentally or physically.

The emotional healing that takes place because of the remarkable forces within this stone is essential for people who feel lost, disconnected or just unhappy overall due to past or present experiences.

The stone works by removing toxic energies from your life so that you can allow yourself to experience good and positive things.

Another way in which Blue Jade facilitates emotional healing is by bringing you in touch with your inner voices so that you can recognize the true desires of your heart.

In addition to listening to yourself more clearly, Blue Jade will also help better your communication with your guardian angels because their guidance is highly essential in order to be successful.

The spiritual qualities of Blue Jade also enhance a person’s sense of vision and dream recall abilities, especially when combined with the August Birthstone.

The main reason why this stone is so good for purposes of emotional healing and recovery is that Blue Jade enhances the quality of your meditative experience and ensures that its powers touch the deepest levels of your being.

The stone is also good for decision-making because the energies of Blue Jade will allow you to tap into your own wisdom and knowledge and make logical deductions of important situations.

Blue Jade is also highly useful as a source of reassurance and solace for times when you feel like you can’t take any more of the stress and pain.

The energies emanated from Blue Jade will ensure that you don’t give up on your dreams no matter how tough the road to achieving it gets.

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This kind of encouragement comes from the connection that Blue Jade establishes between you and the higher realm.

When you open your eyes to the higher dimensions, you will be able to access and internalize a great deal of spiritual knowledge which will help cleanse your mind and soul of uncertainties and insecurities.

As a result of a deeper bond between you and the divine realm, you will be able to use your newfound knowledge and enlightenment to make well-informed decisions about the things that matter.

This is how the energies of Blue Jade function to ensure that you can create the best life for yourself.

Moreover, Blue Jade is also known to keep a person calm in chaotic situations.

The ability to maintain inner peace and serenity can only result from a process of healing, which is the essence of what Blue Jades will do for you.

It will allow you to relax and take a deep breath before emotionally reacting to a situation and making it worse.

No matter how bad things are going in life, if you maintain your composure and manage things with a relaxed mind, you will find your way to the solution to your problems very soon.

The stone does wonders for a person in terms of emotional upheaval and establishes the balance in one’s body that forms the foundation of a peaceful and happy life.

My Final Thoughts on the Power of Blue Jade
blue jade meaning

By bringing in energies of peace and harmony in situations, Blue Jade will help with emotionally charged issues and problems.

It’s a stone of wisdom that will help you approach a situation from different perspectives.

It will still your mind and allow you to see solutions that you haven’t seen before.

Blue Jade can be used to help you achieve solutions and make progress on issues that seem to move so slowly and feel insurmountable.

This stone will help you accept the things that have happened to you and find peace in the things that can no longer be changed.

It will give you release so that you can finally move on from them and achieve healing where it is needed.

Blue Jade can be a very effective tool during meditation because it will bring your subconscious to a restful and floating state, or to a deeper and more relaxed state, like the peace that you get in the ocean depths.

This stone will bring deep spiritual knowledge from your unconscious higher self into your waking consciousness. It will help with issues that require your focused attention.

Blue Jade will help end your confusion and bring clarity and peace of mind!

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